tagErotic HorrorYoung Blood Ch. 01

Young Blood Ch. 01


People say that college is the time and place for everything. I'm here to tell you that the people who say that have no idea. For me, college has been the time and place for absolutely everything, whether I liked it or not.

My name is Vincent.

And by sunrise I intend to be dead.

Better that than to live forever the way I live now. Michelle got lucky, but I can't stand seeing people I care about put on the spot like that just because they know me. Simply being what I am has already proved too costly for me.

Wait... You don't even know what I'm talking about, do you? I guess I am starting off on the wrong foot. Let's see...

I guess the trouble really started with me sitting in that assembly room, listening to Patrick declaring his goals for the SVA to expand their reach to the rest of the campus. I was just about cringing, and I could tell our leader was being more than a little bit influenced in his decision making.

No, wait, that's not the right place to start either. I need to go back farther, to when my whole life changed.

Okay, I've got it. My story would really more accurately begin in my psychology class. I sat listening to the lecture with half an ear in my typical lecture-hall position; that is to say eyes half closed, elbow resting on the desk and face resting on my knuckles. Professor Quentin knew very well what he was talking about, but he seemed to be the only one who did. It was only a fifty-minute class, but he was that kind of professor who had complete control over time itself and was able to stretch fifty minutes into hours without adding any time to the clock.

At last, the class was dismissed, and I was all too eager to remove myself from the room. Nonetheless, I ended up staying a little longer. Alicia happened to be there to hold me up. Alicia had dirty blonde hair which, as usual, was tied back in a ponytail, and a pair of lively blue eyes. She wore one of her typical outfits, which consisted of an open denim vest over her magenta tank top and tight black pants.

"Hey Vincent!" she said as she approached from her seat on the other side of the aisle. I greeted her with a smile, as always. Alicia and I were what you might call an item waiting to happen. Or maybe an item that could have been. It all depended on whether the glass was half full or half empty. We'd been making eyes at each other since the day we met on campus, but I never really got around to asking her out before some drummer in a local band named Bobby asked her first. Alicia's not the kind of girl who has an easy time saying no. At the very least, we were on close, friendly terms by that point.

"What's up, Alicia?"

"I just thought we could meet some time to study up for next week's test?"

"You want to arrange a study date with me?"

Alicia quickly looked around her. "Careful using the 'D' word."

"Alicia, you know as well as I do that you don't have to worry about Bobby overhearing you, because he doesn't take this class, which is the only reason you're asking me and not him."

She scoffed at me. "Oh, don't be so cynical!"

I just shrugged. Who was I to say no? "Okay, sure."

She said something then. I have no idea what it was. Well okay, I have some idea, since she ended up repeating it a moment later, but at that particular moment Alicia suddenly became the last thing on my mind. As the other students were filing out of the lecture hall, one girl looked at me as she passed. Unable to help myself, I looked back. The world instantly reduced its pace. The first thing I really saw was a pair of eyes locked with mine. Those eyes... My God! Those eyes! I think they would technically be defined as hazel, but they looked to me more like gold. I don't know what it was about her eyes, but the spell they cast was so overwhelming there was simply no denying it. I couldn't look away.

When I managed to take in the girl I was looking at beyond just the eyes, I realized the girl herself was pretty fabulous too. She had long, silky black hair that was parted on the right side, coming very close to covering her left eye, and luscious red lips. She wore a light jacket made of black leather, a red tube top that seemed specifically positioned to add a little push to her chest, a black leather miniskirt and a pair of sandals to show off her black toenails. She gave me a tempting smile as she walked by. I remained fixated on her, until suddenly a pair of fingers snapped in front of my face, and I looked back to a rather peeved Alicia.

"Uh, I'm sorry, what were you saying?"

She gave me a pretty nasty look. "I asked if I could meet you in the library at six o'clock on Saturday?"

I shrugged. "Works for me. Bobby's not taking you anywhere this Saturday?"

"Bobby has a gig on Saturday. Kind of out of town. I told him I'd need that night to study, so I'm not going with him."

"Okay, cool."

"Was she pretty?"

I looked at her. "Who?"

"You know who."

I grimaced, realizing I was being interrogated. "Yes, she was pretty." She was dating somebody else, yet I still succeeded in making her jealous by checking out another girl. She and I really should have been together, although that particular thought was still failing to come to me at that moment. My mind had already started drifting again. My eyes scanned about the area of the door, even though I knew she was gone by now.

"Anyway," I said hurriedly, "I gotta run. I got another class to get to." I didn't even wait for her to say bye. Looking back on it, that moment was probably one of the biggest mistakes I ever made.

I emerged from the classroom into the hall and began wildly looking about. She couldn't have gotten far. She had to be somewhere... nothing. My shoulders slumped as I observed no trace of the mystery beauty I'd seen a moment ago—

A hand touched my shoulder.

I turned my head cautiously to the side. There, once more, were those eyes. And that smile. I had been looking frantically for this girl when she had simply been lying in wait for me. Under ordinary circumstances that would have been embarrassing. Right now, though, all that mattered was that I'd found her; or more accurately, she'd found me. She drew her mouth close to my ear and whispered:

"My name's Elizabeth."

That said, she walked around behind me and began proceeding on her way. "I'm Vincent!" I hurriedly said before she was out of earshot. As she strode away, she responded by looking back and shooting me another of her irresistible smiles. She turned to face forward again as she continued on, but just before she disappeared from view, she turned fully back to me, and I'm certain I read her lips saying "I'll see you again." The moving crowd of people around me might as well have disappeared. Hell, the college campus itself might as well have not been there at all. All I was standing on were clouds.

I went through my remaining classes as normal, with the possible exception of listening with less of half an ear than usual. Every time I blinked, Elizabeth's shimmering golden eyes and beautiful, tempting smile returned to me. I couldn't get the girl out of my head. How had this girl I'd barely met cast such a spell on me?

I finally returned to my dorm room in something of a stupor. I don't actually remember walking in through the door, but I came out of it fairly quickly, because I definitely remember seeing my roommate, Larry, lying on his bed with one of his Penthouse magazines. I recall seeing him turning to a page depicting two blonde girls slobbering over an engorged rod. Same old Larry.

Larry was... well, I wouldn't exactly call him fat, but large. Bulky. The kind of guy you probably wouldn't want to wrestle with. He had a head of bushy brown hair and a little tuft beard. His hobbies: lounging around with porn magazines, going to frat parties from which he usually came back roaring drunk at about 4 a.m.... You get the picture. He specifically scheduled his classes to start late, allowing him to make time to sleep—rather loudly I might add—after all his partying. He had a tendency of ending up late anyway, though, considering the hangovers he frequently woke up with. You know, the kind of guy whose picture you'd find in the dictionary if you were to look up the word "lout."

"Hey, Vince, what up man?" he said without looking up from his magazine.

I threw my backpack down and crashed out on my own bed. "Not much. Met a new girl today."

"She hot?"

I spared Larry a glance. He still wasn't even looking at me. "Yeah, she's hot."

"How far'd you get?"

"Not very, but she did suggest she planned on seeing me again."

"Chick thought you were something, huh? Cool." Not once had he bothered to ask me her name.

"How's it going with your girlfriend, Larry?"

"Girl's kinda uptight, but I can work through her sooner or later. Gotta sweet ass on her, and these tits like you wouldn't believe." Larry's priorities. No mention of what she looked like above the neck. I decided against asking her name, as it didn't seem beneath Larry to not even know.

Instead I asked him, "Going to another frat party tonight?"

"Hell yeah!" he declared. "I'm going to go hook up with the boys, and we're gonna show everybody whole new ways to get nasty!"

"Hope you enjoy yourself," I said bluntly.

Larry closed his magazine, sat up and finally looked at me. "Hey, Vince, why don't you ever join me at these parties?"

Eeeewwww! "Are you kidding me?"

"No, really! I mean, what else do you do at night, just study? You gotta unwind some, man! Why don't you just put the books down for one night and learn from the professionals how to have some fun?"

I wanted to say "Because being in the same room with one lout is enough for me," but decided against it. If you ask me now, I couldn't tell you why I said what I did say. "Okay." The second the word left my mouth I began questioning my own sanity.


My stomach turned.


What the hell am I doing here?

That was all I could think from the moment I walked in the door of the frat house and was instantly surrounded by dirtballs who struck me as worse than Larry, if that was possible. Almost every person in the room, the guys especially, had plastic beer cups in their hands, and several of them were screaming things I won't even try to repeat, denoting that most of them had completely boozed themselves beyond all comprehension of reality. The girls weren't much better, either. Most of them were prancing about, flaunting themselves, allowing themselves to be exploited. It was disgusting.

"Look around here and tell me you'd rather be studying now," Larry beamed.

"Okay," I said, glaring at him, "I'd rather be studying now."

Larry gave me a perplexed look, then scoffed. "Aww, you'll like it better once you've had a couple o' drinks. You just mingle or something, I'm gonna go get my freak on, man!"

I watched with disgust as Larry wandered off into the crowd. Who was I kidding? I simply did not belong here. A room full of drunks and pot heads was not my kind of scene. I was more than ready to turn around and walk out the door, when all of a sudden something radically changed my mind.

"Hello, Vincent."

The voice came from behind me. Considering I had only heard her voice in a whisper before, I really shouldn't have known it was her. But I did. I turned around and found... no one. What the hell?

"I told you I'd see you again."

To my right this time. I turned again. Still no one except the crowd of sleaze, who weren't the least bit interested in me.

A hand touched my shoulder.

I turned just my head this time. There was Elizabeth, showering me with her golden gaze. The absence of her jacket aside, her outfit hadn't really changed. That stood fine with me. Just her mere presence was enough to turn this despicable scene into a healthier light. She took a step back, still beaming me with that smile of hers, and crooked a finger for me to follow her. As if I even needed to be told. A part of me knew I should be a little more cautious; I didn't even really know this girl. Yet something about her was just too irresistible to refuse.

She led me up the stairs, and towards a particular room. Clearly uninhabited. A smirk cracked its way into my lips, as I understood now that she wanted us to be alone. In a room upstairs. As she ushered me in, I found it was also a room with a bed. She slowly shut the door behind her, and locked it. She slipped her feet out of her sandals, and turned ever so gracefully to me and began slowly striding forward.

"I knew," she said softly. "I knew from the moment I saw you, you'd be perfect."

"Perfect for what?"

"You'll see," she smiled. In a quick, clean motion, she slid off her red tube top, under which she wore no bra. She stepped up to me, threw her arms around my neck and tenderly engulfed my mouth. As surprised as I was at how fast she was going with me, I was in no position to protest, and eagerly returned the favor. I felt her hands leave my neck and travel down to my waist, and in the next moment the rim of my shirt was rising up my body. She briefly disengaged from my mouth long enough to pull the article off of me, then immediately resumed. The warm cushion of her breasts pressed firmly against my chest.

After a few minutes of this, her lips wetly slid down off of mine, and traveled down to my collarbone. She continued to lower herself, her lips never leaving my body for more than a split second. Her mouth gradually crawled its way down me, leaving a wet trail in its wake, until she finally reached the rim of my pants. She did not intend to allow that to stop her for long, though. Her hands were already hard at work to circumvent this new obstacle, and within moments, my drawers were dropped and my shaft released from its squalid prison. She voraciously engulfed me in her gaping mouth, and began bobbing and twisting her head around on it, humming softly with hunger. I sighed loudly and ran my fingers through her shimmering black mane. She slowly opened her golden eyes and looked up at me joyfully. Her mouth opened wider, and her tongue ran teasing strokes along the end of my shaft.

"You taste good," she said sensuously.

She gracefully strode past me over to the bed. I didn't actually notice what her hands were doing until I heard a zip and saw her miniskirt drop, which she also had no panties beneath, leaving her totally naked now. She turned and dropped herself down to a sitting position on the bed. "I'll bet I taste pretty good too." I didn't need to be told for an instant what she wanted.

She lay flat on the bed as I eagerly walked up to her and placed my hands on her hips, gazing at her glistening, hairless pussy. I wasted no time before moving my face in to devour the tempting snatch before me. Her hips churned with excitement beneath me as my tongue exercised a level of skill I didn't even know it had. I felt her fingernails clawing their way through my hair, and her soft moans filled the dimly lit room. "Oh, yes," she moaned, "you are perfect."

I curiously looked up at her. I still didn't understand what she meant by that, but at this point the question of its meaning seemed less of an issue. Suddenly she grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me up onto the bed with her, and rolled us over, positioning herself on her hands and knees above me. She looked down at me passionately for a moment, and then ever so slowly lowered herself onto me.

Once again, her hips began to churn, this time on top of me. Her breathing sounded hard and loud, as her eyes fluttered shut and she threw her head back. My hands gripped tight onto her hips, attempting to increase the motion they were creating. An audible cry finally escaped from her open mouth, and her head dropped forward, draping her silky hair across my chest. More cries began coming in faster succession, and as she ultimately whipped her hair back again and looked down at me, I took the moment to seize control.

I instantly lunged up at her, draping my arms around her and rolling us over again. I now lay prone on top of her, and the active motion was now mine to make. I proceeded hammering at her, and she pulled my face down to her and locked lips feverishly with me. When I disengaged from her mouth, she pulled my face down further, and we lay coupled cheek-to-cheek as I continued plunging. Her cries were now coming out right next to my ear, and I utterly loved it.

All at once, the cries coming from her took a sharp increase in volume, and the wet vice that held my cock began squeezing tighter. In the throes of her orgasm, she began applying her lips to the side of my face; first my cheek, then ever so slowly down towards my neck. In the process, I began to feel my own burst brewing. I was beginning to pull out before unleashing my load, but the hand she placed firmly on my rump quickly dispelled any intention of doing that. At last, it happened; I exploded inside of her. As this was happening, and she was fervently necking me, I wasn't sure, but for a moment I thought I felt a pair of tiny pinpricks on my throat. It didn't follow with any real pain, though, so I quickly forgot about it.

At last, it was over. Attempting to catch my breath, I slowly rolled off of her onto my back. Needless to say, I was exhausted. I wasn't even sure I had the energy to get up and put my clothes on. I simply lay there, staring at the ceiling, and breathing. I felt... drained. I saw Elizabeth's form crawl up above me and give me an open-mouthed smile. "You were delicious," she mused.

I couldn't help but smile back at her. "And I suppose I was perfect, too?"

She smiled wider. "You still are perfect."

My vision was a little blurred, but I thought I began to notice a slight abnormality in her mouth. Two of her teeth seemed... different. Longer. Pointy. Like a pair of fangs. Before I could lean in for a closer inspection, though, she rolled off of me with a giggle.

I couldn't see what she was doing after that, but it mostly sounded like the rustle of clothes being put on. At last I heard her say, "You should probably at least put something on before whoever owns this room comes back and finds you like this."

I laughed despite myself, and slowly, groggily, arose to a sitting position. I turned around and saw her standing there, fully dressed, and again shooting me that sideways smile. "I'll see you again," she said as she walked out the door and closed it behind her.

Shakily, I arose to my feet and began gathering my clothes. Something about this encounter had been strange. I felt unusually weak. Everything I moved seemed heavy. All I really knew was that I wanted to get back to my dorm room and get into bed. A daunting task to say the least.

For the second time in one day, I returned to my dorm room in something of a stupor, although a different kind this time. I don't know how I actually got there; I came close to losing consciousness several times. But I remember I did get in through the door, shut it behind me, threw off a few clothes and crashed hard into my bed. I think it must have taken me all of two seconds to pass out.

The world became enshrouded in mists. I had to extend a hand out forward, unable to make out anything that wasn't right in front of my nose. Moreover, an oppressive heat surrounded me. A stuffy, humid breeze wrapped itself around my body, barely allowing me to breathe.

Something I couldn't see gave way beneath my feet. In the next instant, I was falling. I fell. I fell further.


I had landed in a river of some kind. Not a large one, not too deep or wide; shallow enough to stand in. Additionally, I could see it. The blinding mists had dissipated, and the cool water was available to ease the heavy heat. I scooped up a handful of the cool liquid and splashed it across my face. But I quickly found my throat was in more urgent need. I scooped another handful and poured it into my mouth, cooling my dry throat. I bent down and scooped yet another handful into my mouth, and another. And another. Just as I was preparing for another, I began to realize that what I was scooping into my mouth wasn't water. It was warm. And thick. And it tasted much better than water. I looked down at the river in which I stood, at the deep red liquid I was wading in.

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