tagNonHumanYoung Fairy Seduces New Elf Lover

Young Fairy Seduces New Elf Lover


As a newly adult fairy, Fay had learnt to morph her tiny form to different sizes so that she could mate with other creatures of all kinds. Her newest lover was Puck, an elf prince, who was handsome and highly virile, but much larger than she, so that she had to make herself larger to accommodate him.

She had first encountered him in the gardens of the mountain castle where he resided, and had offered herself as a lover by floating and dancing in the air in front of him, fluttering her eyelashes, flicking her blonde hair, then shedding her flimsy garments to display her tiny but well-formed body. His eyes widened with delight and scanned her tiny frame, admiring her budding breasts, narrow waist, slim legs and hairless pubic mound, where his stare lingered, as if wishing to possess her on the spot. As soon as she had seen his lustful reaction, she flew away from him towards some bushes, knowing he must be admiring the sight of her perfectly rounded little buttocks, and sure he would follow her.

He had indeed followed her into the tiny clearing in the bushes and relished his expression when he had caught up with her and saw her nude body facing him, now only a little shorter than he. Without a word, she had given herself to him immediately, lying on the grass and parting her slim legs, as she watched him shed his clothing and stand over her, his growing member hovering above her. She had so relished the feeling of surrendering herself to this horny young elf, looking down her slender nude body as he positioned himself between her legs, the smooth head of his cock already glistening and throbbing. Her little pussy was wet and ready, and her swelling lips had parted easily as he slowly entered her, making her gasp with delight. Their first time had been over quickly, her juices flooding out as he thrust a few times and released his seed into the belly of the tiny fairy.

The next day Fay had come back for more, giving in to an urgent lust that made her young body ache.

Hungry for pleasure, Fay hovered behind the leaves of the tree, watching Puck approach from the castle. Wearing only his cloak, he walked forwards towards her, not yet seeing her, his naked body facing her. She admired his muscular body and between his legs she saw what she wanted most, his muscular member, knowing she could make it so hard and excited, knowing she would stimulate him so much he would give her huge pleasure and explode with lust again. She was already getting hot and wet thinking about it.

She licked her lips and reached down with one hand to lift her short flimsy dress up enough to touch herself with the other hand, feeling with her soft fingers the warmth of her little pussy through the silky material of her tiny panties. Soon she would not need to help herself - she would transform to his size and give her slender body to him, but only after she drove him wild with lust.

He soon reached her forest and stood ready to receive her, dropping his cloak and standing proudly naked. She settled on his outstretched arm, glittering with excitement. But immediately some of her fairy cousins appeared and joined her, each shining bright to attract his attention and feed his desire. As he watched the little nude creatures flirting and dancing in front of him she saw him harden and met his eyes, giving him her most lustful wicked smile. He grinned back and blew her a kiss. At this moment the other lustful fairies knew he had chosen her, and flew off to a nearby bush to play with themselves and satisfy each other...

Puck was ready for her alone. He was getting hard, stroking himself to make ready.

Fay was ready to prepare herself for him too. She fluttered down in front of him and brushed her feathery wings around his proud cock, teasing the tip so that it got harder and started rising up. She landed briefly on it and kissed and licked the tip with her tiny tongue. He was smooth and hard, swelling under her, and she got the first taste of his juices as they started seeping out to lubricate him. But then she flew away and looked back at him with a cheeky smile. She knew it wouldn't take much to make him burst and spurt his cream all over her, but she needed to make herself his size and she wanted him inside - already her little pussy was wet and aching for him.

The first thing she wanted was to be naked too. She flew up in front of him, hovered teasingly, slipped off her tiny dress and let it fall to the ground. Now she was dressed only in her tiniest panties and sexy heels, knowing that would drive him wild. Sure enough she glanced back and saw that he had grown even more! She wiggled herself in front of him and knew he was aching for it as much as she was, admiring her tight buttocks and shapely figure. Her tiny panties were already soaked, she could feel her juices seeping out and dripping down her inner thighs.

Then she re-materialised, full size, naked except for a fresh pair of panties, which immediately became wet! As he watched, she caressed her little breasts and slid fingers into the panties. Now she had to be naked too, so she peeled them off and dropped them to the ground.

Next she turned to face him, her back against the tree, and saw him admire her small and perfectly shaped breasts and her white slim body. She wanted to give herself to him, open herself up and take that massive throbbing cock inside her. She felt an ache, a desperate urge to be taken hard, wanting it all inside! So she gyrated her slender body, slowly, teasingly, watching him spring to attention again, enjoying his smile and the look of lust he gave her.

He knew the game: she would lead, so he just had to watch and wait. But his lust was so strong he couldn't help reaching down to stroke himself and show her what she was about to get. He smoothly caressed himself along its full length, bulging with desire, knowing he could so easily help himself now and squirt out a heavy load so powerfully that it would spray over her from a metre away. But he wanted to wait. And knew she wanted his cum for herself.

She looked across at his body, grinning at the power she had to make him want her so much, admiring his proud hardness, pointing it towards her. She wanted so much to ram it inside herself, and she almost came as she watched! She remembered last time feeling him inside, the force of his explosion and the power of her flooding juices.

But for now she stood against the tree, her proud nudity defiantly facing him, her pert breasts forward, nipples erect. She briefly edged her hand down her body, caressing her white flesh as he watched, turning herself on more, watching him throb.

She quickly touched her pussy lips, knowing he could see what she was doing, and grinned as her fingertips briefly entered her wetness. She quickly thrust her fingers inside, flicking her fingertips across her clit, bringing herself closer! But she wanted more than fingers inside, she wanted to touch and taste and feel his warm hardness. She knew she could just reach over and stroke him, softly and expertly until he couldn't take it anymore, imagining making him come over her. And she could guide his hands over her body, push his long fingers inside her and make herself come over him too! But no, not yet...

Next she had to take him in her mouth. She yearned to feel his smooth hardness inside her lips and on her tongue. She wanted to make him throb and moan, bringing him to the edge. So she knelt down in front of him, took a firm grip of him with one hand, and slid her mouth over him. So soft but hard, so warm and powerful. She sucked and licked and rubbed him with her soft fingers, knowing she could bring him to climax so soon, feeling him throb and thrust deeper insider her mouth. He was so close now, aching to burst into her, fill her with cream.

But they both knew how she wanted it. She stood up and grinned then turned herself around to lean against the tree, spreading her legs ready. She grabbed hold of the tree, leaned forward and spread herself. He eagerly grabbed her around the waist and moved close behind her. Now was the time. They were both so hot and horny and full of lustful desire there was no stopping it now...

His hardness entered her immediately. She felt the smooth tip pushing her pussy lips apart, gently forcing its way in. She opened up to it, gripping him with her inner muscles as he began to thrust. He pushed hard, slow, deep, right up inside her, filling her with his hard throbbing muscle. Both could take no more, they were so turned on after a few hard thrusts that they both came, she releasing a flood of juices, he spurting a warm creamy load deep inside her willing body. They gasped and moaned with lust and pleasure, sated, for now...

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