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You Wouldn't Believe It


The following is a true story of one of many experiences I have had over my lifetime. If I get a positive response from the readers I will continue to write of these other experiences. These occurred from about 1980 through 1995, but I still remember them all as if it was yesterday. I have changed the names, of course, but all else is factual. I hope you enjoy and if you email me I will be happy to answer, if nothing else please take a moment to vote for this story.


My wife Kim and I had been married for nearly 20 years and raised 3 children before we ended up parting ways in 1997. The breakup was congenial and to this day, six years later, we still talk. During those years we participated and experimented in three-somes, four-somes, and some exhibitionism and voyeurism. Kim was not averse to sharing the bed with another woman, as I wasn’t against having another man. We were both very comfortable with our sexuality and open with our fantasies. Although many times we had to be cautious with the children as they grew up we always managed to find time to enjoy ourselves. We married when Kim was eighteen and I was twenty-eight, she wasn’t a virgin by any means when I met her, but her experiences had not taught her that sex can be fun for both people. Our marriage ended, but not due to any of our extra curricular activities.

Kim is about 5’4” and around 150-160 pounds. She has maintained this weight pretty much throughout her life and even today in her mid 40’s is still quite attractive. She has always been a little on the heavy side, but not so much as to say she was ‘gross’. Blue eyes and almost always smiling, her shoulder length dark sandy brown hair framed her face. From the first time I met her I loved her breasts! They were always a 38 or 40 DD, except when she was pregnant. Oh how I loved it when she was pregnant and had milk, I would feed on those beautiful breasts, and as the babies were all bottle-fed, I was always welcome to nurse. Her breasts were never firm but hung enticingly, the areoles and nipples, ones that I had never before or since. I know just about every writer describes the female as having huge areoles and nipples, and I agree that reading that time after time does get old. However, Kim’s areoles were so dark they were brown and honestly as big around as one of those old silver dollars. Her nipples, when excited, were as large as the erasers on those fat pencils we all used as kids, and as large as they were, they were just as sensitive.

Having given birth to three children her hips had widened and yes there were stretch marks and her belly wasn’t as taunt as it used to be. At the ‘V’ of her thighs her pubic hair was a slightly lighter shade of brown, but thick and soft and we kept it trimmed to the top of her slit with the remainder completely shaved. The outer folds were a dark pink and although her clit wasn’t as large as her nipples, when she was excited it would extend from the hood, the same as a cock appears from the foreskin of someone that hasn’t been circumcised, then sit invitingly for a finger or tongue. Kim loved to masturbate and was capable of multiple orgasms, with each being almost as intense as the first, and many nights I counted as many as twelve before she tired. She was very open with me about sex and loved to tell me how many times she jacked off when we weren’t together and how she did it and what she thought about while doing it. This, for me, was great as I found self-gratification extremely erotic and would sit for an hour watching her bring herself off time after time when we were together.

Before meeting her I had enjoyed many different experiences both while in the service, and after being discharged. She would get excited as I told her of some of my exploits and was always curious. Over time she shared with me stories of some of her boyfriends and how as she grew into her young teens she and a couple of her girlfriends would explore one another. This would always bring be to full erection and she would get me off with either a hand job or by straddling my cock and riding me as she told her story. During the first few years of marriage we talked about fantasies and I’m not sure how it all came about, but there came a point when we both felt we wanted to take those fantasies to another level.

Weekends always found someone stopping at our house to hangout; one of the ‘regulars’ was Sherrie. She and Kim had known one another for a number of years and there was hardly a weekend that went by that she didn’t stop, either by herself or with a new boyfriend. Nothing ever happened during those times, although after a few drinks the sexual innuendoes flew around. When Sherrie would stop by herself, she was never shy about telling what she was thinking. Believe me there were many nights that I sat stunned at what I was hearing. Whether all was true or not it provided Kim and I many evenings of some great fantasies!

Finally one evening when Sherrie was there Kim and I began swinging. I don’t remember all things that were said verbatim, however I do remember all that happened. It was late and we had all had a few drinks when Sherrie said something about being tired of having to jack off all the time because her boyfriends didn’t know how to satisfy a woman. Kim was sitting on the couch next to me and Sherrie in the easy chair across from us. I was in an old pair of cutoff jeans and t-shirt while Kim was braless wearing a halter top and jeans. Sherrie, who had stopped right after work, wore a skirt and blouse.

Kim laughed and patted my leg, “Hell you need somebody like Jon! He really knows how to use his fingers,” she looked at me and winked. “And tongue. Don’t you sweetheart.”

“Well, you sure haven’t complained.” I laughed and couldn’t resist. “Although that little holdie down thing under my tongue sure gets sore after you cum twelve times in a row!”

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Sherrie’s eyes opened wide.

Kim laughed and I saw her squeeze her thighs together and then cross her legs. She loved me going down on her and the mere thought would always get her juices flowing. “No, he is really good! He’s taught me so much.” She giggled again. “His favorite saying is ‘the lady always cums first.” As she got up and walked in front of me to go fix herself another drink there was no doubt in my mind that what I could smell was her sex leaking into her panties.

The thought crossed my mind and stirred my cock of what lay ahead after Sherrie had gone for the night. I just sat silently and smiled to myself.

“Damn, I wish I could find a man like that.” Sherrie spoke softly as Kim sat back down next to me.

“Why look? There’s one right here.” Kim squeezed my thigh. I was stunned! I must have looked like I was catching flies the way my mouth was hanging open! Sherrie on the other hand almost choked in the middle of a drink. “I’d love to watch Jon get you off until you screamed for mercy.”

“I…ahh…ohh…I couldn’t…” Sherrie stammered and stuttered, but from the glazed look in her eyes I knew wasn’t just from the alcohol.

Kim set her drink on the end table. “Sure you could. Jon and I have even fantasized about it.” She opened her thighs and pulling her cutoffs and panties to one sided exposed her wet slit. “Just pull your panties off, I’m sure Jon will know what to do.” She smiled and using the fingers of her other hand caressed herself just inside the folds of her pussy.

“I..I…don’t know…” Sherrie’s eyes were riveted to Kim’s exposed cunt and moving fingers. She kept squeezing and releasing her thighs, but her hands didn’t move.

“Jon go over and help Sherrie.” Kim nudged me lightly with her elbow. I moved off the couch towards Sherrie. “Help her off with her skirt and panties sweetheart. I’m sure you know how to please her.”

Kneeling in front of her I undid the belt to her skirt, and finding the button and zipper on the side undid them. She didn’t move until I my fingers found the top of the skirt and panties and began to pull them down then she lifted her hips and I slid them off onto the floor. She held her thighs together and as I softly ran my fingers up them she slowly parted her legs and I lifted them up onto the arms of the chair.

“Yes baby, you know what to do with that furry pussy.” I heard movement and the rustle of clothing behind me. I glanced up at Sherrie and from the look in her eyes, didn’t have to turn around to know that Kim was naked and masturbating openly in front of her. “Lick her hard clit and make her cum like you do me, lover.”

I had always wondered if Sherrie was really a blonde. Between her thighs was the softest mat of the lightest brown hair I had ever seen. The outer lips were swollen to the point that the light moist inner pinkness could be seen. Taking my fingers I slowly parted them and could see the small hard nub of her clit. I moved in between her thighs.

“Yes..that’s it! Suck that hard clitty. Make her cum with your fantastic tongue! Ohhh damn baby! OHHHHhhhhfuckkkyesssss…” Kim was cumming. I sucked and tongued Sherrie’s clit and heard her gasp as her hips pushed up against me. “Ohhhfuckyes! Make her cum in your mouth..ohhfuck-k-k-k-k..” I had heard and seen this so many times before Kim was furiously rubbing her clit with one hand while with the other she rolled one hardened nipple between her fingers as she came.

“Uh…Uh…Uh…” Sherrie’s body was spasming, her hands pressed against the back of my head forcing me tighter between her thighs. I felt Kim move over next to me and looked up. She was unbuttoning Sherrie’s blouse and then undoing the front clasp of her bra pushed them aside to expose her small breasts. Sherrie’s breasts were no bigger than a saucer with small turgid pink nipples no larger than a pebble. She moaned audibly as Kim took one nipple between her fingers and gently pulled and rolled it between them. “OHH GAWDDDDD!!!!” My mouth filled with her warm juices as she climaxed.

“I told you he was good.” Kim smiled as she released Sherrie’s nipple from between her fingers. “But this will be even better.” Kim knelt down beside me and I felt her reaching for the zipper of my cutoffs. My cock was hard inside my shorts and as she let them drop to my knees it sprang up, the precum dripping from the tip.

My cock isn’t the biggest in the world. I’m only a little over 7” long and close to 6” around when I’m fully erect, but from all that had just transpired and now with Kim’s fist closed around me and pulling it towards Sherrie’s wet pussy, I felt as if I was hung like a mule!

“Ohh damn…” Holding my cock Kim pressed the tip past the outer folds of Sherrie’s cunt. Her pussy was as small as her breasts, and the walls gripped my cock as Kim’s hand pressed my ass in between Sherrie’s open thighs. “Damn Kim! She’s tight!” I grunted. Watching my cock disappear through the soft blonde mat brought my balls to a full load. “My fucking balls are full..”

“No! Don’t cum yet Jon, please.” Kim squeezed the base of my cock. “Think of something else. I want to diddle her clit until she cums again. It’s so little and so hard.”

Kim held the base of my cock tight as I tried to think of anything except what I was seeing! The house burning down; the dog biting the mailman; ANYTHING! But as Kim gripped my cock with one hand her other hand was rubbing Sherrie’s clit, and Sherrie was watching Kim! Her vaginal muscles milked my cock as Kim’s fingers brought her closer and closer to climax.

“Kim! Kim! I’m cumming! Oh FUCK! I’M CUMMING-G-G-G!!!” Sherrie’s ankles locked around my back as she climaxed. “ooohhhhhHHHHHHhhhhhh…”

YES! Do it Sherrie! Look Jon! Watch her cum!” Kim’s fingers over Sherrie’s clit were a blur as Sherrie’s body shuddered and shook. “Sherrie. Sherrie! Watch! WATCH!” Kim pulled me out of Sherrie’s tight cunt with a resounding ‘plop!’

“Ohhh please no-o-oooo…” Sherrie wailed as Kim pulled me out. “Ohh yes-s-s!!”

“FUCK ME! OH FUCK ME-E-E-E!!!” Kim began jacking me off as she pulled me out and I erupted! Cum flew over Sherrie’s cunt and Kim’s fingers. Sherrie’s hand joined Kim’s around my cock and they both jacked me releasing load after load all over her blonde cunt and belly! “oh-h-h-h shit-t-t-t…holy fucking damn!!” I fell back onto the floor, my cock going immediately soft, completely emptied.

Kim giggled as she reached for some tissues on the end table and wiped my cum off Sherrie. “I told you he knew how to satisfy a lady.” Looking up she smiled at Sherrie.

“I can’t believe…just can’t believe…” Sherrie sat shaking her head trying to comprehend what had just happened. “I’ve never…never in all my life…”

“Come on honey, let’s get you cleaned up. You don’t need this anymore either.” Kim slipped Sherrie’s blouse and bra off as she helped her up.

I sat for a few seconds after they headed to the bathroom before literally crawling over to the couch and pushing my shorts off my ankles finished my beer. Taking my empty I walked over to the fridge for another, my flaccid cock swinging in front of me. Grabbing a new one I headed to our guest bathroom to get rid of some of what I had consumed.

Coming out of the bathroom I could hear noises coming from our bedroom and pushing the door open was greeted with the two of them on our bed. I stepped inside and closing the door leaned against the wall and watched. Sherrie lie flat on her back with her legs pulled back towards her chest from Kim’s arms holding them. Kim was on top of Sherrie, her thighs almost flat on the bed on each side of Sherrie’s head. Sherrie’s tongue was working the length of Kim’s wet slit and periodically sucking Kim’s clit. Kim at the same time, holding herself up somewhat by her elbows, was licking and sucking Sherrie’s cunt. Their orgasms had to be continuous as neither of them stopped moaning while their tongues continued to perform on one another.

Standing there I subconsciously stroked my cock and felt it come to life in my hand. Glancing down I held the base and the hardness stood straight out from me. Looking back at the bed and the two girls I moved forward, crawling up on the bed. Gripping my cock like a staff I pushed forward until I was completely buried in Kim’s open cunt.

“Ohhhhmyyyygawddddd….” Kim wailed as I hit bottom.

“Yes! Eat that pussy! Oh fuck yes!” Holding Kim’s hips I slammed in and out of her wetness. I could feel my balls slapping against Sherrie’s face and her tongue now not only licking Kim’s snatch but the underside of my cock. “Damn! Oh fucking damn! I’m going to cum again! OhhhHHHHHFUCKKKKK!!!!” Slamming into Kim I felt myself unload deep up inside her. Emptied I fell back on the bed totally spent and watched as Sherrie pulled Kim’s full pussy down to her open mouth.

I wished that for once in my life I could have the numerous orgasms that these two women were having. I could only sit and watch and hold my flaccid prick in my hand. They continued on for another half hour bringing one another to orgasm. Sherrie completely sucked all my cum out of Kim and then went back to her clit and bringing my wife to yet another climax.

We slept together that night a mix of arms and legs. Sherrie spent that weekend and many weekends after that. Over time we tried every variation we could imagine. It was about a year later that a job promotion took Sherrie to another city. We kept in touch with her and a few years later made the trip to be at her wedding.

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