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Young Couple Meets Older Love


We weren't too sure of them to begin with but they have turned out to be really nice couple, and they have two lovely young children as well. As this area is mainly people over 50 we didn't think they would fit in very well, seeing as they were in there early 30's. But they are well mannered, have done a lot of work on their home in the last 6 months and always have a ready smile for you and a chat if your so inclined

Today was what they called, their official moving in day. All the building was done, the garden had been planted and all the new furnishing delivered.

"You have made it look beautiful. Haven't they Mike?" Mary said.

I agreed adding, "I know that Bill and Hetty hadn't done anything in all the years they lived here. It was a bit of an eyesore to be honest and we were quite glad when they decided to move to France."

Jerry laughed, "Well shall we say it was a bit dated." He took Helens hand and raised his glass, "Here's to our new home and to our new friends who have made us feel so welcome in there community."

We drank the toast and wondered around for a while looking at the changes they had made. Most of the inside had been knocked down to make it all open plan but the biggest feature had to be the huge conservatory they had built on the back. With a south facing view it would get the sun all day. Of course it had the modern gadgets automatic windows and an opening roof.

When I commented on the roof Helen said, "I love to sunbathe when I can and if the sun isn't out I can keep my all over tan with the sun bed." Which was very conveniently folded away in a cupboard in the wall.

"I wondered how you kept your tan in march." I said

"She is always under that sun bed, or out in the garden sunbathing whenever she can." Jerry said

We chatted for a while longer but Mary was getting tired as she did so easily these days so we had a last drink and left them to enjoy there new home. For the next couple of months life went on as usual. We got friendlier and friendlier with them both. Even babysitting sometimes when they went out. To be honest I think it was more me that did the babysitting and played with the little ones than Mary.

Mary and I had been together for 30 years, and I loved her dearly. We had one child, a son who died after complications with the birth, leaving Mary unable to have any more children. We had long accepted the fact and were more than happy with our lives, but the introduction of a little 2 and 3 year old was a nice change and I enjoyed the time I spent with them. I also enjoyed handing them back to mum and dad. They could be very tiring. Jerry and Helen said "It was nice for children to have surrogate grand parents as both there parents had emigrated to Canada and New Zealand some years before." In fact Jerry's parents hadn't even been able to get to the wedding.

One night as I lay in bed reading, as Mary and I always did before we went to sleep, we heard this noise from next door. Mary looked at me and I looked back and smiled. "What?" she asked, "Have they got burglars?"

"I don't think so dear, ignore it." I said grinning.

The noise was getting louder and louder, banging on the wall now. A rhythmic banging with raised voices. As the voices turned in to frenetic screams of sexual pleasure Mary said, "Oh! Oh yes right, I see hmm goodnight." And switched her light off, and I suppose she went to sleep.

I smiled to myself and once the noise had gone I settled myself to sleep, but I couldn't help think about what I had heard and wondering, When was the last time Mary and I had sex. And was it ever like that?

As a retired businessman I spent a lot of time either on the golf course or at home. Mary on the other hand spent a lot of time doing voluntary work. In fact 5 days a week and even 6 at times. She said it allowed her to meet people and keep occupied. Well it gave us space that was for sure

The following morning I got up and saw Mary off to work then settled in the garden with a cup of coffee, thinking of nothing in particular.

"Hi Mike."

It was Helen wondering around her garden which they had made quite secluded with trees, so secluded that the only gap was a gate they had put between our gardens for when they brought the children round. It was at this point that Helen stood. I wondered over to her making some silly comment about the spring weather while all the time my mind was on the noises I had heard the previous night.

"Forgive me for asking Helen but we heard some strange noises late last night and wondered if you had gone out at all. I didn't think you had so didn't knock but I wasn't sure."

Helen flushed and put her hand to her mouth, "Oh I'm sorry Mike. I didn't realise the walls were that thin. Jerry and I have moved into the large room now so it was probably....us....you heard." She hunched her shoulder a little, "Sorry."

"Oh that's fine." I said without any embarrassment, "It's nice to hear you enjoying yourself. Err no! That's not what I meant."

"Don't worry Mike I know what you mean." she laughed, "We, or should I say I, will try and keep the noise down in future."

"No please you just enjoy yourself don't worry about us. Brought back memories of when I was younger, Mary was a bit like you. Ohh sorry getting a bit personal. I think I better quit while I can."

"No Mike. Come round and have a cup of coffee with me." she said with a smile "You never really talk about yourselves and I would really like to if that's ok? Your such nice people really. Really rare these days to find genuine people."

"How could I say no?" I laughed, "But all this flattery isn't necessary."

"Shut up and come through."

I followed her to the house and as we entered the conservatory she said, "Take a seat. I will bring out a tray."

No matter how I tried I couldn't get the noises of the previous night out of my head and as I watched her walk away I imagined that nice rounded bum thrashing around in a sexual melee. Helen returned with a tray and poured out two mugs of coffee.

"So how did you and Mary meet then?" she asked

I told her how we had both been at the Margate festival in the 60's. She laughed when I told her it had really been a Mods and Rockers war or gang fight as she would know it. She couldn't believe that at the end of the battle we all sat on the beach together drinking, having a laugh and making love. And when I told her the police just sat on the wall and had a drink with us she was amazed. Anyway I told her how a few months later we got married, how we had lost our son and how, being the generation we were we accepted it as part of life and got on with it.

She listened intently, as I slowed down she said, "The 60's. Wow all love making and Peace Man." with this last she put up the reverse V sign.

I laughed, "Yes, well that was a long time ago."

"Do you and Mary still....?"she started, "Sorry maybe that's a bit personal."

"No!" I said with a smile, "No it's not too personal and no not really not anymore She doesn't have the energy anymore. Anyway we're much to old for that."

"Don't be daft, your never too old. You're a very active man, I've seen you in the garden, your fit enough for your age and you play a lot of golf that must need fitness. What is it they say? A round of golf is a 10 mile hike."

"How did you know I played golf?" I asked, surprised that she had noticed as I kept my bag in the clubhouse.

She laughed out loud, "Oh I'm sorry Mike, but you always come back with your trousers tucked in your socks."

"Do I really" I laughed, "I had never realised. I will have to watch that or Mary might get onto me." I got the last bit from the outtakes of Liar Liar with Jim Carrey but I don't know if Helen got the joke.

After a short silence I said, "I suppose it just happens when you have been with someone for a long time. You sort of lose interest or drive, or both."

"Drink your coffee before it gets cold." she said, "I didn't mean to upset you. Sorry."

"Nooo, really it's fine." I said, forcing a cheerful smile, "And stop saying sorry."

"Oops I think he's onto me." Helen said, and did the same kind of moves that Carrey did in the film, which went a long way to bring back the light mood.

We chatted for a half hour or so then Helen said she had to pick the children up from childcare. I went home and thought about what she had said. In the end I forced it from my mind as all I could think of was her and Jerry rutting the previous night.

That night the same thing happened again, banging on the wall and loud voices. This time Mary laughed, "Remember when we were like that?" she said to my surprise "We used to be at it all the time. Remember that Hotel in Spain when the people complained we woke the kids up?"

I thought for a moment and then laughed, "God that was a long time ago. They were really annoyed. I remember we did it again the following night just to annoy them."

We chatted for sometime about when we were younger till well after the noises stopped . Then we made love. Not as Helen and |Jerry did. Even if the headboard did bang on the wall a few times. But as we always had, nothing very exciting. Our sexual adventuring had gone with the seventies but after a gap of a few years it was nice to know we could still do it.

The following day I again saw Helen in the garden. I was going to try and ignore her but she looked at me sheepishly. "It was your own fault." she said, "And anyway from what I heard we weren't the only ones at it last night."

I blushed, and went on the defensive, "Yes but not quite as frenetic and certainly not as....shall we say verbal as some others I could mention. Coffee?"

Coming through the gate she said "Oh I know. I am sorry for the language but I just can't help it. It must be horrible for you, I know I have a really foul mouth at times. Maybe we should move into the back room then you wont hear it so much. I don't want to upset you or Mary."

"No don't be silly the language doesn't bother me in the least. I can swear as well as the next man." I said

"Well it must have been a bit of a turn on from the noises I heard through the wall." Helen said with a smile.

"Ahh" I said, handing Helen her coffee. "Not quite in your league though I fear. Anyway you said I have only myself to blame. What did you mean by that?"

"Ohh." she said, "Well I told Jerry that you had heard us the other night and think the thought of being listened to just turned him on so much he had to do it again. Not that I'm complaining." She was obviously embarrassed.

"Well you can tell him I am more than happy to listen as much as he likes." I laughed but I think Helen knew I was deadly serious.

"If I do that I will never get any sleep." she laughed

"Me neither." which made her laugh even more

"Well I have to go." she said "You come round mine tomorrow as we seem to be making morning coffee a habit ok."

"My pleasure my dear." I said with a slight bow, "Will 10am be alright with madam?"

"Cheeky." She laughed, "Yes ten will be fine." and she headed off to the gate.

You know that thing that happens when you see someone everyday, you don't actually see them. You don't look at them, you sort of look through them or look in there direction but don't actually see them, notice them. I think that is how I had been looking at Helen, but as she crossed to the gate I saw someone entirely different. It suddenly came to my notice that she was a really good looking young woman. Slim waist, curvy hips that seemed to have a hypnotic sway to them. And if I was being totally honest she had wonderful breasts. Not that she actually flaunted them. No low cut tops as such. She did wear sensible skirts and loose fitting jeans. But she really was a good looking woman.

I watched that wonderful sway disappear beyond the gate and cleared away the cups. I had promised Mary that I would start decorating the spare room today so I suppose I better go and make a start. I changed into some old jeans and my decorating shirt, covered in the history of past decorating work. I cleared the room of furniture and started steaming the old wallpaper off. I started by the door and worked my way round to the window. I loved technology, these steam strippers made short work of a room, not like the old method of wetting the wall and scraping the paper off.

Anyway I digress. I had decided to get to the window and then make a cup of coffee, which I did. Bringing the coffee upstairs so I could work and drink. I stood by the window looking into the fields at the back of the house, just sort of day dreaming really. My gaze went to my right and my heart jumped into my mouth. I stepped back two paces not wanting to be seen. Or I suppose not wanting to be caught would be the correct phrase. But curiosity was always going to get the better of me.

I stepped forward one pace and craned my neck as far as I could, yes, I did see what I thought. The conservatory that was attached to Helens house was right under my position and I could see she was on her sun bed. Naked. I always thought those things sort of lay on top of you, but this one was at the side of her pointing down at a forty-five degree angle. It hid nothing of her body, though it was only her back it had my heart going so loud I had to control my breathing for fear having a seizure, or that's how it felt.

I took another step forward. As she was on her front she couldn't see me, but if she turned over she would be looking in my direction. I watched half hoping she would turn over but half hoping she wouldn't. If she did I would have to hide. She had been hiding her body in her loose fitting clothes, The body I was gazing on bore very little resemblance to the one that had been in my kitchen earlier. That body was gorgeous, this body was absolutely stunning and not just because it was naked. It was firm and shapely, the curves accentuated by the bumps, but both complimenting each other perfectly.

Suddenly she moved to turn over, I jumped spilling my coffee all down my shirt as I stepped out of sight. I sat on the floor for some stupid reason, looking into me hands. I suppose I was a little ashamed of peaking at her the way I did, but hell I was just decorating, I didn't do it on purpose. Did I?

To begin with I didn't see her on purpose, but if I looked again, well I would be guilty, no question. But I had to get the room stripped didn't I. I was going to take the curtain rod down while I drank my coffee but I decided to pull the curtains and carry on with my work. I closed the curtains and did my very best not to look over at Helen, tried but didn't succeed. A quick glimpse told me she was on her back, black goggles covered her eyes her breasts standing proud even though she was laying down, I didn't see anymore but knew I couldn't resist another look before long.

Silly as it sounds I decided to strip the room from the other direction., approaching the window from the other side. That way I could take a peak at Helen as my reward for doing so well. You have never seen a room stripped so fast in your life. Back at the window now I stood by the gap in the curtains and took a sneak look at Helen. She still lay there, naked, beautiful. Proud breasts, firm stomach, curvy hips long legs and just above her vagina a slim line of pubic hair. A bit like a sideways moustache I laughed to myself. God my cock was hard, who the hell needs Viagra when you have a view like this to turn you on.

I stood looking for what seemed like ages lost in a dream world, till she moved and woke me up. I realised that I was in full view if she looked up and again fell back, this time I was laughing at my stupidity. Those goggles were total blackout for safety, but still I fell back

I rushed downstairs and made another cup of coffee, sitting at the table shaking, not sure whether it was the excitement of watching that gorgeous woman sun bathe or the fear of being caught. Probably a mixture of both, whatever, it was an hour before I could summon up the courage to go back upstairs and look out of the window. She had gone, I breathed a sigh of relief, as much as I would love to watch her all day, I don't know if I could live with the guilt feelings.

I stared at the sun bed for a while and then taking a deep breath opened the curtains and continued stripping the room. It seemed to take forever but once it was done I had a final look out the window. I don't think that view would ever be the same again.

I didn't say anything to Mary of course, she was just pleased that I had made a start. I told her I would continue tomorrow with the painting and probably paper the following day. She seemed a bit bemused at me giving her an itinerary as I had never done before but I just said I didn't want her thinking I was going to sneak off to golf.

That night again was disturbed with banging and shouting from the bedroom next door. If anything it seemed even louder than before. Mary just went to sleep. How? I don't know but she did have a smile on her face. I listened till silence descended. Thinking of Helens body naked in bed with her husband, him thrusting into her, she begging for him to fuck her brains out, and not to stop, and harder fuck it harder. All the things she had screamed at him. It took ages for me to fall asleep, partly because of the impossible erection I had and partly because of the impossible imaginings that went on in my head.

The next morning as arranged I went round Helens at ten, the conservatory door was open and she was just bringing the coffee tray out. "I knew you wouldn't be late. That's what I love about the older generation." she said, "Always well mannered, always on time and....." as I pushed her chair in "....so gentlemanly."

For some reason I was sort of lost for words, I think guilt may have been a part of it, but the way I saw her now also played a huge part in it as well. It seemed that her top was just that little bit lower, her breasts that little bit bigger and the fact that she wore a skirt, not exactly short but above the knee also, I don't know, maybe made me feel she dressed for me, Stupid I know but when you're my age you can live in hope can't you.

"You ok Mike?" she asked. "You seem a little quiet this morning."

"Oh yes I'm fine I just had a bad night."

"Oh we didn't keep you awake again did we? I am so sorry"

"Oh no not all. In fact I have come to enjoy the sound of you enjoying yourselves." I said it without thinking and regretted it straight away. "Sorry. That sounds really bad. Like a voyeur or something."

"Oh don't be silly Mike. We both love the fact that you can hear us. We find it quite a turn on knowing we are being listened to. I think that's why it gets more and more outrageous. Or hadn't you noticed that?"

"Have you done it before then, where you used to live?"

"No never."

In some way that pleased me, like it was just ours, which again was silly as I didn't really know what Jerry thought. "I'm glad." I said, a little shyly.

"Mike, you will get me blushing."

"After what I heard last night I don't think I could make you blush."

"See, I can feel it I've gone all red." she put her hands to her cheeks and giggled like a schoolgirl.

I stood up and bowed formerly, "My most humble apologies my dear." I said and sat down again, now we were both laughing

"Your so sweet you know." she said quite seriously, "You are really such a gentleman." She put her hand to my cheek and brushed it lightly.

"Now I have gone all red." I said. And I had, bright red, partly because of the instant erection I got at her touch.

I stood up and turned to look down the garden hiding my embarrassment. The sun bed was still out so I picked up the goggles and looked through them. They were not as black as I expected.

"I didn't mean to embarrass you." Helen said, taking the goggles and putting them back on the table. "I wouldn't hurt you for the world I hope you know that."

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