tagMatureYoung Jason Experiences More Ch. 01

Young Jason Experiences More Ch. 01


I Just wanted to get a feel for this new story I started. I'll finish explaining what happened in another chapter if this story goes over well. Comments from any older women reading this are highly encouraged.

I haven't written of my experiences in a while, but something happened that I just have to share.

It was a winter afternoon, and I had nothing planned for the rest of the day so I decided to make a drive to a casino a little way out of town. It was calm and warm as far as winter goes so I figured the drive would be nice.

After spending about a half hour eating and watching TV at the buffet, I strolled onto the casino floor. Knowing I didn't have to work the next day, I let my senses explore the scene before me. Something about the sound of slot machines, the light buzzing of chatter, the array of colors, and the pleasant smell of casinos always put me at ease. I guess you could say I had a general feeling of happiness as I walked along a row of table games towards the poker room. Poker was usually the only real reason I would make a trip to the casino, but this day found me in no hurry to take a seat and play. I chose instead to explore some of the machines.

When I walked towards a bank of slots that bordered on a lounge area, I saw something that grabbed my attention. Sitting at a table that was across a walkway from the slot machines I was walking through were two gorgeous women. They both looked to be in their 40s and I decided to sit at a machine that kind of overlooked their table while I took in the situation.

I mindlessly put money in the machine as I watched the women talk to each other. I saw they were both drinking cocktails, but in no way seemed inebriated. I immediately assumed they were both upper class, married women who took great care of themselves. Upon further review, I saw a wedding ring on only one of the women. With my view, one of the women was more or less facing me while the other was at an angle that prevented me from easily seeing her face. They were seated at a high-topped table, so I could rather easily see the lower half of them both.

The one facing me was an adorable, sexy short brunette. She was the one wearing the wedding ring on the hand that clasped her drink when she would sip from her straw. She had very dark, smooth looking skin and very sexy, rather sharp facial features. Her lips were full, but drew tightly enough to give her smile a very sharp look that greatly accentuated her bright white teeth. The most dominant aspect of her look, at least to me, was her full protruding chest. She definitely had D cup boobs that pushed hard against her otherwise comfortable fitting black, girly t-shirt. She looked pretty trendy, sort of dressed like a lot of girls you see on a college campus. Under the table I saw she was wearing white, sweatpant capris that wonderfully contrasted the dark tan of her skin. She was wearing flip-flops and I could see the sparkle of at least two toe rings; one on each foot. Dare I say that perhaps this is what first drew my attention to this particular table. I have always had a slight foot fetish and the fact that it was the middle of winter made flip-flop wearers pop out.

The other woman, the woman facing the first one, was also wearing flip flops but her pants were full length, although they were also trendy looking sweatpants. She was obviously taller than the other woman, with platinum blonde hair. Her skin was not as dark as the other's but her affinity for the tanning booth was obvious. Where the other woman's skin looked naturally dark, this one had that fake looking darkness, which I have always been a fan of. I could see the side of her face, and the signs of aging were obvious, but to me she was exceptionally sexy. Her bra was easy to see through her rather thin white t-shirt, and it held suspended an obviously hefty pair of boobs. I immediately knew her boobs to be real, but I was not at all so sure about her friend's.

I knew that I had to talk with them somehow, but I could think of no proper means of approach. I glanced at the machine that I had been apparently playing to find out that I had almost doubled the $20 bill that I had put in. I didn't care about the money I had won, but found it interesting that I was winning when I was so completely uninterested in gambling.

I looked back at the table to see a cocktail waitress putting two fresh drinks on the table. When she swiftly walked onward, I noticed that the seat facing me was now empty. I assumed she had gone to the bathroom, and wondered why she hadn't passed me on the way. I was pretty much directly in between their table and the nearest bathroom. Figuring she had taken a longer route and gone around the bank of slot machines, I thought about going over to the lone blonde and striking up a conversation. I was chastising myself for not pulling the trigger as I tried to determine whether it would be better to approach them both at the same time or not. "Paralysis by analysis" I whispered to myself.

I knew that I had to approach them at some point, but what I didn't know was what was about to happen.

As I was looking back and forth between my slot machine and the table, I felt a soft touch on my right shoulder. A voice already began speaking when I turned my head towards my new stimulus.

"I'm sorry, but I have to say that my friend thinks you are just so sexy."

My gaze had settled upon the woman who was originally sitting facing me, the brunette. Our eyes met before I quickly tried to take in all of her pretty facial features. Her smile was overpowering and she shortly laughed to herself.

"And what do you think?" I playfully retorted.

She paused. "Well if I were twenty years younger, you'd be in trouble."

I couldn't believe my fortune. Oh how the tables had been turned on me. While trying to figure out what to do about my intense attraction to the two women, one had approached me with confessions of her own. "So you like younger guys?" I quickly wondered to myself if I had made her feel old after providing me with nothing but a flattering compliment. Too late now.

She stopped, and spun on her heel. "Oh hun, I'm so married and way too old for you . . . but . . doesn't every woman?" I had swung my seat around towards her and she was now stopped facing me.

"If you feel like keeping two old, lonely women company, we're right over there." She motioned towards her friend whose head was tilted up towards a nearby TV. "You can let us buy you some drinks. Are you even old enough to drink?" She said it with a bit of shame in her tone.

"Yeah. And I'd love to keep you company." I said it with an overly enthusiastic tone in an attempt to mask my over-enthusiasm. I quickly hit the cash out button and glanced at the ticket printed out for me. It said I had $52 even. How funny. I took the two strides to where she was standing, suddenly feeling huge compared to her small frame. I quickly figured she was about 5'2".

"What's your drink?"

I quickly decided on brandy. "Brandy coke. But you don't have to buy me a drink. I can get it."

"Oh stop, you're already making our night. You're just too cute." She said with a motherly smile. She was so forward with her compliments. I was honestly flattered. She must have caught their server's attention, because she put her arm into the air, beckoning her over. My new friend pulled out one of the stools for me before settling back into her own.

"Oh, I'm Beth by the way." She extended her dainty right hand, which I grasped in a firm hand shake.

"I'm Jason."

"I'm Cindy" said the taller blonde. She then shot Beth a serious, but playful look as she lowered her head to take a drink through her straw.

Our waitress stepped up between Beth and myself while Beth said, "He'll have a brandy coke. Put it on my tab."

"Can I see your ID?" the waitress asked.

I had already gotten my wallet out in anticipation and saw Cindy gently shake her head smiling at Beth while I handed the waitress my license. She glanced at it and handed it back when Beth said, "I think I'm going to want to see that too."

"Oh stop it!" Cindy said, laughingly. "How old are you, Jason?"


"Damn." She said, almost bitterly, not hiding the fact that she was looking me up and down. "What do you do for a living? Stripper?" They both laughed.

The conversation flowed easily between the three of us over the next round of drinks, flirtatious remarks coming sporadically from the ever so slightly buzzed women. We got the basic information properly conveyed. Beth was 46 and married with 2 kids while Cindy was 45 and divorced with two kids of her own. They were spending the night in the hotel adjacent to the casino and had just gotten manicures and pedicures before coming to the lounge.

I managed to hide my intense interest in their pretty pink toes, their combined 3 toe rings, and gorgeous French manicured fingernails. Beth's nails were very long while Cindy's were of a more manageable length.

I found out that Beth lived only a few miles from my place while Cindy resided in a town several hours away.

The flirtation was only sporadic, just enough to keep it obvious that they were both attracted. I had decided early on that I would try not to give up any of my ground, playing off many of the comments. This made it seem as though Beth and Cindy were trying to get me interested, as opposed to knowing that I was.

"Do you like fake boobs?" Cindy bluntly asked me.

"Hey!" Beth responded, looking slightly annoyed but remaining playful.

"What? They're gorgeous." She said to Beth. Turning to me, she said, "Beth's boobs are fake, by the way."

"I wasn't born with perfect boobs like you."

With that, Cindy arched her back and pushed her generously portioned natural chest out over the table, making a sarcastic throat clearing sound. This to me was both sexy and humorous. Both women honestly were very nice and funny to talk with. This also marked the point in the conversation where innocent, ordinary conversation was left behind. After talking about the advantages and disadvantages of their boobs, they delved into their thoughts on marriage. Cindy had recently divorced less than amicably and was trying to positively explore single life. Beth remained married and relatively happy, but she expressed a certain feeling of being undersexed and often sexually unnoticed.

"When was the last time you had sex?" Beth asked.

"You think I wouldn't tell you if I was getting sex? We did it right before we separated, I guess."

"More recent than me, I guess." Beth said quietly, rolling her eyes.

"Seriously? You said it had been a while but I didn't know it was that bad."

"We all need more sex than we're getting, I guess." I said in reference to their earlier inquiries into my sexual activity. I had already decided that this concession wouldn't interfere with my plan to remain aloof.

We spoke a lot more of sex and sex related issues.

A little while later in the conversation, Beth's response to something Cindy said was, "I like cum."

This brought about an obvious reaction in me. "You like cum?"

"It's fucking hot." She said almost shuddering.

I told her of my propensity to shoot really big loads really far. I explained that when I was a lot younger, I had to do exercises that ended up strengthening the muscle that contracts to expel semen and that I've always had really big loads. I pondered aloud whether it was my constant horniness or a diet possibly high in zinc that kept my body producing a lot of semen.

This brought about an obvious reaction in the two of them. It was the first time in the conversation that I was carrying the explicit parts of the conversation and they were happy to hear from me. I excused myself to use the bathroom, and returned to see our waitress placing three shots on our table.

"Your toe rings really shine. It's a really cool look." I said, drawing their attention away from the shots and underneath the table. I said it to them both as I sat down and Beth brought her foot over to touch as we all looked down.

"Someone finally noticing your feet, Bethany" Cindy said. Cindy flipped her flip-flop off and put her foot against my other leg. "I told Beth of an old boyfriend who loved my feet and I used to have my ex give me foot rubs. Beth always bitches that she doesn't get foot rubs unless she's getting a pedicure."

"I mean, people notice my feet. People comment on my toe rings every so often but they're kind of sensitive and no one touches them."

"Like toe sucking?" It wasn't even a complete question I posed. I was just trying not to look like I was in a trance.

"Oh my gawd. I would be in heaven." Her eyes rolled back into her head with the words.

"I'll suck your toes, sweety. Let's take these shots." Cindy said.

I didn't know what to do. Cindy said it to change the subject to the cold shots in front of us, but she still seemed genuine in her offer. Not wanting to be the only one dwelling on the subject, I grasped my glass with the other two.

"To bringing Jason to our room." Cindy said as she raised her glass.

Both women's eyes were locked on me as I looked at both of them.

"Why not?" I said trying not to sound over eager.

We downed the cold, minty shots and Cindy said, "Seriously. Let's go to the room."

"We have beer." Beth said to me as though I needed more prodding.

We all stood up and I followed their lead through the casino floor towards the hotel rooms. I examined my situation. Although I was following them to their room, they still seemed as though they were trying to bait me. An outside observer would probably think that they were the ones with sex on their minds more than me. While we had not said anything about doing explicit things in the room, I was convinced they were in seduction mode. It's hard to explain why I felt this way. It was mostly the way they looked at each other, and the looks were growing more intense now that we were walking towards privacy.

When we crossed a lobby into an open elevator, we filed inside. When the doors shut, Cindy reached down to Beth's boobs and gave a squeeze before lifting them up and pushing them around. "I love playing with her boobs." She said while looking at me.

She let go and kind of laughed while Beth said, "They are fun." She did the same thing to herself and watched them bounce back into shape after lifting them up and letting go.

I was smiling and trying to act cool when I said, "Do you play with her's?"

"Oh yeah. They're bigger and nicer than mine were before implants." She said this as she playfully fondled Cindy's natural jugs.

The doors slid open on their floor and I followed them a few doors down to their room. After opening the door, Cindy quickly excused herself to the bathroom. Beth dropped her purse down on a dresser and walked towards the mini fridge. She grabbed two beers and handed me one, while I asked Beth a question.

"So you want a foot rub?"

Beth squealed without saying anything and plopped onto one of the beds. She kicked her flip-flops off while I sat on the bed directly across from her. She put her feet in my lap and I eagerly started kneeding the soft skin of her soles. Beth was noticeably entranced as she started to shift her hips around and moan. She wasn't kidding about having sensitive feet. She was loving this.

After only a minute or so, Cindy came out of the bathroom. "That's not how you suck toes."

She walked over to us and lifted Beth's other foot from my lap as she bent down and steadily put Beth's big toe into her mouth.

"Oh my fucking god." Beth said as she seemed to fight with the pleasure.

In getting to know Beth and Cindy, I found them to be open with their sexuality and playful with one another but they both had admitted to have no experience or particularly strong desire to fool around with women. They had admitted later on in the conversation that they found each other attractive and sensual, but that was it.

"You'd be more comfortable if it was his mouth." Cindy said matter-of-factly as she lowered Beth's foot from her mouth to mine. I moved my hands to this other foot and took it from Cindy. I put my lips around Beth's smallest two toes and started to suck and lick, moving towards her big toe. Beth's reaction to all of this was beyond anything I would expect a woman to have from such an experience. She threw her head back and cooed with every movement of my tongue. She put one hand up to her boob, but unsteadily withdrew, as though she were trying to refrain from overtly sexual movements.

Cindy sat down beside her and put her feet into my lap as well. Where Beth's foot was innocently sitting on my leg, Cindy put her two bare feet onto my crotch. I had been any mixture of half hard to all the way hard over the last hour or so, but her brazen movement made my cock twitch on its way to rigidity. Beth brought her gaze back down from the ceiling to look at my lap occupied by her left foot and both of Cindy's feet. She took her foot out of my mouth and tried lifting one of Cindy's legs up into the air towards my face. As Cindy brought her toes into my waiting mouth, Beth spoke.

"He's for you." She moved on foot onto the floor and kept the other still on my leg.

"He's for us, Bethany." Cindy said almost sternly.

"You know I'm married." Beth said accusingly.

"Just let me play with your tits. Jason wants to see them anyway."

Beth looked at me as though for affirmation. All I could do was nod as I planted her foot squarely on my rigid cock pushing through my pants. Her eyes widened. "Oh my god."

"Yeah, that's fucking hard." Cindy said as she leaned back onto her elbows. She reached with one hand to the bottom of Beth's shirt and began pushing it up towards her shoulders. Beth kept her eyes locked onto my bulge as she squeezed it with her toes and mindlessly pulled her shirt over her head. Cindy then easily unclasped Beth's bra in the back and Beth relaxed her shoulders and pulled her bra off. Let me just tell you that they were amazing. All I wanted to do was grab them but Cindy beat me to the punch. She sat back upright and fondled Beth's hefty, swollen left boob, pinching and rolling the nipple in her manicured fingers. She only did this for a second before she stood up and knelt down in front of me while Beth pulled her legs back.

Cindy didn't even look at me while she went for my belt buckle. She quickly unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped when she grabbed for my waist. It was then that Beth had knelt down behind Cindy and began pulling her shirt up over her head. Cindy obliged her and let Beth unclasp her bra before she shrugged it off. Cindy's boobs flowed out of her bra and sagged significantly in comparison to Beth's but looked very full and delicious. Cindy didn't allow me time to take in the site before she reached again for the waist of my pants. I lifted up my hips as she pulled down both my jeans and my boxers. My cock literally sprang free and up into the air. They both made cooing sounds as Beth said, "Seriously. I'm married. That's all for you, Cin." She stayed behind Cindy though, and squeezed her boobs, her own inflated tits undoubtedly pressed into Cindy's back.

"You're not going to suck this cock?" Cindy asked as she reached out with her newly manicured hand and grasped the base of my shaft. Beth didn't answer but got back up to sit on the bed as Cindy quickly plunged her face down onto my cock. She lunged into a blowjob, alternating between stroking my cock with her hand and rubbing my balls. She took my cock out of her mouth with a loud pop and started licking my balls and stroking my shaft. Beth could do nothing but stare as Cindy spend several minutes working me orally, the only sound in the room my involuntary moans and Cindy's wet slurping.

Cindy unceremoniously stood up and turned around to face Beth as she pushed her sweatpants down revealing her naked ass. "And you're not going to fuck this cock?" she said to Beth as she backed into my waiting, upright cock. I had to push my cock forward so that it lined up with her incoming body. She reached behind herself and guided the tip of my cock into her willing entrance. She placed the very tip on her swollen lips and then let go. "You're satisfied with watching me fuck . . ." with that word, she fully impaled herself on my rigid pole. ". . . his ridiculously hard . . ." she withdrew and dropped herself back down onto me ". . . cock?"

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