tagIncest/TabooYou Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 06

You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 06


I woke up Wednesday morning feeling pretty weird. I had a nightmare that Jenny and I were on the couch and she was giving me one of her World Class blowjobs when her mom walked in. What was weird about it was that when I looked down at Jenny to see what her reaction was, it wasn’t Jenny but instead it was her mom between my legs and it was Jenny who walked in on us. I felt ill because now they were both mad at me for using them. Each one was mad that I had been seeing the other one too. They left together and left me holding my own cock. To top it off my dad comes walking in right then and starts quoting ‘The Art Of War’ and how you must never allow your enemies to meet or your troubles will be a hundred fold.

I sat and wondered what the hell it all meant but finally chalked it up to some under cooked pork my step mom had used in her enchiladas for dinner last night. I dismissed the dream and got out of bed. It was already 8:20 so the house was empty upstairs so I didn’t bother putting anything on and went upstairs wearing only my boxers. The house was indeed empty and I got a bowl, spoon, milk from the refrigerator, and a box of ‘Frosto Flakes’ and sat at the kitchen table and ate my breakfast while I perused the morning newspaper. I didn’t find anything remotely interesting and started on my second bowl when the phone rang.

“Hey,” I said into the phone and cradled between my shoulder and chin so I could pour my milk. The voice on the other end sounded pissed and I cringed.

“Come again?” I asked as the voice was garbled.

“You dick, you were supposed to be on site today,” my friend, Billy Wilson said. Billy’s dad owned a construction company and he had said he’d try to get me a job doing clean up on one of their sites. I didn’t remember him saying I already had the job.

“Hey man, what are you talking about?’ I asked, sincerely perplexed. I waited for Billy to say something but could tell he was talking to someone else on the other end.

When he came back on the phone, I could tell he believed that I hadn’t known.

“Your step mom didn’t tell you?” he half-asked and half-exclaimed.

“Naw, she never told me,” I said and was suddenly perturbed. My step mom had all the time in the world to tell me last night but probably had forgot, as she was too busy feeling me out about Jenny.

“Well can you make it the first of the week next week,” he asked. Billy was a great guy and we had always looked out for each other.

‘Yeah sure, Billy,” I assured him and added, “Hey I’m sorry but she never gave me the message.”

‘That’s cool man, it probably slipped her mind,” he said. “My old man knows you work hard so he’ll believe that you weren’t given the heads up,” he added. He seemed ready to hang up, when his voice spiked up again, “Hey, you still interested in finding that dude?”

I was perplexed for the moment. What dude, I thought to myself and couldn’t think of anyone. I started to ask, “ What dude?” when Billy chimed in.

“You know the perverted dude that always wanted to go pick up hookers and shit,” Billy laughed. Quite honestly I was even more perplexed than when he first asked if I was interested but then it dawned on me. Just as I started to say his name, Billy shouted it in the phone.

“Perverted Ol’ Charlie Pratt, Spunky,” he said and giggled almost like a schoolgirl.

I didn’t say anything. Like I said most people kept Charlie at arms length and I didn’t want to appear too eager. I causally asked “ Oh yeah Charlie Pratt, what is he up to?’

“One of my foremen, well my dad’s foremen said Spunky is always at the adult bookstore out by the airport. He thinks he might even own it now,” Billy said and laughed. “He says if you go out there you couldn’t miss him,” he added.

I laughed into my end of the phone and said, “I only wondered what had come of him, I didn’t want to hang out with him.” It was a lie but a necessary fib. No one could know that I wanted to take Jenny out to the glory holes for some old fashioned fun.

“Sure, but if you go out there tell me how he’s doing,” Billy said and I figured he wanted to hear some juicy gossip about the pervert’s life and the adult bookstore.

“Right,” I said and added, “How about you go out there and I’ll ask you how he is doing?”

Billy just laughed and said, “See you Monday.” I said ‘bye’ and his end went dead. I hung up the phone and realized my cereal was soggy. I got up and went to the sink and scrapped it into the garbage disposal and realized I also didn’t know what site Billy needed me at.

I decided that during the day was the best time to hit the adult bookstore to look up Charlie. No one would be off work that I knew so I didn’t have to worry about being seen entering or leaving such a fine establishment. I went down to take a shower and as I passed my room my phone rang.

I grabbed the phone and a towel and headed to the shower. I pushed the receive button on the phone and it stopped ringing. I answered with a “Hey” half-expecting Billy telling me what site he wanted me at on Monday.

“Hey?” the voice on the other end quipped. It was my step mom and she was making fun of my causal phone style.

‘What’s up?” I said as I fished my free hand in my boxers and stroked my cock. I pictured her at her desk at work in a traditional business suit, which she always wore but with a pair of thong underwear and a lacy bra. My cock was semi-erect and it felt awesome to the touch. Maureen was truly an older sister version of Jenny and I could really get some enjoyment out of boning her.

“Well is that any way to speak to your mom?” she kidded but only half-heartedly. I think she wanted to play it friendly with me but because we really hadn’t spent a whole lot of time together, she felt uneasy about it.

“And how are you today, Maureen?” I played along with an upper-crust English accent. My cock wasn’t hard anymore. I wasn’t in the playing mood and wanted to tell her I was mad she hadn’t told me about Billy’s job proposal.

“Oh you don’t have to be that formal,” she giggled and I pictured her playing with her hair as she was flirting with me.

“Anyway, I was calling you to ask you to lunch with me,” she said and I heard dead silence on her end. She seemed to blurt it out and I was thinking she hoped that I would say ‘yes’.

‘”Lunch?” I said and heard her try to chime in ‘Yes’ for that was indeed what she was asking but she fought herself, as she didn’t want to appear too eager. I pictured her biting her lower lip and crossing her fingers waiting for my answer.

“Hmm,” I stalled. I wanted a reason to get out of a lunch date but couldn’t think of one until I thought of Spunky and going to see him out at the airport. I smiled to myself as I had my reason.

“Maureen, I’d love too,” I said pleasantly and paused and let her get her hopes up about getting me to lunch so she could give me grief about what she rightfully suspected was going on between her daughter and my cock.

“Great,” my step mom said and I could tell she had the time and place already thought out. “How about we meet…” she started but I cut her off.

“BUT, I can’t,” I said with glee. I let it sink in and replied but I’ve got an appointment out by the airport and I’ll be gone for a couple of hours.” Her end was silent and I smiled as I thought about how much she probably wanted to warn me to leave her lovely young daughter alone.

“That’s great,” she said, “because I’ve taken an extended lunch break and we can meet out there, there is a great sushi place across the street from the Airport Hilton”

She had me. How could I twist out of this, I thought. I thought of seeing Spunky and decided it would have to wait. I began working on my ‘I don’t know what you are talking about’ act. I thought about Jenny getting off early from school on how I had told her I was going to shave her pussy and was depressed.

“Yeah, that sounds great,” I lied. We made a date to meet in the parking lot of “Pink Tulip” restaurant. I grabbed my shower and drove out to the restaurant. I didn’t like getting dressed up but did so to look respectable for the lunchtime crowd at the ‘Tulip’. I wore a pair of dress slacks and a white dress shirt and a pair of leather dress shoes. The rebel in me made me leave it unbuttoned to my chest and my hair in the new fangled ‘Just woke up’ look.

It was only 10:28 when I arrived there and as I pulled into the parking lot I spotted Maureen’s Mercedes Benz and not too many other cars. I parked next to her and as I looked over at her she waved for me to come to her. I got out and walked over to her window and she cracked it open and asked me to come around and climb in the passenger side. I did so and wondered about the restaurant.

Maureen’s car was immaculate and still had that new car smell despite being at least three years old. Maureen was all smiles as I sat next to her and she looked me up and down. Her perfume was heavenly and I wondered if she wore it that thick all the time.

“Boy, don’t you look nice,” she said and turned in her seat to face me better. She was dressed to the business gal nines as I had thought and I wondered about the thong and lacy bra. She had a charcoal gray business suit with short skirt and matching jacket over a frilly white blouse. She had shiny nylons that accented her wonderfully tight legs and they weren’t the cheap kind but instead the kind that fasten with garters. She had a pair of black pumps on and her whole getup made me anxious for the time we would walk into the restaurant. My dad was a lucky man, I thought and wondered how good she was in bed.

“Thanks,” I said and smiled, knowing she was just letting me feel comfortable before she gave me the third degree.

“The restaurant is closed,” she said and frowned.

“How soon does it open? How early are we?” I asked, noticing her soft moist lips as she talked. She had on a little makeup and her lipstick sparkled with her eyes. She looked so much like Jenny I was tempted to cup her head and pull it to my lap but I constrained myself. It was my step mom for crying out loud, I thought.

“It doesn’t!” Maureen said, “Health code violations.”

“Oh, good thing we didn’t come here last week,” I quipped.

“Yeah,” Maureen laughed at my small joke. Her eyes went down my body again and I knew since lunch was out, at least here, she had time to get to the brass tack.

“You know what we talked about yesterday?” she started and watched me closely.

I didn’t answer but instead nodded, ‘yes’. I was going to let her talk, figuring to less I talked the less I could incriminate myself.

‘I apologize,” she said totally catching me off guard. I obviously looked perplexed at her revelation and Maureen moved to ease my mind.

“I apologize for saying Jenny was naïve and I didn’t want to see her hurt,” Maureen explained. I obviously didn’t change my expression because she continued to apologize.

“I thought something was up between you two,” she revealed and I smiled slightly thinking about Jenny and her oral skills. “I talked to Jenny and she told me I was mistaken, you see I found a pair of your boxers in her room.”

I’m good at playing dumb and was doing it to the hilt. Maureen was saying everything and it was working out really well. She said she felt silly for reading anything into it and she wanted to set the story straight so we could start a new relationship and not have anything hanging over our heads.

I shook my head ‘yes’ when she asked if I accepted her apology and she said she was glad. She said it was great living with my dad and that she was glad I was able to come live with them between semesters at college. I didn’t say much for a while as she chattered on like a little schoolgirl. She played with her hair as she talked about work and my dad.

Everything was going pretty well but then things got weird and I shook myself out of my “I’m a good listener’ mode and said, “What?”

“I was just saying that your dad is always so busy with work that we don’t get any intimate time together,” she said again. It was the kind of conversation that she should be having with him not me.

“I mean don’t get me wrong, I love your dad, but I’m a woman with needs,” she told me and smiled. I didn’t respond because I didn’t know how to respond. I watched her eyes and she was flirting and blood rushed to my head.

“I saw what you were looking at on your computer and I know you don’t have a girlfriend right now,” she blurted out and I could tell she was hesitant to say it but knew what it was.

I was perturbed suddenly. She was a fantastic looking lady and ‘yes’ I would love to bone her but she was my father’s wife. I was pissed at her for entertaining infidelity, especially with me. I know I’m a cretin for my relationship with my stepsister but I love my dad and would never want to hurt him or allow someone else hurt him.

“What?” I asked. I said it through clinched teeth as I was mad but I wanted her to say exactly what she was leading up to, so she couldn’t pull it back as a misunderstanding.

“I was wondering if maybe the two of us could maybe, you know, have a relationship, a different kind of relationship,” she hemmed and hawed.

“What do you mean?” I sought clarity. I looked at her sideways and she smiled. It was a pretty good game of cat and mouse going on right now.

“I was wondering if maybe we could see each other on the side, no one would have to know and no one would get hurt,” she offered and her eyes flashed and she looked down at my lap.

I had her but now started to think it was a setup. My mind reeled as I thought about her maybe trying to setup so she could get my father to kick me out of the house and disown me. I looked around and opened the door. I didn’t see any cars that I recognized but knew it wasn’t a good place nonetheless. I climbed out and walked around to her window. She looked perplexed but when I told her to climb in my truck, she did so without hesitation.

I watched her shake her little ass as she walked and thought to myself how fun it was going to be to tap that. I climbed into my truck and leaned over and unlocked her door. A gentleman would have gone around and opened and held the door until the lady got in but she was no lady. I watched her slide into the seat next to me and started up my truck and drove out of the parking lot and out onto the boulevard. Maureen fastened her seat belt looked at me; she didn’t know me well enough to read what I was thinking so she said nothing.

I drove a couple of blacks down and turned into the back of hotel parking lot. I pulled back behind the main buildings to where the last rooms that the hotel never over rents so we could be alone.

I parked next a shed that the hotel probably used for storing extra furniture and shut off the engine. We were alone and no one could be watching us and if she bugged her car, no one would ever hear a tape of what was about to be said or happen.

I turned to her and shouted, “You have a lot of fucking nerve.” I was upset but I played it up. I wanted her to know I didn’t appreciate anyone playing my dad as a fool. Maureen cringed in her seat. She knew now that she was wrong for suggesting such a relationship. “My old man, is the most important man in my life,” I said and shook my head.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry,” Maureen pleaded. Her eyes got wet and she tried to apologize for her transgression. She leaned over towards me and her dress jacket and blouse fell open and I looked down at her cleavage. Her tits were firm and enticing but I was mad and it was the last thing I was thinking about. I pushed her away from me and told her she was nothing but a cheap slut.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking,” she said gathering her self in my passenger seat and flipping her hair way from her face. Ticked, I shook my head and glared at her. She pouted and she suddenly appeared about ten years younger and hurt.

She wiped the frown off her face and tried to smile and appear as appealing as she could. She was trying to put her best face on to plead for forgiveness. I think the thought of being thrown out on the streets by my dad dawned on her and she had to make good. Her left hand slipped off her thigh and she slid it across the seat to my thigh. She did it hesitantly as she tried to gauge how well it would be received.

I watched her closely and saw her eyes flicker. She was batting her eyelashes in an attempt to flirt with me. I wanted to push her away again and tell her no but her hand caressed my thigh and slipped into my lap with ease. She rubbed my bulge and she cooed as she felt its warmth and stiffness. She gave me cock a squeeze and gave me a wry smile.

“Let me make it up to you,” Maureen said and her hips shifted slightly and she slid slowly towards me. “No one has to know, I’ll do anything you want,” she pleaded as she could see rubbing my cock hadn’t made me anymore pleasant toward her.

My cock was defying me and as my step mom rubbed it, it grew and became uncomfortable in my pants. I reached down and grabbed her hand and held it. She tried to caress my hand and I squeezed hers.

“If you ever cross me, I’ll tell my father so fast your head will spin,” I said and stared hard at her. She shook her head in agreement to anything and everything I was offering. I looked around and didn’t like the area. It was just before check out time and cars were driving by headed to the front office.

“I won’t ever cross you, I’ll do what ever you want me to do,” my step mom begged for forgiveness. Her eyes still wet and I thought of a puppy dog sitting at his master’s feet waiting to be told to fetch his slippers.

Angrily, I told her to take of her panties. Maureen looked at me quizzically and smiled at me. I think she knew she wasn’t going to get told on and the thought of me telling her to take off her panties, turned her on. She shifted back in her seat and took back her hand from me. She lifted her hips and her skirt and her white thong slipped down her legs. She pulled them off her legs and handed them to me. I didn’t take them but instead told her to throw them out the window. Before she was able to rolled down the window I looked at the panties closely and noticed they were moist. I got a whiff of her pussy as she flung them out the window.

She looked back to me and I told her to spread her legs. I was in control and she was willing to let me tell her to do anything just as long as I didn’t say anything to my dad. She looked at me and I think she didn’t know how I wanted them spread. I didn’t offer any explanation so she did what she thought I wanted. She rolled up her tight skirt so it bunched on her slender hips and spread her legs to show me her pussy. She was shaven except for a long, thin vertical patch. Her lips were puffy and moist. Her clit was much larger than her daughter Jenny’s. Her nylons and the garters turned me on. I could have bent over in my truck’s front seat and buried my face in her cunt but I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction.

“Spread your lips,“ I told her and looked over at her. She smiled and bit her lower lip. She reached her hands between her legs and using her index fingers spread her pussy lips wide. Her clit popped out slightly and her moist hole was exposed to my view.

I told her to sit like that and started up the truck. She did and had to reposition her fingers when they slipped off her wet lips. When I pulled out of the hotel parking lot, I told her to play with herself. She didn’t have to be told twice as her right hand moved between her legs and rubbed her moist little snatch. The sensation caused her to close her legs and I admonished her for. “Open those fucking legs,” I scolded. I’m not a mean or abuse person by nature but the control and power felt good.

My step mom let out little moans as we drove and she slipped down in the car seat, as she felt uncomfortable as cars drove beside us. I hoped for a traffic light and a couple of truckers to pull up beside us but it didn’t happen. As I drove down the road my eyes caught the pink sign up on the right side of the road, Spunky’s Adult Bookstore and Live Sex Emporium. A devilish grin formed on my mouth and I changed lanes, getting over to the right and turning into Spunky’s. The son of a bitch had actually put his own nickname up on the store. It used to be something like A-One or All for One adult bookstore when we were back in school. Maureen didn’t rise up in her seat but instead glanced out the truck’s windows trying to figure out where we were going.

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