tagInterracial LoveYou Will Be Mine..Again Ch. 04

You Will Be Mine..Again Ch. 04


"So, he kissed you," Jade said again. And it bugged the hell out of Gale, again.

"Again," Gale sighed, pushing around her lettuce, "yes, he did."

"What did you do after that?" Katrina asked.

"I walked away and told him not to follow me." The two just looked on in shock. "Will you two stop looking like that? It's not that big of a deal."

"Not that big of a deal? You kissed Patrick."

"No, he kissed me. I was only trying to get some sort of explanation for the stuff that James had mentioned, and I still didn't get my answers."

"Yea, it's hard to talk with his tongue in your mouth," Jade replied, which made Katrina snicker.

Gale narrowed her eyes at the both of them and shook her head. "Look, I know that wasn't the best way to go about getting the explanation but it happened."

"Well, how do you feel?" Dominique asked.

"Forever the psychiatrist," Jade asserted, shaking her head, and Dominique just stuck out her tongue.

"I don't know. At first I was like: 'how dare he kiss me?' and then it started to feel good. I mean, really good. It shouldn't be this way, right? I mean, we broke up years ago and to have these feelings just resurface out of nowhere is ridiculous."

"Not so much. You both do have a lot of issues that need to be settled. Not just the break up, but the whole relationship in general. You said he claimed that it was only sex, but 'only sex relationships' don't last for a number of years where you meet the family and go through the process of finding a place for the two of you to live together. I think you need to talk to him, but in a neutral territory," Dominique finished.

"Actually, that's not a bad idea," Katrina nodded.

"That's what I was trying to do the other night."

"Not really. When I say neutral territory, I mean something where you both aren't letting the emotions take over and you both are in a calm place. Let it flow; because, if you force it, then you may not get the entire story."

"So, when does that whole therapy thing wear off?" Jade asked. "You know, since you're in the party planning business now."

"Fortunately, since all of my friends are a little loony, never," Dominique smiled, and Jade held up her shaking fist at her.

"Alright, I don't know how easy that will be though." Gale looked at her watch. "Speaking of which, I have to meet him in a couple of hours. So, how should I act?"

"Just be yourself. Let the guards down a little. One, it will relax him, and two, it will completely throw him off."

Gale nodded, taking a bite of her sandwich. Dominique had a point; she did need to let the guards down a little. She couldn't work with him and have a chip on her shoulder. It was a little draining, especially with all the hotel stuff they'd been doing. Just the other day, they'd finished looking at paint samples and made arrangements for the rooms to be painted by James and some others. Now they had a couple of places to visit to look at some furniture, and he'd already begun interviewing a couple of cooks for the restaurant in the hotel.

Everything was moving so fast, and she was happy with that because it kept her busy and her mind off of him. This was the first real moment she'd had to really spend time with her sister and friends since that night they'd kissed. Oh, the kiss! In the brief moment that their lips had connected, all of the buried emotions and everything that she'd truly denied had surfaced, rushing back into her heart. She realized now that that's what she'd been so afraid of. That everything that she'd held at bay for so long would come out with a simple touch, a kiss.

After that she'd spent most of her nights thinking about how his body had felt pressed against hers again. It'd been the most wonderful, and yet painful, feeling she'd had in a long time. Her heart still clenched, aching indecisively.

"So, what's going on with the place?" Katrina asked, breaking Gale's musings.

"Well, it's being painted now, so we're going to look at furniture to put in the rooms."

"Are you guys ahead of schedule?" Dominique asked.

"Yes and no. I mean, we lucked out in getting the rooms painted by having Ramon and some others paint."

"Oh yea, Nicole said that her and some people she knew from her college would help out," Jade shared.


"Yea, they said they were going to use it as a paid weekend getaway."

"Really, Nicole is out there? I wouldn't think of her as the painting type," Katrina said.

"She's trying to come out of her shy shell, even if it's a little," Jade smiled.

Gale was about to say something when her phone went off. She looked at it and groaned at seeing his name. "Yes, Mr. Adlam?"

"I'm done with my meeting, so I can meet you wherever you are and we can head down there together."

"I thought we were going to look at some furniture."

"We can do that tomorrow. I already have enough figures in my head, I wanted to take a look at the rooms together and go over what we want to look for. So, tell me where you are and I can bring a car to get you."

"No, thank you, I can meet you there." Gale sighed, getting up and laying down some cash.

"Gale—" She quickly cleared her throat. "Ms. Young, it makes no sense to take all these cars down there, especially with a bunch of college kids already here. I just pulled up so I can still send a car to come get you and you can ride back with me."

"I know whose there and I trust them, mostly, so I will see you there."

"I see, you trust them a little more than me."

"Don't make this bigger than it needs to be, I will be there in a little bit." Gale hung up and sighed, "I'll see you guys later."

"Have fun," Jade said. "And bring my little sister back."

"Whatever," Gale smiled, on her way out. She went to her car, got comfortable for the drive, and headed out.

Gale knew that Mara was there to watch over the kids while they finished the job. She, at first, had been a little skeptical about having a whole lot of college kids at the hotel. She'd been in that quandary herself and knew where it could possibly lead, if unsupervised. Luckily, there was no one out there that Nicole liked, not that Gale believed for a second that she would take advantage of the situation if she had.

She finally pulled into the lot a while later, noticing Patrick had beat her there. 'Good,' she sighed to herself, getting out of her car. She didn't want to ride with him and get stuck in an awkward position, having nothing to say to him and no means of escape if he did. She knew he would have tried to force a conversation and she didn't want that. There'd been a time where they could talk comfortably with each other, now it was just uncomfortable silence. Oh, well, there was no use in reminiscing about the past. She headed towards the front door and heard laughter around the back.

What was going on back there? She went around the corner and saw Nicole, Mara, Ramon, and the other kids running and playing around with water guns. What shocked the most was that Patrick actually had a gun in his hands, playing around with them too. Was he really doing this now? It looked like she had to be the voice of reason, again.

"Hey, what's going on? Are you guys done?" she asked loudly, and they all turned to her.

"Gale, we are just taking a break. Some of the guys brought water guns and balloons," Nicole smiled, her hair basically soaked.

"Break?" Gale sighed incredulously. "Come on guys, you have a limited time to finish this whole place. I'm pretty sure that James wouldn't appreciate you fooling around while he's paying you."

"Actually, I think James wouldn't mind much," Ramon interrupted.

"Really?" Gale said, crossing her arms.

"Yes, I mean, I do work with the man so I know how he rolls. I'm pretty sure."

"Gale, come on. These guys have been busting their asses all day. They're just having a little fun," Patrick added.

"Well, they can have all the fun they want after they are done. I'm sure they don't want to work all through the night."

"Actually, we were talking about camping out here tonight," Nicole said.

"Nicole, please. I know you are sticking up for your friends but this is ridiculous. Now I know you guys want to have fun but let's go inside and..." She was suddenly cut off when she felt a stream of cold water hit her.

Her mouth dropped as she stood there with part of her shirt soaked, the water rapidly seeping down. Gale could see Nicole trying to hide her amusement along with the rest of the crowd, and she clenched her teeth together. "Who did that?!" she demanded, and looked around the crowd. Everyone just kind of shrugged or looked the other way. It wasn't till she looked over at Patrick, who had his gun behind his back looking everywhere but at her, that she figured who had.

"Patrick," she clipped.

"What?" he crooned, giving her that innocent smile. "I just thought I would help. You seemed like you were overheating and I just wanted to cool you off a little."

"Look, I'm not trying to get into these stupid games, we need..."

He took the gun from behind his back and blasted her with another stream of cold water. "I thought it would be ridiculous for just the right side of your shirt to be wet."

"Very funny, now stop playing around and..." He blasted her again and she could feel her temperature climbing as some of the kids started laughing. Not only was she getting wet, but he still wore that cocky smirk on his face. "I'm telling you to stop!" she shouted.

She was blasted with another stream of water, but it didn't come from Patrick. It came from behind her. She turned around and saw Nicole had her gun pointed at her with a smile.

"I couldn't resist," she simply said. "Well, he got the front wet, might as well take care of the back," Nicole ended, and everyone started laughing.

"Fine, have your little fun." Gale sighed angrily and spun on her heel.

Trekking back around to the front of the hotel, she could hear them still laughing as she headed inside. Oh, did they really think that was funny? That damn Patrick thought he could just start all this and get her wet. She looked around the area and saw some water balloons and miniature water guns. She had to stop herself from snickering mischievously, but she smiled to herself as she grabbed them. She filled them all up, put a couple of balloons in her purse, and headed back outside.

She saw that they were still messing around when she got back there. Gale put her hands behind her back as she saw her main target shooting at Mara. "Patrick!" she yelled in her most stern voice, and he turned around to face her. "You actually got me all wet and I have somewhere important to be. I can't believe that you will do such a thing!"

The smile slowly faded from his face and he shook his head. "Look, Gale, I'm sorry and I..."

She didn't give him a chance to finish the sentence as she went ahead and shot him in the face with water. She started to run off as he brought his gun up and continued to shoot in her direction. Excitedly she made her way to Nicole, brought out one of the balloons and threw it at her.

"Aww, seriously Gale?!" Nicole laughed as she tried to shoot her.

Before she knew it, Gale was running around, playing with everyone and enjoying it. She laughed and smiled along with them. Gale was seriously having more fun than she had in a long time. They ran towards the water still playing and some of the guys started throwing the girls in.

It wasn't until they noticed the sun starting to go down that they stopped their festivities. Patrick went ahead and ordered some food to be delivered as they set up tents. She let them know that they could stay inside, but they opted to stay out.

After everyone showered and piled back outside, Gale went ahead and took a shower. A smile still played on her lips as she thought about earlier. It'd been so long since she'd been able to let loose like that and it'd felt great.

When she got out, there was a robe waiting for her in there. She slipped it on and went downstairs to see Patrick sitting at one of the tables in some blue lounge pants and a white tank top.

Okay, maybe she was mad at him, but she was still a woman. She'd always liked his arms. Gale couldn't figure out why at the time, but there was something about seeing his arms that made her fantasize about the next time he would hold her in them. She swallowed hard before joining him at the table.

"I'll call you back," he said and hung up the phone. "Hey, I have a spare shirt if you want that. I just figured that the robe would be more of what you wanted."

"It's fine. Are my clothes dry?" she asked.

"We got them hung up, so we're just waiting on that. They probably won't be really dry till tomorrow morning."

"I can't stay here. I have a ton of work to do."

"Come on, Gale, it's getting late and you certainly shouldn't be driving back. If you stay then we can get an early start in the morning. You know there's plenty of room here."

She sighed, knowing that she was fighting a losing battle. "Alright, fine."

"I have a plate that I saved for you, which is a hard thing to do when it comes to those ravenous college kids out there."

"Oh, come on, you remember how that was like. How many times did we tear up the mess hall on our first day at the camp?" She smiled and he laughed.

"Oh yea, all too familiar, but it was fun."

"Yea, it was. I can remember those days, after hours, when all the kids would be sleep and all of the counselors would go out to the lake."

"Ugh, don't remind me. I still remember the times when we all played hide and go seek."

"I remember those times only because somewhere along the line me and you forgot about the game."

"Oh, yea, we forgot the game and just settled on finding a spot to make out." He smiled and Gale just looked off.

There was an air of uncomfortable silence before she decided to talk again. "It wasn't all bad. We did have some good times."

"We did, you were perfect," he said, and she cleared her throat. "So, how long have you been divorced?" She paused, briefly looking down at her hands. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked that."

"At least not on an empty stomach," she smiled, and he got up to grab her plate.

Gale took a deep breath, trying to calm her racing pulse as he sat the food in front of her. She smiled up at him, quickly diving in as he took his seat across from her.

He sat a beer bottle down, looking at her, and she thanked him behind a napkin. "Um, we have been divorced for about a year now."

"How did you two meet?"

"At one of Tara's parties; we started dating for awhile and then just got married."

"I figured you would have had a couple of kids by now."

"Me too, but we never got that far. He started cheating and I just couldn't take it anymore."

"Well, he wasn't that smart of a man," Patrick said, opening his beer bottle.

"Yea, well, he wasn't the only one," she countered, shaking her head.

"Well, I deserved that one."

She looked up and saw him take a swig. "I...I only half meant it like it sounded," she chuckled.

"It's okay. I asked myself the same question." She paused briefly. "Why did you kiss me the other night?"

"You know how I am. I've wanted to do that for awhile now and I usually follow through with what I want."

"I've been victim to that plenty of times," Gale slightly whispered.

"I heard that, and yes you were," he said leering at her.

Patrick looked on as she crossed her legs and her eyes shifted away from him. The sudden change only assured him of a couple of things. His eyes roamed her bare, sexy legs that looked as if they still glistened from her shower. They traveled further up to that piece of upper thigh that she'd exposed when she'd crossed her legs. Oh, how he'd lusted after those legs! Patrick nearly groaned aloud as he stared at them. He couldn't count how many times he'd dreamed of having those legs wrapped around him again. He took a deep swallow of his beer as his eyes glided further up to where her robe opened, showing some of her cleavage. His eyes lingered there for a little longer, noticing how her chest rose and fell in quickness. 'She knows I'm watching her,' he thought with a pleasant smile.

He loved the way her body reacted when he watched her. The way she always reacted to him, even now when she hated him, was so hypnotic. She cleared her throat and it brought him out of his stupor.

"Well, I guess I should..." she started, about to get up.

"Were you satisfied?" he asked.


"Were you satisfied? With your husband," he prodded.

"We were happy with the relationship," she allowed, looking everywhere but at him.

"You're lying to me," he said smoothly, taking another swig.

"Excuse me?"

"You forget that I do know you Gale, which means I know your body language. So, I will ask you again, were you satisfied with your husband?" Gale just looked at him briefly as his eyes pierced hers and she scoffed. "You know, I don't really have to answer that question because it's none of your business."

"I thought we were having a conversation." He shrugged.

"No. As much as you know me, I know you. You are trying to bait me into an argument," she said, and was surprised to hear him chuckle.

"I'm really trying to know more about what happened after us. I'll tell you what happened between me and my ex-wife." She crossed her arms at that. "I was very unsatisfied. She was willing to do anything that I wanted sexually, but it wasn't enough."

"Are you really going to tell me all the freaky things you and that blond bimbo did because, really, I don't want to hear them."

"My heart wasn't into those things that I did with her. There was only one person that I enjoyed it with that much."

"Are you drunk?"

"Not the slightest," he answered, taking another swig.

"You keep drinking like that and I may say otherwise," Gale breathed, shaking her head. Her better senses told her to get up and go to bed, but she couldn't get up.

"Do you remember how it felt? How I would just look at you from across the room and I knew, in that instant, that you were wet and ready for me? Or how I would kiss that spot on the back of your neck that made your knees quiver?"

Gale's pulse quickened as she wet her lips trying not to let his words affect her, but it was too late. She felt the moisture pool between her legs as he stared at her with eyes that seemed to darken, glaze over with unbridled lust, the longer he looked on.

"How long has it been Gale?" he asked, leaning closer to her.

Her body ached for some sort of release, the release that she had experienced only with him, the kind that made her toes curl and her head swim in pleasure. Patrick had been the one to introduce her to her own body and the numerous pleasures she could experience to fulfill her need—the many pleasures he'd thoroughly administered to fulfill her desires.

As Patrick watched her body pull at his words, he could feel his own reminisce. Feel her tight body wrapped around his, their naked limbs coiled. His cock began to stir as he watched her try to hide the fact that she was rubbing her thighs together. How long had it been? Too long.

"How long has it been, Gailyn?" he asked again.

Realizing she'd had enough of this one-sided conversation, Gale rose. She needed to put some kind of distance between them before she did something she'd regret, eventually.

"Come on, Gale, answer the question. How long has it been since you felt that way? Since you had someone that made your toes curl or made you scream."

"It's been some time. More specifically, it was the night before you broke my heart." She stared back at him and saw his eyes lighten slightly. Good, throw him off his game. "Now, if you'll excuse me," she retorted, walking pass him to the kitchen, taking his scent with her. His innate male, muscular scent that had always drives her mad. Here she was, hot and bothered, without her vibrator. She grumbled at that.

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