tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Will Call Me Master Ch. 1

You Will Call Me Master Ch. 1


I was very curious about the D's life style and learned through role-play how much it appealed to me. I also found cybering as a way to live out my rape fantasies I've always had, but it all went a little to far. Some fantasies are better left as fantasies, but now it was too late.

I met a man on line who shared my dark desires in a dungeon in a sex chat room. His nickname was Soul Taker. We exchanged stories over the next few months and would talk for hours online, role-playing and talking about fantasies as well as sharing pieces of our personal lives. I learned that his name was Eric. We became close friends, or so I thought. I felt so comfortable and at ease with him that I had even sent him naughty pics my husband had taken of me.

Our role-play chats were very intense and dark. Sometimes bordering on brutal, but outside of chat we were like 2 old friends. He made me feel so at ease.

I took night classes at the area community college. It was the end of the fall semester. Fall had given way to the hot beginnings of spring. I had just finished my last exam and was walking to my car after class. I looked up into the upper parking area where I had to park and noticed the damn parking lot lights were out again. The upper parking area was dimly lit even when the lights were working. I live in a small town so it didn't really alarm me. I walked to my car carefree and unaware that I was being watched. I was just glad my classes were over for the summer.

As I fumbled with my keys to unlock my car door the side door of the van parked beside me flew open and I felt a arm go around my neck and a cloth was pressed over my mouth and nose. I struggled slightly but then my world went dark. When I came too I was laying on a cold cement floor. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I noticed I was in a cage in what looked like a basement. I was still wearing the tank top and skirt I had worn to class. I breathed a sigh of relief for a second. At least I hadn't been taken advantage of while I was unconscious I couldn't make out anything but shadows in the dark room. I started to panic. My heart was racing as I tried to find some way out of my prison.

Then I heard heavy footsteps descending stairs in the distance. My fear intensified. I scooted back to the back wall bars, cowering in the darkness. I heard a deep voice coming from the shadows of the basement. "How's my little slave doing? Are you awake in there?" Then I heard a laugh that sent shivers up my spine. It was so cruel, amusement dripping with malice. "Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?" I asked in a shaky voice. "I'm your new owner." You may call me Master." Again, this statement was ended with a cruel laugh.

I may be into the submissive life style in the cyber realm, however in real time I am very strong willed. This statement went through me like a knife. My panic and fear turned to anger. I strained to look into the darkness to get a glimpse of my captor. "You can't OWN another person you asshole!" I shouted. Again that laugh filled the room echoing off the walls. "Sure you can you little teasing slut and you made it so easy for me." He laughed cruelly as he stepped into the cage and I got my first look at Eric.

He towered over me. He was huge, Muscle bound and tall. He had on no shirt and a tight pair of black leather pants and black engineer boots. He stood leering at me as he unlocked the cage. "Eric?" I asked as I looked at him in disbelief. He lunged into the cage grabbing me by my hair and jerking me to my feet and pulling me close to him. "YOU WILL CALL ME MASTER!" His voice boomed in my ear before he forced me to my knees. Making my whole body tense as tingles of fear consumed me.

I couldn't believe this was happening. My temper flared as I looked up at him. "I have a family. You know that! You can't do this to me" Again he laughed. "You used to have a family, you used to have a name, but not anymore. You will be called slave until I think of a suitable name for my new little toy. Is that understood?" I couldn't even find the voice to reply. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. It was like a nightmare from hell. When I finally found my voice I said, "I trusted you. I thought we were friends. I've never been anything but kind to you." My voice cracked with a mixture of anger and a sense of betrayal.

I felt the back of his hand as it slammed into the side of my head catching me on my high cheekbone. An instant ringing filled my ears as I saw stars from the blow. It knocked me sprawling to the floor. " I said is that understood bitch?" You know how this is done. We've been doing it for months online. If you don't start acting like a suitable slave you will regret the day you were born. Now is all that I have said understood by you?" I nodded unable to speak as I felt a knot develop in my throat as I choked back my tears. He drew his hand back again and I quickly found my voice answering him. "Yes," My voice was dripping with animosity. This seemed to amuse him.

He raised an eyebrow "Yes, what?" he shouted. "Yes Master," I replied looking up at him with disgust. "Stand and take off those clothes Slave." He stepped back out of the cage never taking his eyes off of me. I obeyed too scared not to. I slowly slipped out of my tank top. Unzipping my skirt, I let it drop to the floor, leaving me standing, shivering in only my thong. "Lose the thong too slave. I want to see every inch and explore every crevice of my new acquisition." My cheeks burned red with humiliation as I slipped out of my thong. My arms instinctively went up to cover my body.

The instant my arms went up I saw Eric's arm raise wielding a crop I hadn't noticed him holding. I moved my arms back to my sides but it was too late. I felt the crop as it came down across my breasts where my arms had been. I screamed out at the searing blow from the crop. The crop felt as if it was cutting into my tender skin. Hot tears filled my eyes out of pain, humiliation, frustration and fear.

"You seem to be a much better cyber slave than a real one. I never realized how fucking stupid you are. Your training will take a little longer than I hoped it would. You will NEVER cover your body unless you are told to Slave. This is no longer a game. You ARE MINE. Your only purpose for existence now is for my amusement." I stood before him trying to choke back my tears.

His hands moved over my body. His fingers tracing the welt the crop had left across my breasts. "Spread your legs and grab your ankles slave." I did as he commanded scared not to obey. His hands explored my body. Moving up my long legs. His fingers invading my pussy, probing and exploring. A cruel smile played across his lips. "My little slut toy is wet. You like being treated like a little slutty slave don't you?" My cheeks flushed with both anger and embarrassment. His fingers moved along my wet slit. I jumped, as I felt him pushing a finger into my tight ass. He rammed it all the way into me with one push of his hand. "Answer me slut! You enjoy this don't you?" his words thundered through the room.

He removed his finger from me grabbing my hair and jerking me back up. He brought my face over to his. "Answer me you stupid bitch!" My temper flared again. "No I don't enjoy it. I fucking hate you! I'll never truly be your slave. A slave respects her master; it's a consensual relationship. You can't force someone to be your slave Eric!" I screamed my answer at him through my tears.

He just laughed at me. Standing there as he gripped my hair tighter. His face was inches from mine as he looked into my tear filled eyes. "Oh I can and I WILL. You spent all those months telling me how much you would love to be forced into obedience. You teased me with pictures and telling me how much you would love to serve me someday. You wanted this and you can't deny it. You think you are too good to be my slave, bitch? That will all change. I WILL break you. You are nothing!" He released my hair and drew back, slapping me hard with the back of his hand sending me sprawling to the floor. He walked into the shadows of the room.

"Come to me slave. Let's begin your training shall we?" I started to pick myself off of the floor, sobbing uncontrollably. "Crawl like the little bitch you are Slave! Lesson number one slave, humility. And that's something you really need to work on." He said with a laugh. I crawled over to him. My heart beat like thunder. My fear coupled with my anger had my adrenaline flowing through my body.

I wanted to rush over to him and just start swinging but I didn't want to be hit again so I obeyed. Crawling over to him across the hard cold cement floor. He held out his boot. "Lick my boots clean bitch." I looked up at him. Surely he wasn't serious. I looked at the dirty engineer boots he was wearing. He raised his eyebrow and raised the crop in his hand again. I quickly lowered my face to his boot and began licking. I gagged at the taste of the filth on his boots as I licked. He watched intently as my tongue moved over the leather. He lifted the boot back on its heel. "You are almost done." He said with a laugh. I began to lick the bottom of his boot. "That hot little mouth and tongue of yours will have so many uses my little slut. This is a good time to lay down some ground rules."

I stopped licking and looked up at him. "Did I tell you stop bitch?" he yelled pushing my face back down to his boot. As I cleaned his boots he kept talking. "You are my property now. You will serve me and pleasure me without question. Anything I ask of you. You will do without hesitation. You will not speak unless spoken to. I don't care about your thoughts, feelings. They mean nothing and are unimportant. All that matters is my wants and needs. You will serve me or anyone else i want you to serve anytime and anyplace. Is all this understood? You may stop licking and answer me slave."

I looked up at him "Yes, I understand Master." My mind was racing. If I could just play along with him long enough to win his trust I could maybe find a way out of all this. I clung to that thought.

"Unfasten my pants slut lets see what else that mouth of yours can do." He stood with his hands on his hips looking down at me with a look of both amusement and anticipation. I could see his huge cock straining against the black leather pants he was wearing. I fumbled with trembling fingers to unfasten his pants. "Kiss your masters cock slave." I took out his thick cock my eyes wide as I take in the sheer size of it.

I obeyed kissing the head of his cock. "Lick it slave, show me you're good for more than just cleaning boots." He said with a laugh. He was enjoying watching the crimson color rise in my cheeks from the humiliation he was putting me through. I ran my tongue around the head of his cock… licking my way down his shaft moving back up to the head.

He grabbed my hair griping it tightly in his strong hands as he thrust his cock into my mouth without warning. I felt it hit the back of my through forcing it's way into my tight hot throat. I gagged on the size of it. I tried to pull back gagging uncontrollably fighting for air as my nose pressed against his pelvic bone. He held my head in place enjoying the contractions of each gag as I milked his cock. "MMMMM that's it slut, choke on my cock. Your throat is so tight and hot."

He began thrusting in and out of my mouth. Fucking my face and throat as he gripped my hair pulling and pushing my lips tightly up and down his shaft. His cock pounding into my throat with each deep thrust as his balls slapped against my chin. He pulled me to him again. His huge member fills my throat completely as I gag on it uncontrollably again. My drool seeping around his cock dripping onto his balls and down my chin before he begins to thrust into my mouth again.

"You suck cock good my little slave. You are such a good little slut and with the right training you will make a good slave too." He said with a laugh. His thrusts grew harder as he used my mouth and throat for his pleasure tugging my hair as he fucks my face harder and deeper.Pushing and pulling my mouth up and down his thick pulsing shaft.

I felt his body start to tense as he pulled his cock out of my mouth. Open your mouth slut and take your reward. I opened my mouth, kneeling before him. He stroked his pulsing cock his body tensed as his moans filled the room. His hot load shooting out in thick ropes. Filling my mouth and dripping off my chin. He coated my entire face. I could feel it running off my face dripping onto my exposed breasts. He stood back watching me as I kneeled before him his cum dripping off my face.

"Waste not want not slave" he said with a laugh. I want to see you swallowing every drop of that. He ran a finger between my breasts collecting a gob of cum before shoving his finger into my mouth. "Suck it clean slave." Then I want to watch you clean yourself in the same manner. You will consume every drop." He watched as I collected his cum on my fingers licking them off. I felt his slimy seed sliding down my throat as I licked my fingers clean. He stood back watching and laughing as I choked down every drop that he had coated me with. My cheeks were burning red. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. "You're such a cum craving little slut aren't you slave? Let me hear you say it. Tell me what a nasty little slut you are."

I glared at him as I kneeled in front of him. I looked up at him with tears in my eyes." Why are you doing this to me Eric?" A flash of rage washed over his face." What did you call me? You were doing so good and you just had to fuck it up." He shook his head, grabbing me by my hair and dragging me across the room. He jerked me to my feet grabbing my wrists and slapping a pair of handcuffs on me.

I started crying and pleading terrified of what he was going to do to me." I'm sorry Master. Oh god, please don't hurt me. Forgive me. I won't do it again I swear I won't." He led me over to the far wall, pulling my hands painfully over my head and attaching the cuffs to a hook on the wall so I was standing on my tip toes with my back to him. The cuffs were painfully cutting into my wrists.

I heard him walk away. He returned, grabbing my hair and thrusting a cat of nines in my face. "Kiss it bitch." I was shaking with fear as I obeyed him. "You WILL call me Master and you won't make this mistake again." You will thank me after each lash, calling me by my name so you won't forget your place and My name. If you don't then you will wish you were dead by the time I'm finished with you."

His voice was shaking with rage. I continued pleading. My heart raced as I braced my self for the lashing I was about to receive. My sobs echoed off the walls in the basement. I felt the first lash cutting into my back. I screamed out wincing with pain. "Thank you Master." I felt the leather straps cutting into my back. Hot welts rising with each lash. Tears flowed down my cheeks as I screamed and sobbed.

Each lash was harder than the last as he got lost in his rage. He kept yelling, "Who am I bitch?" after each powerful stroke of the cat. I struggled and squirmed yelling out "You’re my master!"

"You aren't thanking me for teaching you the proper way to address me slave." His voice hissed in my ear as he walked back behind me. The cat slashing across my back and ass. I started sobbing and screaming, "thank you Master."

The punishment seemed to go on forever. I lost count of the lashes. My back felt as if it was on fire. I felt the room spinning I felt I was about to pass out from the searing pain covering my back and tender ass. He stopped abruptly. He grabbed my hair again his face inches away from mine. "Now tell me slave what is my name?" He said with a leering smile.

My voice trembled uncontrollably, hoarse from screaming with pain. My whole body felt as if it was on fire. "You are my master," I said between sobs. "Very good slave," he said with a satisfied smile as he licked the tears of my cheek. "See… I told you my little slave… You WILL call me Master."

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