tagIncest/TabooYou Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 07

You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 07


I drove home from the bookstore with a smile on my face. Spunky hadn't changed a lick. To Spunky any guy who was getting any, was 'The Man'. He really was all about sex. I felt funny leaving my step mom there in the glory hole room but I figured she was getting just what she wanted. She wanted me to screw her on the side and I was all right with it as long as I didn't hurt my dad. She was in heaven sucking the cocks as they stuck them through the wall so I didn't feel bad about it but just a little weird. In a matter of thirty minutes or so she had gone from my step mom with a hot little body and a daughter whose mouth made grown men cry to this insatiable, sex crazed filly.

I knew she'd find a way back to work, as I drove home with a hard-on thinking about her soft mouth and tight pussy. I wondered what she would say to me the next time we talked. I was sure it wasn't going to be about what I wanted for dinner.

I made it home in nothing flat as my mind was so preoccupied I didn't even remember the trip. I walked into our house and tossed my keys on the little table by the front door. I was about to go to my room and take a nap when my eyes spotted Jenny's backpack. Having been with my step mom all morning, I had totally forgot about Jenny getting out of school early today. My mind suddenly switched from needing a nap to wondering just where the little minx was and what fun I might have with her. I stopped in the kitchen and listened but couldn't hear anything. The house was so quiet that I could hear the tick, tick, tick of the clock in the living room 30 feet away. My heart began to pump blood faster through my veins as I thought of sneaking up on her.

I went to the base of the steps up to the upstairs and stopped and listened again. Still nothing. I crept up each stair carefully listening for any sign of her. I made the landing and still hadn't heard anything. A smile came across my face as I thought that maybe she was napping and I could have some fun waking her up. I moved to the doorway to her room and finding the door closed, quietly turned the knob. The door stuck then popped open, so much for my being quiet and sneaking up on my sleeping beauty, I thought. I peeked inside and was disappointed to not find Jenny's hot little body slipped beneath her bed sheets. I glanced around her room and found it a mess. She was always leaving her clothes lying everywhere and had glasses of half drunken liquid and plates of past evening snacks on her dresser and end tables.

Just as I thought about picking up one of her discarded panties, I spotted a pile of clothes behind her door. It was her school clothes from this morning. She has to wear a uniform but the students are allowed to accessorize within reason and I noticed her flowery tie that she had wore today. My mind reeled as I knew her discarded clothes meant she had decided to have a bath or shower and she was merely 20 or so feet from me, naked and cleaning all of my favorite parts of her nubile body.

I listened carefully and didn't hear the shower running. I moved into the hallway across from the bathroom and could hear just the faintest sound of movement in water. My cock stiffened and I moved up close to the door so I could listen for her. I heard her moving in the water and I could tell she was humming. I thought of her in the tub with her hair done up in a pony tail so she wouldn't get it wet and her hot little body soaking in a bubble bath. I wondered if she touched herself as she lay there and what she was thinking about.

I caught on an idea as I stood there in silence. In my dad's room another door to the bathroom would allow me to peek in and look over her shoulder as she bathed. The door I was at would open directly in front of her and she'd surely see me. I moved slowly into my dad and step mom's room and went to the door. It was slightly ajar so I was saved from having to pop it open and alarm my stepsister. I inched it open slowly and found the room in a misty haze. Jenny was taking a warm bath and she had clouded the mirror and bathroom.

I looked in to see her in the tub but was disappointed not to find her soaking and slowly playing with herself but instead she was shaving her legs. She hummed as she did and I watched quietly. It wasn't very exciting but the thought of her naked and just the two of us alone in the househad me horny again and I slipped inside. Jenny was so engrossed in her shaving that she didn't even notice me until I made it over to the side of the tub.

"Oh God, you scared me," Jenny said looking up at me in shock. As the shock wore off, she smiled and watched me looking down on her. She knew I was looking at her perky nipples in the bubble bath and sizing her up.

"What?" Jenny asked looking up at me. She looked me up and down and giggled. My eyes were on her and my silence made her giddy.

"Where were you?" she asked trying to change the subject. I smiled hard as I thought of where in fact I had been. I wondered what Jenny would think of me meeting up with her mom and her propositioning me. I laughed to myself at what she would think of me taking her mom to the Glory Holes and leaving her there to enjoy herself.

"Out and about," I said and broke my silence. I looked at the parts of her body that were above water. Jenny had smooth, soft legs, pretty feet, and small, petite hands. Her nipples were hard so I wondered if she hadn't been playing with herself before she decided to shave. I hoped they were hard because I had come in the room.

"Out and about where?" she pried and giggled. She had no way of knowing where I had been but her playful style of inquiring made me think she had some idea of where I had been.

"Just out and about," I replied, refusing to give in and give her some lame story about running errands. I looked at her face and she bit her lower lip. She glanced at my crotch and giggled. I had a hard on for her and she seemed receptive as always but she blew my mind when she spoke again.

Her voice broke, as she tried to sound matter a fact but I could tell she had been thinking about it since I spoke with her yesterday, "Don't ya remember, you were going to shave my 'you know what' today?" she said and her voice cracked and she giggled.

My mind almost exploded when she finished speaking as I became aware of why she was in the tub and what she wanted me to do for her. I had been cavalier when I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to shave her pussy. Jenny had hurried home from school and taken a bath all in anticipation of me shaving her cute little hole. It was my turn to be giddy and my mind and cock twitched in lewd excitement.

"Your 'You Know What?'" I said shifting gears. I had forgotten but I was cool with it now. I sensed Jenny's nervousness and wanted to play with her. I smiled at her and looked at the spot in the water where her 'You Know What' was hidden beneath bubbles and cloudy liquid.

Jenny giggled and brought her knees into her lap and wrapped them with her arms. She smiled and was silent.

I teased her, "What do you call it?" I asked. I stared at her and made her more anxious.

She smiled and giggled and I heard her murmur but couldn't make out what she said. I looked at her sideways and she murmured a little louder but not enough to fully understand her. I took my right hand and cupped it around my right ear as I played with her.

"I call it my COOKIE," she blurted out loudly as she tried to sound nonchalant but she was anything but.

"Who's Cookie?" I chided and smiled at her. It was her turn to look sideways at me and as she sought my meaning. She figured it out and smiled.

"Your cookie," she cooed.

With that I walked over to the sink and gathered up a big cloth towel she had lying there. I shook it open and walked back over to her in the tub. Jenny looked at me and smiled again.

"Ooh," she mouthed, as I reached down and took her hand. She stood up and her naked form was revealed to me as the bubbles and water slid off of her. She stepped out, while still holding my hand and stood on the fluffy floor rug beside the tub as I wrapped the towel around her body. Once it was wrapped around her shoulders, I began padding her down. Jenny got a kick out of me rubbing her ass through the towel to dry her cheeks. Her hand went to my crotch and played with my zipper as I worked. I stopped her and spun her around to the sink. She giggled as I moved her into a seated position on the end of the corner of the sink. Her legs hung over the edge and the large towel covered just enough of her lap to hide her 'cookie'.

As I stood beside her, her left hand fell between my legs again and she palmed my cock through my dress pants. My cock was hard and ready but I wanted to enjoy shaving her little snatch. If Jenny was willing, I was going to shave her bald as the day she was born. I reached down and took her hand off my cock and went over and got the razor she had left on the edge of the tub. Jenny groaned her displeasure with me separating her from her play toy.

I moved over to the sink and reaching past her, flipped open the mirrored cabinets. I didn't find what I wanted on the right side but on the left behind a bag of razors, I found what must be my step mom's shaving gel. I set it on the sink beside Jenny and set down the razor. I looked at her and she looked back at me. I reached forward and grabbed the edge of the towel and began pulling it back to reveal her tight little pussy. Jenny giggled as I did and playfully brought her hand down to block my view.

I playfully slapped the back of her hand with my left and scolded her for touching 'my cookie'. She pulled her hand away and laughed and sat with her eyes transfixed on me as I began to work. She cooed when I made her lift her right leg up so it was bent with her right foot on the sink. This spread her legs enough to let me get a good look at her little snatch. She wasn't very hairy down there but I liked the manicured look and besides anything that let me get up close and personal with her hot little pussy was alright by me.

I reached forward with my right index finger and thumb and gently took hold of her puffy little vagina lips. Jenny was sensitive to the touch and wiggled on the edge of the sink and 'Oohed'. Her lips were full and her slit was moist and I knew she had been creaming herself all morning thinking about our little shaving date. I playfully wiggled her lips in my grasp and Jenny moaned lightly and tried to close her legs around my fingers.

I looked at her and she bit her lip and smiled. She looked awfully sweet perched there and seemed ready for the festivities to begin. I wasn't ready though. I wanted to have a little fun with her before we started and told her to lie back along the sink top. Jenny did obediently, clearing things from behind her and then lowering her torso onto the long table that ran the wall and held the sink. My dad and step mom had various beauty and hygiene products on it but it was clear and long enough for Jenny's naked form to lie prone.

I smiled down at her and told her to spread her legs. She did and almost kicked me over in the process. Her right leg swung to the wall while the left one slapped my on the shoulder. I grabbed it and bent it at the knee and in towards her body. Jenny did likewise with the right leg and bringing up her arms, hooked them behind her knees. She looked like a frog that had been flipped on her back, her pretty little twat exposed to me, as well as her puckered little asshole.

Jenny bit her lip as she felt vulnerable but her eyes watched me in eager anticipation as I moved between her legs. She had to strain her neck forward to see my hands as I put them on the insides of her legs. She cooed as I guess they were cold and she was sensitive to my touch. Lying there with her legs pulled up and her head bent forward put her in a crunch position and tightened Jenny's little ab muscles. Leaning forward I took my right hand and rubbed her taut belly muscles and slowly moved my hand towards her pelvis. When it reached her mound, I pushed down gently and applied some gentle pressure. Jenny gasped as she tried to keep her muscles tight but with my hand above her mound, she groaned and blew air out of her pursed lips. I laughed at her vanity of trying to show how tight and strong her stomach muscles were. She giggled as she relaxed and her head fell back on the sink counter and she lowered her legs a little.

"Keep 'em up," I told her as I looked down on her. "I want to see your little pussy," I added.

Jenny smiled as she pulled her knees back up above her and exposed her round ass to me. I used my left index finger and thumb to gently split her pussy lips open so I could look inside her. She strained her head forward again and peered down at me.

"Pretty little cookie," I kidded her as I held her lips open and examined her pink opening and hole. She murmured a very shy 'thanks'. And using her hands got a better hold on the back of her knees. She spread her legs further and kept her eyes glued on me. Taking my right hand from her mound, I brought it to her opening and slowly inserted my index finger. Jenny's twat could've melted butter and as my finger sunk to the second knuckle, she moaned and cooed.

"Uhh," she groaned as my finger slipped inside and sawed slowly back and forth. She was moist and hot as a little oven as my digit explored her tender hole. Taking my finger, I turned it so it was it could hook upward and rubbed it on the topside of her pussy. The tissue there was so soft and sensitive, that Jenny's hips rolled and she moaned. I was turned on by the sight of this gorgeous little slut spread out on the sink letting me finger her twat that I decided to slide in a second finger.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah," Jenny moaned as my second finger stretched her virgin hole. Her body tried its damnedest to slide down the sink and onto my fingers.

"Little slut wants to cum, don't you?" I teased her, rolling my fingers around in her moist pussy.

I was staring into her eyes and rubbing the top wall of her twat and she could hardly bare it. She tried to look me back in the eyes but she was giving way to an orgasm and her eyes flickered closed. She bit her lower lip and pulled her knees up into her chest, pushing her pelvis onto my hand.

"Come on, I want to hear you scream you little cunt," I yelled at her and took my left hand and rubbed my palm on her clenched mouth. Jenny responded by opening her mouth and groaning as she licked on my fingers and tried to suck them into her mouth. "Oh god, don't stop, don't stop," she pleaded as she was ready to explode and her left hand came off her knee and covered my right hand. She grabbed my hand and tried to help it saw its way in and out of her.

Seeing this, I increased my pressure and dropped my head into her lap. My tongue sought out her clit and my mouth covered it. Licking it, I flicked at her magic button and I heard Jenny scream and cry out. The feelings were so intense that her right hand came off her knee and she grabbed me by the hair and held my head to her clit. Her left hand joined her right and her pelvis bucked at my face. I sucked on her sweet juices as I looked up at her face and saw it deliciously contort as she came.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah," she continued to moan as her ass and leg muscle twitched. She stayed in this position for a long minute until she slumped onto the sink spent. Her hands came off her face and covered her face as she rolled on her side. I stood up and pulled my hands and face from her hot little body. I smiled as I looked down on her tight little ass.

I had a hard-on that wanted relief but I wanted to shave Jenny's little box first. I gave her a second to recover as I got the razor and shaving cream ready. I sprayed a handful of the cram on my right hand and reaching down pulled Jenny's right thigh to me. This made her roll onto her stomach on the counter. I moved between her legs and spread them so her lovely ass was positioned right in front of me. Her asshole had less hair around it then her pussy but I wanted her shaven smooth and hairless. Taking my left hand I spread her ass cheeks and smoothed on the cream evenly.

Jenny moaned lightly and looked over her shoulder. She saw that I had the razor ready and cooed. Taking the razor in my right hand, I used my left thumb and index finger to spread Jenny's tight ass cheeks. Her puckered asshole and satisfied little pussy stared up at me. Devilishly, I took my thumb and rubbed it in a circle on Jenny's tight butt hole.

She must have been ready for the razor and thought I was shaving to close to home as she raised her hips and screamed, "Ah."

I laughed as she realized I was just playing with her butt. She giggled now too as it occurred to her. She lowered her ass down again and we composed ourselves as I commenced to shaving. As I got going I realized that my fingers couldn't spread her ass cheeks wide enough so I had to get Jenny's help.

" Reach back with your hands and spread your ass for me," I told her. Jenny smiled and using her hands reached behind her and grabbed a cheek and held her ass open to me.

"That's it, just a little wider," I implored her. Her ass was spread plenty wide but I just wanted her to stretch her tight sphincter for me. I think Jenny knew this but played along anyway. Reaching back further, her hands took up her cheeks and spread them. Her tight little asshole stretched at the sides and she groaned as she held herself.

"You've got a great ass," I told her as I finished the last couple of strokes with the razor. I took a hand towel and wiped up the last of the shaving cream to make sue it wasn't hiding any hairs. Jenny giggled at my comment and her hands slipped off her ass cheeks.

"Spread your ass again," I told her, as she didn't attempt to re-grab her cheeks. She looked back at me and I could tell she was tired from holding it spread for so long and thought I was done. I was done with the shaving but had other thoughts about her virgin brown hole. She reached back and half-heartedly took hold of her ass.

I smacked her right ass cheek playfully and scolded her, "Spread your little asshole wider bitch." Jenny laughed and wiggled as her hands attempted to get a hold of her slippery ass cheeks. The bubble bath and shaving cream had mixed and created a slippery combination.

"You like when I play with your ass?" I asked her and took my hands and covered hers and helped her to pull her little butt open.

"Its okay," she answered honestly. She shook her head as she spoke and it made her body teeter on the sink.

"Its just okay?" I asked and using my right thumb slipped it across her stretched sphincter. She jumped a little at my pressure then relaxed.

"Yeah, I don't mind it," she answered and added, "it feels different."

"Feels different good, feels different bad?" I interrogated her. As I spoke with her, I took my thumb and faintly rubbed around the rim of her puckered hole and watched as it responded to my touch.

"Ooh," Jenny said as she blew through her pursed lips, "It feels strange, more good than bad, I guess," she added, as she seemed to be trying to find the right words. Her hands slipped on her ass cheeks under mine and she wiggled her fingers trying to regain her grasp.

"It makes my body feel warm all over and Ahh," she started to explain and groaned as the tip of my thumb slowly penetrated her asshole. Her head came back and she arched her back.

With the tip of thumb in her ass, I pulled her asshole open a little and Jenny moaned and her hands slipped off her ass cheeks. I inserted it a little deeper and she groaned as she giggled. She seemed to like the sensation more than she had said and I slipped my thumb back and forth inside her.

"You like that?" I asked even though I knew her response. She smiled in front of me and closed her eyes.

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