tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Will Not Deny Me

You Will Not Deny Me


Victoria looked across the breakfast table at her husband. You will not deny me, his incessant whisper echoed in her head. Looking away defiantly, she lifted her chin in determination. She may not have had any say in this farce of a marriage, but neither her father nor her new husband would dictate her body.

She lifted her teacup and glanced in her husband's direction again. His stormy grey eyes were focused on her. His lightly tanned face was flushed with suppressed anger. She held his stare. After nearly five weeks of being married to him, she was less shy about opposing him. Still a maiden, she was. And she intended to be intact when Geoffrey came to reclaim her.

Geoffrey. She dropped her eyes and her mind wandered to her sweetheart. It after he left for a short visit to Vienna that her father forced her to wed Henry Blancheart citing some betrothal arrangement made shortly after her birth. She reluctantly obeyed plotting that when Geoffrey came back they would escape to some romantic part of France and be together forever.

"Are you through, milady?" Henry's wine smooth voice drifted to her.

"If you wish me to be, milord," was her sarcastic response.

A pulse beat at his jaw as he clenched it. Her defiant looks but over polite words had been driving him near insanity since they first met two months ago. He felt her resentment sharply but could not help the lust that rushed to his loins when he let his guard down. He could not temper his desire for her much longer. The moment he had laid his eyes on her, he fantasized about her riding him, grinding her hips unto his own. He straightened his spine. His control was leaving him. This morning as he was seating her, his hand had accidently brushed the side of her left breast. She had stiffened. Only when her enraged eyes had turned to his did he realise that his thoughts had been voiced.

You will not deny me .Victoria wondered how long it would be before he attacked her. As he approached, she could not help but admire the way the cloth of his pants rode along his thigh. She felt an urgent heat rise in her stomach. He pulled out her chair and she stood.

"Excuse me," she said politely and headed to her room. His knuckles gripped the chair back as she sashayed towards the staircase and up the stairs, not once looking back. Damn it all to hell.

In her chamber, Victoria found a folded note on her bed. She opened it. It was from Geoffrey. Her heartbeat quickened as she read the contents. He would meet her that afternoon at the church and from thence to France. He did not fail her. She clutched the letter to her breast and giggled delightedly. She spun around and did so again. The third time she stopped in mid-circle. There stood her husband. His eyes took in her flushed face and then lowered, pinned to her breast where the letter was clutched. Her face grew pale.

"What has excited you so, my dear?" His voice floated to her. She could not respond. She stood rooted as her breath came in short gasps. In two strides he was upon her. He grabbed at the letter.

"No!" she gasped finally regaining the ability to move. She moved her hands and held the letter behind her back. With fury in his eyes, he grabbed her to him grasping at her hands entwined behind her back. They both froze as evidence of his desire surged against his thighs and thrust against her stomach. Her fat breasts were crushed against his hard chest. Their breathing became laboured. They both flushed unable to deny the desire that now held them at ransom. Victoria was torn between physical desire for this man and her emotional commitment to another. He rubbed his manhood against her and her limbs relaxed. The forgotten note fell silently to the floor as his hands encased her derriere. He lifted her a little and as her intimate part rubbed against his, she surrendered. His breath fanned against her lips.

"I'm going to kiss you, milady," he whispered.

"No!" she shouted, breaking the spell. She turned and tried to pull away.

"No?" he asked with a deceptive calm as he pulled and gripped her closer to him.

Victoria struggled against what was happening.

"Please, I cannot," she struggled mentally for a moment. "I have my curses."

"Do you?" he asked dubiously.

Seeing a way out, she nodded briskly staring into his eyes. He looked at her for a while and released her partially. With his newly freed hand he delved under her skirt. Victoria resumed her struggles.

"No!" she protested as his hands breached the defences of her pantaloons. His fingers touched her there. He pulled them out, moist but bloodless. His eyes blazed at the lie she had told. Slowly he put his wet fingers in his mouth. He once again became sexually inflamed. With a growl, he pulled her face to his own and ground his lips against hers. She struggled as he ripped at her clothes, all sanity gone from him. She heard the cloth tearing as forced her to step back and back again. Only when she felt her knees against her bed did she realise his intent. She began fighting back, tasting the blood from her bruised lips. He tore away at the last piece of fabric from her garment. He pulled away and looked down at her body. Her virgin body, flushed again with desire. She stood still, her distant eyes blazing. She lifted her hand to push him away and in a flashed he grasped it and (how dare he!) twisted it behind her back immobilizing her for the moment.

With a surprising gentle touch he held her neck and said forcefully, "You will not deny me!" He rubbed her racing pulse with his thumb briefly before fastening his lips on the very same spot. Her body tensed further before quivering. While his lips suctioned, his tongue probed tickling the spot. He chuckled in delight when he felt the goose bumps under his fingers.

He lifted his mouth, looked at her closed eyes and whispered in her ear, "Say you want me!"

"Never!" she whispered harshly and struggled to pull her hand away. He tightened his hold.

He released her neck and grabbed her left breast. He gently tugged and pulled at her nipple while he teethed and tongued her earlobe. He could hear her ragged breath and could feel the heat emanating from her body. He splayed his hand on her stomach and carried it slowly downward until it touched her cunt.

He delved into her hole with his middle finger. He was somewhat startled but truly delighted at the wetness he felt there. She squirmed and his finger sank deeper. He gently stroked her vaginal walls until her knees collapsed beneath her. He gently sat her down and pushed her on her back.

Victoria felt both shame and excitement at his touches and her reactions to them. She had never felt this way before. A crazy heat had enveloped her body and she felt pulses in areas she never knew excited, including deep inside there. She looked in the empty space above her. It took her a while to realise that Henry was not within her sights. Then she gasped as she felt a sensation unlike any other she had ever experienced. A gathering heat rolled in her stomach building and building...

Henry lapped at her labia. They were so pink and fleshy. He stuck his tongue into her canal and flick at her clitoris with his index finger. He felt satisfied when he heard her small yelp of arousal.

Her hands grasped his hair and pushed his head further into her heat. She gyrated and ground her cunt into face. The heat was overwhelming. He raised his head and sought her eyes. They were bright green with heat.

"Say you want me," he whispered hoarsely. Her own reactions were forming the pinnacle of his arousal.

"I want you," she replied her hips giving small gyrations of need.

With a feral smile, Henry delved once again into her cunt, lapping and sucking almost insanely.

The small ball of heat had grown into a desperate ache and all too quickly it exploded. Her senses became keener. The sheets felt like a caress against her skin. Her nose filled with the scent of sex. Her ears throbbed with her heartbeat. Her eyes saw bright red behind the closed lids.

Slowly she felt herself calming down and her senses returning to normal. She opened her eyes and saw Henry above her, his chest bare, his eyes probing her face. She blushed as he bestowed a gentle smile on her.

"Was it that bad, my lovely?" he asked in a gentle whisper.

She shook her head slightly.

"I promise you, it gets better," he said before lowering his lips to hers. This time she accepted his ministrations. She opened her mouth in a gasp as he tweaked her nipple. His tongue plunged into her mouth deftly exploring every surface and crevice. When he lifted his head, his eyes were a stormy grey. She tentatively lifted her hand and traced his swollen lips with shaky fingertips. The ball of heat had returned. With a tiny smile he lowered his lips to her own while his manhood waited patiently at her entrance. He pushed forward slightly.

Victoria felt the intrusion. It wasn't unpleasant and she gyrated to get more inside of her. Slowly, Henry pushed into her. At the barrier he lowered one of his hands and fondled her clitoris. He tried to stay still as her gyrations became more intense. He felt her walls contracting as she came. He surged forward, swallowing her tiny scream. He lifted his head and looked into her teary eyes.

"That only happens once, my love," he apologised softly. "It's not painful ever again."

In her heart Victoria believed him. Already the pain was subsiding and slowly she tilted her hips to encourage his intrusion. Slowly, Henry pushed into her and withdrew just as slowly. He repeated it over and over again. Victoria felt a growing urgency and pushed her hips into his. With a feline twist she experienced the heat exploding again. It started to recede but Henry took her nipple in his mouth and she felt the ricochet in her stomach once more. She opened her eyes and looked at Henry. His stormy grey eyes were focused on her face. She lifted her head and tentatively merged her lips with his. With an animalistic cry, his hips surged forward and she felt his spasms inside her.

Victoria opened her eyes. Henry had exhausted her with a fourth session of lovemaking. She would never have believed it could feel so incredible. She turned to look at him. He was asleep, his arm splayed across her chest. Her private area...her cunt felt sore but blissful. She turned her head and noted the forgotten letter on the ground. She sat up in alarm. Henry was still deep asleep. She had forgotten. She surged from the bedchamber and ran to the window. It was night time. She had missed Geoffrey. Yet she did not feel regret. She turned to face her husband.

"Where are you, milady?" his grumble reached her ears.

"I am here, milord," she said and walking over to the bed, lay down next to him.

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