tagBDSMYoung Girl fucks Elderly Stranger

Young Girl fucks Elderly Stranger


My new Altima hummed quietly as I idled outside his apartment. I clutched the wheel, wondering if I was crazy, if I should just back out now. I had hooked up with plenty of guys before but I had never used a hook-up app nor had I ever slept with a guy older than 20. As I felt the doubt creep in I pushed it away with a steel resolve, reminding myself the promise I made.

Six months ago on my 18th birthday I was getting rammed from behind by my skinny college tutor, Andy (something I made him promise to do to me as I nibbled on his nerdy little ear and rubbed his hard-on through his jeans in the public library.) He blew his load and at the same time, I closed my eyes and came hard. But instead of seeing his penis spilling thick juice into my pussy like I usually did, I saw Andy's dad. His face contorted with pleasure and his fat cock contracting as he erupted inside me.

A week later I was masturbating in the park on Sunday. It was early, the sun had just risen and I had tucked myself into my favorite hiding place among some bushes to rub one out half-way through my run. A cliché couple consisting of a gray-haired man and a much younger woman who looked to be in her thirties were jogging and had stopped for a drink. The woman said something funny and the man roared with laughter, throwing his head back before gently placing his hand on her back and stepping in to kiss her. The kiss deepened and when the man began to groan I realized the woman was rubbing his cock through his thin shorts. I began rubbing my clit furiously and was about to climax when, to my dismay, the woman pulled away and sweetly said, "You have to do better than that," before giggling and taking off down the path. It was only seconds after they left when I let out a loud groan as I squirted all over the grass and leaves.

Pulling myself out of my daydream, I leaned back into my seat. The only thing holding me back was my inexperience with strange men. It took me two weeks to work up the courage to get an app, then another month until I swiped on a total DILF who had put in his profile that he liked long hair and younger women with "a nice round ass". We matched, unsurprisingly since my profile was filled with quality shots of me in various expensive lingerie on my bed and one of me suggestively eating a banana, mostly because I couldn't help myself.

I opened the app and re-read what we had discussed, including our safe word. I had detailed exactly what I wanted which he agreed to with only two requests: a little bit of acting on my part and he got to finish inside me. My nipples hardened at the thought and I squirmed in my seat. I hadn't told him but the thought of a guy filling my pussy with his cum was my biggest turn-on. I closed my eyes and imagined his huge, fat cock pumping his jizz into my cunt until it came seeping out. I rubbed my nipples, pinching them until they were blatantly visible through my thin tight, red long-sleeve crop top. It left nothing to the imagination, hugging my ample, perky breasts. My black lace thong was undoubtedly soaked through already.

I heard a squeaky door open and I looked out the car window to see the man from the pictures. He was 56 years old and 5' 10" tall with a hanging beer-belly, a scraggly gray beard and nasty yellow teeth. He was rubbing himself, watching me from his doorway only five feet away. Soaking wet, I shut off the engine and stepped out of the car. My skirt swayed in the light breeze, revealing just a bit of my jiggling ass with each step. I walked slowly over to him, making a show of touching my black leather thigh-high boots. When I made it within arms reach of him, he grabbed me by my hair, pushing me into the dark hallway.

Shoving me up against the wall he pushed his groin against my ass. I gasped at the onslaught but my surprise at the gentleness behind it quickly turned into further arousal. He whispered furiously in my ear "I saw you there, in the car." He paused to slowly inhale my scent. "You dirty," he slapped my ass, "nasty—", he reached the tip of his fingers under my flimsy skirt waistband, "little puta" he spat as he ripped it right off. Liquid dripped down my thighs and onto my boots knowing that I was in a public hallway, with a strange man, in nothing but a thin crop-top, a lacey black thong, and thigh high boots. I trembled as he licked my neck from my shoulder and stopped to nibble my ear.

"Bad girls like to be punished, no?" He growled as he slapped and grabbed my ass.

"Y-Yes" I gasped, biting my lower lip.

He slapped my ass harder, "That's 'Yes, Papi' you stupid bitch." I let out a soft moan and pushed my ass into his groin, rubbing it up and down along the shaft of his enormous penis. "Yes Papi, forgive me Papi" I moaned.

"You'll have to do better than that to earn my forgiveness, puta." He grabbed me by my hair again, pulling me away from the wall and dragging me down the hall, through another creaky doorway. He threw me on to a stiff bed that smelled like sweat and sex and looked as though it hadn't been cleaned in months. Bent over the bed, he admired my ass, groping, slapping, and biting it. With each nibble I felt myself get wetter and start dripping onto the floor. I started to reach for my nipples when I felt him slap my ass, hard, leaving behind a stinging mark.

"No, puta, you don't get to touch yourself." Ripping my shirt off, he walked to the other side of the bed, pulled me onto the mattress and tied my hands to the bedposts. Now, unable to leave on my own and kneeling on a strangers bed with my ass in the air, excitement flooded me.

"Please fuck me Papi, I need to be punished," I begged, squirming and making a failed attempt to play with myself.

Behind me I hear the jingle of a belt being undone and the soft thud of clothes hitting the ground before I felt the bed shift. I could smell him behind me, rancid body odor flowing into my nostrils. I was about to beg him to touch me when his dick pressed against my back as he leaned over me, pinching my nipples. "Oh, Mami, you're so bad." He hissed into my shoulder. "You're going to get punished tonight like the little puta you are." He said through his teeth as he pulled straight down on my nipples.

I let out a harsh shriek, "AH! Oh god, Papi, oh yes." My nipples flared with pleasure, making my whole body feel hotter than it already was. I felt his dick tremble against me.

"Please destroy me Papi," I begged as desperation seeped from my voice, "I can't take it anymore, please."

He let out a feral groan as he kissed and nibbled my neck before making his way down to my sopping wet pussy, "Oh Mami, you nasty girl, you're so wet." He took in a deep breath, savoring the smell.

Suddenly, he plunged his tongue into me, causing me to cry out. "Yes, Papi!" I moaned loud enough for all his neighbors to hear. He lapped up my juices, licking rapidly before moving down and sucking on my clit. With each moment I could feel it building inside me, rising up. My heart raced and I reveled in the feel of his old, experienced tongue against my young, 18-year-old pussy. I got louder, breathing and sighing and moaning as he brought me closer to the edge. He licked and sucked ferociously, covering every last bit of me until I let out a high-pitched wail, unable to hold it in anymore. I convulsed as I squirted all over him and the bed, screaming "Yes! Yes! Yes!" in the moment of my intense orgasm.

"Oh yeah, you like that Mami, yeah." He said as I heard the slight fapping sound of him touching himself. He slapped me across the ass several times then flicked my sensitive nipples until I cried out softly.

"Please Papi, don't tease me any longer," I begged him. "Fuck me, please shove your huge cock into my pussy, I can't take it anymore." I gyrated my hips against the open air as if I could already feel his dick in me.

He laughed cynically, "You don't make demands here, puta."

Suddenly I felt it touch me, with one strong thrust, he shoved his enormous cock, balls deep into my ass. I screamed from the shock of it, but the slight pain soon turned to pleasure. Knowing this was my part to act, I halfheartedly yelled "No! Ow! Stop, what are you doing!"

He pumped, over and over again into my ass, moaning "Ahh, ahh," as he fucked me, taking it all for himself. His balls slapped against me, "You're such a fucking idiot, puta." He breathed as pain and pleasure rode me like a bull. "You think you can just meet some guy," he grunted, "And tease him with your sexy little body and not expect me to do what I want with you?"

I gripped the sheets with my hands, never once uttering the safe word. Seconds later I felt him shove his cock into me as he erupted and moaned.

"Ahhh, god, baby." He huffed as he pulled his dick out and let the wave of cum seep out onto the bed.

The front door opened. "Now thas' what I'm talkin' about" I squirmed as I heard another older male voice come from behind. Several sets of footsteps came into the room. I turned to see seven men, all dirty and rubbing hard-ons while looking at me like a pack of sex-starved wolves. A short fat guy with a long, thick dick moved to my right and began squeezing my boob and pinching my nipple. I tried hard to fight the warm feeling building inside me as another scrawny, saggy man walked up to my left and started rubbing and slapping my ass.

"Oh come on now, mija," the saggy one said as he leaned in to bite my jiggling ass cheek. "We heard you. You fucking loved being pounded with Arnaldo's monster-cock." He took in a deep breath and let out a breathy sigh. "And we loved hearing you cum all over him."

My cheeks flushed as I felt my clit engorge and my nipples harden as they both played with my breasts. I let out a slight whimper as he flicked my nipple, making it even bigger.

"Look at that, you little slut. You love it." He climbed onto the bed and picked me up easily, sliding himself under me so I was straddling him, licking me anywhere he could as he adjusted.

"Now, do your job, you fuckin cunt." He growled menacingly at me. Wet and willing, I slowly lowered myself, but at the last second decided to make the most out of the situation. I rested the opening of my cunt on the head of his penis and moved my hips forward and back, getting the tip nice and wet. He groaned in pleasure, "You like to tease a man, huh, puta?"

"Yes, Papi," I sighed into his mouth as I kissed him, taking his repulsive tasting tongue into my mouth. Thinking about all the nasty places he has put his dick and tongue, I began dripping along his shaft, wanting him. As I swirled my tongue with his, I lowered myself, pushing his dick into me inch by inch, savoring the intense feeling of a cock finally satisfying my desperate need to be fucked. I couldn't stop moaning and whimpering in ecstasy. When I got halfway down, I felt the bed shift as the enormous man to my right climbed on and positioned himself behind me. A slight sliver of fear ran through me as I thought about another man taking my ass by surprise again.

As I struggled to lower myself the last few inches, I felt the head of his dick press at my wet, juicy vaginal opening. This one, just as big as the one already inside me, was trying to push its way into my cunt. Never having been fucked by two cocks at once, my body pulsed with excitement. I positioned myself to let both cocks in easier and pushed. "Oh God, Yes!" I shouted as, with some effort, it slipped in.

They both pumped as I rode them, forgetting where I was. My mouth hung open as I breathed heavily, unable to think about anything but the alternating shafts pushing and filling my pussy the way I had never realized I wanted. One of their dicks rubbed against my g-spot furiously, making me shout every time he passed it. I could feel the orgasm coming, it was bigger than the last. As they fucked me, I stared at the man beneath me, his eyes trained on my large, swaying breasts and erect nipples. I took in every last bit of him, his bald head, his glazed over eyes, his old, spotted, sagging skin that moved with me.

My voice got louder and louder as the orgasm built up. I could feel it coming like a storm. Finally, unable to hold it in, I let out a scream as I squirted and squirted and squirted all over the two men. One of them came to the sound of me screaming, pushing and pumping every last bit of cum unto my stretched young pussy. The other one followed suit, shooting wave after wave of watery, white juice into me.

We all breathed heavily for a time until two more men took their spots. I was tired and sensitive but still aroused.

This was exactly what I wanted. To be forced and fucked and abused by dirty, old men.

The night passed by as I rode, sucked, fucked, and took in every last dick in the room, cumming over and over again. Eventually, after the last one blew his load into me, I collapsed on the bed into a pile of mixed cum and sweat. My wrists were raw from tugging at the ropes and my thighs sore from being in the same position all night.

The men sat around, drinking beer and watching TV as they left me to lay there in their filth, admiring their work from afar. Eventually they each left, all of them giving me a hard spank as a 'thanks' before leaving.

All that was left was Alfonso, the man I had made a deal with. He came over and started caressing my ass. I smiled and he leaned in, kissing me, licking me with his tongue. I realized that no one had made me cum the way he and his friends did. Blushing, I asked him to take off the ropes. He did.

I got off the bed and we stared at each other's naked bodies for a while, not saying anything. I felt my cheeks get hot as his eyes lingered on my mound. Stepping forward, he reached out his hand and touched my breasts, caressing them and gently feeling my nipples with his thumbs. They grew with each stroke, pressing themselves against his fingertips as though they couldn't get enough. I saw his wrinkled shrunken dick twitch as it grew and got harder.

He inched forward more, silently closing the gap between us, pressing his dick between himself and my stomach. His lips touched mine like a soft whisper. I reached down and rubbed my clit and he slid his tongue into my mouth, filling it with the taste of rotten, old beer and coffee breath. I moaned softly as he moved on from my mouth, peppering my chin, my neck, my shoulder with soft, sensuous kisses. He began to suck harder, leaving spots behind, making his way down and leaving marks all over my breasts.

I pushed myself backwards onto the bed, pulling him up with me. He followed, climbing over me and positioning himself so he could fondle one breast with his right hand and suck on the other. I couldn't hold still, rubbing myself, arching my back and squirming every time he flicked a nipple with his tongue. Eventually he made his way back up, looking me in the eyes. I shivered under his gaze, knowing I must look young and disheveled.

He leaned in and I felt the top of his cock find the opening of my pussy. He rubbed the head of his shaft all over my slippery cunt, covering it in fresh juice and old cum from the hours before. I pushed my hips against him as he slipped his shaft over my clit, slowly and deliberately. I groaned each time he rubbed his cock on me, thrusting myself into him.

We stayed like that, kissing and rubbing ourselves together until minutes later, we both came. Gasping for breath, I rubbed my fingers in his jizz on my stomach before sliding them down and inserting them into myself, reveling in the feel of his cum all over me.

He got off the bed and went into the bathroom, coming back with a towel. "Here," he said, handing it to me.

I took it from him and looked up. "You still haven't cum in my pussy yet." I stated, matter-of-factly.

One corner of his mouth pulled up. "Next time." He said, before going into his bedroom.

I showered and put on a spare change of clothes. It was only 6:30am. Still having time to get to school, I got in my car and took off, already thinking about "next time."

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