tagLesbian SexYoung Kate, My First Time Ch. 01

Young Kate, My First Time Ch. 01

byMr Story Teller©

This is a little story of how I managed to achieve an ambition of making love to another woman for the first time. I'm 42 years old, divorced professional lady with a successful career and hopeless love life, men have come and gone and the last relationship left me in pieces. I've always questioned my sexuality and have often imagined how good it would be to make love to another woman but never had the opportunity or bottle to go and get it!

Well it all started when my good friend Sally's daughter came round to me for some information to do with her course work at college, Kate was a elegant young girl, dark hair, dark brown eyes and a lovely voluptuous figure. During the evening we talked over a glass of wine and managed to get quite a lot of her work done, as the evening progressed I realized I was beginning to look at Kate in a different way, not as my friends daughter but as a beautiful young lady and one that I was beginning to have erotic thoughts about. Occasionally I would wonder about other women and how it would feel to be close to and to touch another naked woman and being with Kate was releasing those thoughts again. Well we easily managed to finish a bottle of red wine off and Kate was looking a little flush in the face, I asked her if she was Ok and she said that the open fire and the wine was making her feel a little hot and flush, she proceeded to stand up from her seat opposite me and lift her jumper up and over her head, as she did this it caused her tee shirt to pull tight against her breasts and show me that she was hiding a beautifully round pair of breasts.

I didn't realize she was so perfectly formed and the fact that she was only 18 and had a flat stomach only enhanced them even more. I must have made it obvious that I was looking at her breast because she giggled nervously and readjusted her tee shirt. After a while Kate seemed more relaxed in my company and as we talked she tossed her hair from side to side unconscious of my reaction. I was by now beginning to have strong sexual thoughts towards Kate and my pussy was begging to pulse gently, looking over at her only feet away I realized just how beautiful she was and wanted so desperately to see her naked and touch and kiss her young body.

Not knowing anything about her love life I began to probe and asked whether she was seeing anybody at present etc, she said that she wasn't because she didn't have the time and anyway the boys she'd been out with before just didn't do anything for her, she ended by saying

"If you know what I mean"

Well I wasn't sure what she meant so me being me replied by saying that I didn't know what she meant. Well her face went a little redder and she said

"Well I don't really find men that attractive, they don't seem to do much for me"

"You mean sexually" I replied

"Well I suppose so, they're never soft and loving, it's just all wham bam thank you mam!"

"But you have been with a few blokes then"

"Oh god yes, not loads but I know enough now to realize that most men don't understand what a woman really wants"

When she said that I could feel my nipples hardening and knew that the thin blouse and silky bra I was wearing wouldn't do a very good job of hiding them, suddenly I thought that maybe Kate was actually treading very carefully along the same route as me and maybe she was trying to tell me that what she wanted was a woman's touch and not a mans. I was still a little unsure of her intent and there was also the fact that I hadn't actually made love to another woman before which made me pursue it further, albeit a little cautiously.

As we got deeper into our discussion we were focused on each other eyes much stronger than any point in the evening and it was as though either of us wanted the other to show the next sign, I realized our glasses were empty and jumped up to fetch another bottle of wine, it obviously broke our gaze and as I walked over to the kitchen Kate asked if she could ring her mum to tell her she'd be a little later home,

"No problem, use the phone in the hall if you like, send you mum my love"

I poured our drink, (two very large goblets of red wine) and watched through the open door as Kate stood before the mirror in the hall, she gave herself a good look over and before turning away after putting the phone down she pulled on the hem of her tee shirt, squashing her tits and showing her nipples through the material, this was as clear a sign as ever that she was aroused and that maybe my thoughts were correctly. I sat back down on my sofa and when Kate returned and I handed her her drink she sat down beside me.

Kate surprised me by asking me about my love life and why Bob and I split up, I told her about how he had numerous affairs and how I found some hotel receipts in his work suit which was the final nail in his coffin. Again Kate was looking me straight in the eye and said "so what do you do now then, everybody needs loving one way or another" she smiled and I took it she meant sexually. Again I could feel my nipples harden and knew that if she dropped her gaze she would clearly see was sort of state I was in, I wanted desperately to touch myself but in some way the tension was even more enjoyable. "Well I'm not involved with anybody at the moment but I know how to look after myself perfectly" we laughed aloud and Kate leant over a touched my knee as we giggled.

I decided to put some music on and top up our wine and continued to talk to Kate as I went about refilling our glasses, I was still in the outfit I wore for work which was a dark narrow suit skirt, pale blue blouse which was almost see through and fine denier hold up stockings. I always tend to dress in a way which I find sexy as I enjoy the sexual tension at work, it keeps me going and often provides me with the incentive to take myself off and masturbate in my private office bathroom. As I wandered about my lounge Kate's eyes followed me all the way and at one point I clearly caught her looking at my breast's, this excited me even more and made my already erect nipples all the more noticeable. I do take a great sense of pride in my appearance and I think I look fit and well shaped for my age. My breasts do hang a little lower than they used to but I still need a 36C cup and my hips and waist are as narrow as they were 20 years ago.

The wine was now getting to Kate as she began to lay her head on the back of the sofa, when ever she did this it gave me another chance to admire the fullness of her tits, her V neck white T shirt provided more than enough view of her cleavage to turn any hot blooded man on and I do think she was doing it on purpose to allow me the pleasure. She wore blue denim jeans and boots and looked like any other girl of her age, however she also had a mature ness about her, she oozed sexuality and it was certainly having a great effect on me.

There was a few seconds of nervous silence before Kate said "You know I love the way you dress"

"Thanks very much, I don't get that many compliments being the boss"

"Really though, it gives out a strong sense of business but still show a sexy feminine side to you"

I was really taken back with her comment and as I stood there being admired I knew that tonight was going to be a night to remember.

"I like to feel sexy at work" I replied "it means I get peoples attention much more easily and I do like to know if I've still got something to show off, sometimes I even flash a bit of my stocking and enjoy watching the men adjusting themselves!"

This made Kate laugh "Oh god don't worry about that, I love to look as good as you when I'm your age"

I was standing about 3 meters away looking down towards Kate when I had this wonderful idea, "I tell you something Kate, you'd look fantastic in a business suite, what size are you?"

"A twelve"

"Fantastic!" I said "come with me and we'll make you into real high flier business women, what do you think"

Well she jumped from her seat and picked up her wine, taking a big gulp she stood right before me and said "I'm all your, lead me to your wardrobe!"

I took her by the hand and giggling we both trotted upstairs to my room. Well to set the scene my room is large, very large in fact, and I've got a walk in wardrobe off to one side, there's a large floor to ceiling window on one side and my dresser and mirrors on the other.

So there we were in the middle of my bedroom facing a full length mirror, I stood close behind Kate and asked how she wanted to look,

"Like you" she replied "you look really sexy and elegant I want to look like you"

I went to my wardrobe and pulled out a really sharp black suit which had a reasonably short skirt and a jacket that buttoned quite low down.

"What size shoes are you?" I shouted through to which she replied "about a five"

Brilliant I though as I picked up a shiny pair of high heels for her. I lay the suit on the bed and went back for a sheer dark gray blouse which I knew would match the suit. When I returned Kate had removed her shoes and was now stood right before me,

"How about these" I quizzed lifting them up for her approval

The look in her face had now changed a little and I sensed a little nervousness

"You know Jan I don't usually go round trying on other women's clothes you know"

I placed a hand on either shoulder and calmed her nerves by telling her that I have never shared my wardrobe with anybody else before either, I gave her a comforting peck on the cheek and she relaxed again.

I placed the clothes on the bed and sat down beside them in such a way that Kate was stood only feet away. I could feel my pussy throbbing with excitement and my desire for Kate was now so strong, I didn't care if she could tell just how excited I was. I couldn't take my eyes from her when she said

"well here goes then" and pulled her tee shirt from the waistband of her jeans.

I sat back with my hands behind me on the bed and my knee's slightly parted, Kate looked down over me and smiled nervously, still holding the hem of her tee shirt she smiled before lifting it up and over her breasts and letting it drop to the floor, she paused, just standing there looking at me smiling and admiring her, her bra was white and well fitted, I couldn't see any sign of her nipples but I could make out the shape as they pushed the material from within.

I could have put my hand up my skirt there and them and brought myself off but the intensity of the situation was making it so erotic and I guess both of us were enjoying ourselves. Kate wasted no time and without turning away from me and whilst still looking directly at me she reached down for her buttons on her jeans, one by one she popped them and slowly she bent over to push them down. It was by no mistake that she did this slowly and sensually and clearly she wanted to show off her lovely tits, she watched me as my eyes dropped from hers and focused on her cleavage and then down to her waist line as she parted her flies and pushed downwards. She shifted her bum in the attempt to remove her jeans and I was now looking at the top of her panties and along with her perfectly formed breasts. Within a second or so she was stood in front of me dressed only in white bra and pants. The front panels of her panties were sheer and I could clearly see her dark pubic hair which was reasonably trimmed but still quite thick and bushy.

I couldn't believe what was going on, here I was totally in ore of the beauty of another woman, one whom I'd known for about five years and had never even noticed just how beautiful she was, she is only eighteen years old and has just undressed to her undies for me. Well I lay there and smiled a big smile at her

"Kate, you really are beautiful, I can't begin to explain what's going through my mind at this precise moment"

My nipples were aching and my pussy was oozing and if I didn't do some thing soon I'd scream,

"Try me" she replied "tell me what you're thinking"

She seemed to have lost that nervousness of earlier and moved to only a foot away from me. I was still sat back on the bed only now Kate was almost toe to toe with me and if I'd sit upright I could wrap my arms around her waist and kiss her stomach and breasts.

She looked down at the front of my blouse and smiled; my nipples where clearly visible through the thin material and she laughed

"Whatever is going through your mind must be a good thing by the state of your nipples!"

I looked down and quite right they were like bullets and felt just as hard. We laughed and I ran my hand over them and pulled my blouse tight to show them off even more.

"It must be the wine" I said "drink makes me feel sexy and with you dressed in your undies, I can't help it! " "I've never undressed for another woman before" Kate said "but it turns me on knowing it arouses you"

"It does that alright! I can't begin to tell you how horny I feel right now"

"I can see for myself" she spoke softly, again looking at my nipples "would you like me to undress further?"

Without waiting for a reply she walked a few paces away and turned her back to me, she reached around and undid the clasp of her bra, I watched wantonly as she let it drop to the floor and turned around. I was frozen as she turned to face me and her dark skin glowed in the light, her breasts were beautiful, so full and high and her nipples were thick and like mine rock hard!

I stood up and without speaking a word I walked over to her and reached out a hand, I touched the cup of her right breast under her nipple and she shuddered in response, I circled her breast and began to mirror my motions with my other hand. Kate's eyes closed in approval and gently held my arms, I was fascinated but her large nipples and couldn't take my eyes from her, she touched my face which made me look up and surprised me by kissing me softly on my lips. We kissed so softly she was almost sucking on my bottom lip, and when I finally touched her nipples she gasped in response. Kate ran her hand down over my breast and for the first time in my life I let another woman feel the hardness of my nipples, my pussy nearly exploded and I thought I'd piss my pants when I felt her pinch it. Instantly she moved to my blouse buttons and within a matter of moments it was open and off my shoulders. Looking down at Kate's heavy tits I watched as I pushed them together and admired the cleavage it produced, at the same time I followed her fingers as they ran down my bra straps towards my own tits and couldn't wait for her to touch my nipples again. Kate didn't waste any time and as she reached the material of my bra cup she hooked her finger inside and pulled it down exposing my right breast to her, she did the same with the other cup and instantly began to circle my areolas.

I closed my eyes and let my head fall back as the pleasure took control, my legs felt as though they would buckle any minutes and then Kate surprised me again, this time she lifted my breast upwards and kissed and licked both nipples in turn, well you can imagine the effect this had on me considering how long I'd been feeling this horny, "Oh my god" was all I could say "Oh Kate don't stop that, it feels so wonderful" I could feel the wetness in my pants beginning to feel sticky rather than just a little damp and by the way I was throbbing down there my juices were flowing at a pretty good rate. Kate continued to kiss and suckle my nipples for a few minutes and then suddenly stopped, I looked up and she was grinning naughtily.

"Jan, will you undress for me, I want to watch you undress like you did me"

Well how could I refuse, Kate jumped onto my bed and knelt with her legs parted, she ran her hands up and over her breasts pushing them together and squeezing them in the process, She had a naughty school girl grin about her look and this told me that she was as committed as I was in seeing this through to and exciting and climatic conclusion. This also gave me another chance to see her in full and this time it was obvious just how aroused she was, the crotch and front of her panties were visibly wet and any shyness she had before was fast disappearing.

I stood in the middle of the floor of my bedroom still with my bra round my waist and my skirt, stocking, pants and shoes on, Kate was grinning from ear to ear and said

"I hoped this would happen, ever since I had thoughts about other girls I've thought about you"

"And how long have you been thinking these thoughts you dirty little cow" I laughed

"Ever since my mums said how sexy she thought you were after you visited us one time"

"Sally thinks I'm sexy! Jesus I am honored, your mum is stunning!"

"I know" said Kate "but I've lay in bed masturbating thinking of watching you dress or undress and I can't believe I'm actually doing it"

"Well I'd better not disappoint you then"

with that I unclipped my bra and exposed my full breast's to her, I lifted them and pointed my nipples toward her, she could see how hard they were and as I ran my finger tips over them a shudder went down my back. Kate was still playing with her nipples and I could see from her chest that her breathing was becoming heavy and occasionally she would shift her hips forwards. I was really enjoying my performance and Kate seemed as though she was in a trance, her eyes were all over me and her mouth was parted.

I reached around for my zipper and my skirt was on the floor in no time, so there I was in hold up stocking, G String panties and black high heeled shoe's.

"you look so beautiful" Kate said "just perfect, as I imagined you"

"I'm glad I don't disappoint you, I am over forty you know"

I was about to kick my shoes off when Kate said "No, leave your shoes and stockings on, I find them so erotic"

Kate was breathing heavy now and as I stood there about to reach for my panties she slid her left hand down the front of her knickers, her eyes rollers as she touched herself and for a moment she was lost in her own little world, looking back up she smiled

"Jesus, I'm so wet, this is making me so horny"

I place my hands on my hips and slid them down either side ensuring I took my panties with them, Kate watched with her eyes fixed upon my crotch as the fabric slid slowly down my thighs. My cunt was so hot and wet I knew that my pussy lips would be swollen and proud and indeed as soon as I pushed my panties away the folds of my lips parted, I keep my pussy well trimmed and don't have too much hair anyway so my vulva and labia are well exposed, I love to pull on my lips whilst masturbating and if somebody sucks on them I go wild!.

So now I'm standing only feet away from this young almost naked beauty with my entire wet throbbing pussy on show and her playing with herself looking at me. Kate was still playing with herself and I think she was getting close to orgasm, she was breathing very heavy, almost panting and her fingers were working overtime on her pussy, she slid her other hand down her pants and began to move her hips in time to her fingers, she was now rubbing herself harder and faster than before and sucking in her bottom lip. She continued to look at me but occasionally her eyes would roll and I knew that soon she was going to come

"Do you like what you see?"

I questioned as I moved closer, I placed my hand over my pussy and shivered with my touch, I was dripping wet and parted my lips oh so easy, I found my swollen clit and circled it gently whilst my other hand roamed softly over my breasts. Kate couldn't take her eyes from me but never ceased from the pleasure on her own pussy.

"Why don't you lie back Kate and let it happen" I said "Go on darling I want to watch you come"

Kate did exactly that, she sat herself down, hung her legs over the edge of the bed and lay back with her legs parted. I moved around to the side of the bed so she could still look at me and Kate's eyes just followed me. Her tits fell either side but still showed their youth in being pert and her nipples were as big if not bigger that mine and that is some achievement. I was now dripping wet and could feel my pussy juices begin to run down my inner thigh, my wet swollen lips were now becoming the focus of my intentions and with both hands now I opened my lips as I placed one foot one the bed. My cunt was now on full view and more exposed as it has ever been to another woman, Kate's gaze was transfixed upon it as she drew closer to her climax, my cunt only a matter of feet away from her face and it felt like a river down there as I rubbed my clitoris, I too was getting that familiar feeling of pending orgasm and it made me draw a deep breath, I gasped as again my finger brushed my clit and again it pumped out my sticky love juice.

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