tagLesbian SexYoung Kate Continued

Young Kate Continued


Young Kate slowly broke away from our kiss and lay back on my bed moaning softly just as I was, her face flushed with wine and sexual satisfaction, both of us coming down, each of us bringing ourselves off after an unexpected fashion show turned striptease. Now she lay with eyes closed, her fingers laced behind her head, her full breasts drawn upward, nipples erect, come juice from my orgasm glistening on her young, flat belly, still wearing only sheer white panties, her legs demurely crossed at the ankles.

"Mmmmm, that was delicious, Jan," she said. "Better than I'd daydreamed."

I had often daydreamed about being with a woman, too, and she was right. This was better. Looking at Kate's young body, my clit pulsed warmly, and I hoped the evening wasn't over yet.

Lazily and very softly I ran a fingertip around the aureoles of her breasts, first the left, then right, and watched her nipples stiffen further. As I eased it down across her chest and stomach, Kate gasped softly, moaning again as I turned it in the pooled cunt jism just below her navel - all mine, spurted there as my fingers had brought me to full climax leaning over her. Now those juices were flowing again as I felt my clit swell between my labia.

I brought my creamy finger to her lips. "If that was delicious, try this," I said, touching her lower lip as gently as I could. She did not open her eyes, but her tongue eased out and touched my finger, tentatively at first, then more eagerly, licking it's full length and then sucking it into her mouth. Releasing it, she whispered, "More. More, Jan."

Still on my side next to her, still wearing only the stockings and garter belt she had asked me to leave on, I propped my left leg up and reached down to my pussy. My nipples stood to full attention as I slid first my index finger, then my middle finger in. They entered easily, instantly drowned in warm love liquid, and I let them stay a moment, moving them up and back and up again as pleasure gathered in my cunt.

Again she lapped, licked, and sucked at my fingers when I brought them to her mouth but now her ankles uncrossed themselves and her hips rocked gently on the bed.

"Can I taste yours now?" I asked quietly.

"Oh, yes," she said, eyes opening and fixing themselves on mine. "Yes."

She unlaced her fingers and began to reach down toward her crotch but I caught her hand and laid it gently on her lovely breast.

"Allow me," I said, kissing her lips softly and sliding my hand slowly down across her belly onto the soaked silk of her panties, searching the thin, wet fabric for her mons, finding it, stroking it lightly through the cloth as her hips resumed their gentle rocking. I felt my own heart rise and my breath quicken. I had never touched another woman's pussy before but the sticky liquidity of my own told me not to stop. I slid my fingers under the silk and caressed Kate's sodden muff, found her slit quickly, and eased two fingers into the drenched velvet of her cunt. She raised her hips to meet them, dropped away, came up again, and again, and I found myself fucking her as her mouth closed over her mine, her tongue probing me while her own fingers made quick circles on her nipples. She was rising to climax again but to play with her I slid my fingers out and brought them up between my lips and hers, licking her juice while she watched, my first cunt taste, sour and thick and musky and wonderful. Without thinking I said, "I'd like to lick it at its source."

Kate nodded yes voicelessly, kissed me, tasting herself on my lips, and slid upwards on my king-sized bed to make more room for me where it would count. I eased myself down between her upraised knees and licked the inside of each thigh slowly working my way down, then back, then down again to her wet white panties where I tasted her again through the slippery cloth. Kate gasped and shuddered and lifted her full hips off the bed to greet me. Sliding my hand under the silken crotch, I eased two fingers into her again, then a third, now stroking her clit with my thumb while my pinkie played in her pubic hair. Now groaning, she pumped her hips and slid her own hand into her knickers to caress her labia while I finger-fucked her. When her breath became short and harsh, I pulled my hand away and slowly pulled her panties down while she frantically worked her clit with both hands and groaned, "Jan, Jan, don't stop Jan, I want to come Jan."

Tonguing Kate's thighs again, and pushing her hands away I now came down to her glory, a swollen purple-pink mons rising between pinkish lips to welcome me. My own cunt was hot and flowing now, and I thought that just the sight of her might bring me off. To tease her, I touched her clit lightly with the tip of my tongue, once, twice, three times, before I began to lap the cream from her overflowing slit, its tart musk of olive and capers and salt and the the sea rising around me like a heady perfume.

"Jan, Jan, JAN, JAN," she moaned, pushing herself up into my face. I pressed my lips and tongue onto her clit, took it whole into my mouth, sucked it gently, staying on her as her hips bucked and her pussy exploded in orgasm. It seemed like forever before she slowed down and my face was slick with her juice but like a cat I kept licking until there was no more cream, each stroke of my tongue producing a long groan from recumbent Kate.

And then she surprised me.

Suddenly she grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up to her, kissing my juiced face frantically. I could see that she was crying, but she ducked her head down to my breasts and suckled them, and my nipples ached with pleasure. Then Kate threw me roughly back on the bed, and before I knew what she was doing, her head was between my thighs. My clit was in her mouth instantly and she worked three fingers in and out of my cunt while she sucked me. I draped my legs over her shoulders and, although I wanted it to last, my muscles tightened and spasmed, and I came and came and came again, my jism gushing onto Kate's hand and face as she worked me. When I came down, the two of us licked my juice from her fingers, kissing each other and laughing like schoolgirls.

"Jan," Kate asked, as she lay back on my bed. "Can I come here again."

I smiled. "You can come here as often as you like, Kate."

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