tagFetishYoung Ballerina Girls Dirty Dancing

Young Ballerina Girls Dirty Dancing


(Note: All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.)

"I'm so tired!" Ying exclaimed and fell on the large bed she was sharing with her friend and roommate Katie.

"Me too!" Katie agreed and lay down right next to Ying. The two high school seniors had just finished another one of these long days of dance trainings and rehearsals for their ballet performance next week and definitely needed some rest. They felt lucky to have been selected as the only ones from their ballet class to join this summer school of a famous dance company in a big city on the East coast. But then again, they had no idea of how intensive it would be and how exhausting; several units of practice every day and performances every two weeks. They knew, , that they had to pull through, since only if their teachers would be convinced of their talent and willingness to work hard, would they get a chance of being offered a place in the dance company in Fall which would be a great jump-start of their dance careers.

Ying was originally from China but had lived in the U.S. for almost her entire life. She was about 5'2" tall, almost a bit too short for a ballet dancer, but not only had great talent but also a perfect figure. She was proud of her long, black hair and had a stunningly beautiful face with an absolutely charming smile. She wore pink ballet tights, size 5 pointe shoes of the same color and a white, slightly shiny, nylon leotard with short sleeves. Her hair was bound up tightly in a bun, as was required by all ballet students.

Katie, about four inches taller than Ying, a blonde cutie originally from Texas and Ying's best friend for many years, wore off-white colored smooth ballet tights and size 7 black pointe shoes, as well as a long-sleeved black nylon leotard. She turned over to her friend and took the pins out of her hair bun to free her beautiful long black Asian hair. As Katie was straightening out Ying's hair and seeing her beautiful body right next to her, she experienced this same strange sensation she had had several times in the past when being together with Ying, but she didn't really know what it was. Somehow it felt like butterflies in her stomach, she got warmer and her heart pounded a bit faster...

"Thanks, Katie." Ying said, turned around and smiled at her. "Let me loosen up your hair, too." Katie felt even warmer now as Ying's small tender white Asian hands slowly went through her shoulder-long blond hair and straightened it out. Well, wouldn't it be more accurate to say "caressed it?" Katie thought to herself.

"I know we're both tired and kind of done for today, but I think we should at least briefly go over this one new move we learned today," Ying suggested. 'Oh my god,' Katie thought, 'this girl is ambition incarnate...' But she agreed and they both got up from the bed and went over the dance moves together.

Ying stood closely behind Katie and helped her move her arms and legs exactly as she remembered their teacher showed it to them earlier. Katie tried hard but was not really able to do it precisely right, partially because she was tired, but even more so because standing so close to her friend and being gently touched by her intensified her warm feelings from earlier.

"I'm so sorry, Ying, I guess I'm of not much use anymore tonight... How about you show it to me again and I just watch?"

Katie sat on the edge of the bed, her tights-clad legs crossed, in amazement as Ying went on to perform the dance steps so elegantly and gracefully, in sheer perfection, now her long beautiful black hair waving back and forth, contrasting with her white leotard. Again, Katie got these feelings arising in her, and she now knew that they were more than "just feelings;" she really loved her Asian friend in a very deep, very physical way, she realized.

"Great job, Ying!" She complimented her friend, stood up, and gave her a hug, maybe just a tiny bit longer than was appropriate between them. But it was really weird: in the moment when Katie thought she needed to release her hug, Ying started to squeeze her more firmly to her body and then kissed her, gently, on the cheek.

'What was that?' Katie wondered. 'Should Ying be...?' But before she could go into much thought and deliberation, Ying started to talk to her.

"Well, Katie, I know you may be surprised, but, well, you know, I have had feelings for you for a while but... well, I guess I was too ashamed sharing them with you, since, like, you have been my friend for so long, and so... but now, when I sensed something coming from you I decided to not hold back any longer..." Ying stammered, nervously moving her fingers through her long hair, not being able to hide her embarrassment.

"Wow!" was the only word Katie could find to comment on her friend's coming out. Her heart pounded more strongly and she got really hot now, getting red all over her face.

"Why don't you lie down on the bed?" Ying suggested. "I will give you a nice massage after this long and hard day of training."

'Massage?' Katie wondered. They never had done such a thing to each other before. But anyway, she was curious, and, more than that, excited to get even closer to her friend Ying that night than she had ever gotten before. She rested her head on a pillow, lay down on her back and stretched out her legs, her feet just barely reaching over the edge of the bed. Ying approached her with a big smile and softly caressed Katie's right leg, her thigh, knee and calf, all clad in the smooth off-white ballet tights. Katie experienced a tingling sensation as Ying's small Asian fingers exerted just the right amount of gentle pressure. When rubbing on her skin, Katie could feel Ying's finger cusps through the fabric of her tights and got exhilarated about this erotic sensation. Then Ying's hands went down a bit, massaging Katie's ankle, and then down further, rubbing her right foot through her black pointe shoe, with a firmer and stronger pressure now, since the ballet shoes were of a much sturdier fabric. Then, very slowly, Ying untied the shoe from Katie's lower legs and removed the heel part of the right shoe from Katie's foot, while continuing with her massage and also sticking her fingers inside of the shoe, between the soles of Katie's foot and the bottom of the shoe. Katie had gotten so hot and aroused in the meantime that her pussy had become wet with juices and she sensed that some of them would start to flow out to her crotch area; soon. Since she was not wearing panties underneath her tights, Ying would be able to detect a wet spot between Katie's legs any minute now, she thought.

Ying meanwhile kept working on Katie's right foot, gently massaging it all over the place and increasing Katie's sexual arousal so that her eyes widened and her head slightly arched backwards. Ying then slowly, bit by bit, removed more of Katie's black pointe shoe, until it was just dangling from her toes.

"Don't let it drop!" Ying ordered her with a tone somewhat sterner than Katie had seen in her before. This was easier said than done because Ying kept rubbing her ankle, heel, sole and upper part of Katie's size 7 foot more firmly and more intensely, so she thought she would have to drop the shoe any moment now.

As Ying moved her face closer to Katie's foot and started to gently lick her slightly sweaty and salty tasting heels, the pointe shoe came flying down to the floor.

"Oh no!" Ying scolded her friend. "I think you didn't listen to what I said! This will have consequences...", and there was a broad grin on her face. She went to the bathroom and soon returned with a small hairbrush in her hand. 'What was she up to now?' Katie wondered, still in paradise of sexual pleasure and lustful anticipation of more to come.

"Turn over!" Ying said, and Katie now lay down on her belly, the bottom of her right foot being exposed and showing invitingly to Ying.

Ying first slowly untied and removed Katie's left pointe shoe, all the while gently massaging all the parts of the foot through the nylon fabric, then took the hairbrush and very gently, barely touching, brushed over Katie's right foot sole. Katie had never experienced this sensation before; it was weird and in fact totally tickled the hell out of her.

"Hahahahahaha—hihihihi—hahahahaha--- stop it, Ying! Stop it! You are killing me! Hahahahahahaha—hahahahah!" Katie was laughing and laughing as Ying carefully kept brushing her right and then her left sole to keep her on the tickling edge. As Katie had difficulty breathing from so much laughing and her cries for mercy and stopping became absolutely desperate, Ying finally made an end to the torturous play... but only to move higher up with the brush, first tickling Katie's right calf, knee and thigh, all through her off-white ballet tights, then continuing with even more force over Katie's left leg, and finally over her nylon-clad firm butt. As Ying moved the brush around on Katie's skin, Katie continued to experience wild tickling sensations and she soon started to laugh again, squirming, shaking her legs and contorting her feet to try to escape Ying's tickle torture. But Ying would have none of this and squatted down over Katie's lower legs, putting the brush aside and continuing the tickling with her hands, fingers, and fingernails. She carefully observed Katie's reactions to her treatments and whenever Katie's laughter intensified and whenever Katie tried to escape more desperately, Ying took these signs as cues to keep providing more of her torturing punishment and make Katie suffer for a prolonged amount of time.

Ying could clearly see the wet spot formed by Katie's pussy juices, soaking both her tights and her leotard in her crotch area. But Ying was too busy getting Katie's butt, arms and armpits tickled like crazy, so she didn't bother to comment and tease Katie on these outer signs of sexual arousal. In fact, Ying herself had been enjoying this teasing and tickling torture immensely as a very lustful experience, as well, and her breasts had become firm with her cute dark brown Asian nipples erect and showing clearly against the shiny nylon fabric of her white leotard. Her pussy juices had been flowing out onto her pink tights as well but were just short of showing through the leotard fabric; like Katie, she also preferred not to wear anything underneath her ballet tights...

As Katie's movements of evasion got stronger and more desperate, Ying quickly grabbed a pair of black nylon tights from the floor and tied Katie's wrists together firmly. That way, she figured, Katie would be less able to do any evasive maneuvers once the tickling would become even more intense.

Ying turned around on the bed and squatted across Katie's shoulders, her thighs in the pink ballet tights firmly pressed against Katie's head. Ying kept tickling Katie's arms, changing from gentle movements with her finger cusps, to using her fingernails, then grabbing her arms more firmly, then continued a second time over Katie's firm round ass, making sure she would not miss out on any tickling sensation there, either, and then continued down Katie's tights-clad thighs, knees and finally her feet again. When Ying took up the hairbrush for a second time and gently applied it to Katie's feet and legs, this tingling sensation on her soft skin, mediated through the nylon off-white ballet tights, was too much again for Katie and this young blonde high school senior ballet dancer exploded into another seemingly endless outburst of tickling laughter.

"Hihihihihihihi – hahaha --- hihihihi – oh no, oh no! Oh my god, Ying! You have to--- hahahahahahaha – hihihi --- hahahahahaha--- have to stop! Oh shit! You are KILLING me! –Hahaha..."

Katie was experiencing the tickle sensations even stronger, could not stop laughing, and again almost was unable to catch a breath, to the point where she got so scared that the laughing almost stopped. But it was still a strangely wonderful combination of the joy of being tickled, and the fear of losing her breath, together with the ever so intensified feeling of lust...

After several more minutes of intense tickling by Ying, Katie was indeed at the end of her rope and decided she didn't like it any more. Ying had gone too far with this. 'And then this tying of my hands? What the heck is this about?' It almost seemed to her that the whole build-up of her sexual arousal and energy had gone down the drain and that she would have to tell Ying that they had to completely leave this new area of their relationship for good, forget it all completely, and start all over again.

Meanwhile though, Ying had changed her position by turning around again and sitting down on Katie's cute but muscular ass, their pink and white ballet tights rubbing against each other, making swishy sounds, Ying's lower legs spread to the left and right of Katie's thighs. She loosened the black tights to free Katie's hands, taking them up gently and kissing them all over, muttering a semi-honest "Sorry". Then she started to slowly unzip Katie's black leotard, with every inch of it opening, gently massaging the soft skin of her high school friend. Ying enjoyed the sensation of how the smooth and slightly shiny nylon fabric of Katie's leotard felt when it was so tightly stretched on her skin and she made sure to give Katie every possible pleasure sensation while taking off her nylon top she could muster.

Katie was half shocked half excited. In all these years she had never seen Ying naked nor had Ying seen her with no clothes on, ever. Ying seemed to be ready for the next step, she realized, but how about herself? She decided not to let any fears come in the way what was probably meant to be that night. After asking Ying to get off her butt, Katie turned around, sat up and faced Ying who had now perfect access to Katie's beautifully shaped round size 36C breasts, still tautly covered by her black leotard whose back part had been completely unzipped meanwhile. Ying caressed Katie's shoulders and upper arms softly, enjoying every bit of the erotic sensation of the black leotard tightly encasing her friend's upper body, and making Katie more aroused. Then her hands and fingers slowly moved down to Katie's beautiful round shapely breasts and spent a long time with both gently and more firmly massaging them, including the now fully erect nipples. Katie arched her head back again out of sexual lust and pleasure, biting her lower lip and starting to breathe in a slightly faster pace.

Ying continued by slowly taking Katie's leotard off, first freeing her arms, then slowly let the front part fall down so Katie's breasts got exposed for the first time, and finally taking the black nylon piece of fabric completely off Katie's body. Ying was amazed by the size of the wet spot in Katie's crotch area and loved the pungent hot smell that emanated from there, as well. With one hand, she massaged Katie's breasts and nipples, who kept breathing even faster still and started to moan, with her other hand she rubbed Katie's sex, paying first attention to her swollen outer lips, then letting her fingers slide inside, Katie spreading her legs to provide better access, and Yin sticking two fingers into Katie's soaking wet pussy, making her cry out in lustful anticipation. Then Ying pushed her fingers in and out, increasing the speed and pressure, and finally using both of her hands to pleasure Katie as best as she could.

Just as Katie was on the verge of an orgasm, triggered by Ying's rhythmic fondling of her friend's enlarged and hard clitoris, Ying withdrew to Katie's disappointment and asked her to remove her own leotard in turn, so Katie could admire Ying's cute Asian 34B tits.

Katie, still a bit put off by having to -- at least temporarily -- forgo an orgasm that had been so close, was, on the other hand, glad that she finally would take initiative now and be able to pleasure her friend in a similar manner as she had been pleasured herself by Ying before.

Katie started with kissing her friend on her cheeks, then on her lips, savoring the strong sexual sensation of touching her so intimately. She went further, entered into Ying's mouth with her tongue, flicking Ying's little sweet Asian tongue for an extended period of time. Both she and Ying got totally aroused by this tongue fucking and could not wait to get further in their making out experience.

Katie stroked Ying's neck, shoulders, and chest gently, experiencing the sensation of her fingers and hand gliding over the smooth and soft nylon fabric of her friend's white leotard, now having the opposite experience as she just did a little while ago. Ying also relished in this special pleasure treatment and couldn't wait until Katie's hands reached her breasts and erect protruding dark nipples, getting hugely aroused by her friend's sensuous massage through the tightly fitting fabric of her white leotard. She whispered into Katie's ear to take it off but Katie enjoyed teasing her friend and took quite a while for this process, enjoying every bit along the way.

Finally, as Katie had removed Ying's white leotard from her body, she admired her friend's absolutely gorgeous upper body which she had never seen before naked, her 34B ivory firm and round breasts and her dark nipples still standing out erect by over half an inch. The young ballerinas soon fell into each others arms and lay next to each other, making out, kissing each other all over their bodies, returning to several extended sessions of French kissing, their firm breasts touching and gently rubbing together.

When they released their embrace, Katie had the strong desire to pleasure her friend in a similar way as Ying had done with her earlier, and asked Ying to lie on her back, close her eyes and relax. She could not get enough of soaking in this beautiful appearance of this young Asian girl with her gorgeous face and ivory colored body, stunning long black hair, and only dressed in her pink ballet tights and pink pointe shoes. Katie started by gently massaging Ying's scalp, then went over her face, entering Ying's mouth with her fingers in a playful way, making both herself and Ying even crazier of lust. Her hands then moved across Ying's neck and shoulders, then slowly approaching her firm white breasts, teasingly and gently touching their perimeter, and then slowly massaging them more firmly, until reaching the areolas and erect brown nipples. Ying started to moan as Katie squeezed her nipples a bit too firmly, and then Katie took a long time to suck on each of Ying's hardened nipples, making Ying's moans even louder still and increasing Ying's flow of pussy juices in her crotch.

Katie observed Ying moving her hands towards her crotch, clearly with the intention to masturbate, but she gently took her hands away and put them next to her hips. "Not yet..." she whispered into her friend's ear.

Katie now turned around, riding her friend by sitting on her crotch and bending down all the way until she reached Ying's feet. A long massage was in order, through both her shoes and tights, so she used pretty firm pressure with her fingers and hands. Apparently, Ying was more than pleased with that treatment, and started to breathe more heavily, her wet spot between her legs extending over several inches.

Katie slowly took off one size 5 pink pointe shoe at a time, while keeping gently massaging Ying's cute small Asian feet through her pink tights. After both of her shoes had been taken off, it was time to lick Ying's feet and suck her toes. Both of them enjoyed this foot worship immensely and Ying had to pull together all her strength not to start masturbating again.

But then she had a different idea... she picked up Katie's right foot and moved it towards her mouth. Within a second, Katie suddenly experienced her friend's cute little tongue again, rubbing through the fabric of her off-white ballet tights and licking and kissing her foot again all over the place, just to continue with heavy toe sucking. It was heaven again for Katie...

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