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You Show Me Yours


Turning the lights off late one night, I trudged upstairs to go to bed. The stairway has a landing with a window about 2/3 of the way up and as I passed the window, a light caught my eye. The house next door was about 20’ away with my driveway in between. The blinds were normally down except on hot nights like this when the breeze was the only means of cooling old houses like ours.

Glancing over,I didn't see anything through the neighbor’s window, except a blank wall so I didn’t think anything about it and was about to turn back up the stairs. Then I saw Robyn enter the room carrying a basket of laundry. She walk through my angle of view, presumably to a dresser. She was a divorced single mother to two boys, 6 and 8, and a deaf (from birth) 12 yr. old daughter named Elaine

I liked talking with Robyn. She was 33 and French-Canadian by birth. She had jet black straight hair and a beautiful mild accent, sort of a deep French/ English whisper in her voice. Besides her beautiful face and proportionate figure, her most attractive feature was her constant smile which always flashed whenever I saw her. Through many neighborly conversations between the two of us, I surmised that she had a very liberal and uninhibited upbringing prior to marriage. However, it was obvious that during her 10 years of marriage to her domineering husband Lee, she had become quite reserved and reluctant to “speak her mind”.

Robyn worked as a beautician during the day but was always alone during the evening and night time hours. One could hear her favorite country music radio station in the background if she was outside or on the porch, playing with her kids or hanging laundry out on the clothesline in the back yard by her pool. It was entertaining to watch her around the house when she was distracted because she’d absently move to the rhythms of the music playing either on the radio or in her head, occasionally breaking out in a little dance step. (It always reminded me of Jennifer Beals trying to dance across the bridge in the movie DIRTY DANCING.)

Back to the window. I was now locked in curiosity because the blind was up when usually it was not. Since all of my lights were off, I decided to pause and watch for a few minutes. I figured the worst that could happen was that she could walk around the bed and drop the blind.

My mind imagined her to be stuffing socks and underwear into the drawers, moving her hips and butt to a song playing in her head. I saw her shadow flicker briefly on the wall as she walked to the side of the bed into my view with her empty laundry basket. She turned her left profile to me and promptly stripped off her blouse and dropped it into the laundry basket. Then she arched her back and reached behind to undo her bra, slipped it off and tossed it in with the blouse. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was at this very moment. The last thing I expected to see tonight was a beautiful woman undressing before me. It was obvious to me that she had no idea she was being watched and she was behaving perfectly naturally. While she appeared to be 20 feet away, I had a clear view of her upper body. Her very white skin contrasted with her shinny black hair against the peach-colored wall in the background. Her medium sized breasts had a slight maternal look from the side but when she turned in my direction they looked full and ripe with very pink puffy nipples...almost girlish.

She folded some other items on the bed and then casually stripped off her jeans and panties together and dumped them in the basket. My view of her lower half was mostly obstructed by the laundry basket, but from what little I could see through the basket, I could tell that her pubes were as black as the hair on her head. She then threw a pink nightgown over her head and let it drop, picked up the basket, turned off the light and disappeared into the darkness of her house.

This event was what started me thinking of Robyn in a sexual way. From that point on, every time I saw her in or out of her house, I would remember her unknowing gift of nudity to me, and it made me a voyeur, probably for the rest of my life.


It turned out that, a few days later, we had an occasion to sit down and talk. It was still hot and humid, so I grabbed a beer and went outside on my front porch to relax a bit and cool off. I saw her doing the same thing on her porch, so I finished the beer and walked over to say “hi.” She greeted me with her beautiful smile and invited me to come up on her and enjoy the evening’s sunset.

“Sure hope it cools down after the sun drops,” I said.

“Ah oui, it is so sticky to the touch!” She grabbed the top button of her loose blouse and rapidly pulled it in and out several times, fluttering the cloth, creating some ventilation on her chest.

Robyn poured me a glass of her homemade wine cooler on ice and we both sat back to enjoy the dusk. Then she asked me, as she often did, “What’s going on in your life these days?

I thought about the question for a minute and decided to chance it and tell her what actually happened last week. I had the sense that she would not be offended and would probably appreciate my honesty.

I began to relate my story of walking up the stairs in the dark. “I saw you in the nude last week.” The expression on her face was half insecure smile and half suspicion. “You left the blind open up there on my side of the house and you undressed by the bed. I think it was your laundry night. I really didn’t mean to peep but I couldn’t take my eyes away. So I watched you undress. It was the most exciting thing that has happened to me in months. You’re so beautiful and I really hope you’re not offended, because it was an accident. But, I’m not sorry it happened.”

“No, I’m not offended and I’m glad you told me. It proves that you are being honest,” she said. There was an awkward silence for a minute and I think we were both blushing. “So what exactly did you see?” she asked with a sly grin on her lips. Her curiosity was starting to rise.

The question sort of surprised me because I hadn’t planned on relating the details
of my voyeurism but I wanted to talk candidly. This was promising to be a very interesting conversation. I was getting stimulated at the thought of revealing what I had seen, so I crossed my legs loosely to hide my erection.

“You turned on your bedroom light just as I was walking up past my own window. I saw you carry your laundry basket across the room and you disappeared for a minute.
Then you came back over to the bed with the empty basket and got undressed. I saw you take off your blouse and your bra, then a minute later I watched you take off your pants, put them in the basket and leave the room.” I watched her face as she was trying to recall the details. “This was meant to happen; everything was such a coincidence of timing. So I wouldn’t be too embarrassed if I were you”

I think she could sense that I was both nervous and aroused in confessing this whole thing to her, but I got the impression that she also began to get excited. She asked me coyly “Well, did you enjoy what you saw or were you revolted by the sight of my ugly body? Lee hated my body and ignored me every time I was naked in the same room with him!”

With the mention of her ex’s name, I was afraid that the conversation might go in the wrong direction so I began to choose my words carefully. “I’m sorry but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from you. You have the body of a young woman even though you’ve had three kids. It was amazing to me to see the beautiful shape of your breasts and your smooth stomach.” Talking with her this way now had me fully aroused but I could see that she was starting to feel awkward, not knowing what to say. So I decided to end it and change the subject casually if I could. I cleared my throat and said “Anyway, I consider it to be a wonderful little gift of chance that I was able to see you that way and I will always remember it and appreciate it. So how’s everything going with your daughter’s schooling?”

We talking about the debate she was having with her daughter’s teacher about sign language and the awkwardness for both of us had passed.


The following week, I had another experience with Robyn. I had noticed that she started leaving the blinds drawn up half way on both of her bedroom windows. But I couldn’t tell if this was for ventilation or the view. It was another sweltering evening about 7:30 pm. I was out in front of the garage behind our house, touching up the paint on my car. I had my bathing suit on and my shirt off while I was working. I happened to glance up at the back window of her bedroom and there she was watching me! She had the window raised up and her arms were crossed on the sill. When she saw that I had noticed her, she smiled broadly and waved. I stood up in front of the car and waved back at her. Then she backed away from the window and disappeared into her house. I thought to myself “well that was an interesting little flirtation.” I felt, at the time, I must have been forgiven for last week’s little confession.

I continued working on my car for another hour or so, glancing up at that window every couple of minutes, not knowing what to expect, but my voyeuristic curiosity had gotten the best of me by now. I finished the touch-up work so I cleaned up and walked over to the pool and dove in...it felt marvelous! I lazily floated around on my back for about five minutes, then lifted myself up on the side of the pool, dried my hands, and lit a cigarette. This time I was actually facing the back of her house. I noticed her bathroom light go on. The blind was all the way up and the window was open. All I could hear were the crickets in the background, the blood pounding in my ears and her bath water running into the tub. Succumbing to temptation, I decided to stand up to improve my view and I walked over and leaned up against the side of the garage to finish the rest of my cigarette, still facing the back of her house. I thought it important that I not appear to be hiding or lurking in the bushes.

She stepped into the bathroom and stripped down to her bra and panties. She was looking at the mirror which I couldn’t see, but she raised her arms and began pinning up her hair. Then she turned, slipped off her bra and panties and stepped out of the picture into the bathtub. Straining, I could her sloshing the water as she bathed. and then a period of silence. My cigarette nearly burned my fingers, I was concentrating so hard. By now it was dark and although I was standing there in plain sight, I knew she couldn’t see me from her lighted bath room so I lit another cigarette to keep myself busy. Suddenly she stood up and stepped out of the tub, into plain view. My angle of view prevented me from seeing below her hips, but I had an unobstructed view from her naval on up. She began drying herself slowly, watching her own actions in the mirror. Again, I was totally enthralled with her beauty and so aroused that I reached down and gripped my cock through my swimming trunks.

She must have known I was there and that I was watching. I couldn’t believe what happened next. She finished drying but left her hair pinned up. Then she started applying some sort of lotion all over her body. First she put one foot up on the sink and massaged it on to one leg, and repeated it on the other leg. Then, she dripped lotion on to one arm, massaged it in and repeated on the other arm. I could hardly hold myself back as she then poured more lotion on her hand, spread it to both hands and began massaging it into those beautiful creamy white breasts with strawberry nipples. I was in heaven, watching this wonderful spectacle. My hand was now seriously working my cock. If I wasn’t standing between my car and the garage, anybody could have seen me masturbating from the street. But I didn’t care. I
couldn’t stop watching.

She then poured more lotion into her hands and ....this is where she lost me. It seemed like she began massaging it into her stomach, abdomen and buttocks.
Those were her motions, but I just wasn’t high enough to see. Still standing in front of the mirror, she straightened up, unpinned her hair and, still totally naked, walked over to the window. Without attempting to look out, she then dropped the blind and the light went out. “Whew!” I said to myself, “that was as deliberate as could be and it was just for me! What’s goin’ on here?” I was so turned on that I had to finish up now. I continued rubbing my erect cock, pointing it in the direction of her window, until I exploded on to the driveway. I just leaned back against the garage wall and gathered my thoughts. I lit another cigarette. I now had to admit that I was a confirmed voyeur and I was sure that she was an exhibitionist. But I also wanted try the reverse...I didn’t know how far this little affair would go.

Both of our houses had above-ground swimming pools, which are common in the northeast because of the severe winter weather. Also, both of our back yards are surrounded by rows of Blue Spruce trees 20 ft. tall to ensure privacy. I didn't have occasion to talk with her the following day but that evening it was hot and humid as it had been for the two weeks. I decided to take a swim like I often do, however, tonight I would be nude. About 8 pm, I walked out to the pool in my shorts and t-shirt
and a towel in one hand with a beer in the other. It was dusk so I turned on the
underwater pool light and casually walked around the pool with my leaf skimmer.
When I had the chance, I glanced up to check out her windows. They were both open with the blinds pulled up.

I put the skimmer away and walked back over to the chair where I had dropped my towel. I stripped off my t-shirt and dropped my shorts. Without hesitating, I dove into the pool and swam a quick three laps in a crawl. Then I rolled over to do two more laps in a slow back stroke, fully exposing myself. That was when I got the shock of my life. There in bedroom window was Robyn watching me with her arms folded on the window sill. When she saw that I looked up she smiled and waved. What blew me away was that her 12 year old daughter Elaine was standing in the bathroom window watching me also. I quickly waved back to Robyn and when I did, Elaine went to wave her hand but changed her mind and turned away from the window. I don’t think either knew the other was there.

This was not quite what I had expected, but I climbed up the ladder and naked, I walked over to my towel, draped it around my neck, and took a long pull on my beer. I set the beer down and began to dry myself off. I pulled my swim suit back on and walked casually back into my house.

The house was still hot inside so I threw on some jeans (no shirt) and went out on the porch to enjoy the evening breeze, what there was of it and to think about what just happened. Shortly after, Robyn appeared on her porch as well. She waved to me again and with her hand silently signaled me to come over and join her on her porch. As I walked over, she got up, went inside and returned with another glass of wine cooler on ice. As I walked up onto the porch, she held her finger up to her lips to say “Shhhh”. I sat down, and didn’t say a word.

“I just wanted to give the kids a chance to fall asleep,” she whispered. “If they hear your voice, they’ll come down and I’ll never get them back to bed.”

I nodded and took a sip of the wine. Ten minutes later, she spoke in a normal voice.
“Your pool looked so inviting tonight. I can’t swim at night because the boys would never get to bed, besides they just had their bath. I never have a problem with Elaine, but she’s so much older and she never gives me any problems.

“Well,” I replied, “I think Elaine is about to become a teenager.”

“What do you mean?” she said with a curious look.

“Remember when I waved to you a few minutes ago?” She smiled and nodded.

“I hadn’t noticed but Elaine was standing in the bathroom window watching too.
When she saw me wave to you , she left the window.”

“Why, that little sneak!” she said with a grin on her face. “I guess she’s more like
her mother than I thought. There are a lot worse things she could spy on than a handsome naked man swimming in a pool.”

Now it was my turn to blush. “I didn’t mean to flash your little girl, honest.”

“Don’t even think about it.” She spoke in a soothing voice, knowing that I was uncomfortable with this. “Curiosity is perfectly normal and natural at that age.”
The only thing that worries me is that she has a hard time asking detailed questions, since she’s deaf, and I have a hard time explaining some things to her because I don’t sign as well as I should.

I had the feeling I was getting over my head at this point. I decided to try to change the conversation back to us. “I watched you again last night, you know, when you were in your bathroom.”

“I know you did, and I loved it! It excited me so much.”

“Well, It excited the hell out of me too! As a matter of fact, I couldn’t hold myself back after you left the bathroom.”

“I didn’t leave the bathroom.” she giggled. “I just turned the light off and peeped through the blind.”

“I’m busted, huh.”

She laughed and nodded like a little girl. She stood up and held out her hand to me. “Come with me, mon ami.”

I took her hand and she lead me into her living room and pointed towards the sofa.
I sat down and she turned on her stereo very softly. The music had a very solid base rhythm to it. The only light in the room was coming through the front windows from the street light out front. She walked to the center of the room and began to sway her hips and run her fingers through her hair. With one hand still in her hair, she dropped the other to her blouse and started to unbutton it one by one.

The music was hypnotic and I was fully aroused and hard as a rock. As her blouse fell open, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, but she didn't take either one off yet. She just kept up the slow rhythmical dance and turned her back to me. Again, her hands combed through her hair, then she started to unbutton her shorts. She peeled them down a couple of inches and turned around again to face me. The fly of her shorts was pulled all the way down and her abdomen was fully exposed almost to her pubic hair. I could see her staring into my eyes without blinking. Then slowly, she let her blouse slip from her shoulders and drop to the floor behind her. My jeans were so tight I had to reach inside and straighten my cock. She let her bra fall forward and she revealed her beautiful swaying tits with her nipples fully erect. As she continued her sensuous tease, I couldn’t resist any longer. I unbuckled my belt, and unzipped my jeans. My cock immediately rose to full mast. I slowly began to stroke it to the rhythm of the music.

Robyn danced and swayed just for me. She peeled her shorts down a little further so that about an inch of pubic hair was visible and again her fingers rose to he head and combed through her jet black hair. The light from the street reflected off the curves of her chin, neck and breasts, accentuating the sensuality of her movements. She turned her back to me showing the globes of her beautiful rear and she spread her legs so that her feet were about 12” apart. Her hips rocked back and forth to the beat and my balls were starting to ache. I was getting crazy with desire.

Robyn then turned to me again slowly inched her way towards me. She bent own and grabbed the cuffs of my jeans and began to pull. I raised my butt off the sofa and off they came in her hands. She dropped them and, without missing a beat, continued her tease. She pursed her lips and closed her eyes. Raising her hands up to her breasts and she began to squeeze them and push them together. My hand left my rigid cock and dropped to my balls and began to roll them gently as she swayed to the beat.

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