tagGroup SexYoung Kate: Completing the Circle

Young Kate: Completing the Circle


Sally dutifully called the next day to tell her that they would come for drinks on Friday. As Jan hung up she thought of how surprised Larry would be at the appetizers she served with cocktails. And she also had in mind a special treat – one that she was sure Larry and Sally's daughter Kate, still her sometime lover, could help her with.

"Kate," she said, when she reached her on her cell phone, "you were telling me about something some of your friends take, some pill or something with Viagra and Ecstasy."

"Yeah. It's two pills actually, taken together. Some gay guys I know use it. They call it Sextasy. Why?"

"Listen, I know this'll sound strange but . . . could you get me some?"

"You, Jan?" Kate laughed. "What for?"

"I told you it would sound strange, didn't I? But there's this guy I know that I want to seduce and I think it would help."

"You? A guy?"

"I'm doing him a favor. I know his wife –" boy, how true that was. " – and she says he's having a hard time keeping it up but that he won't think about drugs. I told her I could fix that and she's willing to try anything. Besides, I like something live inside me sometimes. Not as good as you, but not all bad."

Kate was reluctant but finally agreed to help and did – she showed up on Wednesday with two pills – one white, one blue – in a plastic bag. After she handed it over she asked, "Do you really like it with guys?"

"Sometimes." Jan took Kate's hand and kissed it softly. "I said I didn't like it as much as you, and that's true. But the feeling of a hard cock spurting in your pussy is nice, don't you think?"

Kate pouted. "I guess."

"It is. I'm a little wet just talking with you about it." She kissed Kate softly on the lips, easing them open and brushing her tongue over the young woman's gums. "Would you like to feel?"

Kate said nothing but her eyes said yes. Jan guided her young lover's left hand under her skirt and set it on the damp spot that had formed on the smooth fabric of her thong. Kate's index and middle fingers quickly found the protrusion of her mons veneris, and began circling it softly through the cloth.

"Mmmmm. Nothing is as nice as your fingers," Jan purred, "except perhaps your tongue."

The younger woman responded kissing Jan hard, sliding her tongue deeply into her mouth as her hand slipped the thong aside and two fingers slid into Jan's brimming love cave.

"Aaahh," Jan moaned, rocking up and down as Kate's thumb worked her clit. "Let me feel you, too."

Kate unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans with her free hand, and helped Jan ease them down over her full hips, stepping out of them when they hit the floor, leaving them in a heap atop her backless Kendra sandals. She led Jan's hands to her blouse buttons before sliding her right hand around her lover's left hip, to find the hook and zipper of her skirt all the while pumping her fingers in and out of a flowing cunt. Jan unbuttoned the younger woman's blouse and delightedly found a sheer, front hook brassiere holding Kate's generous, firm breasts and showing the circles of her large nipples which easily teased to full erection with her thumbs before she unhooked the bra and took first one and then the other into her mouth, sucking and biting them gently as she continued to rock to the rhythm of Kate's fingers inside her. She slid her right hand down across Kate's firm belly and into her knickers, easily finding a protruding clit above an oozing pussy. Wetting the button with love's juice, she pressed the pads of her index and middle fingers on it and worked in a tight circle, first slowly, then quickly to match the urgency of Kate's pumping in her own pussy, pulling her higher and higher until at last she sailed into a rolling orgasm at the same time as Kate's dam burst and her cunt flooded with sweet elixir, leaving each of them propped against the other, hands wet and spent, gently kissing.

"So who's this guy?" Kate whispered.

"My secret, dear."

Kate pouted sweetly. "He won't be better than me."

"Not better, Katie. Just different." As she considered that sweet difference, she wondered if Kate's mother would deliver as she had promised.

When Friday evening arrived, Jan found that she needn't have worried about Sally's obedience. At exactly 5:30, Sally and Larry's car pulled into her driveway. Larry got out first, a tall, trim man with neat salt and pepper hair, wearing a tasteful polo shirt, khakis tight enough to show a firm, well shaped ass, and polished loafers. He rounded the car and held the door for Sally, who had dressed rather primly for the occasion in a pretty white blouse which hid her curves, a flowing long skirt, and sandals. Her own spaghetti strapped black dress and high heels were positively tartish by comparison, and Jan smiled to think of what she was about to do.

"So good to see you both!" she greeted them as they came to the door. "Larry, I can't remember the last time – when was it?"

"It has been a while. Maybe a year or two, do you think?" His wide smile and hungry eyes told Jan that Sally had followed her directions and told her husband that Jan thought he was hot. "You're looking quite fetching, by the way."

"Well, do come in." She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek as he passed and pulled Sally into a full hug that brought their breasts together provocatively. "I just shook a pitcher of martinis if you'd like one, but I can make you anything else. What'll it be?"

"I tend to be a scotch man – would that be possible?"

"I've got an eighteen year old Glenlivet – would that be okay?"

"Super, just super."

"And you, Sally?"

"Whatever you're having will be fine."

Jan smiled as he headed to the kitchen, thinking that Sally would indeed be having what she was about to have. And then some. She put chilled martini glasses on a tray with the shaker, found a tumbler, emptied the crushed powder of the pills into it, topped them first with amber scotch, then with ice, and added it to the tray with a small pitcher of cold water. Returning to the living room, she found Sally sitting primly on a chair while Larry was lounging on the couch. She set the tray on the table and sat next to Larry, deliberately letting her skirt ride halfway up her thigh.

"Would you pour for us, Sally," she said as she handed Larry his scotch.

"Yes, mis – umm, yes, Jan." Jan had given her explicit instructions to use her name but it was good to see that even in this situation she thought of Jan as her mistress. Larry, his eyes alternating between her neckline and her hemline, seemed not to notice the slip. She sipped the drink that Sally handed her and let the smooth comfort of the gin fill her mouth and throat, wondering how long it would be before the Sextasy did its work.

Not long was the answer. She fairly purred at Larry as they chatted about work and friends they hadn't seen and news and movies, reaching over to touch his arm and hand as she spoke, leaning a little to give him a glimpse of her small pert breasts, free beneath the silk of her low cut strapless bustier. Within fifteen minutes Jan could see a distinct bulge below the zipper of his khakis. She twisted her head stiffly for a minute and turned to Sally. "Sally honey, can I borrow your husband for a moment. I've got a crick in my neck and I want him to give me a little massage. He looks like he's got such strong hands."

Sally blushed a little but agreed right away so Jan turned her smile to Larry. "You don't mind, do you, Larry?"

"Not at all." He was practically drooling. "Happy to oblige."

She settled herself on the floor in front of him and asked Sally to be a sweetheart and refill his drink. Larry leaned forward, a knee on either side of her shoulders, and beg and kneading her neck with his thumbs and fingers, gradually working outward toward her arms, his hands inside her blouse, occasionally lifting it away from her chest. Sally returned with a topped off drink, and Jan said, "I think Larry's peeking at my breasts, Sally. Do you think he'd enjoy a better view?"

"I'm sure he would." Sally was looking at her in an expectant, hopeful way that suggested she wouldn't mind seeing more, too.

"Would you come over and do my zipper then so he doesn't have to stop this exquisite massage?"

Sally came and knelt in front of her and leaned in to reach around her back, bringing her face to within inches of Jan's – who eased it forward to give her slave a soft kiss on the lips, sliding her tongue between them. Sally returned it even while she slid the zipper of Jan's dress down and eased the straps over her shoulders revealing her black lace bustier. Jan couldn't see if Larry had noticed the kiss but his grip on her shoulders became firmer and as his fingers slid down to touch the tops of her breasts she felt her nipples begin to stiffen.

"Mmmm, that feels so good," she purred, "but this thing is so damned constricting. Would I offend either of you if I took it off?"

"Not at all," they both said at once, laughing with embarrassment as they did. Larry's hands were on the clasps instantly, and Sally's gently lifted the black cloth away from her chest. Sally sighed at the sight of her tits and Jan thought she heard a strangled moan from Larry as well.

"Oh, hells bells," Jan chuckled, "I've gone this far." She stood quickly facing Sally who still knelt in front of her, let the dress drop and turned toward Larry, now wearing only her black high heels and a black silk thong edged in black lace. "You like?"

Larry's jaw had dropped almost to the floor and it was all he could do to close his mouth and nod. The bulge in the front of his pants suggested that Sally had not been kidding about how well hung her husband was. Jan smiled slyly at him, nodding at his crotch. "Looks like you're feeling a little constricted yourself."

Larry blushed deeply and, Jan thought, quite fetchingly. "No . . . well, yes . . . I mean . . ." He rolled his eyes helplessly to Sally and back to Jan.

Jan chuckled demonically. "Sally," she said, turning back to her kneeling thrall, "I bet your husband would feel a bit more comfortable if both of us were, shall we say, in deshabille. Yes?"

Blushing deeply, Sally still managed a nod. "Maybe so," she half whispered. Sitting on her heels, she demurely unbuttoned her blouse and shook it off onto the floor behind her, then straightening her thighs, unfastened the button and side zipper of her skirt, letting it fall on her calves and in front of her knees, revealing a lacy white bra and matching low-rise panties. The top of her head was now just below Jan's waist and her eyes were fixed on the narrowing vee of mistress's thong.

"You want something, don't you, Sally?" Jan teased.


"Go ahead. Have a taste."

With eager fingers, Sally gently eased the damp silk of Jan's thong aside and quickly ran her tongue up Jan's labia to her swelling clit, back down again, and up once more, this time enclosing her mound with lips and thrusting her tongue in deep.

"Mmmmm," Jan moaned softly. Looking at Larry over her shoulder she saw that his pants were unfastened and that he had slid his fingers into his briefs. "You didn't know that your wife was such a slut, did you, Larry? But I think you like it. Would you like to watch her suck me off?"

Larry nodded helplessly and Jan smirked at him, "Okay then – but don't play with yourself too much or she won't be able to have you for dessert."

She settled herself on the floor leaning back on her elbows with her legs spread wide in front of Sally, who bent to her and immediately began to run her tongue down the inside of Jan's thigh, alternating between them with a soft lick of her the sopping silk covering her brimming slit as punctuation. She caressed her own stiffening nipples as her willing slave deftly slid two fingers under her thong again and into the river of her pussy, easing them in and out while her lips surrounded her mistress's swollen clit, instantly creating pulses of ecstasy that pushed her hips into a rhythmic rocking. For a moment Jan watched as Larry pulled his thickening cock from his briefs, delighted to see that it was as long as Sally had promised, already eight inches and still not fully erect. Then she closed her eyes and rested her hands in Sally's hair as her slave's tongue and lips pulled her closer and closer to a precipice and finally over its edge into a tidal orgasm that swept over her in waves, and poured out of her cunt in a stream of love spunk. She moaned softly while Sally lapped up her juices and was surprised to hear a moaning response from Larry's direction. She opened her eyes to the sight of his fully erect cock, nine inches at least, its knob swollen purple, and his fingers wrapped around it.

She smiled at Larry and whispered, "We'd better take care of that, hadn't we? Unless you don't want us to?"

"No." Larry's face was helpless and pleading, like a baby's. "Please."

"Be a good boy then - take your clothes off and lay down. Sally, get him wet for me."

Larry was naked and on his back on her carpet in a blink. Jan sat up and reached for her martini while Sally turned her attention to her husband, first tonguing his love muscle from its root to its tip before engulfing it in an eager mouth. Sipping the drink, she felt a warm tingling between her legs that signaled her pussy's moist readiness and knelt behind Sally, gently sliding her fingers across the smooth white fabric that covered delicious bum, reaching between her love thrall's legs to lightly stroke the slick wet spot on her panties while Sally's mouth rose and fell on Larry's cock.

"That's good, Sally," Jan whispered as Larry began to moan. Save some for me."

Sally moved aside and Jan eased herself forward until her brimming pussy was poised above mouth-glossed knob. Smiling, she slid her index finger into her own slot, then withdrew it and brought down to Larry's parted lips. "This is what you want, isn't it?" she teased.

Larry nodded as he gently tongued her finger, and Jan lowered her hips to ease his joystick into the lake of her cunt. The helpless man moaned softly as she rose and fell on his cock, its tip caressing her G-spot with each cycle while Sally watched longingly.

"I think you should join us, Sally. Take those off and come to me." Jan felt her breathing quicken as Sally modestly slipped out of her bra and sodden panties while she worked her pussy with Larry's love muscle.

"Come here, dear." She took Sally's hand and gently guided her over her supine husband so that she now straddled him on her knees facing Jan. Without slowing the rhythm of her fucking, she caressed Sally's lips with her tongue and fondled her rising nipples with her fingertips before reaching down to find the sweet nectar pot between Sally's legs, easily sliding her index and middle fingers into its liquid velvet and feeling her thrall's lips and tongue find her mouth in response. She enjoyed the wet kiss and pulled Sally closer so that their breasts lightly touched as she continued rise and fall on Larry's rigid cock. The combination of her hardening nipples, her cunt's slow up and down slide, and her love slave's voracious mouth brought her close to the edge, and when Larry's ejaculation exploded inside her Jan soared into her own climax, releasing a pool of hot spunk that mixed with his cum as she pulled Sally's full breasts close and tongued her face.

"Would you like to play now, Sally? Perhaps a little sixty nine?"

Sally could only manage a mute nod before Jan eased her onto her back on the carpet. Letting Larry's still firm cock slide out of her, Jan swung her brimming pussy over Sally's mouth and slid her own face down between Sally's thighs towards the succulent pool of her love cave. Her mouth found Sally's musky clit at the same time that Sally began to gently lick the jism from her love sodden cunt, and the two of them began, gently and voraciously, to tongue and finger each other toward a cascading mutual climax that left them both slick with passion's elixir. Only when they were both resting on their backs, purring and gently fondling each other's nipples, did Jan notice that Larry was stroking his love muscle back to full erection while watching them.

"Did you know you're lovely wife could go both ways, Larry?"

"No." It was more of a gasp than a word.

"Looks like you've got your hands full there, Tiger," she laughed. "Do you want some help."

Larry nodded, his eyes pleading.

"What do you think, Sally? Should we help him or let him wank himself off?"

"Whichever you like, Jan."

Jan was pleased to see the grin on her slave's face. "Well, I guess it would be shameful to waste such a lovely cock. C'mon then."

The two women knelt on either side of Larry and took turns licking his throbbing member from stem to tip, giggling while he squirmed and panted. When his precum began to ooze, Jan kissed his purpled tip and opened her mouth wide to engulf him, savoring his salty taste as she felt her pussy go wet again. But better to throw Sally a bone, she thought, smiling at the image.

"Why don't you fuck him, Sally, while I go clean up?" Jan gathered her clothes and headed for the bathroom, looking back over her shoulder to see Sally's legs spread wide as Larry pushed in and out of her, setting a beat for her moaning. She closed here eyes in the shower and fingered her pussy while she remembered the pulse of Larry's cock deep within her and the gentle touch of Sally's tongue circling her clit. This could be good, she thought. This could be very good. Then she thought of Sally and Larry's daughter Kate, with whom all of it began. That could be good, too. Maybe it was time to call her again.

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