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Young Ciara


Ciara, I grew up watching her grow up from a little girl to a grown woman at the age of 18 years old.

I knew her parents Ryan, and Denise who brought her up and I became friends with the family.

I met young Ciara and her family, when I was 12 years old and Ciara was almost 10 years old.

As a black couple it was quite something to move into the town we lived in, and our neighborhood but I took to them immediately as did my family and eventually they were accepted in the neighborhood.

The moment I turned fourteen, and Ciara was almost twelve her parents asked if I could babysit for them, so they could work longer hours at their jobs, to provide for Ciara.

I was never one to turn away some spare pocket money, so I agreed.

Slowly I got into babysitting Ciara, and it was nice, she was into playing any video games or going out and playing in the parks, so it was easy to keep her occupied.

Slowly the years pressed on, and Ciara began to grow up.

Her cute messy black locks were no longer messy, and uneven.

They were long and grew around her neck and ears in a cute style.

Her body changed, from a simple skinny body into a lean, athletic, naturally toned body.

Ciara's breasts grew, but never truly became big but they existed.

Her legs toned up, as did her behind and as I babysat her Ciara asked her parents to pay for dancing classes, and even yoga sessions as she grew up.

She was no longer wearing torn jeans, and a tomboy t-shirt.

She was wearing leotards, pantyhose, fishnets and tight constricting jeans and leggings that showed off her body.

But it never changed how we were together, when I babysat her.

She was the same fun, friendly mousy little girl I looked after.

That all changed the day of her eighteenth birthday.

It was a big milestone for her, she would be legal and able to do so many things.

Ryan and Denise were determined to throw her a birthday party, for her friends and family.

Incidentally I was invited, as both a childhood friend of hers and before long her resident babysitter.

Friday, Ciara's 18th Birthday Party, 5:46pm

I was late, the party had begun at 5:20pm.

I was almost thirty minutes late, how would I explain that to Ciara.

I had to come straight from work, in my boiler suit from the garage.

I was working at the town's local mechanic, Red's Motors.

Because I had to come straight from work to my apartment, I didn't get changed and wash in due time as I hoped.

I had to wash off all the oil and dirt I had accumulated from today's work load, and now dressed in a pressed light blue shirt, and smart black trousers I drove to Keri's parents house a few streets away.

I was so angry at my time keeping, I almost forgot to grab her present that I got her.

It was a surprise, and I hoped she liked it.

I pulled up my burnt up, old fossil of a pickup alongside the side of her road.

I stepped out of my pickup, and made my way quickly to her front door.

I could hear music inside, it was some R&B track but I didn't know the artist.

I heard footsteps and the door opened, it was Denise.

I smiled seeing her, and she did the same.

She was a beautiful woman, but I would never try anything with her as I respected Ryan and Ciara.

Her black hair was wild, and curled as it cascaded around her neck and shoulders.

She was wearing a nice simple red dress, and denim coat over it that looked stylish.

Denise was about 5'5 in height, with quite large breasts and behind.

A very voluptuous woman, in all the right places.

It wasn't a surprise Ryan married her.

"You're late." Denis laughed gently.

"She's going to castrate you mister, you know that." She continued, and allowed me in.

I smiled back at her holding her present in a nice bag.

"I know, I'm sorry Mrs Harris. I got stuck at the garage, and had to change quickly." I laughed gently.

"Well you better get in there, she dressed up for your benefit." Denis grinned.

"What do you mean?" I asked smiling, unsure.

"You'll see, you better get in there." Denise smiled, heading off to the kitchen.

I was curious, what would Ciara be wearing for me?

I followed the laughter, and the music playing to the back room of the house where the party was.

I slowly turned the corner of the door frame, and entered the room.

The music wasn't too loud, but loud enough as girls who were all Ciara's friends sat around the large table chatting, talking and giving the birthday girl her presents.

There were a few boys Ciara's age sat around the room, but none seemed to be talking, even to each other.

In the center at the head of the table was Ciara, smiling chatting away to a blonde girl next to her.

Now I saw what Denise meant, about the outfit Ciara was choosing to wear.

She had a gray, and black Leopard skin one piece bodysuit with matching belt around her waist, and black leather ankle boots on her feet.

Over the front of the bodysuit she wore a simple, open denim jacket.

Her brown hair was wild, blown out and even streaked in places with blonde.

It gave the impression that she was wild animal, maybe an in-tamable Tiger with the hair as it was, and the outfit but also the make-up she wore outlining her beautiful eyes, and caramel Ebony skin.

I looked around and some of the other girls wore clothes resembling only in color and design, other animals with matching make-up also.

Was this some sort of animal-ques themed party?

I just smiled, and then felt something strange looking at Ciara.

An uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, as if there were bugs or flies in there.

A feeling and emotion commonly associated with romantic feelings.

I just laughed it off, as me and Ciara connected gazes.

I moved to the large table and sat in an empty seat, as Ciara never took her gaze from me.

She stood from the table and now I saw how tight the fucking bodysuit was on her, every curve of her lean, toned, athletic body was on show.

With the ankle boots she wore, her legs were sexy and poised in a very erotic manner.

She smiled further, and came over to me sitting in the chair next to me, as if forgetting every other guest at her party.

Ciara said nothing for a few moments, just with a slight grin on her lips.

I was about to speak when she did before me.

"You're late." She smiled.

I smiled back, and let out a short laugh.

"Sorry, got stuck at the garage." I added.

Ciara smiled moving closer towards me, I felt her foot gently tap mine, perhaps unintentionally with the boots she was wearing.

"I got all dressed up for you too." She smiled.

I smiled back, still unsure what she meant by that.

"What do you mean?" I asked with a smile, but then other female and male guests arrived and Ciara was whisked away to greet them.

But not before she whispered to me.

"It's all for you, this special day is for both of us James." She whispered, before she disappeared to another part of the house.

None of this made sense, I mean Ciara was never like this... or was she?

I now started to remember that her parents, and my own told me they sensed Ciara did hide a crush she had on me as we grew up together, even with the two year gap between us both.

As I sat, Ryan came in dressed in a nice suit minus the tie and handed me a cold beer.

He sat down next to me, as the girls chatted away around us as if we didn't exist.

"Ah eighteen years old, god things are going to get far worse now." Ryan laughed drinking his beer.

I smiled back, and drank my own beer.

"How so?" I asked, mainly just acting cheerful.

"You for starters." Ryan laughed, patting me on the back.

This was getting ridiculous, first with Denise, then Ciara herself, and now her father.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

Ryan smiled.

"Ciara and you... you were always meant to be..." Ryan began to speak, before a loud smashing sound echoed from the kitchen.

"Dammit." Ryan laughed, and stood up before I could ask him to keep going.

I sighed, getting nowhere with anyone.

I downed the bottle of beer, and went to get myself another bottle from the kitchen.

I sat back down at the table where all the presents were piled, I got halfway through the bottle of beer when I felt a warm hand on my shoulder.

I turned and it was Ciara, she was smiling.

"I finally got free of my guests, they'll keep themselves busy." She said grinning.

I smiled back, and we looked deep into each others eyes smiling,

"What is going on, your parents and you have been acting weird Hun." I said gently.

Ciara smiled, looking around.

The room we sat in, around the table with the presents stacked up was empty.

"I want to explain everything, why don't we go up to my room. All my friends will be in, and out of here as we try and talk." Ciara said cautiously.

I nodded, sure I would get some answers.

We both stood and we went up the stairs to the next floor of the house, and I felt Ciara hold my hand ahead of me.

I couldn't help it, even if I grew up with her but my eyes were glued to her ass and legs in her Tiger print bodysuit, the denim coat rising and dropping gently as we climbed the stairs showing me her pert, little ass.

We made it to the first floor landing, and she continued to guide me to her bedroom.

We went inside, and she gently pushed me in as she closed the door behind us locking it.

She slowly turned to me.

"So, what did you get me for my birthday." She asked smiling, and I remembered the bag was still in my hand.

I never placed the present on the table, as I personally wanted to give it to her.

I smiled handing her the bag, as I sat on her bed.

Ciara was giddy, smiling as she took the bag.

She slowly took off her denim coat, and put it on the chair facing her study desk.

Now Ciara was wearing just the bodysuit, her boots and the belt.

The color of the suit was contrasting, beautiful on the eyes and I could make out every curve she had.

She slowly opened the bag, and took out a small box.

"What is it? She asked, grinning from corner to corner of her mouth.

"Open it." I said smiling, waiting to see how happy she would be.

She opened the box, her smile disappeared but it was a face of surprise, that replaced it.

"Oh my god, where did you get this?" Ciara shivered looking at me, as if it couldn't exist what she held in her hand.

"A collector, lives out in Texas. I contacted him, and had him mail it to me." I explained sitting on her bed.

"But how, this would cost you so much." She said gently.

I smiled.

"You told me once, that your grandmother passed it onto your mom, and then she did to you... sadly you lost it, no fault of your own. What I paid for it is irrelevant Hun, what matter is that it's yours again." I smiled gently, I loved how she was so surprised.

"Thank you." Ciara gasped, wiping at her face and eyes with her palm.

"Hey its alright, I wanted to get you it." I added smiling.

Ciara's grandmother owned an old pendant, silver in metal in the shape of a wolf entwined with what looks to be a woman in shape.

Ciara's grandmother passed it onto Denise, and then Denise gave it to Ciara for her fourteenth birthday.

However whilst wearing it at school, she somehow lost it in class and even though she searched everywhere, she couldn't find it.

For the last four years Denise, and Ciara had tried to find another pendant in the same shape and form.

However after four years of trying, they gave up a few months before.

I didn't give up though, and searched the net for anyone who had the same pendant.

I hit gold about three weeks before Ciara's birthday, and I had the owner mail it out to me.

I knew Ciara would love it, as she felt guilty for losing the original.

"God, thank you James." Ciara moaned, her tears growing as she leaned down fast and hugged me.

I smiled and gently rubbed her back.

"Oh, thank you so much. James... can I ask for one more present from you." Ciara asked me gently, our faces so close we were just inches apart.

"Sure, what do you want angel." I asked smiling, it was probably something silly.

Ciara wiped her tears away, and stood straight looking down at me as I sat on her bed.

"Close you're eyes, and whatever I do you must not open your eyes alright?" She asked me.

I smiled and nodded in silence closing my eyes.

In darkness I waited, and I heard the movement of Ciara's shoes and then a weight rested in my lap.

It was someone, it was Ciara.

We were alone in the room.

"Ciara what are you doing?" I asked becoming concerned.

She was breathing hard, as if she was trying her best to do what she wanted as best as she could.

"You promised, James. Just sit, you will understand." Ciara said, moving around on my lap, until she was comfortable.

She was weird, I never really saw Ciara liked this especially since this was her birthday.

She had only been a few hours as an eighteen year old girl.

I felt her lean in and then she did it, it was an inexperienced attempt but she did her best.

She leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips, yet her lips did quiver at first but she slowly progressed onto sliding her warm tongue into my mouth.

"Ciara..." I moaned into her mouth, as she desperately tried her best to kiss like an adult would.

Her hands shook, and quaked as she dropped her small, cute hands into my lap and then I felt her rub my cock through my trousers.

She got as far as getting her hand around my shaft through the thin, trousers but I jumped up.

Luckily Ciara only rolled onto the bed onto her side, she sat up as I backed away against the wall of the room.

"Ciara, this is wrong!" I said angry, but more shocked.

Ciara was crying, wiping her tears away.

"James please, I wanted to show you." She pleaded.

I was breathing hard, feeling my back against the wall of the room.

"Show me what?" I demanded.

Ciara breathed deep, and shivered as she looked up at me.

She looked left and right gently, with her eyes glazed slightly.

"I'm in love with you James, I have been since I was fourteen. The last four years have been... torture. Watching you with older girls than me, and them making you happy. You making them happy. I dreamed for those four years of being with you, my mom and dad always knew. I told my mom, my dreams about you, I told my friends about you. I only ever wanted to make you happy, and be with you." Ciara sighed, and sat limply on the bed.

"I did this all wrong, I destroyed all of this with you." Ciara whispered low to herself.

I sighed, and slowly walked over to her, sitting on the bed gently.

I sat next to her, and gently put my arm on her furthest shoulder and gently pulled her close to me.

"You never did anything wrong, Ciara." I said, and she pressed her head against my shoulder.

"I wore this for you, because I knew you liked these kind of outfits on girls." Ciara said, more in a low moan.

"I don't even know the first thing about sex, I'm just going by what my friends have told me. But what they've told me just doesn't make sense, they sleep around enjoying the freedom. They even told me, that I should just sleep around but when I think of that it hurts me. The idea of doing those things with someone that's not you." Ciara explained, trying to convey how she had felt for the last four years.

"Don't follow them, or believe what they consider what sex is. Why do you need to have sex so needlessly, and unsafe. Your friends want to parade around, having sex with every Tom, Dick and Harry let them. Don't become like them." I said advising her.

Ciara laughed gently.

"How can I, when it's you I love. I don't want to have sex with anyone that's not you." Ciara corrected me.

There was a silence between us as we sat together.

"So you'll never have sex, unless it's with me?" I asked.

Ciara simply nodded.

"It's only ever going to be you, I can't learn without it being you." Ciara said gently.

I looked around the room, and then down at Ciara who wasn't looking at me.

"Sex, is a very serious thing to do Ciara. It's not something you should do carelessly, it's too risky to do without thinking, of who the person is you do it with, and the risks." I said trying to coax her into thinking perhaps, it wasn't such a good idea to do it with me, or anyone even.

"I know it's a very serious thing to do, James. I'm not planning to sleep around, I plan on it being with just one man and one man for the future. You." Ciara said simply.

I sighed, rubbing my eyes.

"Ciara, it's not just about sex, a relationship is about doing things together, having fun together, and being a couple." I explained.

Ciara smiled.

"I know what it means for us to be together, sex is just one thing we would do together. I'm old enough to go see adult films with you in the cinema, we can go for meals. All of it." Ciara smiled, looking up at me.

I had to admit she was adamant, I smiled.

Ciara looked at her door and stood, turning around to face me she was grinning.

"Look at least... show me what you'd do to me, like simulate it for me. I need to know." Ciara asked.

I smiled.

"What do you mean, show you?" I asked curious.

Ciara pulled me gently to my feet, and took my hand.

"Put your hands where you would want to put them, if we were having sex." She moaned.

"Ciara, this will get out of hand." I said laughing gently.

Ciara breathed hard, and took my other hand holding both.

"Show me at least, if we can't have sex together. At least show me, simulate for me. I can take what you show me into later life." She said.

I sighed, and now taking in her body fully I noticed her curves and how the bodysuit clung to her skin.

This was so wrong, I loved Ciara as a sister, but never thought of her in this context before.

"Ciara... I can't." I surmised, and I feared I was hurting Ciara, destroying what she wanted with me for so long.

"I'm not a little fucking girl James, I'm the woman I know you need in your life." Ciara said determined.

I sighed, forcing a groan.

"It can't be this way, it feels to wrong to go about this with you in this way. I want to do this properly with you, I know you are unsure how to do that. Let me show you how to do this properly with me." I said trying to convince her, almost backing away.

Ciara sighed.

"It's because of my skin isn't it, that I'm not white. My parents are black, and I'm mixed race. That's why you don't want me." Ciara said backing away from me, to the center of the room watching me.

I was disgusted, I didn't give a shit about color, or creed.

I wouldn't let it come between my friends, or family or a person I fell in love with.

"Jesus Christ, don't be ridiculous." I said derivatively.

Ciara gasped.

"Don't lie to me, I remember every girl you've been with since you turned eighteen James. Caroline, Terri, Chloe, Susan, and Sarah. All white girls." Ciara accused me.

I smiled.

"You forgetting about Alice, or Becky. They were black, and I was with them. Skin color don't mean shit to me." I said.

Ciara looked as if she was trying to remember the two names I just gave her, and she sighed remembering.

"If it's not because of that, then what is it?" She asked me.

I smiled, but it was faint.

"It's you, I didn't love any of those girls in my past. It's different with you, I love you even if it's more as a sister. It will take a while to come to terms with how you feel about me." I explained.

Ciara nodded, but it seemed that what I was saying was tearing her up from inside.

"Let's try it, but let's keep the sex element away from it for the moment. Let's date, go out and do what a couple would do when they're dating." I said smiling.

Ciara looked up at me, a tear in the corners of her eyes.

I gently used the sleeve of my shirt, to wipe them away.

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