tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYou Tease Me At The Gym

You Tease Me At The Gym


I was just starting my workout when you came in. I was pedaling away on the exercise bike, and your glowing blonde hair caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I was surprised to see you tonight, but it was a pleasant surprise.

Many of the eyes in the room turned toward you briefly before returning to their labour at hand. Mine did not. You caught my eyes with yours and acknowledged my existence, while at the same time sending me the message that you had something special planned for tonight. I was surprised that you didn’t come right over to me to say hi, but I guessed you had your reasons.

I watched you as you bent over at the waist, your beautiful ass pointed toward the centre of the room. You undid your shoelaces slowly, and after removing your shoes, slowly slid down your sweatpants. Again, people’s heads turned to watch you, and this time they lingered more. You were wearing shorts underneath your sweatpants, and your legs were perfect, smooth, and firm.

You bent over again, the shorts tightening against the curves of your butt, your legs stretching out, as you put your shoes back on and did them up again. There was no doubt you were putting on a show for me, but also for everyone else in the room that chanced to glance over. I suddenly realized that I could glimpse the moons of your cheeks with your shorts being pulled up so hi, and I had to adjust my position on the exercise bike.

You stood again, and turning toward the room, again looked at me, pure, raw seduction in your stare.

I watched in silence, my breathing growing heavy from more than pedalling the exercise bike, as you slowly drew up your sweatshirt. As you pulled it up, your belly was revealed, and I realized that your shirt must be caught up within the sweatshirt. You paused just below your breasts and ran your hand over your waistline slowly, gently caressing the skin. But then you continued to pull the sweat top up higher, only reaching up to pull down the t-shirt underneath as the bottom curves of your breasts were becoming visible.

It was all so seamless, so smooth, and so arousing. I looked away briefly to see who else was watching you. A few men were looking, none blatantly, but with furtive glances in your direction. I returned my stare at you to see you putting your sweats into your small bag. A coy smile was on your face as you glanced at me, but you looked quickly away and moved toward the Stairmaster.

I watched as your top moved. I could see your pert nipples pushing against the fabric. I was stunned by how low the neckline was, clearly showing your cleavage as you moved. Even more shocking, and arousing, to me, were the sleeves. I should say, lack of sleeves, as you had cut them from the shirt, and the armholes started below your breast-line.

As you climbed up onto the Stairmaster, you reached forward to the controls. I could see the side of your left breast clearly, the soft curve of the flesh calling to be touched, through the armhole in your shirt. As you relaxed again, and started climbing, I watched as you settled into a rhythm. I almost fell off of my cycle when I realized, somewhat lately in the game, that you were toying with me in the best possible way. I appreciated the way I could still see the side of your breast as it broke away from your body, and knew that anyone else who cared to look could as well.

I was broken from my entrancement by the beeping of my exercise bike and the sudden lack of tension on the pedals as my program finished up.

I almost pedalled myself off it.

My exercises continued, but half-heartedly. I was too distracted by you, and my workout was dictated by what I could to while still watching you.

You were working up a significant sweat on the Stairmaster, and your shirt was clinging to your back. When you finally stepped from the machine and turned again toward the room, your chest was glistening, and your shirt was clinging to your breast, your nipples standing firm and erect. You again looked me in the eye, knowing full well the effect your were having on me, and I was glad that I was wearing a long shirt.

You moved in the direction of the weight-machines. I wondered what you would do next, and was pleased that you were moving to the Pectoral machine. You stood straddling the seat, and stretched around the machine to adjust the weights. Your shorts, again rode up, showing the crescent moons of your ass. The sight was amazing, and caused me to become even more aroused. Before moving back around to sit down in the unit, you slowly reached back with your right hand and drew it up along the back of your leg.

You turned now, and positioned yourself in the machine, your knees tight together, and drew your arms up to the armrests. As you did so, your shirt was pulled back against your breasts, and the sight was wonderful. Your nipples were pressed firmly against the damp white fabric, and your areolas were faintly visible. You started your presses, and the people near you appreciated the sight of your beautiful breasts pushing outward and straining the fabric. I moved to another station, beside you, and watched as the side of your breast became visible with every movement, only to retreat again.

I waited with baited breath to see where you would go next. I think all the men in the room did, and even some of the women. The men seemed to be clustered around you, with the equipment farther away virtually empty.

You moved over to the Hip Abduction machine. A few minutes into your workout, I realized that half the room had walked by the front of your machine, and I followed suit. I was stunned, and totally aroused, when I realized that you had not worn any underwear under your shorts. The glimpses of your lips were brief and vague, but there was no mistaking what was visible. I think I could even see a glistening, be it of sweat or something else. I looked up briefly as I walked by, and we were staring at each other for a moment. Perfect understanding was shared between us, and I new that this display was all for me.

To be continued……?

Any feedback will be appreciated…should I continue?

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