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Young Guy, Older Woman


Young people sometimes frightened me. I had been streetwise myself as a teenager, but the kids of today -- especially hoodies -- made me uneasy. It was, perhaps, the sheer number of them that intimidated me. That and their uniform, the obligatory hood, and the hanging out on street corners in all weathers. But when I had moved into this flat, the lady who lived next door to me had assured me the young people who loitered our street were good boys and girls. They even went to the shop and bought her groceries, she told me.

One afternoon I'm down the gym working out, when two of the boys come over to say hello. One of them is called David -- a really pretty, dark haired young man -- the one who had often smiled courteously at me and who I thought nicest. I think he is about 19. He is wearing navy sweat pants and a white t-shirt. They stand there shoulder to shoulder, very well behaved, smiling sweetly and talking politely to me, a fit, middle-class woman in her thirties. Neither of them swear, they are really minding their manners. I am a bit embarrassed having them stand over me while I exercise, so I ask David if he deals. He replies that he does, so I arrange for him to call round at 8pm when my husband will be at work.

David is very prompt. He knocks at the door and waits to be invited in. In my flat, if you walk straight ahead from the front door, you enter the bedroom. This is does and it strikes me as odd. He's on edge but he's not embarrassed. I realize then this is because he is used to hanging out in his mate's bedrooms when he's at their house. As I turn around he is standing at the far end of the bedroom, next to my books and CD's. He still has his hood up and looks like a thief next to my stuff. A thief in blue with with stripes.

I offer him a beer. We talk, and I make lots of eye contact. I make a comment about him playing football in the street and how fit he is.

"The girls must love you" I say. He laughs, and I am not sure what he is thinking so I take it a bit further. It has taken over thirty years for me to get this confident. Just like in the movies I say "You ever thought of sleeping with an older woman?"

David says "Do you mean you? You're not old? I think you're well fit."

"Good reply," I think.

I give him one of my sweet, girly, big-eyed smiles before he has the confidence to meet my gaze again. I keep on smiling as I move in toward him. He is taller than me and in silhouette but the closer I get, the more I can see the detail of his face. I take control and kiss him, softly cupping my hand around the back of his neck, feeling his soft stubble. All of a sudden, the energy seizes him and he responds to the green light he has been given. He looks me straight in the eye, searching to see if I mean it, if I really will let him go all the way, and I smile back as if to say, "Yes."

David is in a frenzy of sexual energy kissing me, feeling my breasts, kissing them through my clothes. I have pushed off his hood and I can see his naked head. He has beautiful dark shaven hair, thick but short. There are some scars here and there on his scalp, and I want to ask how he got them, but now is not the time to ask. He smells of medicated shampoo and a little bit of weed. His mouth is soft and kisses really well. My god, the girls must fight over him. They are not going to like me anymore.

Then we walk and kiss over to the bed, as I pull his clothes off first. I push him down onto the bed and look at his figure. I stand over him and keep him fixed in a gaze as I take my top off. When I come out from under my shirt he is staring at my pendulant breasts.

I smile and lightly flick my hair. I lean forward to kiss him and his cock twitches as I come up; he momentarily flinches, like I have tickled a sensitive part of his foot. Then I take his gaze again and unzip my skirt from behind. He likes the sound of the zipper descending. I decide to give David a nice full view of my body to indulge in, so I turn around and pull my skirt down around my legs with my ass positioned right in front of him. He moves up, leaning on his elbows. I have fishnet tights on, and I rub them slightly with the flat of my hands so he can hear the sound of the fabric brush against my skin. Then I slap my ass playfully and dance around, letting my skirt drop to my feet.

Then, stepping out of my clothes, I climb on top of David and stare him straight in the eye as I rip the gusset of my tights and pull my thong to one side. He looks at me, then my pussy, then at me again. I can tell he wants to stare at me below all the time, so I tell him he can. He strains to look down at my pussy, keeping his eyes down there as I play with it, and he breathes and we hear the wet sound. David says, "Oh fucking hell, come here, " and he wrangles his way out of my grip and starts to lick me from below. I sit on my heels to take the weight and stroke his head. His tongue is so soft and plump. He looks so beautiful with his eyes shut, so eager, so young. I get a flash of jealousy that the girls his age get guys like this still.

I move onto my back and lay on the bed with my heeled shoes digging into the duvet, my legs spread, my tights ripped. David moves onto my floor and starts dutifully licking me. His tongue is warm. I look at his hands holding my thighs, they are a nice shape, strong wrists and big fingers. I notice his bitten fingernails, they are a little bit dirty.

After a while I ask David to stand. I want to see his cock. He stands above me smiling, he likes his cock, I can tell- and with good reason. I feel it through his boxers, rubbing it, feeling it's shape through his clothes, feeling his arse that peeps out through his thin cotton underwear. I look up at him and he is smiling. I take his cock out and I hold it with both hands, rubbing his balls, working him up and down at the same time. I reach out and put his hands behind his head. He looks like he is lying on a beach in the hot sun, lapping it up. We smile, I tell David that nature has been kind, he sniggers a little and I see his teeth are a little uneven.

Then I decide to show him what years of experience can teach a girl. I start with the tip of his cock and work my way down the shaft with my tounge to his balls, which I kiss and hold in my right hand. I kiss his thighs a little then come up again with my tounge, taking the end into my mouth. I suck the end just for a while until he has got used to that, then I go deeper, taking it in and out of my mouth, sucking and playing with his balls. I put my finger between his ass cheeks, lightly.

Then when he is getting relaxed into the routine I kneel up and rest on my heels, changing hands on his balls and putting my right hand on his pert ass. I pull him right in, right down the back of my throat, as deep as it will go. He gasps and starts sweating a bit, he doesn't know what to do with his hands. He puts them up in the air, then places one on my shoulder and the other on the back of my head. But he doesn't move them, he just lets them rest there. After a while I say, "How about we do it?" And David looks very pleased indeed.

Without a word of persuasion he produces a condom from the back pocket of his leather wallet. It looks like it has been there a while. He starts to look like he wants to read the packet, goes to bite the packet but thinks better of it and peels it with his nails. David looks at the condom in his hand and his hands begin to shake, his wrists relax a little and his mouth opens a bit. He laughs and says he's not very good with these things. Then it hits me: he hasn't done this before. Not the condom, the sex. Bless him, he's a virgin! For all his bravado, the girls have never let him go all the way.

For a moment I wonder should I tell him I know- will he lose his nerve and get embarrassed? But then I think, how could he sleep with someone for the first time and for it to be a lie? I couldn't do that to someone. So I ask him indirectly, without using the "V" word. His shoulders slump a little, he looks a little lost. So I say, "Hey, come here," and I pull him down to kiss me and we snog for a while until I say, "You want me to make you a man?" He likes that, he's back on.

So I put the condom on for him and lie back with my legs open. He is rock hard and carefully gets into position. We kiss some more and his heart starts to beat loudly, his kiss gets faster. His whole body is now one big arrow pointing at my pussy. I lap up his breath and look at him. I give him one last look of encouragement and say, "Go on then." David laughs a little and after a few fumbles he puts it in.

I feel it inside and I breath out and relax. Every bone in my body becomes soft reacting to his hard cock. David is so hard compared to me, I can feel nothing but his amazing cock rubbing up and down inside. It fills me up, we fit well, and I'm glad we do as he will learn this is how it's meant to fit, first time.

After a few strokes he starts to relax and his whole body moves in on top of me. I cuddle him and I kiss him and lick and breathe into his ears. I chew on his earlobes and I look into his face. He is heaven, pumping me lightly. At last he is doing it, he is having sex. He has thrown off the last clothes of boyhood. He is a man. I can read this on his face, all the time his boyish wonder giving him away. For a split second I see the face his mother loves.

David smiles at me and I ask, "How does it feel?"

"Fucking brilliant," he says, slightly out of breath.

We smile, we kiss, then I look right at him. My pupils widen right into him, right into his animal, and I say to this animal, "I fucking love fucking you. You fucking make me come." All this just with my eyes, all this he understands, even on his first time. I want to go there with him, and now I will.

I put my hand onto his head and I stroke him, I put my thumb into his mouth, he sucks it, he pumps me. I pull him in to kiss me, his kisses are still good and hurried, slower than the bottom half of his body is moving. I pull him up and change position slightly, he waits to be positioned, trying to guess where it is going.

I stick my legs up on his shoulders, so that I am in a little ball and he is very close to me. This way I can feel him deepest. He likes it, he looks right into my eyes and smiles and says, "I fucking fancy you, I've always fucking fancied you. When I used to see you on my bike during the summer I thought you were fucking horny. I wanted to do it with you."

"And now you are," I say.

"Yeah," he says. "Now I am." I see him and my legs either side of him. I am fucking the rude boy from our street. How will I ever say hello to his mum and dad now?

I decide to give him a treat- I say, "Come here." I get out from under him and go down onto the floor in front of my large mirror in the doggy position and beckon him over. He smiles a lot and walks over with his fucking tremendous hard cock poking out from a perfect body. No money to make him fat yet.

David comes over and inserts his cock again. I feel it anew once more and after a minute or so, I show him his reflection in the mirror. I tell him how good he looks and he knows he does. This is his own porn film. This time it's him, his head on the body fucking the girl with the nice ass. His hip movement gets exaggerated for a while and his cock falls out. He stumbles a bit and I say, "It's OK." And I feel for it between my legs and stick the hard thing back inside me.

I tell David to watch himself penetrating me and he does, he looks down at his cock going in and out, he changes his rhythm, he experiments a bit. He is saying, "Ah yeah, ah yeah, ah yeah." In this position I can feel his cock against my back wall, so I start to let go, I start to go off on my own. All I can feel is his movement behind me. All I can hear is the sound of his muffled breathing, of sex. We go for a little longer and I begin to end, I feel him, but really I imagine him.

I remember the last position we were in- on the floor, him close to my face looking in my eyes with awe- as I come. I put my head onto the floor and I squeeze his balls, I feel them warm and tight and full of spunk and I want to empty them. A few more strokes and I feel my pussy twinge one, two, three times, then I am done. Fuck I feel great, nothing can piss me off tonight. My face rubs slowly on the carpet.

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