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You'll Never Know


Yesterday I gave my lover something he'd been pressing for -- lunch with my drop-dead gorgeous sister and me. I'd been dreading this, because she's into swinging and he's been drooling all over his e-mails about how he'd like to meet her, and fantasizing about whether she'd fuck him. I was really worried that all he was interested in was using me to get to her, and that once he saw her he'd lose interest in me. But it looks like I was worrying for nothing.

For most of the meal they just wanted to talk about getting me to fix up my finances, and budgeting and my sister started in on getting me to leave my husband, but my lover tried to head her off on that. I think he meant it when he said he preferred married ladies for sex because it was nice to have someone to send them home to when all the moaning stopped. Anyway, I guess it was okay to get them together, because before we left it was me he made a date with for a roll in the hay this morning. And he said that to show his appreciation for letting him meet her sister he'd fulfill one of my fantasies then.

So, here I am, lying spread-eagled on the bed, with my hands cuffed together and tied to the top of the bed, and my legs tied to the sides at the bottom. He's already placed a blindfold over my eyes, and made sure it won't slip by putting a ski mask over it. Only my nose and mouth are uncovered.

"Does everything feel okay?" he asks.

"Great," I say. "So what do you have planned for me."

"Well, I think we'll start off with a little bit of the usual," he says, "then I think we'll end up with a little bit of a surprise." I'm not sure I like the idea of surprises when I'm tied up and blind folded, but then again maybe I do. At least it seems like my cunt does, because I can feel it getting sort of warm and tingly after he says this.

"What sort of surprise?" I ask.

But he just says, "Umm, if I told you it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?"

At that point I don't have a lot of attention to pay to that question because I feel his weight come onto the bed beside my head, and suddenly his dick is pressing at my lips. I open them eagerly and draw him in, because I really, really love to suck cock. I even got out of a speeding ticket once by sucking off the cop who stopped me. Talk about win-win!

After a while of fucking my mouth with slow in and out motions, and with me tonguing and sucking away, he says, "Okay, now I want to go deep. I want to see all of that cock in your mouth and feel your nose rubbing up against my pubes." And then he's pressing and pressing and I'm trying to swallow all his meat, but the angle's wrong, and I start to gag, so he pulls out.

He asks, "What's the problem?"

"This is a bad angle," I say as soon as I can get my breath back. "How about turning around and coming at me that way?" And so he does, and I turn my head up a little and he slides right down into my throat, and then he really must be turned on at what he's seeing, because he starts fucking my mouth in deep, long strokes -- just like I like it and he loves it.

After awhile he says "I think you deserve some attention now." He pulls his dick out of my throat, turns around on the bed again and starts sucking my tits. He sucks them, hard like I like it, with little bites on my nipples every now and then. I love the little jolts of pain when his teeth close on my nipples.

I'm really starting to get into this when, suddenly and without any warning (what can he say with a mouth full of tit, anyway) he gets off the bed, and I can hear his feet moving around to the other side. Next I can hear a condom packet being torn open, and after a few seconds his weight is back on the bed, between my spread legs. Then he's on top of me, and I can feel the head of his prick at the lips of my wide-open and now creamy cunt. And then -- nothing for several seconds.

Finally, he asks, "What do you want?"

"Come on, you know I want you to fuck me in the worst way," I whine. "Please don't make me wait like this." And as I'm saying this I feel his prick slam up into my wet cunt.

I'm so turned on at this point that I can already feel an orgasm starting to build, just from that one stabbing thrust of his dick. This tying up business must be a real aphrodisiac, because I've never moved so fast, with so little foreplay before. As he starts stroking in and out, I build and build so that within just a few strokes I'm spurting cunt juice all over him and shouting "Oh yeah, baby, fuck me hard. I'm coming." And he just keeps pumping it to me, in and out, in and out, with a steady rhythm that keeps me right at that peak for what must have been a minute or more, but that seems like hours.

Then he stops for a minute, just plain flat out stops; and I ask him, "Did you come?"

He says, "No, I'm going to save that for your mouth. You know we both like that more." As he's talking he starts fucking me again, but only a little bit, like with the first inch or so of his dick. It feels great, as he pulls it all the way out, and slides it across my clit on the way back in, over and over, faster and faster.

Soon I'm, getting ready to boot it again, breathing hard, begging, "Oh, yeah, fuck me" over and over. And the son of a bitch just stops cold, right as I'm ready to go over into another really big orgasm.

"Oh, you did it again. I hate it when you do that to me," I tell him. "Come on sweetie, don't tease me like this."

Without a word, he just starts up again, and I'm having to start over from about half way down my peak. Only this time he's changed his rhythm - steady, shallow in-outs across my clit, like before, but with a really deep thrust thrown in at odd intervals. By the third of those deep thrusts I'm on the verge of coming again, and he just stops.

"You shithead," I shout, "stop torturing me like that. I really want to come!"

He just sort of snickers and starts again, slowly, with his old 1-inch dick stroke, making sure to smash into my clit each time he pushes back inside me. By this time I'm starting to hold myself back a little, knowing that he's going to stop short and leave me hanging again, so I'm not nearly as fast to peak as I was before. He must sense this, because suddenly his weight shifts forward and his mouth is in the game, giving me one of those long hard kisses that I love, with his tongue deep in my mouth, while his cock slams all the way into me hard. Once, twice and that does it. I'm coming with a force that is stronger than anything that I've ever felt when we've fucked before. I'd be screaming my head off except he's still got his tongue in my mouth and his lips locked on mine. We stay that way, as he continues to pump in and out of me, long deep slow strokes now, as he brings me down gently from one of my life's really great orgasms.

After a few minutes he rolls off of me and I hear his feet on the floor again.

"Wow," I say, "that kind of hit the spot. Did you get there that time?"

"God, I tried not to, but I couldn't hold back."

"Oh, poor baby. If you give me a chance I'll see if I can't suck another one out of you later. Would you like that?"

Before he answer's there's a knock at the front door. He says, "Why, I think your surprise has arrived," and I hear his bare feet moving toward the front of the house.

I can hear him walking toward the front of the apartment, then the door opening and closing. I hear my lover saying something, muffled, but I hear no response, just the sound of feet coming my way, one set barefoot, the other in shoes. I'm no longer sure that I like this, being tied up, not knowing what's going on, and not being able to stop it if I want to. So, I rub my head back and forth as much as I can, trying to get my blindfold off. But now I understand why he put the ski mask on top of the blindfold, because all I can feel happening is that my mouth gets a little covered up. I still can't see what's going on.

The footsteps come into the bedroom and I start to plead. "Honey, I'm not comfortable with this, please at least let me see what's going on."

"I think you should trust me on this one," he says, straightening my ski mask. "You know I've never hurt you before, and I'm not going to do that this time either. You've told me some of your fantasies, and now it's time to try one of them. So, why don't you just lie back and enjoy, because it's going to happen now anyway."

As he's talking, I can hear shoes hitting the floor after being taken off, then a zipper, and the rustling of clothes being removed.. No, he never has hurt me before. And I think he likes me enough, or at least likes fucking me enough, that he's not going to screw up a good thing by doing that now. And he's right. As long as he sticks with my fantasies, I should be okay, and I should enjoy this, if I'll just let myself do that

So I decide to go with the flow. I start listening again, and smelling, trying to figure out who, or at least what sort of person, this surprise is. And as I do so I feel my nipples getting hard again, and a tingling warmth starts to build in my sloppy cunt. My gentle sniffing tells me nothing; all that I can smell comes from the furious fucking that we've just had. I can't smell any perfume or aftershave smells; no body odor. Black, white, man, woman; I don't know. No smoke smells -- that's good; because I hate that. At least it seems that my lover has picked out someone who meets my standards on that.

Then, sounds of bare feet on the floor again. His moving from the side of the bed to the side of the room where there's a chair. Others coming from there to the foot of the bed. Suddenly, a weight on the bottom of the bed, between my outspread legs. "Oh shit, this is it," I think, tensing up a little, but then I make myself relax, my legs go soft again. Waiting, hoping that this will be as much fun for me as my lover has hinted it would be,

Suddenly, hands on the inside of my thighs, gentle; soft, not like my lover's which have obviously seen some physical labor; smaller, too. Woman's hands I think. "Or," another thought suddenly hits me, "a boy's?" They feel cool; it's cold outside, but I feel them warming up as the travel up and down my thighs, softly caressing the tender flesh. Then, suddenly, fingernails in place of the fingers' pads, lightly dragging across my inner thighs. A whole new sensation that is making me start to shiver. And, shortly after that, the warmth of a mouth, slightly moist lips working their way up the tender flesh of the inside of my left thigh. No beard, I think, wonderful smooth cheek against my thigh. Soft lips. Still, just the feel of clean skin, and no make-up smells.

That soft, kissing mouth reaches my cunt, and for a second I can feel warm breath against my clit, followed by a delicate kiss, and then a soft, persistent sucking on my love bud. I can feel myself start to move my hips up, pushing my cunt against the soft mouth that is starting to drive me wild. Lips and tongue start to work together on my clit, with little side trips all around the lips of my cunt, the tongue probing, always coming back, gently, to the center of my feeling. By now I couldn't care less who or what is doing this to me. I'm on the verge of a huge orgasm, and all I want to do is feel that wonderful mouth, ride that wave.

Then it's here, I'm coming, and I'm almost shouting, "Oh, God, that's great, don't stop," as my back arches off the bed and my cunt goes absolutely wild on me. "Oh, please, yes, do that. Just like that," And that mouth, so sweet and tender, more tender than anything I've ever felt before, does keep doing that.

I'm going from orgasm to orgasm, with almost no time in between until I hear myself gasping words I thought I'd never hear myself say: "No, please, no more, please stop, no more please."

I lie there for what must have been a couple of minutes, panting and occasionally shuddering as the aftershocks of those fantastic orgasms kept hitting me, again feeling just a soft breath on the outside of my cunt. Then, movement as weight shifts off the bottom of the bed and onto the side of the bed, and knees straddle my head. A different musky smell, finally, followed by the feeling of breasts with hard nipples sliding across my stomach. "Oh, a woman," I think, "that fantasy."

"Who," I started to think, but then her cunt is on my mouth just as her sweet, sensuous lips have returned to my clit. The time for thinking is over. I've never made love to a woman before, never been eaten out by one before this, either. So, I just I try to imitate her movements, suck for suck, lick for lick, thrusting and rimming her cunt with my tongue in time with her. I must be doing it right, because it isn't long before her hips start moving up and down just as mine are doing until, at almost the same time, we are both coming, our moans and cries muffled in each other's cunt.

We both lie there for awhile. No words, feeling the feelings of our bodies nestled together. Lighter than any of my male lovers, I think. Softer. Nice. Shortly after that, she gets up without a word, and soon I can hear water running in the bathroom. I suddenly realize what creamy faces we must have, and I start licking around my lips.

"That was beautiful, honey," I tell my lover. "She tastes different than I do." (Different from the taste of my own juices that I'd sucked off of my lovers' dicks before. "Sweeter," I think.) "Are you going to tell me who she is?"

Before he can respond, she is back, putting on her clothes and shoes, no talking. Then, footsteps, shod and unshod again, as my lover takes her to the door, opens it, and closes it again after a brief pause. Still no talking. "Is he kissing her?" I wonder.

Only the bare feet returning this time, then weight settling on the bed. "No, I don't think I'll do that," he says as he starts removing my mask and blindfold, then the cuffs and ties that have held my arms and legs down. "I don't think she'll tell you, either. But I will tell you that it's someone you know."

As he starts massaging my arms and legs to get the stiffness out of them, he says, "So now, every time you see a woman that you'd met before today, you can wonder whether you've had sex with her already. That should give you a really interesting outlook on life."

Thinking back to the day before, it hits me. "It's my sister, isn't it?" I ask. "You all cooked this up after lunch yesterday, didn't you?"

"Well, I guess it could have been, since you obviously knew her before today," he says with that little smirk that he has when he's teasing me about something, the bastard. "But like I told you, I'm not telling. Besides, don't you think it would be kind of fun to look at every woman you've known and think, 'I wonder if we've had our tongues in each other's cunts?'"

I start to argue but he cuts me off. "By the way, I feel stupid asking after all the bucking and moaning you were doing, but I want to make sure. Did you have fun?"

"Oh, shit, yeah," I say. "But next time let's make it a threesome, and let's do it without the blindfold."

"Sure," he says, guiding my head into his lap, "that'll do for next time. But we've still got a little unfinished business to take care of here before we start working on that."

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