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You Took Everything


Today you told me it has been a year since we first decided to get together 24/7. In that time you have taken everything from me and I have gladly given it. When we first started dating you put me in Chastity. That was the beginning. First you took my ability to say no to you. On our first weekend together you tied me spread eagle on the bed and began teasing me in every imaginable way all night. You repeatedly bring me to the edge and stop touching. You treat me to your body, letting me lick and suck every part of you while tied to the bed desperate to cum. You have had me in the chastity device for two weeks straight at that point and it makes me crazy. Through out the night you ask me questions and I reveal everything to you. I tell you all my darkest desires and you giggle at each one. I have known you long enough to know that you will be using these things against me. You also extract several promises from me. At the end of this long night you have promised me a treat.

At the end of the evening you climb up on me and sit heavily on my face wearing the silk panties I have told you drive me crazy. You giggle and bring me to the edge again and I am so desperate I am begging uncontrollably under your perfect ass. My begging is muffled of course as you are strongly smothering me. You laugh again and say here is your treat, they you lean back hard and cut off all my air. After a few minutes of struggling I pass out. When I come too my hands are free and the chastity device is locked back in place. My head hurts and I realize I have your heavy collar locked on my neck and leather cuffs locked to my wrists and ankles. There is a note from you instructing me to get the house clean and be waiting for you on my knees when you arrive home from work. When I see the time I know I will have to hurry to have everything. You have fulfilled one of my deepest fantasies by smothering me until I was unconscious but I desperately wish I could come.

The next thing you took was my freedom. After that first week that I had taken vacation time you realize that my job can be done from home on the computer so there is no need for me to leave and you demand that I stay all the time in the role of your slave. You put all my clothes away somewhere and for the week I am constantly naked and collared. You also keep me in bondage for long periods. The whippings you had occasionally give me have increased in intensity and frequency. I do all the housework. I also worship your body every time you order. I spend hours licking your body and feet. It is now three weeks since you first locked my chastity device on and I am constantly throbbing with desire. The week before when you teased was my only freedom from the chastity. You have promised another surprise for the end of the week and I am full of anticipation. You have been constantly teasing me with feathers and wearing the things that drive me most crazy. You have been alternately bitchy and playful and I never know what is coming next. One minute you have held me and the next you have whipped me with out mercy until I cried. By the end of the week I am completely confused and trying to serve you better than ever and always seeming to fall short.

On Friday night you again tie me to the bed and take off the device. I am free again and desperate. You have again promised me a special night. This morning you whipped me, this time stronger and longer than every before. While you were out today I was unable to leave my knees because you tied my legs together and tied my leash to them so I could not stand. I have done all the housework and prepared you dinner in this position. It was difficult but I managed to get on a chair so I could reach the stove in my bondage. I tell you about this when you ask about my day and you giggle your playful giggle and my heart melts again. Tied to the bed again you begin the teasing again and after a few hours I am crying and begging for release. You lean down and whisper in my ear "you will get no release, I have taken your orgasms!!"

It has been another long week with even more suffering than before and you have increased the humiliation. You have exposed me to the delivery people and one night you brought some of your friends home and made me serve you while blindfolded. You have also made me drink your pee every time you have to go, making sure I drink every drop. In the middle of the week you bring home another slave and dominate him in front of me. At the end you sit on top of him and let him touch himself until he cums hard all over your gloved hand that you rub all over his tip. This is one of my favorite things to do but all I get is watching while tied in a very uncomfortable position. You then walk over to me and make me lick the glove clean. You then pee in my mouth in front of the other slave and he laughs at me with you. You then release me from the bondage and direct me to lick his body clean as well.

I am completely humiliated as you both laugh. Later you pee in his mouth and have him spit it into my mouth, so I am serving your slave. Before he leaves you allow him to beat me with the harshest whip and you laugh again telling me that now I am just a slave of slaves. After he is gone you lean down and whisper in my ear "now I have taken your dignity!" You giggle and bind me on me knees for the night as you go to bed. From that moment on I am never off my knees when you are home and I often find myself in much more strict bondage for long times. You also now have lovers and slaves in when ever it suits and I serve you in what ever way you demand with out any discussion. I have now passed all my limits on humiliation, performing the most demeaning things you can think of regularly.

It has been a few weeks since you took my dignity and I no longer miss it. I have spent more and more time in the mask these days. It is a leather bondage mask that locks around my neck with a collar and the leash is always attached. It has an eyepiece that you can put in place when ever you feel like it and with that in place I can not see anything. You also occasionally put in earplugs or earphones. When it is earplugs I cannot hear anything and I am completely isolated. When it is earphones I either hear your voice on a continuous loop telling me humiliating things and degrading me or static isolating me even further.

The mouth closes with a zipper and there is a gag attachment that can be snapped in place filling my mouth so that I can not make more that a whimper. I have spent entire days in the complete isolation of this hood while tied in the middle of a room. On these days you go about whatever you want and occasionally rain whip blows down on me, attach clips to my body, use painful toys on me, or stroke my body in ways that make me desperate for more. On these days I never know what will come next, or even who is present. After slowly extending the amount of time I spend in the hood you finally put me in it for a full week. One day you come to me and whisper again, "I am taking your face, the mask will not come off again." At this point I realize how completely you own me and I am both thrilled and afraid of it.

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