tagFetishYoung Bride in Tights Ch. 03

Young Bride in Tights Ch. 03


At this point, as much as I enjoyed licking and caressing April's hot and soft private parts through the smooth fabric of her nude pantyhose, I really also had this strong urge of exploring her down there directly, without anything in between my tongue and her pussy. So I surprised her by moving my head upwards rather suddenly, then grabbing the waistband of her hose with my lips and teeth, and pulling down as strongly as I could. I wasn't very successful though, and Lindsay with Rachel and Becky, all sitting on the bed and watching us, while playing with their pussies and breasts, uttered some chuckles and laughs of ridicule.

"Yeah! Take her hose off! You can do it!" Lindsay mocked me with another set of loud laughs bursting out of her, her right index finger still rubbing her clit meanwhile.

I wasn't going to give up that easily and decided to try to pull down April's pantyhose first from her right and then from her left hip, rather than starting in the middle. After several wild contortions and a little bit of secret help by April, who moved her hips up while I was pulling her hose down, I succeeded to get her entire sex free and exposed right in front of me. The other three bridesmaids cheered in appreciation and leud anticipation of what was yet to come.

I decided to do a little tease on my blonde April myself and let my tongue explore her belly button and her upper thighs first, until I slowly moved closer to her heavily aroused private parts. She quivered again, as my tongue now touched her pussy lips directly and I used my best licking and sucking skills on both her outer and protruding inner lips to increase April's arousal and lust. From the ever steadier stream of her delicious pussy juices I could tell that her orgasm was not far away, and soon her body tensed up, with her moans getting louder and her breathing shortening. I finished her off by licking and sucking on her hard clit with my tongue, until she shouted of ecstasy, shuddered all over her body and squirted out a large load of warm cum juices onto my tongue, which I sucked down and drank until it was all over. Applause came from the other three bridesmaids on the bed, and then Lindsay, the naughty Maid of Honor, got up and relieved my ankle bondage by untying the knots in her nylon stockings.

However, my wrists remained tied, and Lindsay ordered me to lie down on the bed, face up, so my tied hands had to rest under my back.

"Ready for action, ladies?" Lindsay kept the party going. "As round four, we're now gonna do a tease by all of us, just wearing our hose." Becky, Rachel and April took off their bridesmaids' dresses, their bras and high heels – if they still wore any of these – and sat down on different corners of the king size bed. Lindsay used one of her black nylon stockings to blindfold my eyes, and the other one to be wrapped around my neck. She tied it very tightly, just allowing me to barely breathe.

What followed was both the most horrible teasing pain and also the most exciting foot and pantyhose treatment I ever experienced in my life. Four girls used their sexy soft feet, encased in their expensive smooth sheer nude pantyhose, all smelling beautifully sweaty and sweet, to massage my whole body all over the place, literally from head to toe, for a very long time. With my hands tied behind my back, I could not do anything in my power to engage in this wonderful and still painful tease from my part. Every once in a while, Lindsay would pull on her stocking that was bound tightly around the neck, making me almost suffocate, and audibly enjoying my pain, suffering and fear. At other times, a bridesmaid would be rough with her feet, toes or even toenails on sensitive areas, such as my face, chest, cock or balls. But still, despite of the high level of discomfort they created at times, and despite the fear and panic I experienced when Lindsay almost kept me from breathing, I was at the same time in pantyhose and foot heaven, and could not get enough of the experience of this wonderful dance of eight pretty pantyhose-encased feet of these hot young bridesmaids that walked over me, and caressed and massaged me all over the place.

As Lindsay noticed that I was close to coming for a fourth time or so this evening, she interfered right there and announced that we now would move to the fifth round of our game tonight, called "Rodeo." April and Rachel volunteered and a coin toss decided that Rachel would be riding my cock, whereas April would squat over my face, receiving a second cunnilingus from me that night. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Becky would watch the action from the chairs, and while I couldn't see anything due to my blindfold stocking, I was sure they would play with themselves some more and keep masturbating their pussies and clits all along.

Rachel kneeled next to me, raised her hips, and then took my hard boner, inserting it with ease into her expecting wet cunt. It felt great to slide my hot cock inside her soft pussy, still feeling the smooth fabric of her meanwhile completely soaked pantyhose between my boner and her pussy walls. She moaned as my steel rod filled her up, and she sat there for a little while, adjusting to its size and volume.

Meanwhile, April had climbed on my face, slowly lowering her vulva over my face, her pantyhose again pulled up all the way. Her familiar scents gave me an immediate strong turn-on, so my cock hardened even more in Rachel's pussy, so she certainly must have felt it. I let my tongue slide again over Aprils soft and enlarged outer and inner pussy lips, the sensation enhanced by her smooth silky pantyhose between her private parts and my tongue. This time I did not wait too long until I approached her clitoris with my tongue, and she uttered a loud sigh, starting to moan as I kept licking her lust Perl forward, backward, sideways and in circular motion, bringing her to the edge of another orgasm.

Rachel in the meantime started her rodeo ride on my super hard cock, moving her pelvis up and down in rhythmic motions, and using her right hand to fingerfuck and excite her rock hard clit at the same time. As things developed, I knew it wouldn't be long until both girls were coming all over me, and I myself was very close to an orgasm, too. But then again, Lindsay the bitch intervened and tightened her stockings around my neck so bad that I almost lost consciousness and had to stop focusing on the highly arousing sex with the two hot bridesmaids I was engaged in at the same time. Just as Lindsay released her stocking bondage a little bit, Rachel and April came simultaneously, both shuddering and convulsing with their whole bodies, shouting in ecstasy, and shooting cum jisms over my face and my cock. As happy as I was for the two of them, as mad was I towards Lindsay, who again managed to keep me from coming and left me with all of my sexual organs hurting in dissatisfaction.

"Rodeo, part two!" Lindsay said, and this time I did not hear a coin toss, so I thought Lindsay would choose her favorite position for herself. Actually, she climbed on my head, and, to my surprise, had her hose pulled down a bit, so I would have direct access to her cunt. She also removed her blindfold black stocking from my eyes, but kept the other stocking tightly tied around my neck. Now that I could see her and Becky, I sure would get even more aroused by what was to follow.

Becky, still wearing her smooth nude pantyhose, meanwhile climbed on my cock facing me and I was amazed at how easily my large boner fit her tight Asian pussy. It went all the way to her cervix, though, I noticed as she sat down on it all the way. Becky waited no second and started to ride me in rhythmic motions, her tight Asian cunt holding on to my cock in a wonderful sensuous way, with the thin and smooth fabric of her pantyhose adding to my lust and arousal. She placed her cute little hands on my chest and massaged my muscles and played with my nipples, while her breathing became more rapid and her moaning became louder.

Lindsay's pussy tasted fantastic, and I was sure she had come several times already that night, the way her mix of pussy and cum juices presented itself to my tongue and my nose. I used all the skills I could muster to create the most erotic and arousing pleasure for Lindsay, despite my upset with her behavior earlier, enjoying the looks and sensation of her red dense bush in her pubic area, her hot large outer lips that had some hair as well, and her tiny inner lips that were the sweetest and most delicious to taste and experience.

Then my tongue probed into her cunt, first just a little bit, then further, and I noticed Lindsay's body tensing up and her pussy juices streaming more intensely. I soon found her most sensitive G-spot which was a little bit puffy, and applied first gentle, then firmer pressure with the tip of my tongue. This set her off completely, and she orgasmed right there, without me even having touched her clitoris yet, and her cum juices gushing out of her lust hole, filling my mouth, so I swallowed them all.

Becky had not reached her climax yet, but Lindsay was so out of her mind of crazy lust that she asked her to stop her ride and went on to climbing my hot sword herself. Still soaked from her slimy pussy juices and hot cum jisms, my rock hard cock slid into her cunt with ease, filling her up all the way. The three other bridesmaids cheered us on, as we engaged in a wild fucking rodeo, finding our common rhythm, Lindsay bouncing up and down on my hard cock, clasping it with her experienced vaginal muscles, squeezing it to the max, and then releasing it again. She was already out of her reality, screaming words no one could understand, getting hotter, sweating all over, and jamming her hips down on my boner as hard as she could. She grabbed my head, pulling on my hair in a painful way, then increasing the speed of the rodeo fuck once more, bouncing higher and landing harder, until she finally came in a massive climax, spasming for minutes and grasping my cock so tightly with her cunt muscles that I was almost worried about it. When her orgasm finally subsided, she took my cock out of her pussy and massaged it until I came with a big relief, after so many unsuccessful launches. She took my boner in her mouth and sucked down and swallowed all of its cum shots, until I was totally spent.

I was so tired and exhausted that I soon fell asleep, barely noticing the four bridesmaids taking showers and getting dressed again. They must have left the room while I was already fast asleep...


I awoke from the sound of the hotel room door being opened. At first, I wasn't sure where I was since I had been in a deep sleep. But then the lights came on and I saw Courtney entering the room in her bridal dress. She immediately noticed me lying in the bed, covered by a sheet up to my neck

"Oh my god, Eric!" She exclaimed. "You almost shocked me! I didn't expect anyone here... What the--- how come you are in MY bedroom?"

"Well," I tried to wake up a little bit and collect myself. "This is a rather long story, let's just put it that way..."

"I see!" Courtney said, clearly dissatisfied with my uninformative answer. "What a nice scarf you are wearing around your neck there—cool!" She taunted me by referring to her sister's black nylon stocking that still was tied around my neck. "Who gave that to you?" Her eyes widened and her face showed a somewhat disdainful frown.

"Make a guess!" I replied. "Your sister Lindsay!"

"Ah, I see!" Courtney noted, starting to piece together the puzzle. "Looks just a bit uncomfortable to me, no?" And she had a mocking smile on her face.

"True, Courtney, can you help me take it off?" I asked her a favor.

"How come you don't take it off yourself...?" She wondered.

I turned on my side with my back facing her and shrugged off the sheet half the way down, using my upper body. She now saw my hands still being tied behind my back by Lindsay's sexy leopard print bra. Courtney started to laugh.

"So sorry, Eric! That's terrible! What did this bitchy slut of my sister do to you? I can't believe it!" As she mocked me some more, she slowly approached the bed and bent over to me. I turned around lying on my belly now and looked into her eyes. She was as beautiful and gorgeous as ever, and even the fact that she must have had quite a couple of drinks that night, judging from the scent coming out of her mouth, I was still totally enamored with her. She kissed me on the forehead and said she would help me with my "inconvenience," as she called it, first untying the black nylon stocking around my neck, then taking off her sister's bra from around my wrists, for the first time in a while setting me free again. I thanked her and kissed her back on her cheek, soaking in the cologne she wore, as well as the arousing scent from her beautiful curly dark brown hair. 'Wow, I just kissed the bride...' I thought to myself in amazement.

Courtney, to my surprise, pulled off the sheet that still wrapped me from my hips down to my feet, exposing me completely nude on the bed.

"Oh!" She said. "Sleeping all in the nude?" And her hands gently stroked my back, moving over to my butt cheeks, then continuing down over my thighs and calves. It felt like heaven, being touched by this absolutely gorgeous bride, and I just lay down with my eyes closed, hoping it would never end. Courtney massaged me several more minutes, also applying firmer pressure with her fingers and hands, ending with a nice sexy rub of my scalp, using her fingernails for this, as well.

"You know, Eric. I came here to take my stuff to Justin's room. But I'm really glad now that I found you here because, you know, Justin just has been partying and drinking with his friends and buddies the whole night, paying almost no attention to me. I understand he wants to have a good time, but as a bride, I feel like abandoned by him," she confided.

"So sorry to hear that," I said. "Looks like it wasn't exactly the kind of wedding night you were hoping for..."

"Not really. I mean, don't get me wrong, I did have fun, I did enjoy the ceremony, meeting and talking with many friends and family and stuff... But then again, it's like, here I am, the bride, but where's my groom? Where's Justin?"

I turned towards her, looked her into her eyes and held her hand, not saying anything, just showing her my support and understanding. I noticed a small tear coming out of her right eye...

"Hey, Eric," she said after a sustained pause with her mind wandering off and our hands still holding each other. "I see my sister's camera on her nightstand. Want to take a couple of pictures of me?" I noticed that her smile had a somewhat different note than before, more lecherous and lascivious, in fact.

"Of course, Courtney," I agreed on her suggestion. "I have some experience already, I guess, taking pictures of you in your bridal outfit, so I am more than happy to continue the work we did last time..." I winked at her with my right eye.

Courtney put on her most charming smile, thanking me, and at the same time spotted my manhood which started to get hard again just by imagining the upcoming photo shoot with this gorgeous young bride. She decided to give my dick a brief kiss, and then handed me Lindsay's digital camera. I thought it was kind of funny to do some sort of repeat of a couple of weeks ago, but in so completely different circumstances: she was married now, it was her wedding night, it was her room, and she had discovered me in her room and seen me in bondage. And last not least, I was completely nude...

While taking pictures of her, I could tell that she really liked watching me as I turned red and got sweaty at times from my arousal, and as my cock got harder and pre-cum emanated from its tip. In fact, she was skillfully playing with me, almost "controlling" my arousal level by what she did, how she looked, whether she touched me on occasion, and so on.

The first couple of shots were fairly harmless standard shots of her face and her whole body in her dress, standing, sitting down, and leaning against some furniture. But soon she got more and more into her teasing mode, first slowly removing her shiny white high heels, exposing her cute size 4 feet covered in her expensive white tights, then taking off her dress, posing with her lacy white bra and tights only in many different positions, including views from behind that showed her stunning ass through the fabric of the sheer white tights. Every now and then, she purposefully touched me with her legs, feet, breasts or hands on different parts of my body, but rarely on the most intimate and erogenous parts, saving them for later. In a sense, it was wonderful and still torturous, as I of course had to focus on my "duty" to make sure the pictures would turn out well.

Courtney could not hide her considerable arousal from me, blushing at times, and I could clearly make out an ever increasing wet spot at her crotch, as her pussy juices kept flowing out of her lust hole from her sexual excitement of our encounter.

After she had removed her bra, exposing her stunning slightly hardened breasts with meanwhile erect dark nipples to me, I was aroused and exciting to a level that made it almost impossible to focus on art and photography any more. She noticed this soon and suggested to take a little break, putting on her very charming smile again. I thanked her and was glad I could rest for a while, hoping, of course, for further developments. I sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at the pictures I just had taken, trying to figure out which of them were good and which ones might have to be re-done, depending on Courtney's opinion.

Courtney got up, wearing only her stunning expensive smooth white tights, clearly without panties underneath, as her enlarged and shaved pussy lips showed through the sheer fabric of her tights, now completely soaked around her private parts by streams of her pussy juices. She walked to her travel bag and took out a bottle that looked like some liquor of sorts.

"Let's have a drink!" She suggested, handing me the bottle. It was whiskey and I enjoyed drinking something, although water would have been better for me than alcohol... I returned the bottle to her and she took not just one or two, but a rather large number of sips from the bottle. Both from her look and the way she was talking I could tell that she was now beyond tipsy and on the verge of being drunk. I worried that this might destroy the option for more sexual fun that night, so I took the bottle from her again, deciding to not hand it back to her too soon, but also not to drink too much, rather pretending that I kept drinking from the bottle.

It turned out, though, that I didn't even have to use this strategy for too long, since Courtney's next move was to kneel on the floor right in front of me and after teasing me by moving her hands up and down my thighs for a little bit, she took my rock hard cock into her cute hands and started a special massage on my most sensitive male organ. It was absolutely wonderful, she was definitely very skilled in this art and knew how to tease me and keep me on the edge by either withdrawing from its most sensitive tip and frenulum or by using her fingernails on its shaft or on my balls a bit too hard so that the pain would temporarily subdue my high state of sexual arousal.

I closed the whiskey bottle and put it on the side of the bed, then leaned a bit forward, giving her even better access to my cock and my balls and rested my hands on her head, slowly pulling it closer. Courtney understood my maybe not so discrete hint well and moved herself closer to me, as well, taking my boner into her right hand and inserting it slowly into her mouth, meanwhile softly massaging my balls with her other hand. She felt so soft, wet and smooth inside and her tongue did absolute magic with my hard-on, so my erection grew even more massive, as she was sucking the hell out of it, taking it all the way into her throat until she started to gag. As she started to squeeze my balls a bit more firmly and simultaneously sucked my cock even harder, dancing around its shaft with her skillful little tongue, I was close to coming and started to pull on her hair a little bit, out of sheer excitement and lust. As she noticed this, she let go of my cock and withdrew, to my big disappointment, having been so close to coming and already imagining shooting my semen deep into her throat and making her swallow every load... But Courtney knew very well how to keep me aroused and on the edge, so she joined me on the bed, asking me to lie on my back with my head on a pillow, and sat down on the opposite side of the bed. She now started a most fantastic foot massage, paying attention to and taking care of every square inch of my body, sometimes gently, then more firmly massaging me all over the place with her skillful cute little size 4 feet, encased in the smooth shiny white tights. The sensation of her heels, soles and toes rubbing all over me, enhanced by the sensation of the sheer smooth nylon between our skins was like heaven and almost put me into some sort of sexual trance. She purposefully did not touch my cock and my balls for a very long time, although I would have liked nothing more than that. But when her cute feet slowly massaged my face all over, it was almost killing me, so much sexual arousal and pleasure did I receive from this perfect dance of Courtney's tiny nylon-encased soles, heels and toes over my chin, cheeks, lips, nose, eyes, and forehead. The aroma and scents I inhaled were so sweet, with a slight mix of a girly sweat, that I almost came without even touching my rock-hard boner. She was clearly inspired and more adventurous because of the whiskey she had drunk just earlier, I thought.

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