tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersYoung Guy Goes To College Ch. 03

Young Guy Goes To College Ch. 03


I awoke with the fantastic sensation of Julie sucking on my cock. In the past twelve hours or so, I finally got to see a girl naked (two actually counting seeing Kelly in the shower), received a hand job for the first time, had a girl suck on my cock, and YES...finally got laid. This was by far the best day I had ever had.

It took me a moment to realize what was going on and that it was in fact not a dream but Julie, my sister's roommate whom I was quickly falling in love with, was licking and sucking my four inch cock back to life after my first time having sex only two hours earlier. When I fully opened my eyes and looked down, Julie had my entire cock in her mouth and she was staring at me with her lovely pale blue eyes. Julie let my cock 'pop' out of her mouth. She smiled at me and said, "I couldn't sleep, and I figured that we had to get a few things done before Kelly and Robin got back from work...so...GET UP!" She barked out the last part as an order as she was getting off the bed and headed to her closet to put on her robe over her naked curvy body.

Julie was right, I had to get to the Laundromat to wash all of my things. Even though I had brought a week's worth of clothes, I couldn't wear any of them. The clothes that I had worn at the beginning of last night (that Julie then ended up wearing last night) were completely soaked in beer. The clothes in my duffel bag were the victim of the broken bottle of tequila. Not only did I lose a $20 bottle when I fell on the steps, the glass shattered and all of my clothes in the bag had sharp little pieces of glass in them. So here I was wearing Julie's white lacy 36-C bra that had each cup padded with three pairs of her panties, and her white tank top that was by now, very dirty. I also still had on a trace of the foundation, blush, mascara, and lipstick from our adventure last night.

Julie was right, and I should have gotten up, but I wanted her to finish the blowjob she was giving me. I was afraid that after I got my boy clothes washed and back on, Julie would lose interest and start playing with one of her many other love interests. It also occurred to me that I probably only had the rest of the day today to spend any alone time with Julie. As soon as my sister Robin and Kelly got off of work, I might not get another chance with this wild woman. "Julie, please don't stop sucking, that feels so good, please make me cum."

Julie sighed to herself, "boys." Julie had her robe in her hands but placed it back on the hook in her closet. She grabbed the bottle of KY jelly off of the nightstand and made her way back onto the bed. "We don't have time right now for a full session, so if we do this, we have to be quick, do you understand?"

I nodded yes and was happy that Julie was going to let me cum again. She sat on the bed and opened the tube of KY. She squirted about a quarter sized drop of the slippery lube onto her fingers. As she licked the head of my cock she started to grease up my asshole again. I leaned forward and looked at her in surprise thinking she would coat my cock with the lube. Julie must have sensed my question, she told me that we had a lot to get done today and a finger in my "tight little love hole" would speed up the blow job.

I wasn't going to question this woman, everything that she had done to me had been incredible. Most of it had been kinky and there were things that I would never have thought about. But when Julie looked at me, especially when she was naked, I was putty in her hands. I laid back down in the bed and let Julie take charge again. She completely coated my ass with the lube and began sucking for all she was worth. In no time at all she had worked one, and then two, fingers in and out of my ass. The fast rhythm of her fingers and the constant sucking of her hot wet mouth had me shooting off in less than two minutes. I closed my eyes when I began to cum. That is something that I still do to this day, four years later. Julie kept my cock in her mouth and her fingers in my ass as I emptied my balls for the fourth time in twelve hours. The warm feeling of my orgasm washed through me and I hardly even noticed when Julie took her fingers out of my ass and moved on top of me.

When I opened my eyes, Julie was looking down on me, about a foot and a half away. She kept her mouth closed and give me a wicked grin as she ran her fingers through my hair. (Yes, even the one that had been in my ass a few seconds earlier). Julie grabbed the hair on the back of my head with both hands and made a fist. As she pulled down on my hair, my mouth opened. That's when she let the cum from her mouth fall into my mouth.

Earlier in the day, I had eaten Julie's pussy after I fucked her, so this wasn't the first time that I had tasted my own cum, it was the second. The first time I justified me eating her cream-pie because I hadn't made Julie cum when I fucked her. Also, the sweet taste of her pussy masked the bitter taste of my cum. This time it was just my cum, and a little bit of her saliva, but mostly my cum.

I almost gagged when I tried to ask her 'why?' with a mouth full of cum. I eventually swallowed it down and looked into her eyes. As soon as I opened my mouth, Julie gave me a long, deep French kiss. As she broke the kiss she said, "If I have to taste it, you have to taste it, that's my rule. It's called 'snow-balling', some of the cooler guys I've ever met actually insist on doing it after a blow job. Did you like it?"

What could I say. I couldn't argue with the argument of 'what's good for the goose is good for the gander' and I wanted Julie to think that I knew a little of the world of sex (even though I was clueless) so I just said, "It wasn't too bad."

Julie smiled and hopped out of bed. Instead of going to her closet to grab her robe, she grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out of bed. She gave me one more kiss and playfully squeezed my 'tits' before pulling the tank top over my head and unsnapping the bra. She grabbed an extra towel and led me by the hand naked up the stairs. I was a little hesitant to walk naked through the house but Julie reassured me that no one else was home and to not to be so uptight. I just followed her lead into the bathroom.

Julie started the water of the shower and hopped into the tub. She gently grabbed me by the hand and pulled me in with her. I was hoping that maybe we could play some more, but every attempt that I made was quickly rebuffed. She did let me wash her back. But after giving her heart shaped ass a little more washing than she thought it deserved she turned around and told me, "We have a lot to do today, not now." Julie quickly finished with her shower and got out finally allowing me to get fully under the hot water. Julie told me that I should be thorough and wash all of my make-up off from the night before. She also told me to really clean out my 'love hole' really well. She reassured me that the lube wasn't harmful or anything, but if it dries inside of you it can get a little itchy.

As Julie was drying herself off she told me that she was putting a razor on the sink with some shaving cream and when I was done with my shower to shave my face really well. She also told me that since all of the things in my bag were ruined to use some of her deodorant. She also said it was okay for me to use her shampoo but don't worry about doing anything with my hair, and she would hopefully find some clothes that would fit and work for me.

After about fifteen minutes of scrubbing all of the makeup off and washing my shoulder length brown hair with her 'Bed Head' shampoo I started the task of cleaning the lube out of my ass. I wanted to make sure that all of the lube was out of me because I didn't want it to get all itchy like Julie said it would. So I soaped up a washcloth really well and pushed it as deep as I could into my ass. After all of Julie's playing with my ass over the last day it didn't surprise me too much how easily it went in. I kept pushing it in and slowly pulling it out. I found that it felt really good if I used two fingers to push in the soapy cloth as far as it could go. My cock jumped every time my prostate was massaged and in no time at all I had a rock hard erection and felt that I was either going to pee myself or cum again. My solitude was broken when Julie came back into the bathroom and she hollered at me to hurry up.

I turned off the shower and stepped onto the bath mat. Julie greeted me with a smile and a towel. As I got the water out of my eyes I saw Julie's nice body in a black thong and matching under-wire bra with completely see through cups. Her nice big C cup boobs were capped with rock hard nipples behind the little bit of lace of the bra. Julie helped me dry off and then rubbed me down with some cherry scented body crème from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I normally don't like girly smelling lotions, but this smelt really nice and it did make me skin feel really good and smooth.

As Julie was finishing drying me off and rubbing lotion on me, she told me that we had to hurry to the Laundromat before her roommates got home from work. Julie said, "I'm sure you don't want your sister and Kelly to see you all dressed up in girl clothes, do you?" The last part of the question was more of a tempting offer to see if I would like to be seen by Robin or Kelly wearing only Julie's clothing. I laughed it off, quietly said no, and proceeded to shave. I made sure that I did as Julie said and shaved very close, I was thinking that Julie didn't want any stubble when we made out again. I was only partly right.

As soon as I was done shaving and had applied Julie's flowery scented deodorant, Julie brought in a pile of clothes that she said would work for the day. Julie hadn't put on any other clothes yet and I admired how nice her ass looked in the little black thong. This pair of panties wasn't as lacy as the pair she made me wear last night, but there was no doubt on how nice she looked with her ass cheeks bare and on display. After admiring my lover (and hopefully, new girlfriend) I quickly noticed the outfit that she had chosen for me. A black wool skirt and a white cashmere sweater immediately caught my eye.

I asked Julie why I had to get dressed again in girl clothes. Julie reminded me that all of my clothes were pretty much ruined until they got a cycle in the wash. I looked at her again and asked, "Why can't I just wear your robe or something, wait here, and you go wash my things?"

Julie got pissed. "Because they are YOUR things. You should be glad that I'm going with you to the laundry. The only thing of mine that needs washed is the clothes that you got dirty last night. I did laundry yesterday, and if it wasn't for the fact that we used almost ALL of my underwear to pad YOUR bra, I wouldn't go at all. Plus, I'm not real happy now because the only two pairs of clean panties I normally wear that I have left is the black thong I'm wearing and a pair for you. Stop your bitching if you want my help."

I definitely did not want to argue with her. She was right. I was the one who slipped and dropped my bag. I soaked the rest of my clothes in beer during the drinking games we played last night. I was the one who wore her clothes last night while we had sex. I also realized that if I wanted to have sex with her again, I would do as I'm told.

I quickly mumbled an apology and started to look through the stack of clothes. In addition to the skirt and sweater there was also a pair of white bikini panties and a bra similar to the ones I wore last night. There was also a pair of pantyhose and a white camisole (I thought it was a tank top at first but was surprised at how silky smooth it felt). Without being told twice, I started to get dressed. I started sliding the panties up my legs and was surprised at how they felt different than the pair I wore last night. The pair last night were warm from Julie's body, these didn't have the same warmth. I then picked up the bra and put my arms through the straps and waited for Julie to hook me in. Julie laughed a little at me which reassured me that she wasn't as mad as before. She told me that I would never get those hooks by myself and told me to take off the bra. She stepped behind me and showed me how to put it on by hooking first in front and then spinning it to the back and then putting my arms through the straps.

As I got the bra on I noticed that Julie was moving around me as best she could in the small bathroom and looking at me from all directions. She would tug at the bra, adjust the panties a little bit, she even pinched my ass once. I laughed at the pinching and asked what was wrong. She then told me that nothing was really wrong in itself, it was just that her clothes were a little big on me and that if I was to make it to the laundry and back without arising too much suspicion, we would have to find something else to wear. I tried to convince her that her things were okay but Julie told me that no one would ever believe someone as skinny as myself would wear a 36C bra. Maybe a 34B, maybe even a 34A. The panties were also too big, she told me it looks like I have no butt and 'droopy drawers'. Instead of a size 7 I needed a size 6.

With Julie just standing there looking me over, I asked, "Now what?"

Her eyes perked up, grabbed me by the hand and led me naked from the bathroom to my sister's room. She had me stand by the bed as Julie rummaged through Robin's top drawer. In an instant Julie had pulled out a pair of my sister's pink hipster panties and matching 34B pink bra. Julie said, "This will look so CUTE on you, try them on."

I decided that arguing with Julie would be pointless so I just did it. I quickly pulled up the panties and put on the bra the way that Julie had shown me. The only problem was that I got another erection. My cock was sticking out of the top of the low rise panties. Julie noticed this and teased me a little, "Does my wittle gurl wike her new panties? I think she does." Julie's little girl voice was a little embarrassing but it did bring a smile to my face. I told her that the panties didn't really fit well and if I could wear something else. Julie said that we were running late and really had to get going. The bra fit almost perfectly and with a little padding it, my boobs would look natural on my frame. She said there were two other pairs of panties that kind of matched my bra, a pair of HanesHerWay pink cotton string bikinis or a pink lace thong from Victoria's Secret. Julie took my lack of a response as a cue to decide for me. She grabbed the plain cotton panties and started pulling them up my legs.

I stopped her. To this day, I have no reason why I stopped her. But I did. "How about the thong?" was all I asked. Julie got a huge smile on her face when I asked this.

"What was that? I didn't hear you." Julie stood in front of me with both pairs now in her hand. The plain pink bikinis in her left hand and the lacey pink thong spinning around her right middle finger. "Which pair do you want to wear? And say please."

I lowered my head a bit. "Please let me wear the thong."

I couldn't see her face because my head was still lowered but I knew she was smiling. "Which thong?"

"The pink one."

"Good girl!." Julie took the two pairs of bikini panties (Julie's and Robin's) and stuffed my bra with them to give me small round breasts. She then lowered herself so she could slip the thong up my legs. She made sure that the back was secure and tight in between my ass cheeks and that my rock hard cock wasn't poking out. She then told me to sit on the bed so she could get some pantyhose on me.

I asked her why I needed pantyhose, girls go without pantyhose all the time in a skirt. Julie then told me that girls don't have hairy legs. Mine weren't too bad, but I definitely had the leg hair of a guy. Julie told me that if I wanted, she could shave my legs and I could go without the hose, my choice. I quickly decided that the pantyhose weren't so bad after all. I was surprised at how tight they felt. My cock which had been rock hard and noticeable wasn't as visible with the pantyhose on. They were also really cool to the touch. I'm sure they would get warmer as I wore them, but it surprised me.

Julie then had me put on the knee length skirt. I thought it fit pretty well. Julie disagreed. It was loose in the waist and Julie told me to take it off. She informed that almost no girls my age wore clothes like she did. When they did they made sure that they were tight. Julie looked through my sister's closet to find me something else to wear. She came back with a pink ISU t-shirt and denim mini skirt. I saw the clothes and started to protest. Before I could get a word out Julie stopped me, "Shush!"

Two minutes later I had on a tight pink belly shirt with the local college logo across the chest. The shirt showed off my belly button and about three inches of skin between the shirt and the skirt. The skirt was tiny, at least I thought it was. When I was standing it made it down to mid thigh. I was afraid that if I bent over, everyone would see my crotch and figure out that I was a guy. Granted I was miles away from home and no one here knows me, but that would be embarrassing as hell.

Julie took a second and admired her work. "Not bad." She handed me some of my sister's black flats. They were a little tight, but I only had to wear them for about two hours, I could survive. She grabbed me by the hand and took me downstairs to her room so she could do my makeup. Julie told me that she already had on some light foundation and lipstick, but if I was going to be believable, she had to go all out on me. Fifteen minutes later I had on medium foundation, light rose blush, an earth tone eye shadow, mascara, black eye-liner, and pink lipstick on. I also had on red fingernail polish. Julie intentionally chipped the nail polish after it had dried saying that it would make me look more believable if anyone saw me. "No girl's makeup is ever perfect when she does laundry", she said. To finish my outfit she grabbed a pink ISU ball cap, placed it on my head, and took my long hair and created a high ponytail that went through the back of the hat. She smiled and said that even though I would never be mistaken for a cheerleader, I didn't look too bad and I should be able to make it to the Laundromat and back without being "spotted" even though I was very overdressed to do my wash. But, she told me, if I was wearing pink shorts and a sweatshirt, I would look like a guy in girl's clothes.

She grabbed an empty laundry basket from her closet and placed all of her dirty panties, the bra I was wearing last night, and the tank top in it. She told me that her skirt was dry clean only and it didn't get washed. She grabbed my beer soaked outfit from the night before and added it to her things in the basket. She handed me the basket, told me to go up the stairs to the kitchen and she would be right up, she had to grab some quarters for the machine and some detergent.

When I got into the kitchen I grabbed everything from my duffel bag and tried to shake out the remaining pieces of glass that I could see into the sink. I then put all of my dirty things in the basket. When Julie got to the kitchen she handed me the detergent and the roll of quarters. She asked, "You look really good, damn you're cute as a girl, but a few things would make you more believable. Let me go get them, hold on."

Great, now what. As the old saying goes, 'in for a penny, in for a pound.' I know my old history teacher was talking about English currency (penny and pound) but always thought it was a dumb expression. But now, I understand. I've already gone this far, what's a little more.

Julie raced back up the steps and placed a gold chain around my neck with a crucifix hanging from it. "A little bit of jewelry makes sense with that outfit." She then told me to raise my skirt, lower my hose and panties.

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