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Young Love


There is a fair amount of maledom in this story, which I plan on correcting if I ever write a sequel

Her brother wasn't home for more than a half an hour before Amy called. It was something of a joke in the Johnson family; Amy Feng had a crush on Tom since she first saw him her Freshman year of High School. She was an awkward little Asian kid then, but a little bit obsessive. When she met his sister Claire in Biology class, she did everything she could to get an invitation to the house. But this inauspicious beginning turned into the basis for what turned into Claire's strongest and most valuable friendship.

Amy was smart, funny. She liked music, and could always introduce Claire to the best up and coming bands. They would go to concerts together, or movies, or just driving around in Amy's car talking about things. By the last years of high school both of them had boys after them. The years of chasing after Tom had turned petite Amy from an awkward Asian kid, to a fashionable artsy girl, with subtle curves in all the right places. While Claire, with her long body, short hair and stunning smile, was the type of girl any teenage boy would dream of. And of course, Amy let Claire have her pick of them.

Her brother for his part never took Amy seriously. He was two years older than them, and acted five-years older. He was strong, and nearly a foot taller than Amy. Claire often thought he took everything too seriously, but he could be funny too, and he was the sort of person who would do anything he possibly could to help you. When they were young, they used to stay up late at nights talking about their lives and giving each other advice about boys, girls and studying. And even after he went to college she would call him up if she ever wanted to talk about something. He and Amy were her supports. She loved them both and sometimes even wished they would get together.

With Tom home from University, Amy would find herself uninterested in summer concerts and movies, and extremely interested in hanging out at Claire's house. Last summer it had almost drove Claire batty, when their favorite band had come into town and Amy insisted that she would rather stay at the Johnson's and watch a movie. She expected her skirts would start getting shorter too. She couldn't decide whether it was exasperating or funny.

"I think we're going out to a family dinner," Claire said, when Amy called.

"Hmm, that's too bad," Amy said. "How about tomorrow. I've got some DVD's that we can watch at your house."

Claire smiled. Amy really was obvious.

"Sure, why don't you come over around noon."

"Ok, see you then!"

Claire went back to helping her brother and parents unload his stuff school stuff from the car. They had already gotten through most of it.

"Was that Amy?" her Mother asked.

"Yeah, she wanted to come over and watch some movies."

"She doesn't wait, does she?"

Claire smiled at her Mom's joke, but didn't respond when she saw her Brother scowling. Something was wrong. She would ask him about it tonight.

They went out to eat at an Italian place, that was usually a bit too expensive for them. She could tell her brother was upset about something, but neither of her parents seemed to notice. They always thought that "that was just how he was," moody and overly serious. But she knew when he was feeling upset about something, or when he was just taking something seriously.

"So how's UCLA?" her Mom asked.


"You like living in LA?"

Tom shrugged.

"We expect you to watch over our little girl next year," Dad said. Tom looked up at him, then over to Claire.

Tom smiled. "Sorry, I'm just a bit tired right now."

"That's alright Son. How's Kate?"

"She's fine." Tom said, stabbing at his food, "Best girlfriend a guy could ask for."


After their parents went to bed, Claire went into Tom's room. He had just unpacked some of his books, and was trying to put them in some sort of order on his bookshelf. She sat on the chair next to his bed and watch him for a bit.

"So what is it?" She said.

He didn't respond at first, and she didn't push him any farther. He put a few books up on the shelf then got into it.

"Kate is fucking other people."

"You guys broke up?"

"No, she's just fucking other people. She said she didn't think it was good to have a long distance relationship when you're 20, even when its only long distance for 3 months. So she wants to fuck other people over the summer."

"So fuck other people. You can get girls just as easily as she can get a guy."

"You've never met Kate, she could get any guy she wants. And she doesn't have to stay in the suburbs all summer, where everyone is either 16 or 50."

"She sounds like a bitch."

Tom sighed. "No, she just, likes having sex. She actually thought she was being nice by telling me about her plan."

Claire thought about this for a bit, she tried to think of some place where her brother could meet women, but couldn't think of much. It was the suburbs and everyone she met was either still in or just out of High School.

"We could go to a concert in the city sometime. There's usually girls around there."

"Don't worry, I don't need my sister to hook me up. I'm mostly just angry at Kate. I really liked her."

They were quite for a bit, as he finished his unpacking.

"So what about you," he said. "You have a boyfriend?"

"Well I've been on dates, but, not really."

"Are you still a virgin? For some reason I didn't think you were anymore."

"Well I've," she made a jerking hand movement. "It was a guy I met at a party, it was nice thinking I'd never have to see him again, so I could just have fun and not think about what people would say at school the next day."

"That's not helping," Tom said.

"Oh right."


That night she lay in bed thinking about her first sexual encounter. She didn't tell her brother everything, because she still wasn't sure how she felt about it. It hadn't been what she expected, but she was surprised how satisfying it had been. It had been three months earlier. Just after she had turned 18. Amy had heard about a party in the city from some people they regularly saw at concerts, and they decided that they could go there and come back before their weekend curfew. She knew some college guys would be there, and she couldn't help thinking that maybe she could do something that night. She thought she would make out a bit maybe, though her imagination went a bit farther.

It was on the third floor of a small apartment block. There were about twenty people there. Including Stephan, who she always thought was cute. It was his friend's place, Dave, they were playing music from the band they liked, and had drinks and mixers in the kitchen. Amy didn't drink, because she was the one who had to drive them back.

Stephan was funny. He was trying to start a small record label for local bands, while going to school for electrical engineering. He tried to explain to her the process of making your own guitar pedals, which was when she realized that she didn't really care what he was saying anymore.

Dave had suggested it. He had some of Stephan's CD's in his room, and they could go in there and listen to them if they wanted. She didn't really think through the code at that point. They went into Dave's clean but cluttered room, Stephan found a CD and put it on. Then he kissed her. She let herself get into it. He smelled good, and she could feel the muscles along his torso.

They sat down on the bed, and he quickly led her hand to his crotch. It was the first time she'd felt it, but she didn't take her hand away. She rubbed the bulge in his crotch and he grabbed at her hips and breasts. She undid the zipper for him.

Then it was in her mouth. She was a bit surprised at first. She wasn't really sure whether she had done it on her own or whether he had led her down there. It had just happened. His large warm dick was filling up her mouth. The taste was not good, but appealing.. She wasn't really sure what to do. Of course she knew what to do, but it just seemed so strange to her. Then she felt his hands on her hair, slowly lifting her up and pushing her back down again.

She took time to get used to the movement, then she started doing it herself. His hand held onto her hair, but lightly. He was getting harder and fuller in her mouth, as she was catching her rhythm.

And then he came. The first shot hit her in the back of her throat, and she panicked, pulling off of him. The next shot hit her in the face, and the next one. The rest she caught in her mouth.

He stood up and pulled up his pants, she had never seen a man smiling as much as he was at that moment, and it made her smile too. She wiped her face off on of the bed sheets, then stood up too. He kissed her, and they smiled at each other.

"Should we join the party again?" he asked.


Claire and Amy left an hour later. They got in the car, and Amy put on a CD. There was an awkward silence, and Claire couldn't figure out why.

"You have cum on your neck," Amy said.

"Which side?"


Claire found a napkin and wiped it off.

She wasn't sure whether Amy was embarrassed or jealous, but she decided that she didn't care. Claire felt almost proud of herself.

That night she lay in bed thinking about it. She realized that the guy hadn't given her his phone number, or done anything for her, but then she thought that maybe that was what she wanted. A first time with no complications. She arched her back, touching her clitoris. She imagined Stephan's dick in her mouth, insider her. Or another man, any other man who would fill her.


The next day Amy came over with a pile of DVDs, in a skirt that was a size too short.

"Hi, Claire! How'd everything go getting your brother back home."

"Fine," she said. "Come on, lets go make some lunch."

They made something easy, tacos. Amy kept her eye out for Tom, but he usually stayed in his room when she was around. He valued his privacy, and knew he wouldn't get much of it around Amy. When they finished cooking Amy put on a Hong Kong movie. It was a bit of an artsy action movie, which both Amy and Claire enjoyed, and Claire new Tom enjoyed too.

He came out towards the climax, when everything was exploding. Amy looked back at him casually, like she just noticed he was there.

"Hi Tom, how's university life."

"Fine," he said, trying to figure out what he was watching. "What's this?"

"An early John Woo film."

He watched for a minute or two longer, then left.

Claire looked over at her friend, and noticed she was blushing bright red.


Over the next few weeks Tom called his girlfriend a few times. They seemed to still be on good relations. He would laugh, joke about things. Then he would tell her that he missed her, and the conversation would suddenly become quiet. Sometimes there would be a fight, sometimes not, but when he hung up he was always angry. He would spend the rest of the day locked up in his room, or punching the punching bag in the back yard.

His parents were concerned, and even Claire was concerned, but he wouldn't let anyone talk to him about it. When Claire tried he just said there was nothing to talk about it. It was what it was.

Two weeks into the summer he got into an argument with his girlfriend while Amy was there listening to music with Claire. The argument was a big one. Claire knew from what her brother had told her that Kate had started seeing one of his friends from University. But Amy was surprised, she had never heard him this angry.

"What's going on?"

"He's having problems with his girlfriend."

"What sort of problems?"

Claire wondered if she should tell Amy and then thought the better of it. The last thing her brother needed was Amy trying to be his new girlfriend.

"I think it's usual long-distance relationship stuff. He just needs to get back to school."

The tone of the phone call in the next room was enough to make Claire see that was a feeble excuse though.

"Have you heard from Stephan?" Amy asked.

"I think that was just a one time thing."

Amy smiled.

"Listen to this," pulling a new song up on her computer.


When the phone call was over, Amy excused herself to the bathroom. Then a bit later Claire heard Amy knocking on her brother's door. Claire opened her door a bit, so she could hear what was going on in the hallway. She would interrupt if needed. She didn't want Amy to make her brother any angrier than he already was.

"Yeah," Tom said.

"Hi Tom."


"I just wanted to say, it sucks that you have to stay here all summer, away from your friends."


"I just want to say, that if I can ever do anything to help, I'd be happy to do it."

She paused, and then repeated the word "anything."

There was a long silence. Claire felt herself holding her breath.

"Thanks," Tom said, closing the door.

When Amy came back to the room, she was blushing again.


The next day Amy came over with some stuff for baking. Claire was by this time sick of spending so much time at her house, but after what happened the day before, Amy couldn't stay away. Claire at this point wanted to keep the two of them apart. She didn't know why but she was sure one of them was going to do something they regretted.

"I'm not going to help you with that," Claire said.

"It's cake," Amy said, "Cake is good!"

"Can't we just go to a coffee shop or something, I don't like baking.

"Oh you, I'll do the baking, you make us tea or something.

Claire shrugged and started to make them tea, while Amy started gathering ingredients.

Then Tom came into the room. "Hey, just coming to get a drink." He had to wait for Amy to move from the refrigerator. Claire could see that he was eying he legs and ass as he waited. She wondered if Amy was giving him extra time.

"Sorry," Amy said, with a handful of food. It's all yours.

Tom grabbed a bottled water out of the refrigerator and went back to his room.

The water on the stove hit a boil, and Claire poured it into two cups of green tea, then sat at the table, and watched her friend bake.

"It's going to be fun at UCLA," Amy said. "High School is stupid, but UCLA will be fun."

"Do you know what you're going to study?" Claire asked.

"Not yet. You?"

"I think just English."

"I might study something like Math. I like math."

She drank some tea. Then she heard it, and Amy heard it at the same time. Tom was calling his girlfriend in the other room. He hadn't bothered to close the door.

"Hey," he said. "I just wanted to call to see if we can make up for last night."

Then silence. Neither Claire nor Amy spoke.

"What do you mean you can't talk right now?"

"Wait, do you have Daniel over there?"

"Are you fucking someone while you're on the phone with me?"

"Oh, not yet, but once you get off the phone with me."

Amy had stopped working on the dough now; she was just listening.

"What sort of fucked up logic is that? You're so hurt by this all that you have to cheat on me."




Then they heard him hang up and slam of the phone down.

Amy was breathing heavily. She started working on the dough again, urgently now, trying to calm down. Claire could feel the tension too. Somewhere in the other room her brother's footsteps were enough to tell her how angry he was.

He walked into the kitchen. She was sitting right across from him, in the dining room, but he didn't seem to see her. He walked deliberately towards Amy, reached under her skirt and pulled her underwear down.

Amy stopped what she was doing, but she didn't move. Behind her he kept on hand on her ass, and unzipped himself with the other. She only saw it for a moment. Her brother was bigger than Stephan. Amy gasped when he put it in. Claire knew she should leave, but she sat there, stunned. Her friend was holding her breath, getting used to him pressing himself deep with in her, until he started moving, slowly faster, until he was fucking her up against the counter.

He was angry. He fucked her fast, pushing her into the counter with his hips and pulling her back towards him with his arm. Her eyes were closed concentrating on what she was feeling. She was breathing heavily, and trying to respond to what he was doing, but mostly she couldn't do anything.

Then she moaned. "Yeah." She was doing her best to give him encouragement, but only single words came out. "fuck, fuck, fuck."

Then he tensed, and a few more thrusts. His eyes closed, his breath slowing down.

"Do you want this?" he said.

She nodded, but didn't say anything.

Then he pulled out and went back to his room. Amy was still bent over the counter, She didn't move for a minute or two.

Finally, she pulled her panties up, and stood in the middle of the room. Staring at nothing in particular.

"Claire?" she said.

"Do you want to go to a pharmacy with me? I need the morning after pill."


"Thanks. Where's my keys.

"Here," Claire said, picking them up off the table.

"Thanks," she said. Then she smiled, like she was pleased with herself.

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