tagLesbian SexYoung Amanda is Seduced

Young Amanda is Seduced


This is a follow-up to "Young James is Seduced".


The rumours were going around the school long before I knew that they were true. James was in the same maths class as me so I collared him one afternoon as we were heading out of the lesson along the corridor.

"So, is it true then," I said, keeping my voice quiet. I hoped he noticed that I was wearing a low-cut top to show off my cleavage (I think it's fair to say I have the biggest tits in the sixth form). I always had a soft spot for James, with his broad shoulders and bleach-blond hair. He was smart and funny too. Until now, he'd never had a girlfriend, although I know that some of the girls fancied him; me too I suppose. He didn't answer my question.

"There are some crazy rumours going around," I whispered, as we turned down the corridor and headed downstairs. "They say you're sleeping with a 38-year old called Jayne, that she's got a partner but he doesn't mind...."

James didn't say anything, he just half-smiled.

"That's not all," I continued. "There's a rumour that Jayne's boyfriend, Jon, watches you fucking her, and sometimes videos it...." I stopped. James was starting to look a bit pissed off. Clearly he's been hearing this stuff for days. I put my hand on his shoulder. "Sorry, I didn't mean to be nosey," I said. "It's just, well, interesting."

James looked at me again. "You can meet her, if you want," he said, nonchalantly.

"So she does exist?"


"And you are sleeping with her?"

"I didn't say that."

"And she has a boyfriend already."


"So it is all true." I grinned at him. "You are a very, very bad boy," I teased. "And to answer your question: yes, I'd like to meet her."

I didn't go over to Jayne's house that night. It would not be until the next evening that I first met her. Instead, I stayed in to do my homework. Will, my boyfriend, came over afterwards. He fucked me, and it wasn't too bad. It always feels strange doing it in my bedroom, while my parents are downstairs. My room still has a stupid poster of a horse on the wall and another poster of Sugababes (I should get it redone now that I'm an adult). I can't wait til I get my own place and do it out properly. Will and I first had sex over a year ago, when I'd recently turned 18. It was my idea, I initiated it, but I became disappointed pretty quickly. Will always does the same position, me below, him on top, and he always comes in about two minutes. I like him though, so I don't tell him he could be better, more imaginative, etc. But I hear stories about different positions and men who can go on for an hour or more and I wonder if I'll ever get anything like that.

And then I think: bad Amanda, you're such a slut, you're Will's girl, stop thinking bad thoughts. So, anyway, that night, Will comes over, we get undressed, I lie back, he sticks it in and comes, and later he leaves. I was still feeling unsatisfied and I took my hairbrush, which is what I like to put in myself, and I lay back on the bed wondering what James was up to with his older woman. No one had actually seen her yet, so I didn't know if she was brunette, blonde, big, small or whatever. I lay back and rubbed the head of the hairbrush against my pussy lips. My knees were wide open as I nudged the tip past my labia and against my pussy. I was quite wet just wondering what James was up to. I could imagine him bent over Jayne, whatever she looked like, pummelling her with his hard cock. I imagined her shouting out obscenities, like "fuck me", "do me", "harder", encouraging him to give her a good proper drilling. By now I was working the rest of the handle deep into myself, bucking my hips against it and imagining that it was a big, hard cock - maybe James's cock - thrusting into mer. With my left hand I was playing with my nipples, gently pinching them and caressing my big tits (at 34EE, they're pretty good for an 18-year old, if you don't mind me saying).

And then I thought about Jon, Jayne's partner, and could picture him walking into the room, while James was fucking his partner from behind. I could imagine him coming up to her and slapping his erection out in front of her face, so that she was sucking it while my schoolmate kept fucking her from the rear. I think it's called a "spit roast".

That was enough to send me over the edge. I came, hard, bucking against the wooden hairbrush. I almost bit my lip trying not to scream with pleasure. I rode the orgasm for 10 seconds, maybe longer, until it was over.

I wondered where James was, and whether he was fucking the older woman right at this very moment.

I texted him. "Wot time me come over tmrw wanna meet Jane," I sent.

I waited 15 minutes before the reply came. "Any time. She want meet you x," he sent back.

The next evening I went around to Jayne and Jon's house. I'll admit it. I was pretty nervous. Really didn't know what to expect. I phoned James before and told him to come and pick me up from my house. I certainly didn't want to arrive alone. It's funny, but when James turned up he was super-relaxed and confident, more confident than he used to be. I don't know if that had anything to do with his new "friendship" with Jayne, or what. But he was on very good form, and we had a good chat and a laugh as we walked over to the other side of town. When Jayne opened the door, she wasn't what I had expected. To be honest, I was expecting some kind of slutty older woman, with too much make-up. Instead, she had a nice, open face with blue eyes and short blonde hair. She was tanned.

"We were on holiday in Cyprus a few weeks ago," she said, noticing me looking at her brown arms and neck. There was the rich smell of cooking as we entered their house. Jon appeared, in T-shirt and jeans, clutching a can of lager for James and a glass of white wine for me. He was older, much older - like I'd heard - but he was in good shape. His biceps looked big and hard under the T-shirt. We all sat down in the living room and started chatting. I gulped down the wine pretty fast because I was feeling so nervous. Jon was quick to top it up, to the brim. I was amazed by how relaxed they all were around each other. If what I'd heard was true, James was fucking Jon's woman, but if he minded he wasn't showing it at all. Instead, he was all matey with James, putting his arm around his shoulder, or showing him a new CD, or sharing little jokes together. From my position on the sofa I had more time to look at Jayne. She really was very pretty. She was wearing a low-cut cream top and smart blue jeans with little classy shoes. I felt a bit odd, still wearing my school uniform. I suppose I should have changed before coming out but kind of forgot. Eventually we moved to the dining table, and Jon served up smoked salmon as a starter. More wine went down our necks. I felt increasingly comfortable, and wondered why I had been so jumpy earlier. It was during the main course, steak in a mustard and wine sauce, that the conversation turned to sex. James was talking about Emily and Lisa, two girls in our year at school, who everyone thinks are lesbians. Jayne looked non-plussed.

"That's just a label, James. Some people aren't homosexual, or bisexual, or heterosexual....they are just sexual. I think it's good that your classmates are experimenting a bit."

She shot me a look across the table. I wasn't sure what it signified. But she seemed to be looking right across me, from my face to my chest and....I wondered whether Jayne had slept with another woman. I wouldn't be surprised. I felt a slight flush in my cheeks at the thought.

"I agree," said Jon. "People can be so judgmental. It's like James and Jayne. When she first told me that she was seeing a 17-year old...I could have been angry, or jealous, or whatever. But I don't mind. Whatever makes her happy."

He must have seen the surprised look on my face.

"We've got no secrets here," he said. Jayne told me that she used to be quite hung-up about sex but a few years ago her life had changed when she started reading erotic literature. She told me about Nancy Friday, a psychologist who interviews men and women about their sex lives.

"It's hugely liberating," she said, smiling at me. "Women have always been given a stigma for enjoying sex, but that's now changing. Some of the fantasies in these books are really eye-opening."

Jayne pushed away her empty plate and went to the bookshelf. She came back with a book and handed it to me. It was called Women on Top.

"Keep it for a few days, read it, enjoy it," she said with a grin. Pudding was a home-made apple crumble and I felt quite full afterwards. And not a little bit tipsy, what with the brandies which Jon passed around. Some time later we were sat back on the sofa and I realised that James and Jayne had disappeared. It was just me and Jon. We had been chatting intently and I hadn't noticed that we were alone.

"I'm just going for a pee," I said. "Which way is the loo?" Jon pointed upstairs. When I reached the top of the steps I could hear noises coming from the right hand side. Curious, I walked towards the sound. The door was open, and inside was a huge double bed. Empty. I peeked inside, and was amazed by what I could see. And hear. Jayne's back was against the wall, and James had lifted her up so that her legs were wrapped around his waist. Their jeans were both around their ankles. She still had her top on but his head was buried in her cleavage. He was pounding her against the wall, fucking her hard, lifting her up with his strong arms.

"You fancy her, don't you?" he said, as he pumped her. "I could see you looking at those big young tits."

"Oh yes," cried Jayne, as she rode James's dick. "She's so fucking young, so innocent, my God she is lovely."

"Well you haven't got her yet," said James. "So you better make the most of my cock. Am so fucking horny, am close to coming...."

I didn't know who they were talking about but I think I had an idea. I felt so embarrassed, so flushed, and yet I could sense a twinge between my legs..of pure, unbridled excitement. So Jayne wanted me? She was so sensual, so sexual.... I realised I had better get out of there before they saw me watching them. I hurried to the toilet. On the way out, a few minutes later, I ran into them going back downstairs.

"Hi Amanda," said Jayne. "I was just showing James some photos of me and Jon from when we were not much older than you."

Her face was damp and pink from her exertions.

"Right," I stammered, following them back into the lounge. Jon didn't bat an eyelid when we all returned. He had put the TV on and was watching a football match.

"It's late," said James. "I think me and Amanda had better be going."

When we left, Jon kissed me on the cheek. It was Jayne who kissed me, albeit briefly, on the mouth. We set out into the night sky.

The next evening, Will wanted to come over and see me, but I said I had too much homework. This wasn't really true. As it was, I wanted to read the book which Jayne had lent me. I had skimmed it when I got home from her house - it looked very exciting - but it was late and I'd had to go to bed. So anyhow, after I got home from school I went upstairs to my bedroom,lay down on my bed, pulled the book from underneath where I had hidden it and started reading. Nancy Friday, the author, seems like quite a character. She explained how women have strong sexual feelings, like men, but these have been suppressed over the years by male-dominated societies. The book, Women on Top, was divided into chapters with lots of true stories from women and girls, interlaced with Nancy's explanations and interpretations. Some of it was a bit clever, sort of psychology really, but the stories were really hot. There was one where two girls were lined up against a sofa, on their knees, being fucked from behind by their men. After they had both come, they then smeared their white sticky juices on to the girls' bottoms. They then swapped partners, so each was lined up behind his friend's girl. And they started to fuck them again, this time in their smaller holes. While I was reading this, I have to admit, I started to become really horny, and undid my skirt. I reached inside with my fingers and found I was already very wet down there. I started to finger and rub myself while I read more stories. I was glad the door was locked. Another story which really did it for me was about a girl who invited a (female) pop singer around. The two of them end up watching porno videos together and eventually take off each other's clothes and get down to it. The girl's boyfriend is watching from a cupboard, and jacking off. By the time I was half-way through I had two fingers inside me and was really close to coming.

The girl is licking out the beautiful blonde popstar, who eventually comes in her mouth. Then the popstar puts on a strap-on and takes the girl up the arse with it. God, just reading this was making me so hot. I dropped the book and started stroking my clit with my other hand, still fingering myself with the other. When I came it was one of the best orgasms I'd ever had. Afterwards it felt a bit weird. Only a week ago I would never have imagined enjoying this type of thing. But there was no doubt about it. Being with another woman sounded amazing. I started to think about Jayne. I wondered what she would look like with her top off. Or naked. Or kissing another girl. Or doing it with another girl...I started to feel quite hot again.

I wondered if she had given me the book to encourage me. I could still hear her and James talking in that room...her saying how much she wanted that girl....was the girl me? I started thinking about her mouth, pressing against my mouth, and on my chest....searching for my nipples with her tongue.....

A beep went off. It was a text from James. Did I want to go around to Jayne's on Saturday for a barbecue? Bugger, I thought. it's Will's birthday. I'm meant to be going for dinner with my boyfriend. I felt a bit torn. I couldn't let Will down...but I really wanted to see Jayne again. I wanted to talk to her about Nancy Friday. Secretly, I wondered whether...when she kissed me goodbye....would she do it again?

In the end there wasn't much competition. Will could wait. On the Saturday morning, I called him and told him I had lots of homework to do, I wanted to see him - "happy birthday xxx" - but couldn't come over til the evening. Then I got dressed. I took my time, wanting to prepare myself. For Jayne.

I put on my favourite matching panties and bra, with little flowers on a cream background. I wore a white top with a low neckline and short skirt. And I took my time with my lipstick and mascara. I wanted to look sophisticated, so she didn't think I was just a young girl. Before I left my bedroom I had another flick through the Nancy book, which made me feel really moist down below. When I got to her house the sun was already high in the sky and it was burning bright. The door was ajar, so i just let myself in. Groove Armada was playing on the hi-fi in the living room. As I walked past the stairs I remembered how two nights before I had caught James and Jayne fucking in the bedroom. I felt myself blush. There were lots of bags of groceries on the kitchen floor and the back door was wide open. I stepped into the garden, to see Jon and James playing French cricket on the grass. Both were bare from the waist up. Jon in particular looked quite hunky and well-built; James was more slim but equally toned. Jayne was bending over a blue paddling pool, filling it up with a hosepipe. She was wearing a miniskirt, shorter than mine, and I could see right up her legs. It didn't look like she was wearing any knickers. She heard me coming and dropped the hose, turning to face me. Jayne looked so pretty in the sunlight, in a nice flowery blouse which showed off her chest. When we hugged I could feel the heat of her body in my arms. She broke off.

"You look wonderful," she said. "I hope you're hungry. We've bought loads of stuff for the barbie." While she spoke I could feel her eyeing me up from head to toe, almost drinking me in.

"You don't look too bad yourself," I said with a smile. The boys broke off from their game to join us. For a while we sat around in the garden, drinking from ice-cold cans of beer. I could hear snatches of laughter coming from other gardens nearby. It was definitely a day for barbecues.

"Hottest one of the year, apparently," said Jon. It was James who started the water fight. He had filled a mug up with cold water from the kitchen and crept up on Jon, before pouring it over his head. Jayne howled with laughter.

"You little bastard," said the older man, jumping up and grabbing James by the neck. I saw Jayne heading for the wall tap and turning the hose back on. She stood there, and started to spray all three of us with water. By now James and Jon were in the paddling pool, wrestling. For some reason, I seemed to be getting the most water from Jayne's hose. She pointed it straight at me, spraying me hard all over me.

"You don't get away with that," I laughed, grabbing the hose pipe from her. As she ran I squirted the water at her back, carrying the hose pipe as I followed her on to the grass. She tripped up and was lying on the ground, so I stood over her, holding my finger over the end to make it squirt jets on to her body. She was laughing hysterically. I was aware of how wet my top was, and how the material had gone completely see-through. Jayne must have had a fantastic view of my huge tits, covered only by wet, flimsy cloth, encased in the big flowery bra. She stuck her leg out and tripped me up, so that I tumbled straight on to her. She grabbed me as I fell, so that we were both lying there, holding each other, still giggling. Jayne's clothes were as soaked as mine and her breasts looked really sexy in the wet colourful top.

"We're just heading out to the pub to watch the big game, we'll be back in a few hours," said Jon.

He and James were putting their T-shirts back on and heading out of the garden gate. Jayne was now lying on her back, next to me.

"So it's just the two of us now," she said, giving me another look. The sun had gone in behind a cloud and I was suddenly a bit cold. The skin on my arms had goosebumps.

"I think you need a bath to warm up again," she told me, getting back up on her feet. I followed her upstairs, my wet feet leaving marks on her kitchen floor. While she ran the bath I peeled my top and skirt off and stood there in my underwear.

"Don't be shy," she said. "It's only me." I removed my panties and bra and climbed into the bath tub. As I clambered in I could see my reflection in the wall mirror, my big heavy boobs exposed for Jayne to watch. As I sat back, the tub was still filling up and there were bit white bubbles everywhere. I felt myself warm up fast. Behind me, I could hear the sound of liquid splashing against porcelain. Jayne had taken her clothes off and was sat, naked, on the loo, having a wee. Oh my God, I thought to myself. This is getting very, very intimate. She got up and walked towards the bath. I turned to see her by the bath, about to climb in to join me.

"You don't mind, do you?" she asked. I had seen girls nude before in the showers at school but this was different. I couldn't help staring at her tits and the little triangle of dark blonde between her legs.

"Sure, fine, no worries," I said, trying to sound casual. I didn't want her to know how aroused I was starting to feel. I was facing the taps and Jayne sat behind me, her legs on either side of my hips. When she leant forward I could feel her nipples, hard, pressing against my shoulder blades.

"Do you want me to wash your hair for you?" she asked. I nodded. I felt her warm hands rub liquid into my scalp, through my thick brown hair and all over. She took her time, as if it was a head massage. Jayne then poured more hot water over to rinse me off.

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