tagLesbian SexYoung Indian Wife at French Spa

Young Indian Wife at French Spa


Anita was bored. Her husband was always working and there were only so many days that she could sunbathe without being getting restless. Now her brown skin was glowing after days in the sun and the beaches of the south of France were beginning to pall. She began to sunbathe nude on the balcony where she could stroke herself, amuse herself, thinking of her adventure with the two Frenchmen that always gave her an erotic charge when it passed through her mind. The thought that someone might be watching her despite the privacy of her balcony gave her an extra frisson of excitement and when she saw a boat in the bay, she imagined that it was her two heroes watching her with binoculars and that was when her orgasm was strongest and most violent.

Her husband realised that she was bored by the none too subtle comments that Anita passed as he left in the morning and when he was exhausted on arrival back in the evening. Anita wanted a long sensual build up and fireworks in the bedroom but the strain of trying to secure the contract that was the reason for them being there made the lovemaking fast and, for Anita, ultimately frustrating. Sometimes when he slept, she would silently go out onto the balcony and stroke herself as if offering herself to the next voyeur who should gaze in her direction. They were on the 6th floor so only the sailors with binoculars would see, she imagined them giving themselves pleasure as they feasted on her body, open for them and offered to them for their pleasure. After her orgasm she was always calmer and she slept soundly until her husband kissed her goodbye on his way to work.

One morning, after he left, she found an envelope on the pillow. Intrigued and recognising his handwriting she opened it, still half asleep.

"My darling Anita" it said. "I know that this contract is taking longer than expected and that it is difficult for you in a foreign country with no friends. I hope to finish it soon but as a token of my love, please accept this small gift. My French colleagues tell me it is the best in town. "

Inside was a voucher written in French and English. It was for a full day of pampering at a spa close to the hotel called "La maison de Paradis". Intrigued, Anita called reception and asked the girl where it was and what did it mean. "oh madame, it means the house of paradise and really it is exclusive, and although I have never been, my friends tell me it is really relaxing and pleasurable." Anita asked the girl to make a reservation for her and was delighted when she was able to make it for the next day. She then went to the hotelsalon and had a manicure and pedicure, after all, she reasoned, she wanted to look her best with all those 'exclusive' people there. She followed this by trimming her pubic hair, almost shaving it completely, leaving her labia clearly visible in the process. An intimate examination with her mirror only served to excite her more and when she took her shower she couldn't resist her desires, bringing herself to orgasm as she leaned back against the shower wall, as the powerful jets of water on her shaven mound combined with her expert fingers to give her release.

Anita was effusive in her thanks when her husband came home and the lovemaking was stronger, her husband seeming to take excitement from her pleasure at such a thoughtful present. When he left in the morning, Anita was already awake and she kissed him affectionately as he wished her "a perfect day"

Anita woke with goosebumps in the morning. She had heard so much about these spas that she felt like a girl facing an audience for the first time. What to wear? She opened the wardrobe to look for something appropriate. She had an inkling that she would have to undress but still she chose a satin netted bra and a G String panty. She again looked at her nude self in the mirror and thanked her husband because of whom she had started sleeping nude. This invariably ensured a night of passion. An added benefit of it was that she had started loving her own body and could at will examine it almost clinically. No ugly protruding flesh, no overgrowth of hair in the underarms or pussy. A body absolutely picture perfect!

Anita wore a peach coloured salwar suit, brushed her hair, adjusted the dainty anklets as she pushed her pretty feet with bright red polished manicured nails into a pair of golden colured sandals. Breathing deeply as she walked, Anita strode into the spa and was pleasantly surprised to hear the receptionist reply to her in English as she showed her voucher.

Breathing deeply as she walked, Anita strode into the spa and was pleasantly surprised to hear the receptionist reply to her in English as she showed her voucher.

"You have been booked for the full treatment, Madame. If you will follow me, please. "

Anita was led into a changing room and given a locker with a white robe. She stripped, a little apprehensively not being familiar with the customs of a French spa, and, clad in her robe and thong presented herself at the desk.

The receptionist smiled and looked at Anita's shapely bare feet and ankles.

"Madame, I think that your anklets are really beautiful just like your feet, but in the spa there will be extremes of temperature and you may find that the metal will become very hot. I recommend that you remove them. "

Anita looked for a place to remove them but the girl knelt before her and placing her feet in turn on her shoulder, undid the clasps. Anita felt like a queen as she looked down at the girl helping her in such a servile manner and thought that it was true... this really was an exceptional place. She was woken from her reverie by the girls voice.

"Madame, excuse me, but you will not need your undergarments... they will inconvenience you... I will put them in your locker with your anklets. "

Anita, slightly flustered, realised as the girl knelt before her, that she had seen the new thong that she had bought the day before, as she had removed the anklets. Blushing, she agreed and the girl reached up and gently pulled the thong down as Anita stepped out of it. Blushing more as she knew the girl could see her freshly shaven pussy, she hoped the slight wetness she felt was not visible and then she regained her composure and was led to her first treatment.

Anita felt ready for new and interesting sensations but was surprised as two young blonde women helped her off with her robe, covered her with warm mud then wrapped her in a polythene cover and left her alone. She was warm and cosy in her blanket and the mud sliding between her legs was a sensual surprise as she tried to move. Giving in to the sensation, she dozed off, dreaming of her past adventures and perhaps new ones to come. When they awoke her she was surprised to see that the girls were now wearing tiny bikinis instead of the doctor style coats and curious as women are, she couldn't help but admire their perfectly honed bodies as they unwrapped her.

They led her, naked but covered in the slightly hardening slime, to an open shower and told her to take hold of the side rails and face the wall. They were going to clean her, and Anita braced herself for the jets that would wash away the mud that had kept her warm and safe. The two hoses started from a distance of about 15 feet and the force was more than she expected ; she needed to hold tight as they were played on her back and legs, blasting the mud away. Once used to the force it became bracing and Anita felt them moving the jets to make sure that the back of her body was clean. In fact, the jets on her lower back and buttocks made her twist and squirm slightly as she enjoyed the sensation. The power of the hoses held by two semi naked women added an element of perversity to the situation which appealed to Anita's sensual nature and when they told her to face the front so they could hose her down again she turned with a devil may care attitude and stood, naked, legs slightly parted, her hands clutching the support rails.

Anita's mind wandered and she imagined herself as a slave as she stood there, arms apart holding the rails, legs parted for balance and ready to take the jets of warm water. Submissive, yet defiant in front of the two women with their hoses ready to assault her body. She gasped as one was aimed at her legs, the power almost knocking her over, but she recovered and stood firm holding the bars tight as if manacled to them. The other hose cleaned the slime away from her breasts and stomach and she felt her sensitive chocolate nipples harden as the jet played over them. With one jet running up and down her legs and the other on her body, she felt cleansed but strangely aroused as if two powerful forces were taking her defenceless body and when one moved down to her mound she gasped at the sensation.

The two blonde Frenchwomen hesitated for a moment but seeing no complaint or resistance they smiled knowingly at each other and continued. They had seen many women take pleasure from the way they manipulated their water jets and their first Indian lady, looking beautiful, golden and proud was a challenge to them.

Anita stood, head back, as they played with her. They knew where to aim the jets and the pressure required to soothe, excite and stimulate. After her frustrations of the previous days and the fantasies that constantly ran through her mind she was vulnerable to any sensation and this was one she enjoyed, eyes closed, head held back and offering her naked body to them. The women smiled and one nodded to the other as they saw Anita start to move her hips, as if searching for the jets to take her to another level of sensuality.

Now they concentrated on her thighs and lower stomach and the force on Anita's thighs spread her legs a little wider as she stood in the stall, still arms outstretched ready to take what they would give her. They closed in on her mound, enjoying the sight of this golden beauty now squirming naked in front of them as they moved in for the kill. Anita knew what they were doing but didn't seem to care. She wanted it, something... almost anything, her desire now peaking to uncontrollable levels. Her composure almost gone, she thrust her hips forward and the blondes took advantage, pouring the jets onto her mound, the pressure vibrating through her pussy until she couldn't help but let go and offering herself by bending at the knees, she opened up to them. The shock of the first jet on her clit made her moan and when the second one hit her from a different angle she let out a loud moan as her orgasm ripped through her. Naked... open... she had let two women bring her to orgasm. Partly shocked with herself and partly elated she calmed herself. The women had known when to stop and now towelled her down, saying nothing. Their enigmatic smiles as they dried her seemed to tell Anita that this was a normal reaction to their skills and when one told her that she was very beautiful, she blushed with pleasure.

They put her robe on and led her to a room where she could lie down and relax. Soft music and scents filled the room and Anita lay there alone with her thoughts. Her skin felt so soft after the mud treatment and the hosing down and the strong orgasm had left her in a state of calm such as she had never known. She started to let her mind wander again and thought how open she had been. It was easier somehow to let ones desires show in this country. She had been naked in front of women, of course, but had never let her sexual desire be seen in such a way. The fact that she had succumbed to an orgasm, that surely they had engineered, in front of them seemed impossible in the past but here... she felt ready for anything. Feeling liberated.. a libertine... she drifted off to sleep.

She was awoken by a gentle touch on her shoulder. The first thing that Anita noticed were beautiful piercing green eyes smiling at her. "My name is Sabine" she purred in her lovely soft accent. Anita blinked and stretched, sitting up on the bed warm in her robe and at ease with the world. "Mmmm... I feel so good" she murmured.

"I think that Madame enjoyed the mud treatment, isn't it?"

Anita smiled at the accent and blushing slightly replied that it was very satisfying.

Sabine told her that she would be giving her the next treatment which would be a massage. Realising that this would be quite a long session. Anita studied Sabine more closely, noting that she was about 30, looked very fit as far as she could see and had golden skin with a stunning face. She wore her hair very short and the blonde crop gave her an almost tomboy look apart from the full lips that seemed so very French. What am I thinking about, she thought, daydreaming over a woman's lips. Whatever next.. she smiled to herself... she felt safe here and welcome... they seemed to like having an Indian lady here... in any case, she felt proud to be different from the blondes that seemed to inhabit the place.

Sabine led her into the massage area and Anita noticed that she had beautifully shaped legs and ankles with good muscle development. Shame about the doctors coat that she wore, I could design something much more attractive, she thought. Mmmm... her mind seemed to be all over the place at the moment... just relax and go with the treatments, she told herself with a smile.

The room was warm, almost too warm and Sabine apologised as she tried to get the air conditioning to work. She apologised profusely and asked if Anita wanted to have the massage another day if she was too hot. Anita replied that she was used to the heat but that a fan would be nice. Sabine found one and turned it to blow gently over the table. The problems with the a/c and finding the right position with the fan made for a certain complicity that they both appreciated. Sabine slid the robe off Anita's shoulders and helped her onto the massage table instructing her to lie face down. Naked again, thought Anita... well its what you enjoy she thought with a giggle. She rather enjoyed her exhibitionist tendencies but surprised herself by saying :

"Sabine, if its too hot for you I don't mind if you take your coat off"

"Oh Madame, thank you. It would be easier for me if you don't mind. In any case, its better to massage in the nude, I can feel more at one with the customers needs. "

With that she unbuttoned her coat and Anita couldn't help but look. She was golden all over with a flat hard stomach and firm smallish breasts with delightful light brown nipples. She obviously spent time in a gym as her body was lightly muscled and glowing with health. Eyes drifting down, Anita saw she was totally shaven, her mound smooth and as brown as the rest of her body.

"I have something special for you" said Sabine, placing a CD into the player. The sound of sensual Indian music drifted through the room giving a delightful mix of hedonism and familiarity to the atmosphere. Anita saw her look up and down her body, studying it with the eye of a professional and seeing the occasional smile as she examined her.

Anita closed her eyes, took a deep breath and lay there ready for Sabine to start. The first touch made her jump but she soon relaxed as Sabine poured warm oil over her back. The smoothing of the oil on her body was delicious, the firm yet soft hands soothing her, first her shoulders, arms then lower back and when her buttocks trembled slightly under the masseuse's expert touch she felt a sense of letting go... almost a submission to Sabine. Her legs and feet were coated with the oil and Anita's body felt so relaxed.. out of her control... that when Sabine parted her legs to coat her inner thighs, she moaned softly and felt a familiar wetness beginning to form in her most sensitive spot between her thighs.

For a moment a feeling of embarrassment crossed her mind but then she thought that this was probably normal here in France. After all, this was just a reaction to a pleasurable experience and surely her masseuse would have seen many women daydreaming about their lovers while being massaged. So she relaxed, not bothering to close her legs when Sabine had coated them and, with the oil on her body, she couldn't tell what was oil and what was her body's reaction to the hands that stroked her. However, she thought, this girl is good at her job and it is such a pleasure to be treated like a queen. Sabine smiled down at Anita's naked body lying on the table before her and admired the gleaming skin that had obviously been nude in the sun... no tan lines, just a beautiful golden brown all over except for the pink undersides of her feet. She had never massaged an Indian lady before and at first was concerned that her client would be very prudish and difficult. A twinkle in her green eyes confirmed that she recognised that not only was Anita an open and seemingly liberated woman but she was also a very desirable one and as she stroked and kneaded her back, she wondered how far this beauty would allow her to go... we'll see... she thought as she climbed onto the table to sit astride her client.

Anita woke from her reverie as she realised what Sabine had done. "Is this correct for you Madame?" Sabine murmured, "It is to get a better position for the massage"

"Yes, of course, Sabine" she replied, a little smile on her lips... whatever next, she wondered.

The new position allowed for a deeper massage of the shoulders and when Sabine's thumbs pressed strongly up her spine, Anita groaned again. This is so good.. she thought as her back arched against the pressure and her resistance fell away. Totally relaxed, she hardly noticed when Sabine turned to face her feet and when her strong elegant fingers began massaging the balls of her feet, the arches and the ankles, Anita felt Sabine's tight bottom resting on hers, as if anchoring her while she manipulated her feet. She felt a sudden rush of wetness between her thighs as she felt the firm cheeks rotate on her as her feet were given the most delicious sensations and her mound was rotated against the table. Sabine smiled as she felt her client squirm beneath her and when she took one of Anita's toes in her mouth and briefly sucked it, the reaction of the body beneath her and the almost pleading moan when she stopped, told her that her client was ready for the next step. The thought made a droplet of desire cling to Anita's buttock as Sabine lifted her wet pussy off her clients body and turned to face her.

On her haunches, looking down at Anita, she felt the power that she loved coursing through her body as she spoke "Turn over please, Madame. "

It was a softly spoken order and Anita obeyed, lazily twisting her body under her masseuse until she was looking up at a smiling Sabine, taking in her oiled hands and the light sheen of perspiration on her body. Sabine reached for the oil and spread it over her hands as Anita closed her eyes, half sleepy and half tingling in anticipation. This was not a deep massage like on her back, this was a series of caresses as the oily hands stroked her stomach and moved around her breasts, stroking them upright but never touching her nipples. Anita felt her chocolate nipples harden as if searching for a caress and her sharp intakes of breath exposed her need as Sabine circled each breast, cupping it, then blowing softly on the sensitive nipple, making her whimper with desire.

Her head started to gently rock from side to side as she gave in to the sensations and when Sabine closed her lips around her nipple, Anita let out a long sigh of fulfillment followed by a moan of pleasure as her nipple was sucked into Sabine's mouth to be caressed by her soft wet tongue. The masseuse looked down at her work and smiled with satisfaction at the sight of her indian lady in extasy beneath her. Taking her clients wrists, she placed them behind her head and massaged her arms, starting under the armpits moving up to her hands. Sliding up her oiled body she deliberately grazed Anita's breasts with her own as she moved forward giving Anita a little shock as her sensitive nipples were stroked by light brown but equally hard peaks. With each lengthy stroke from armpits to hands, Sabine's lithe body slid over the darker body pinned to the table. She loved feeling this delicious, exotic lady under her control and when she stretched her legs to lay them between Anita's legs, there was no resistance, only a sigh as her mound rested on her client's almost shaven mound.

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