tagLoving WivesYou Want Me to What!

You Want Me to What!


Note: if you like being cuckolded or watching your wife get banged by other men then this isn't for you. I hope you enjoy it and if you don't oh well.


I sat there with my mouth wide open. Why, you ask? My wife Jane just asked me if I would please be a cuckold for a week.

By the way, my name is Mike and I knew the answer already, but I'd hoped Jane really wasn't so stupid that she would ask me. I wanted to respond in a calm manner, but needed to catch my breath first.

You see, I have a history of being an asshole. I know I'm one and I wear the title with honor.

This all started about a week ago when we were at my sister's BBQ. There were 15 couples there and the wine and beer were flowing freely. Good friends, good food and a smashing good time.

Then someone yelled out, "Let's play TRUTH or DARE!"

Our host, my sister Barbara, started off the game by asking her husband, Tim, to perform a 'dare'. She asked him to massage Karen's feet.

Karen's husband Jeff just laughed and told him to wash his hands afterwards, as she had very hard and bad feet. As Tim was rubbing them Barbara asked Karen how the cuckolding was going. A few of the husbands, including me, looked like some one spat in our beers.

Then Jeff messed up my head even more by answering. He said with no bitterness, "Karen has three lovers now and is looking for more."

Now me, being me, I wanted to slap Jeff up the side of his head and ask him, "What the FUCK is wrong with you?" But I was a guest, and the look my wife gave me could melt ice in Alaska. So I said nothing and grabbed another beer.

Damn where is Captain Morgan when you need him?

"Shit," I thought, listening to this was going to be hard. As I said I am an asshole, but I sat like a good little hubby and said nothing.

After about ten minutes in Jeff's recounting of how hot it was to see Karen being DP'ed, I got up and headed for the john. I was in there for about twenty minutes talking to myself. I had to speak softly because any louder and people would think I was a nutcase.

After I calmed down a bit, I opened the bathroom door and there stood Barbara with her hands on her hips looking at me like I ruined her BBQ.

I said, "What's up sis?"

Barbara, in her normal 'gets on my nerves' fashion, said, "How in the hell can you be so mean!"

"Me? Mean? What in the fuck are you talking about? I haven't done or said anything. I promised Jane I would be a good boy and I have been."

Barbara then proceeded to tell me that Jeff was showing his love for Karen by allowing her to do this. When Karen finished "exploring," she explained, Karen and Jeff would be a stronger couple.

I just had to ask, "How is fucking other men going to make a couple stronger?"

Barbara was put back by the way I said it. I guess since I am older I should understand what women want. Hell, I didn't even know what my freaking wife wanted -- and I have been married to her for eleven years.

"Mike, you need to open your mind to new things," said Barbara.

Once again I just had to ask, "Has Tim opened up his mind to Karen and Jeff's new idea of marriage?"

Then Barbara told me what was expected of a cuckolded husband. She spoke with such passion that I had to repeat my question. Once again I asked, "Is your husband, Tim, open to this?"

"I haven't asked him yet. I wanted Jeff to spring it on the husbands first."

For the first time in my life, I want to slap the shit out my sister.

"Barbara you have got to be out of your fucking mind! If you ask Tim and he agrees, I'll watch the kids for you while you on your dick hunting trips. I'll even wash your car. But I won't leave you alone with my wife ever again!" With that I turned and headed back to the BBQ.

Jeff was talking to Karen, Jane and a few other wives. The guys were by the grill wait for me to come back. Tim was the first to ask what I thought of the whole thing.

I said, "Tim, if Jane tries that shit, I'll be out the door before you can scratch your left nut. I will not put up with a slut and if I find out she cheated, was cheating, or planned on cheating; I will divorce her before the jizz from her lover has dried.

"I don't care or even want to know what Jeff is thinking; it's his life. If he wants to swing or whatever else, that's his choice. But it's not for me!"

After my short outburst, Jane walked up and said it was time to go. We said goodnight to everyone and headed out. We live about 45 minutes from my sister, so I was in for a long drive.

Right off the bat Jane said, "You shouldn't judge a lifestyle until you try it."

At that point, I had to ask myself: did I want to start a fight now or after I got some. Like I said, I'm an asshole, so I chose to shut up until I gotten some loving.

The whole drive home Jane talked about 'Jeff this' and 'Jeff that.' I wanted to tell her, "If you keep fucking talking about Jeff, then you can marry him." But not till after I got a good fucking.

As we pulled up to the house Jane started rubbing my leg. Oh yeah, here comes the fucking, sucking and if I'm lucky I'll get both again in the morning.

Needless to say it was a good night.

Then she pulled out the big guns. Jane fucked me for seven days straight, at least twice a day. Sucking, fucking, anal, and what she did with her tits is illegal in some countries. But on the eighth day the campaign began.

"Mike, can I talk to you with out you getting mad?

I said, "Sweetie, after the week you just gave me, we can talk about anything and I will even listen."

She looked a little worried but started with the usual bullshit.

"Mike you know I love you, right? I love you more and more each day, but I think we need to spice up our sex life."

Now me, being me, the little bullshit-o-meter in my head started going into overdrive.

"Now Mike, don't say anything till I finish," said Jane. "You never let me get my side out before you say no."

I said, "Honey, your right. I'll let you finish, and then I'll say 'No'."

Then Jane started about how if I loved her, if I truly loved her, then I would become a cuckold for a week. She said it and looked at me with those big puppy dog eyes, lips pushed out and that sad little girl expression.

It just broke my heart. NOT!

I said, "Jane, I truly love you and I would do anything for you. I want to make you happy. I live to be with you, to grow old with you and have kids with you. Buy the only thing I can say to this is HELL NO, YOU FUCKING MORON.

"If you ever ask me some shit like that again, I'll burn the house down and move to Canada. If you want a cuckold, buy a fucking bird!"

That being said I got up and went out.

I stopped by Angel's, my favorite sports bar. The bartender's name is Kevin and he can make one hell of a Long Island Ice Tea.

"Kevin, my boy, start me a tab. I want a beer, a Long Island and keep them coming." While I sat there drinking away my pain, guess who walked in? Jeff and followed by Tim. They took the stools on both sides of me and looked at me like I'd passed gas or something.

"Mike" said Jeff, "What in the hell is the matter with you. You almost fucked up the BBQ. We have been planning this shit for weeks."

I must have looked confused, because Tim just patted me on the back and said, "Just sit back and listen."

"Mike, Tim and I have been filming Karen with all three guys. She has got fucked, sucked and has even taken it up the ass. I played along so it wouldn't have to pay out so much in the divorce. My lawyer said, 'play along and get all the evidence that you need.'

"You see, in Texas it still matters if the spouse cheated or not. What Karen doesn't know is I found out that her and her lover were going to try and pull me into a threesome. That way it would look like I agreed to her fucking around.

"Not happening! But if I were a cuckold, then her lover wouldn't let me fuck her. It would be his pussy.

"Instead, she is being served as we speak. She can have the house, car, checking accounts and all."

I just had to ask, "Why give that bitch anything? She fucked around behind your back and in front of you. Why pay a cheating slut?"

"Since you ask," said Jeff with an evil grin on his face, "The house has a second and third mortgage, and the bank is about to foreclose on it. The car is leased, and I haven't paid a bill in seven months. My paychecks are being deposited into my mom's account. As far as my employer knows, I'm taking care of my mom. My mom has been putting the money in her offshore account.

"You know, my mom always said she was a slut. I should have listened."

Once again the beer flowed, and I had to take a taxi home. I think I got home around 3:00 AM. I'm not absolutely sure, but it didn't matter anyway because I only made it as far as the flowerbed. Jane heard some noises and came to see what it was and found me in her roses, asleep. That was another thirty-minute fight; well, it was once I returned to the land of the living.

The next thing I knew a bucket of water was poured on me, and my dog was licking my face. What an evil woman ¬—dousing my favorite chair.

I asked her, "Who put the stick up your ass?"

Jane looked at me and asked, "Mike, did you know? Did you know?"

"What in the hell are you talking about?"

"Karen was served with divorce papers and an eviction notice last night."

I responded with, "Good for her. Now she can fuck whomever she wants."

"So you did know," said Jane.

"Hell no. I didn't know shit 'till I ran into Jeff and Tim last night," I said.

"So what's the slut gonna do now?" I asked. Jane just looked at me. I'd seen that look before.

"Mike, she needs a place to stay for a week or so," said Jane, "Please, please Mike, she needs help. She has lost a lot."

I said, "Oh. Okay, but I don't know how she and Spike are both going to fit in the damn dog house."

"Mike, that isn't funny. She needs our help," said Jane.

I mumbled under my breath, "She needs a doctor to sew her legs closed!"

Ultimately I gave in and we let Karen use the spare room. I asked Jeff first, to see if it was okay. Jeff said he didn't care where the tramp went.

She only made it through the first week. One night when Karen and Jane were sitting on the patio drinking wine, Karen asked Jane if she could sleep with me for one night because she needed sex. The next thing I heard was glass breaking and screaming. Then Jane came in the house yelling.

"Mike, get this fucking slut out of my damn house!" She turned her fury towards Karen, "I can't believe I let you stay here. Get your shit together and get the fuck out. I MEAN NOW!"

Later that night, after some rather good lovemaking, I discovered something very interesting. It seems that most women don't mind the idea of being shared by another man, but they're not so hot about sharing their men. Go figure!

Thanks to PostScriptor for the editing, because I know I have BAAAADDDDDD grammar...

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by Anonymous

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by DetroitRockCity04/03/18

Fucking hilarious!

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by Quadman0702/12/18


This is a really good story. Good job! The cheater does not mind having sex out side their marriage but if their spouse decides to follow their example and seek someone out side the marriage also; themore...

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by TornadoTys07/20/17

Good Twist

Very amazing story and we do need more of them !
This site is awash with cuck stories. I do not mind authors writing them and posting them. We just need more actual loving wife stories !

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by sienfun05/31/17


"If you want a cuckold, buy a fucking bird!"

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