tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou will be Mine: One Last Shoot

You will be Mine: One Last Shoot


Helena tentatively looked up from her phone. This couldn't be right she thought. She was in the shabbier part of town. The rundown buildings were marked with graffiti and the streets were littered with trash. According to her phone, she was almost at her destination.

What the fuck is that sleaze ball up to?

She had started working for Mick Hennesy about three years ago. Struggling to make ends meet, she had followed up a friends advice to try out adult modeling. That friend, blond and beautiful Stacey, had worked as an escort at the time and had told her that her agency would be interested in someone like her. Helena had been doubtful, Stacey looked like a model and she couldn't picture herself working for the same agency. Stacey had put her in front of a mirror and grabbed her tits, with her plump body she had assured her that she would fill a niche and that she probably could make better money then her.

When Stacey had left she had undressed and spend the evening in front of her mirror. Helena was 5'3, with fair skin that stood in contrast with dark curls that fell down to her lower back. Her eyes were a striking blue in a face that belonged to a porcelain doll. She had an hourglass shape, with large, heavy breasts and wide hips. Her black coworker had joked that she had the roundest ass he had ever seen on a white girl.

That night she had made a decision, she had declined the escort service, still being a virgin at the time, but she had taken the odd modeling job. She tried lingerie for plus size catalogues first, but at a US size 14, she was "too slender" to really make it there, later she did topless shoots for different photographers, then came Mick. A short, pudgy man with a porn stache.

He had given her a once over, bought up the copyrights to her earlier photos and had given her an exclusive contract. He was a vile man who had demanded explicit nudes on her first casting, but the pay was good and she knew that her pictures would only be featured in a magazine and on a pay to view site with a hefty price tag. The security that she wasn't all over the internet had made her spread her legs before his camera.

Today would be her last session with Mick. Her debts had been paid and she had landed a stable job at a bookstore. The instructions were simple, black eyeliner and mascara which were prone to smudging, her hair down and no underwear prior to the shoot as it could leave lines in her flesh. He would provide her an outfit and underwear on location.

It was the location which was bothering her, instead of his normal studio, he had send her an address which she was now closing into. She turned into the alley on her left and she could feel her heart drop to her feet. There was Mick, setting up his studio lights and camera in the corner of the street. It was pointed to a fence which separated the alley from a backstreet which led to the back of an abandoned building. It was secluded enough but it was still very, very public.

Mick noticed her and waved her over, he was sweating. Mick was always sweating. She made her way over to the photographer who was fiddling with a camera on a tripod.

"There you are! Your outfit's in the blue bag, you can undress behind the dumpster."

Helena took the bag and made a disgusted face.

"How the fuck is this even legal Mick?"

"I got a permit, now undress, don't put anything on yet."

Of course the fucker got a permit.

Mick always managed to get legal clearance for his outrageous ideas. He even managed to get a positive decision out of the city council to shoot at the local graveyard once. She was glad she hadn't been in that one.

Helena kicked off her black sneakers and placed them besides the bag. At least he had been considerate enough to provide a blanket to stand on. She turned her back to the photographer and slowly peeled off her black leggings and sweatshirt and folded them neatly onto her shoes. Knowing what came next, she didn't turn around.

The middle aged man had come up behind her and squatted down, running his sweaty hands from her ankles up her legs.

"You know I waxed Mick, this isn't necessary." She felt his fingers linger just below her butt.

"And you know I always check. Spread your legs and bent forward. Good girl. Spread your cheeks for me."

She complied, knowing that this was the last time that she would have to endure his mortifying search for any remaining body hair. He knew she kept herself smooth, he just enjoyed her humiliation. She turned around and put one leg up onto the dumpster so he could check her from the front, on his command she spread her lips. She suppressed a shudder of disgust as she felt his breath on cunt. He stood up and finished his inspection of her arms and armpits.

"Here, I need you to sign this."

Helena frowned at the piece of paper thrusted to her whilst she tried to cover herself up with her other hand. Legal permit or not, she was still standing naked in a public space.

"Why? I still have an effective contract with you till the publication." Mick leered at her as she tried to disappear into the wall.

"Little shy today are we sweetie? We're gonna do a little bondage shoot. Nothing too serious, just tying your hands together so I need your consent on touching you to help you position during the shoot, seeing as you're tied up and can't do it yourself."

He was cut off by a noise from the other side of the fence. Helena flushed red as a group of young men dressed in gym clothes passed by. They stopped to inspect the camera and studio lights, but couldn't see her and Mick behind the dumpster. She snatched Micks pen as soon as they had passed by.

"Fine," she hissed, "I'll sign". She signed without reading, she just wanted this to be over.

"Splendid, your outfit's in the bag, tuck the shirt into your skirt and put on the heels, I'm calling where my damn assistant is at."

An assistant?

That was new, Mick usually worked alone but then again, this was going to be her first bondage shoot. His clients had been pleased enough with her regular boudoir shoots, which had spared her from doing more extreme stuff.

She rummaged through the blue bag, pushing aside the massage oil and bottle of fake semen Mick liked to use o her. The outfit consisted of a lacey soft cup bra and matching black panties, a pale blue square cut T-shirt which showed off her ample cleavage and a short black pencil skirt. Her bra and panties were a size too small which made her curves spill over, just the way Mick liked it.

The heels were way too high and Mick made her change into her own sneakers, preferring the more innocent look. He kept grumbling about his new assistant as he tied her wrists together, leaving the ropes long so she could be tied up later. He covered her mouth with duct tape and ran her through her nonverbal cues. As he made her do some poses to test the lightning, his assistant arrived, and Helena wanted to burst out and cry.

At 6'3 he had definitely grown, and the thin framed glasses were new, but besides that her tormenter hadn't changed at all. His brown curls were just as unruly as in her memory, his dark eyes just as piercing. Everything about Adam screamed arrogance, from his strong nose and jaw to his perfect Roman lips.

She had last seen him nearly ten years ago. She had been a quiet kid and a bit of a social outcast, at her first house party where they had smuggled in some booze. He had been a couple years older and quite popular. They had snuck into an empty room and made out. They had been caught and he had shut the door laughing, continuing kissing her and telling her sweet nothings.

The next day he had started the rumor that she had let him fuck her. When she had confronted him with his lie, he loudly proclaimed that it was a dare and that a fat pig like her should be glad that she even got attention. She had been branded a slut throughout her school years and she became the center point of bullying. He had been her first kiss. Now he stood there smug as a cat, and she was trembling on her legs.

"Took you long enough! Helena meet Adam, my new assistant. Adam this is our model for today, Ty her arms above her head onto the fence so she's facing the camera, we waisted enough time waiting for you." The pudgy photographer was clearly oblivious to the personal tragedy unfolding before his camera.

Adam took the rope and pulled her up, pressing his hard chest against her body. She could smell his perfume, undoubtfully expensive.

Why was he doing this?

He came from a rich family and went off to study law, he wouldn't need to work for a seedy nude photographer.

"How high do you want me to ty her up sir? Do you want her on her toes?"

He yanked her up so she was standing on her tippy toes. His voice was still deep and raspy, she could tell he still smoked. Helena struggled trying to keep her balance and threw him a dirty look.

"Can you arch your back Helena?"

She shook her head, so Mick decided he wanted her a bit lower so she was more mobile. Adam complied and fastened the ropes. She could feel a tear escape her eye, he wiped it away with a smile before Mick could see it. He draped some of her hair to the front so it was framing her breasts. He had loved playing with her hair that night and apparently still did.

"Get out of the frame you moron! Girl, press your ass against the fence and arch your back, I want your tits in the air." *Click*Click*Click*

Helena felt her nerves calm down after a couple of pictures. She could do this. She had done many shoots before and this was just one of them. The last one. Mick looked displeased.

"Adam, make her nipples hard, I want to see them through the fabric."

She turned her head to the side as he approached her. She felt his large hands cup her breasts through her shirt. He started to squeeze and fondle her. Helena refused to look at him as his thumbs found her nipples and started to circle them, his breath hot on her neck. She let out a muffled squeak as he suddenly pinched and twisted hard. It had done the job, her nipples stood up as buttons. As she followed Micks directions, she couldn't avoid looking at him. Adam was smug with a visible bulge in his pants. *Click*Click*Click*

" Pull down her shirt so it shows her bra." *Click*Click*Click*

"Helena spread your legs, you hike up her skirt so it just shows her mound, no idiot not that much, lower, no up. Jesus can't you listen?"

He ever so slightly ran his fingers across her lace panties as he followed Micks instructions. Helena felt her legs quiver at his ministrations, he noticed and laughed slightly. *Click*Click*Click*

"Pull down her bra cups a little bit, I want a little peek-a-boo with her areola's, I don't want all of it out yet." *Click*Click*Click* "Bent forward as much as you can, it needs to look like they're spilling out. Perfect" *Click*Click*Click*

Her legs were spread and straight, her ass was still pressed against the fence and she was leaning forward, her arms awkwardly twisted behind her. The photographer was panting, he always panted at this point.

"Pull down her bra completely."

Adam acted swiftly, pulling them down so they became a bustier for her perfect, heavy round breasts. Without direction he started to play with her soft pink nipples. Alternating between circling them and softly caressing them. He stared at her hungrily, never breaking eye contact.

"That's enough! Out of frame!" Mick was yelling.

He parted her with the same pinch and twist he did earlier. Helena gasped, she felt so exposed and vulnerable to the two men behind the camera. *Click*Click*Click* Mick licked his lips, his own erection was growing.

"I want her nipples red and shiny for the next couple of pictures, pinch them hard and put some oil on them."

Adam, who stood behind the smaller man, winked at her.

"But sir, you didn't pack any oil." Mick snapped up from his camera.

"What?" He ogled her tentatively, "I do have explicit orders from my client, suck her tits, make it shiny, bite on them if you have to."

Helena started to shake her head. No, this was going too far, she did nudes, not borderline pornography. Mick saw her and laughed.

"You can shake your head all you want girl, you signed your consent earlier."

Helena froze in horror as Adam closed in on her. He had already latched onto her right breast before she could register what had happened. His mouth was hot and wet, sucking wantonly as he fondled her left breast.

She tried to squirm away but to no avail, so she tried kicking him. He grunted, bit down hard and in one swift motion lifted her up so she was fully pressed against the fence, her legs wrapped around him. She cried against the duct tape, at 5'3 and tied up she was no match for his muscular frame.

His hands were now groping her ass as he was holding her up. He looked up over his glasses, tenderly took her nipple between his teeth and slowly pulled. She moaned and rolled her head back as he released her and blew cold air over her now rosy red nipple. He diverted his attention to her other breast.

Lapping at her nipple before sucking it in, burying his face in her flesh. His erection was pressed against her crotch, and she whimpered as she felt the stimulation through the thin fabric of her panties. Of one thing she was certain, her body would betray her. Before this shoot was over she would have been given an orgasm by her teenage bully, in front of a man she hated in the middle of a public alley.

He put her down, pushed her breasts together and took both of them in his mouth, sucking and slobbering and delivering just what Mick asked, shiny wet buds standing up in the early evening sky. Adam looked mighty proud of himself as Mick shot away. He didn't ask for many poses, apparently her humiliation and deflated posture was all he needed.

Was he done? She watched him remove his camera from the tripod, hoping that is was over. Her eyes burned with tears and run down makeup, she was panting and shaking, goose bumps running up her body as the temperatures started to drop. He wasn't done yet, instead he moved closer, laying down below her so he could get an upskirt view. *Click*Click*Click*

"Adam! Warm her up."

Her nipples had gotten uncomfortably stiff in the cooling night air, shriveling up with cold as opposed to being the indicators of lust they had been before. Adam closed his large hands around her breasts gently, just holding them whilst he looked at her intently. She couldn't break his gaze. Never had she been looked at with such hunger by a man before. She had been leered at, Tom, her ex-boyfriend who took her virginity at 22, had ogled her, but she had never seen eyes burning with such possessiveness before. If it wasn't for the stubby man below her, he would have fucked her right then and there.

His hands left her breasts as he cleaned her tear streaked face. He lowered his mouth again and she signed in relief at his warm tongue lapping at her tender nipples.

"Get the lube out of the blue bag behind the dumpster, I want some nice wet pussy shots."

Her former bully released her nipple reluctantly and sauntered off. He was still incredibly handsome. Broad shouldered with clear muscle definition under his simple black T-shirt. His long legs dressed in jeans. Flustered she looked down, only to widen her eyes in horror as she saw Mick rubbing himself.

*Click*Click*Click* He got to his knees, made a close up of her crotch, then her breasts, all the while remaining uncomfortably close. He lifted her skirt around her waist, leaving her ass exposed to the wire fence.

"Uhm sir, you seem to have forgotten the lube as well."

Helena started to trash against her bonds, furious. He was lying. She had seen the lube herself when she had gotten her outfit earlier. Mick looked at her breasts, slightly dazed.

"Hmm, seems like we have to improvise boy."

With that, he succumbed to a three year old fantasy and started to squeeze her tits, grabbing and twisting hard before sucking them, his hand rubbing her crotch. Helena just cried and tried to move away, pleadingly looking at Adam who stared with disgust at the greasy haired man before him. He slipped his fingers into her little lace panties, rubbing furious circles around her clit, but quickly withdrew when he found no excitement there. He wiped his mouth with the hand with which he had tried to finger her.

"She's all yours boy, I'm going to walk around so I can get some shots through the other side of the fence. I want her dripping you understand me? We need to wrap this up before it gets too dark."

They were alone now. Her teenage tormenter caringly cleaned her breasts off the photographers spit, before cupping her face and running his thumbs over her tear streaked cheeks. He tenderly placed a kiss over her taped mouth. It would have been a loving gesture in any other situation, but right now it seemed grotesque.

He ran his hand through her hair, starting at the back of her neck down to the base of her spine and back up again. Tugging gently he made her expose her neck, which he nuzzled lovingly.

"I've been watching you," he rasped into her ear as he placed a warm kiss.

"I've watched you wait tables at the coffee place." He dragged his teeth across her neck.

"I've watched you working the counter at that 7/11." He bit down and sucked, leaving a mark.

"I've watched you walk home alone late that night when that loser dumped you." A twist and pull at her nipples. She whimpered as he hurt and pleased her. Lovingly caressing the marks that he had made.

"I saw your pictures," he yanked her panties down.

"And I wanted to make you mine," he pushed her up on the fence like he had before pushing her legs open and exposing her.

He propped one knee under her butt which freed his hand to slightly, ever so softly caress her pink folds. She closed her eyes and rested her head against the fence. Adam clearly knew what he was doing, running his fingers up and down her lips, lingering over her entrance and never really applying pressure.

"You like that?" He grunted in her ear, his breath hot and suffocating with the lingering scent of cigarettes and coffee. She whimpered, refusing to open her eyes. Nails digging in her skin, teeth scraping over her collarbone.

"I said do you like it?" She bucked against his hand in response. He bit down again.

"Look at me." She refused, a sharp pain in her nipple.

"Look at me," he hissed, his fingers still running patters on her lips. She could feel her heartbeat pulsing inside her walls, she knew she was dripping without him even really having touched her. Obliging, she opened her eyes, locking with his.

"Good girl." The soft ministrations stopped and he moved his hand, placing his index and ring finger on either side of her folds.

"Do you like it?" She nodded, her face flushed with embarrassment, her arms hurting from the strains of the rope. He moved his fingers, exposing her clit to the evening air.

"Do you want it?" She nodded.

"Do you want me?" She was burning up, wanting her release so she nodded again. He grinned, that smug look alone almost send her over the edge.

The first flick of his middle finger send a jolt of electricity through her body. He started working a steady rhythm only stopping to start rubbing her with his thumb so he could position his ring and middle finger against her entrance. She was panting, her breasts were heaving and she ached for him.

His long fingers pushed in fluidly, immediately curling to find her bundle of nerves. She came as soon as he pushed in, convulsing around his fingers which kept working to draw her orgasm out, prolonging the fireworks that he had set off in her abdomen. She was positively oozing now, her fluids dripping out of her and staining his jeans where he was supporting her butt.

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