tagInterracial LoveYou Will Be Mine..Again Ch. 01

You Will Be Mine..Again Ch. 01


Gale waited looking around her dream house. She couldn't believe that all they had to do was sign the paperwork and this was there and then they could really start their life together. She wanted him to meet her here just to get one look at their future. Her mother already told her how proud she was of her that she was getting ready to graduate college, try to open her own business, and marry the man that she loved more than breathing. He proposed to her a week ago when he showed her the house. She didn't think that they could afford it but apparently with his family they would be able to afford the house and with his job that he was going to get soon.

She turned around when she saw the familiar green Lexus pulling up. She smiled when she saw him slowly get out the car. She doesn't know what it was about him, but she always thought that he moved in slow motion. He was so hot to her; sometimes she would ask herself how she got someone like him to fall in love with her. It didn't matter though because now everything will start for them. She was about to rush to him but something stopped her. He didn't have the smile he always seemed to have when he saw her. His face read blank, something must be bothering him. He did say that he had to see his parents. They came into town two weeks ago and she met them a couple of days ago. His mother seemed really nice but his dad was unreadable. He didn't really acknowledge her. She didn't know what to think about what moment, but Patrick said that it was something that could be fixed.

He had his hands stuffed into his pocket and he glanced at everywhere but her, "Hey baby." She said trying to snap him out of his stupor.

"Hey." He simply said.

"Well, I talked to the realtor and she said that everything is set for us to sign the paperwork and bring her the down payment. She said that our appointment is going to be around 2. I took tomorrow off from work baby, were you able to get off of work?" he paused still not able to look at her, "Rick, is something wrong?"

"I can't." he whispered in his thick Irish accent.

"What? What's wrong?"

"I can't do this. I can't marry you." He said.

Gale never thought her heart could leap into her throat as fast as it did at that moment. She must have heard him wrong, she had too.

"What did you say?" she said.

He took a deep breath, "I can't do this anymore."

"Well, if you can't get the house, it's okay. We can get an apartment, but I thought you had everything under control."

"No, I mean all of this: the house, the marriage. I don't want this anymore."

Gale's whole body cringed and she almost fell over in pain. He couldn't be saying this, "Rick, we were going to get this house together. You just asked me to marry you. Hell, you told me this morning how much you loved me."

"Look this went on long enough and I can't keep pretending. You are a very pretty women Gale, but I can't be with you."

"Why? Why after everything that we have gone through together in the past two years?" she didn't even feel the tears that streamed down her face.

"It was fun Gale. I admit, I always wanted to bang a black girl, but let's be honest. You're not good for me." She wanted to say something but she let him continue, "Gale I come from one of the richest families around and you can't handle that lifestyle. You think I will be content staying in some little house trying to play house with you."

"I don't understand Patrick. You said you love me. Please baby, whatever I did I'm sorry but we can fix this." She said nearly throwing herself on him.

Patrick swallowed hard trying not to let her words get to him, this was hard enough already. He wanted to comfort her and tell her everything that was going on but he decided against it. He needed to end this.

"This is something you can't fix. We are from two different backgrounds and you are not good enough for me. I'm just sorry that I did let this go on for so long." Gale felt like she just shattered like glass hitting the floor and pieces of her went everywhere, "You will find someone that will be right for you. I'm sorry." With that he turned around slowly heading to the car.

She could barely breathe and felt little pieces of her dying. This can't be happening. This was all a horrible dream. She was going to wake up any moment with Patrick holding on to her. She looked up and saw him still heading to the car.

"Rick." She softly cried, "Rick!" she said again but he didn't flinch as he kept his pace to the car, "Patrick!" she called loudly not caring if the neighbors heard her.

He didn't look back once as he got in his car, confirming her heart break, "Patrick, please." She cried. The next sound she heard was the car turning over and him pulling away from her life forever.

She felt the numbness slowly creep up her body as she watched his tail lights disappear into the night leaving her alone. No new life, no dream house, and more importantly, no Patrick. Her body felt ice cold as the numbness rose up her legs to her stomach.

"What about our family?" she whispered as she finally sank to the ground, bawling.

"You need to get laid." Tara said as Gale tried her best to maneuver through traffic.

"Gee, thanks a lot best friend."

"What kind of friend would I be if I didn't tell you the truth?" Gale could feel Tara smiling through the phone.

"The kind of friend that shouldn't remind me how much I need to get laid?"

"Yea I love you too, anyway, are you going to that job?"

"Well, Jade said that she recommended me to the guy and it could definitely be something that gets me known since the job is so big." Gail smiled.

"Imagine! You get to decorate a whole hotel. That does sound like a good paying job, especially since you are moving to get closer to your sisters."

Gale nodded thinking about the big change that has gone on. She finally admitted to herself about the sham of a marriage she was in and finally let him go. She couldn't stand to be the person she was back then; it almost cost her Jade. She still felt a twinge of shame every time she thinks about how she easily let Dante manipulate her.

She can finally admit that James is the perfect man for her. He has treated Jade with nothing but respect and he love Nicole. Speaking of Nicole, she was doing great in school, running track and working. She even noticed her buying some clothes that fit, more than likely the work of her roommate Eva. Sometimes it hurts to think that her little sisters don't need her anymore, but she needed to get her own life in order.

It's hard being a 34 year old divorce woman trying to move and keep her business running. Especially when it comes to those lonely nights when she longed for someone to be next to her. It's been so long since she has been loved so well and through, even before her husband. She hasn't experience deep passionate love making since...

"Hey," she was broken out of her thoughts, "I'm going to fly in Wednesday, can you come get me?"

"Of course, Jade has been asking me when you were going to get here."

"I know; I haven't seen her since the wedding. I know Jessica and I are excited about moving. I swear your sister is trying to get us there."

"You know how she feels about family being around, that's why mom is just a couple of feet away. I'm about to pull up Tara, so I will call you and tell you how it went."

"Hey, if the guy is younger and hot, this may be your opportunity."

"Oh please, more than likely this is old money that just wants something to invest in. I'll call you later." Gale said hanging up the phone pulling up to the building.

Her mouth dropped as she gazed at the building. She couldn't believe that this job is hers, especially when she saw so much potential in the place. She loved the scenery in front of the water on the beach. She see that the picture that Jade showed her didn't do her justice. It was really beautiful. She always dreamed in just vacationing in a place like this to get away from everything. She shivered in excitement thinking of the fun she was going to have in this place.

She wondered if her client was already here.

Jade recommended her to the guy and she was grateful for that. She didn't know but there was another feeling that surged through her. It felt like almost a warning. Gale always had feelings like these when she wasn't completely sure of a situation. Where was it coming from though? She shook it off taking one fleeting glance in her compact mirror. No, just nerves. It wasn't like this was her first time; is she can do the Kardashian's house, she can do anything.

She smoothed her hand over her knee length black skirt as she stepped inside. She was immediately greeted by a beautiful woman with magnetic hazel eyes. She had her hair in a tight bun and dark blue pants suit that was tailored to her.

"Miss Young, it's nice to see you made it here safely."

"Thank Miss Hernandez and you can call me Gale." She said taking the man's outstretched hand.

"Well then call me Mara. I'm glad that you were able to find the place." she said leering at Gale still holding on to her hand, "I'm sorry just the resemblance between you and Jade is remarkable."

Yea, she has been getting that a lot since she decided to grow her hair out and go natural. She tucked a strand of her shoulder length curly black hair behind her ear.

"Yep, I know she is lucky to look like me." She

smiled and the younger girl chuckled.

"She told me you would say something like that; please let me show you around. My boss isn't in yet." She nodded as she proceeded to give her a tour of the wonderful place.

She had to admit that her brother in law did a wonderful job in fixing up the place. She already had a couple of ideas but she wanted to wait till the owner gets her and ok it with him.

"So, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad tell me that you are really good at what you do. I even checked on some of your pervious clients and they all highly recommended you. We were worried for a moment that we wouldn't be able to get you."

"Well, a job like this doesn't come too often so I was ready to jump on it. Tell me a little about your boss, do you know what type of style he wants for the place."

"He wants a place where people can relax and get away. He pictures for it to be real intimate and look similar to home."

"Home?" Gale asked as they walked back downstairs.

"He's from Ireland and he wants a piece of it to be brought here and thinks this is the perfect setting for it."

Gale swallowed at the mention of Ireland. Must be thousands of people in Ireland, but she couldn't help the resentment she felt hearing the name. She had to get over this; there was no feeling that just hearing about his country should affect her so.

"Are you alright Gale?" Mara asked seeing the far off glance.

"I'm good. I'm pretty sure I can take a look at some places to get an idea and get the budget."

Mara looked at her with uncertainty and glanced out the window, "Oh well you may not have to wait long for the boss. Looks like he is here." She smiled

Gale took a hard gulp as Mara went to the door to greet him. There was that uneasy feeling again, what was going on wither stomach? She had to make a mental note to stop by the store before going home. '

"Gale, I would like for you to meet my boss,"

Gale turned around and her whole body instantly went cold staring into those hypnotizing green eyes, "Mr. Patrick Adlam."

It was at that moment, Gale forgot to breath and her heart felt as if something was clutching it in their hand.

"How are you doing, Gale? It's nice to see you again." That was the last thing she heard before everything went black.

Patrick hurried to her to catch her before hitting the floor, "I thought you were just kidding when you say you have that effect on women." Mara said and he glanced over at her.

He didn't expect that at first himself. He picked her up and sat her down on the nearest chair. He saw that she was beginning to stir and prepared for the backlash. He knew her enough to know what could be coming next. Gale's eyes flickered open and the first face she saw was his, those intense green eyes staring at her with concern, fake concern. She couldn't forget the coldness that was once in his eyes and she began to see red. All those years, everything that he has done to her, it all came back to her and she was ready to unleash years of heartache on the person right in front of her.

"Don't you fucking touch me." She said pushing him away, stunning Patrick.

When did she get so strong, he wondered to himself? He was expecting the rage just not that.

"Gale, you fainted and I wanted to make sure you were okay."

"You wanted to make sure I was okay? Why would give a rat's ass about me after everything that happened between us Patrick? I don't want you touching me or helping me. I don't even want you near me."

"Well, that's going to be kind of hard Abby since you are going to be working with me."

"Who said that I have to?" and with that she pushed herself off the chair and headed out of that place.

Patrick was smooth on her heels trying to keep up with her, "Gale, you came highly recommended and you know that I want the best."

"I don't care find yourself someone to do your work." She said throwing her purse and portfolio in her car before she climbed in.

"Gale please."

"No Mr. Adlam, I don't need your job. I'm not good enough for you so find someone else." She ended on the same last parting words he told her years ago.

Patrick jumped back from the car as soon as she revved the car up and watched her speed off. He raked his hands through his jet black hair, kicking himself for trying to push this meeting. No matter when or how he decided to meet her again, this was still going to be the end result.

"That went well." He rolled his eyes at the annoying tone of his assistant Mara.

He straighten his tie turned back to her who had this smug look on her face, "Don't worry, I'll get her." He said finally believing his own words.

Gale tried to calm her beating heart as her brain processed what just happened. Patrick! She couldn't believe after all this time she saw him. He was right there in front of her, staring at her as if she was a piece of meat he was ready to devour. No, he lost that chance a long time ago to look at her like that. She should have laid his ass out.

She growled out her frustration as she turned into K&J. Oh she was going to have a long talk with her sister. She nearly jumped out the car before stopping it full. She moved past everyone and burst through the door. Jade was the first person that head popped up toward the door.

"Sister, can I see you for a moment?" Gale said through gritted teeth.

"Oh shit." Jade whispered jumping from her seat and walked quickly to the back.

Gale was right on her tail and before Jade could shut the door, Gale stuck her hand out, "Hey sis, how is it going? How did the job go?"

"You knew."

"Knew what?" Jade said still trying to play dumb.

She was horrible at it as far as Gale was concerned, "You know what I'm talking about: Patrick."

"Oh, you saw him?" Gale narrowed her eyes and

Jade just exhaled, "Alright fine. Yes I knew Patrick was here and that he wanted you to have the job."

"How could you do that with everything you know that happened?"

"Actually I don't know what happened between you guys, you never told me anything. All I know is that he wanted to have someone that could really decorate the hotel the way he wanted it and I thought it would be a perfect job for you. Maybe if you told me what happened then I can understand the anger."

Gale scrunched her face staring at Jade, "He didn't tell you anything?"

"He told me he made a stupid mistake and that he wanted to ask for your forgiveness."

She chuckled lightly, "I'm not going to give it to him. I'm not going to give him the satisfaction that everything is all rosy posy and that we can work together and the years of hurt that I went through can just vanish."

"Gale, you have to forgive him and I'm not saying it for him, but for you. I hate to bring this back up but you sided with my ex-boyfriend to plot breaking up me and James. That hurt and I forgave you." Gale stance sunk a little as she looked into her younger sister's big doe eyes, "I think you need to take the job, you need a big job that's going to get a lot of publicity. This is it."

"I don't know if I can work with him or be near him again." She said showing Jade a hint of vulnerability.

"You can do it. You told me everything that you are doing is about letting go and finding your way back to you. You already divorced that lousy husband of yours, Patrick is just another obstacle."

Gale took deep inhales thinking about what her sister said. It was true, she was trying to make herself better and she did need to handle this one final obstacle. Could she really be considering taking this job though?

"Now, I know you can't be mad at me anymore right?" Jade said with a smile and Gale couldn't help but laugh it off.

"Right, I have to be a big girl about this. I will think about it. Sorry about barging in here like that, I know your customers must think we are crazy."

Jade just shrugged, "In this town, nothing gets too past them. Now does he still look the same to you as he always did?"

"There is nothing there Jade. I have no feelings for him."

"Sure you don't." Jade said rolling her eyes, "Now run along and do your thinking and researching."

"I didn't say I was going to take the job." She said grabbing her purse.

"Well in case you do, you have something to contribute when you see him." Jade smiled.

Gale shook her head as she grabbed her purse leaving the restaurant. Even though she told Jade that she was going to possibly think about this there were still so many questions going off in her mind. He was close by which unnerved, irritated, but at the same time slightly excited her.

On the way to her new loft, she thought about how he looked at her when her eyes flickered open.

How in that brief moment she almost let herself get caught up in the concern sincerity in his eyes? The same way he use to look at her back when they were younger. Even if she tried, she would never forget how she felt when he first came barreling in her life. How she allowed herself to fall into those piercing jade eyes? How everything about him seduced her and she allowed his words to swim in her head?

She remembered that hot summer where she was spending time at Camp Wichita again volunteering for camp counselor. She had been going every since she was a kid. At 17, she started working as a counselor during the summer. Now this was the summer before college and she was out there with Tara watching over her younger sisters enjoying camping with their friends.

Gale was busy getting everything setup for archery when Tara came over in a big huff, "You have got to see him." She said out of breath.

"Okay calm down; who are you talking about?" Gale smiled.

"There is a new counselor that just came today and oh my goodness, he is hot."

"Really? How hot?"

"Like Brad Pitt and JC Chasez hot." She said and Gale had to put what she had in her hands down.

"No way." She said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes way. He is tall, has a great body, long hair and he is foreign."

"Come on Tara, there is no way a guy like that made his way all the way here to Camp Wichita."

"Well, why don't you see for yourself? I will finish up here and you go finish up kitchen duty. He is in there now."

"Come on Tara."

"What? Are you scared that you may like what you see?" Gale saw the challenging look in Tara's eyes. She never could resist a challenge.

"You're on." Gale said stomping to the kitchen.

Really how hot could this guy be? Gale has always been open minded when it came to guys but she never thought about really going out with white guys with long hair. She always thought the long hair made them look grungy and dirty.

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