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Young Bride in Tights


While I was in college, I sometimes helped out my uncle who had a photo store in our town. Although he couldn't afford to pay me much, I still liked to work for him since he was a nice person and I was really into photography, from shooting all the way to developing prints. On occasion he would have to leave the store for a while and asked me to cover for him if there were any customers.

One Saturday he had to leave after lunch already and told me that he had one appointment in his calendar for 4 p.m., a woman who wanted to have some pictures taken in the studio. Since no one else would be here, he suggested I close the store during the time of the shoots so as to not be interrupted all the time by other customers. Also, the store usually closed at 5 anyways on Saturdays, so this wouldn't be a big deal, he said.

During the next couple hours only two customers came into the store, wanting to pick up some prints, and soon disappeared again. I was thinking of my assignment later and wondered who that woman might be, and what she would need the pictures for. It had been a while since I last took portraits so I went to the studio, checked out the cameras and positioned them in place. I arranged the background and the lighting in a nice way, and then took a couple test shoots of myself. For some reason I was a bit nervous but could not tell why. After all, this didn't seem like too hard a task for me to do, although -- I knew very little about it, that was true also.

Just a couple of minutes before 4, I heard the door opening and thought "that must be her!" I walked to the sales room and there she was. A rather small, very pretty young woman, maybe 5'3", nice figure, curly, dark, shoulder-long brown hair with a little hint of red and a round face with barely any make-up applied. She wore an elegant black pant suit with a light blue blouse and black dress shoes with medium high heels. We looked at each other, then paused, in some sort of disbelief, then looked at each other again. She was the first to talk.

"Eric! Is that you?" She exclaimed, somewhat astonished.

"Yes, that's me! And you are... Courtney... I guess?" I wondered. I had a faint memory of a young girl in middle school of that name, she looked very much alike this young woman. I didn't know her well at that time but remember having a little crush on her from a distance, so to say.

"You got it!" She smiled at me. "Wow, I can't believe, how many years has it been?"

"About six." I replied. "You look even more beautiful than you did then," I made her a compliment.

"Oh stop it, Eric! You're the same womanizer you always were."

How come she knew that of me? I barely knew her then... but in any case I thought we should move to do some business; maybe there would be time to meet and chat later.

"So, what brings you here, Courtney?" I asked.

"Well, believe it or not, but I'm getting married next month. So I'd like to have some pictures taken of me in my bridal outfit before the wedding, just in case, you never know, and maybe also as a surprise to my fiancé." At this point I noticed that she had brought a huge bag with her.

"So I assume you got your dress in there?"

"Exactly, and all the other parts of my outfit, as well."

"I see. So let me lock the store first, since we'll be working in the studio and I could not attend to any other customers in that time." I locked the front door and changed the sign so that the side with "CLOSED" faced the outdoors. Then I led Courtney into the studio.

"There is a small room on the right where you can change," I told her and she took her big bag and disappeared. Not long afterwards, she called my name. I wasn't sure what was the matter, but I knocked on the door to the small spare room.

"Come in, Eric!" She said. "I'd like to ask you if you can help me into my dress. It's the first time I'm actually trying it on, just got it yesterday from the seamstress."

"Okay," I replied, not really sure what to do. Courtney stood in front of a large mirror, facing me with her back and had her bridal dress pulled up over her hips but not any farther than that. She wore a tight white bra size C that showed quite some cleavage as I could see in the mirror. Even her nipples showed through her bra a little bit. She also had changed into some shiny smooth white tights with reinforced toes and did not wear her shoes yet. I admired her beautiful small feet, probably size 3 or 4, and her adorable, sexy legs whose shape was even more enhanced in that smooth fabric of her tights.

"Come on, Eric -- just pull the two sides together and zip this darn thing up!" She awakened me from my thoughts of admiration. She lifted the front part of her dress up and I understood to take the two sides on the rear and hold them tightly together with one hand, while moving the zipper up, but of course without hurting her in the way. In fact the theory sounded easier than it was to do in practice and it took me several tries to accomplish my mission. I was a bit embarrassed about my "two left hands" and how long it took me to get it done, but she was perfectly okay with it and thanked me several times for my help.

While I was assisting her, I noticed a very erotic smell from her hair, somewhat flowery and almost sweet, that made me even more aroused. I had never stood that close to a woman before, not to mention one that was half naked, and in a sense even touched her, which was unavoidable while I helped her zip up her dress.

Courtney now took her shiny white pumps out of her bag and slipped her nylon-encased feet in them.

"I think I am ready," she announced and we walked back into the studio.

"You didn't bring any flowers?" I asked.

"No, unfortunately. Do you have any?"

"Yes, we do. But I'm afraid they are artificial. No one will notice on the pictures, though, I promise."

I asked her to sit on a comfortable chair first, with the bouquet in her lap, legs parallel, and to look at me with a smile. She was such an amazing bride that I almost forgot what I was doing. Her smile was so enormously charming that I almost had to ask her to stop smiling at least for a little while to get back grounded on my job again.

I did some portrait shots, close-ups, some including her upper body down to her lap and then some shots with her whole figure. I also asked her to stand, lean against an artificial pillar, and vary the way her hair dropped over her face. Then I got inspired to try things off the beaten path and I asked her to put on some serious and even strict look in her face. She was very good with those kinds of changes of her expression; I had done professional models before who were less talented than Courtney. I made her open her mouth a bit and stick her index finger in, then hold the tip to her lower lip, moving it around a bit and bending the lip slightly. Very sharp, I thought. Her fingernails must have been manicured very recently and the nails had a shiny light red polish applied to them.

My next idea was for her to sit on the sofa, with her legs across and her shoes resting on the opposite arm rest. Shoes parallel, then legs over cross, then dress moved up slightly, just a few inches, then up to the knees, then a bit further... We were already way far astray from any normal bridal shots! It was obvious to me that Courtney not only didn't mind my "special requests", but enjoyed them, since she tuned into the whole thing more and more and acted like a slutty bride in both her facial expression and the way she posed for the camera.

Not long after these shots on the couch, she took matters into her own hand and slowly began a fascinating bridal striptease in front of me which of course I had to capture on camera in every detail. She first sat down on the chair again, crossed her legs, and slipped half way out of her white heels, dangling them seductively for me and for the camera. I had to get closer for some real cool shots and was able to smell her female sweaty scent from her soles and heels, quite amazing. She let the shoe drop to the floor, then did the same with the other shoe, dangling it patiently for me to get as many close shots as I could. I wound up sitting on the floor in front of her and she took the opportunity to walk her feet in tights over my crotch area, landing on my hard cock and giving it a bit of a massage. I was so turned on, I almost fainted from that sensation, although I still had my undies and pants on.

Then Courtney took off her dress, slowly, one step at a time, and first exposed her upper body, just with a bra, and then also her butt and crotch area. What a cute round butt that was! The shiny, smooth white tights made it even more impressive and I could not help letting my hands gently slide over her bottoms between two pictures. I was nervous, a bit, but she didn't mind at all.

That encouraged me to put the camera aside just for a little bit and explore her body for a while. I started from her head and beautiful hair down to her breasts, gave them a slow massage, and then wanted to continue down but she took my hands and placed them on her back where the bra was hooked together. I knew what she wanted and I took off her bra, not without slight complications, and then went back to her absolutely stunning breasts and continued my massage. I then used my tongue as well and sucked on her dark nipples until they were very stiff and she started to moan a bit.

Courtney now started to undress me also until I was entirely nude and we sat down on the couch. She must have noticed how much I loved her feet and legs and the white tights she wore, because she placed her feet on my cock again and started a great foot job right there, only this time directly on my manhood. I was so excited that I could not hold myself back and came big time all over her feet and legs and her shiny silky white tights. She rubbed my cum into her tights and then walked her feet up my body to my face where she gently moved them and also her toes, and where I got an even stronger sensation of her sweet sweaty cute little feet.

It was my turn to massage Courtney's feet with my hands, all the toes individually, then her arches, soles, heels, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, all the way up to her crotch. The sensation of the smooth tights encasing the sexy feet and legs of this beautiful young bride made me very aroused again.

Courtney took my hand and led it underneath her tights and her panties.

"Rub it gently there!" She asked. And I tried my best for the zero experience I had. But I must have not been so bad since her breathing became heavier and her moaning louder. IT was also getting very wet down there between her legs.

"Eric, I want you to fuck me -- please!" She begged. Wow, I had never thought it would get that far, but I was definitely ready for my first time with a woman, particularly with one like Courtney. She ripped a hole in her tights right at her crotch and then moved the almost string-like bottom part of her panties aside so her pussy was free and ready for me.

I kneeled in front of her and slowly moved closer, then Courtney gently took my penis into her right hand and placed it at her love hole. I pushed forward, very slowly, then all the way, and Courtney sighed intensely. It was a magnificent feeling having my cock inside of her soft and wet pussy which was still firm in some sense and had a grip on it.

I moved in and out of her, slowly, then faster, then slowly again. She encouraged me by shouting out loud: "Fuck me! Yes, fuck me hard! Yes, like that! Like that! Give it to me, Eric! Yeah!"

She wrapped her legs encased in these white tights around my waist and pressed her heels against my butt which made me crazy of excitement. We fucked for at least half an hour until we came very closely one after another. I shot my load deep into her, exploding more than ten times, and she squirted her juices all over me.

We lay there for a while, then standing up and embracing each other, even a gentle kiss.

I was not surprised that she didn't send me an invitation to her wedding. But for some reason she forgot her white tights in the spare room. I still have them, and so do I have copies of all the pictures I took that special afternoon...

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