Young Lust Ch. 01


What a total fucking turn-on it was, playing nasty with his eyes boring in to me. Really, I absolutely loved seeing the smoldering heat in Dave's eyes ignite. Oh yeah, and then that fist of his got busy alright. Without actually having decided to do it, I caught myself doing it, that's fucking myself with three stiff fingers. Uh-huh, that was a first, and I felt pretty damn full too! But, I liked the feel, and fucked myself even harder, rotating and twisting my fingers as I rapidly pounded them in and out. It was poor Dave's turn to let loose with the, oh my Gods. Maybe that's when one of the fingers holding me so sweetly spread wide open, mysteriously found its way to my clit. Well gee whiz, it sure didn't take long, maybe three flicks, and I was off, and bouncing my ass through another orgasm.

My clit was a swollen, hard silky smooth nub of unbelievably sensitive girl. Every single hard flick, or teasingly light circular caress, tore another electrified jolt of pleasure out of my clit and blasted it right through me. Well yeah, I kept fucking and flicking, and came again, and again, and yeah, again. The tiny part of me still capable of thought, didn't believe I'd ever stop cuming. If Dave's "hey sis, it's my turn, enough already" hadn't interrupted, who knows, I might still be cuming! But, when my sex bedazzled brain cleared some, it finally dawned on me what Dave meant, was that the poor guy hadn't cum yet.

Figuring I'd just earned a ringside view of the lovely treat Dave was busily whipping up for me, I scrambled back up on my knees., Kneeling there between his legs, I tried offering a bit of enthusiastic encouragement. "Go Dave! Come on bro, yeah go for it. So along with my whooping and my clapping, Dave put up with my screaming Do it Dave, cum for me! Let's go, move it, I want to see that big old cock shooting cum." Gee, and I'd sure never seen the head of a guy's cock get as dark and swollen looking as Dave's was. But then, I'd never seen any guy pumping away on his cock with the frantic intensity Dave was putting in to it either. Hell, I was about to jump in and do him myself, when his butt bucked up and he absolutely exploded a stream of hot cum. And, I know it was hot, because half the damn stuff ended up splashed over my belly and thighs. Sure, I knew he'd done it on purpose, but who cared! I'll tell you what; none of my boyfriends ever blew that much cum.

Well yippee; that time, it wasn't just a tiny bit of precum that I got to wipe up with a finger either. OK, and even if I still hadn't gone down on a guy yet, I sure did enjoy getting a big lip licking taste of one's cum. Hey, what can I say, I like the taste. So, I took my time; carefully and very deliberately swiping up whopping finger loads, before popping those cum laden fingers in to my mouth. Well, I'd pretty much cleaned me up, and the only cum left was the stuff still smeared over the head of Dave's cock. And, if Dave hadn't looked so shocked when he caught me licking my lips and staring at it, I'm sure I'd have licked that right up too.

Oh well, for better or worse, we were spared any awkward moments by the sound of the garage door. I scrambled off the bed, picked up my robe, and tossed Dave his shorts. I leaned in, gave Dave a kiss on the cheek, and said "That was real fun, love you bro!" Dave still wore that stunned stupid look guys get, but he did manage to hug me. At the door, I stopped, turning back to remind him "Oh man Dave, I won't forget; anyway, I can hardly wait for the next time Anita comes over. Wow bro! Now that really was a total fucking ball."

Let's just say that my fantasies about Anita's next visit practically had my clit worn down to a nub. Luckily for the poor over worked thing it was barely a week, before Mom announced she was off to the Mall for lunch and an afternoon of shopping with friends. And just like that, a quick phone call, and Anita was on her way over. Without bothering to stop and knock, I burst in to Dave's room. Noh big surprise, the perpetually horny little shit had his pecker out. Excited and breathless from my dash up the stairs, I practically gasped "Hey bro, you might just want to save it, because Anita's on her way over."

"Hi sis, was all that earned me." Apparently, whatever was happening on the TV his eyes were glued to, and the hard cock in his hand, were more interesting then my news. Being just a teensy-weensy bit pissed, I managed to tear my eyes away from the lovely sight of his big cock. Well only because, if he couldn't tear his eyes off that dumb TV, then I just had to see whatever it was that he found so captivating. Of course, it was a porno; and oops, I could see why poor Dave couldn't tear his eyes off it. Some pretty hot looking redhead was down on all fours on top of one guy, with another one kneeling behind her. Wow, and both of them were banging away, with seriously impressive sized cocks. There was a third guy, and I was wondering about the size of his cock. Hey, he had it buried out of sight in that girl's mouth. Dave called out "Watch this." What, did he think I wasn't paying attention? That guy yanked a real fat cock out of her mouth, and unloaded a monster sized blast of cum, splash, all over her face. My finger was on the off button, when I hesitated. But, only long enough to watch the guy on his knees whip his cock out of that redhead's asshole, an absolutely bury her ass under a gushing flood of cum. And then, I pushed the button, and turned it off.

Do you know what? Dave just grinned at me, and kept right on jacking-off. I stood there with my hands on my hips and stared. The bastard grabbed a handful of Kleenex, and that's right where his load ended up. Sure, he did it to torment me, why do you think I called him a bastard? I wasn't really mad at him, in fact I was giggling. Dave laughed; caught my eye, and told me "That was a good one. I was imagining shooting it right in to your mouth. I'll bet that you'd totally love that, wouldn't you sis?" Apparently all the wet that should have been in my mouth had deserted for my pussy, because this girl's mouth was bone dry. But hey, my nasty glare still worked just fine. And, Dave got a full dose of it too; right before, I flipped him off, and banged his bedroom door shut on my way out.

Anita looked over when I stood up, watching as I pushed my bikini's thong bottom down, and kicked it aside. I liked the feel of being naked in front of her, and I liked even better the way her eyes seemed to eat up my nakedness. Flaunting it a bit, I did a slow pirouette, and asked "hey aren't you going to get naked? Personally, I'm tired of tan lines."

Sounding almost pouty she said "OK, you can stop showing off now. God Clea, I wish I had your ass."

I laughed, and told her "Yeah right, your ass is just fine; but hey girl, I'd trade my ass for your tits any day."

With a dismissive snort, she kicked her legs in to the air. Humming that silly stripper theme, she made a big production out of getting her thong pushed as far as her knees. When I reached over, yanked them up and off, she shamelessly spread her legs, showing-off her pretty pink, smoothly shaved, absolutely bare pussy.

When Anita rolled over on to her stomach and teased "Do me", I was happy to reach for the sunscreen. I did sort of wonder, did she even have a clue about my voyeuristic brother? Certainly she had to be clueless about our little conspiracy. But then, who cared; let the games begin, right?

Figuring, like we'd agreed, Dave would play voyeur from the den, I'd already rearranged the recliners. So, before Anita ever showed up, they were angled with brother Dave in mind. Hoping Dave was already in there and watching, I started to apply oil to Anita's shoulders. But, I stopped, giggled an "Oops, me first", and moved back to the foot of her recliner. As far as I was concerned, Dave could just warm up with a tantalizing glimpse of his nasty minded sister making an erotic show out of applying a little sunscreen. Naturally, I just had to bend way over, and open my legs real wide, before I poured a little oil in to one hand. Slowly up one leg, then over one ass cheek, and then, a little more oil, and I did my other leg. Oh yes, and you bet I paid loads of attention to my inner thighs, and all the sweet curves of my ass too.

When I stood up, I noticed the sliding glass door was open about a foot; and yeah, it sure hadn't been earlier. Yippee, so I'd had more then Anita for an audience. Yup, her eyes had eaten up every sensuously suggestive move my oil slick hands made. But, I wasn't quite done. Anita was staring hard, and I figured Dave was too, hopefully in more ways then one though. With an audience, I took my sweet time working more oil over my shoulders and belly, before I finally got around to reaching for my tits. Gosh, and do you suppose they noticed my nipples were hard puckered knots, long before I finished with them.

I was rubbing oil in to her back when she asked "What about your brother? I know he was checking us out last time."

I lied, "Who cares anyway? Besides, he's up in his room."

She couldn't have been too sure, because she was giggling when she said "Yeah right; anyway, thinking he's in there goggling us, kind of gets me all hot." I'd worked my way down Anita's body, until my hands were as much caressing, as actually spreading oil over her soft round ass's sexy curves. Snickering, she added "it's a real kick thinking about him jacking-off, and fantasizing about fucking me or whatever it is he'd like to be doing to me." Well, considering the way she was pushing her ass up, and the way my hands were pushing her thighs even wider apart, I figured I knew just what he was thinking about doing to her and her very exposed pussy. OK fine, so I had Anita naked, and if Dave hadn't been struck blind, his cock was getting anxious to get better acquainted with my hand. Me, I was so fired up that I only hoped it was sweat trickling down my thighs. Anita, gosh, she'd been sighing and trembling ever since I'd deliberately trailed my finger tips far enough down the silky smooth cleft of her sexy ass that my fingers brushed against the hot wet pink of her pussy. So, all I needed now was an excuse to go in and hook up with Dave.

It surprised me just how much I'd liked running my hands over Anita's body. The erotic charge I'd felt was something I figured I'd have to think about; but later, Dave was waiting. All I'd come up with, as far as making an excuse for making a break for the house was concerned anyway, was going in to make us some lemonade. But then, Anita's cell phone went off. She'd flipped over on her back, and managed to fumble up her recliner's back rest, while whispering that it was Steve, her current flame. "Great", I told her, and teased "Make sure you tell him you're bare ass naked." And, I'm pretty sure she never heard me tell her that I was going in to make us some lemonade. Oh well, I never did make that damn lemonade anyway.

Butterflies rampaged in my stomach as I headed for the house. But once I worked out the cause, those nervous butterfly sensations suddenly seemed a lot more like flutters of excited anticipation. Sure, I'd gotten naked with brother Dave, but this was different, sort of. I was going to walk in to our house stark naked; and then, this sex crazed girl was going to stroll right up to her brother, OK step-brother, and dazzle him with her nakedness while she gave him a hand-job. Oh sure, forget nervous, I was just a bit over excited, yeah right!

I expected to find Dave in the den with his cock out and in his fist, but the little shit still had his shorts on. With a big grin, Dave waved me over, and eased the sliding door shut. As I stepped up beside him, he greeted me with a cheery "Wow sis, you look pretty fucking hot wearing nothing but a bit of sunscreen." I wrapped my arms around his neck; pressed sun warmed tits against the smooth cool skin of his chest, and let him think I was going to kiss him. But, I didn't; instead, I spun free to peer out the door at Anita. With the tint on that sliding glass door I knew Anita couldn't see us, but still, it felt weird to be playing voyeur. And that's what we were doing, because my best friend was putting on quite the little show.

With one leg splayed out to the side, Anita was lazily running a fingernail up and down her inner thigh. And she was still yakking on that phone, when that finger slid higher, and began tracing figure eights between her parted thighs. Glancing over at Dave, I teased "Wow now, aren't you the lucky little horn dog", adding "That's her boyfriend Steve, she's talking to."

With a contemptuous snicker, Dave said "yeah I heard. Sure, and I heard her telling him she was naked too." But, the little shit was whispering, when he added "Oh fuck me, check it out!"

With the phone tucked between her shoulder and cheek, Anita's hands were free, and she had both of them between her wide open thighs. At first she only stroked a solitary finger tip around her invitingly unfolded pussy, while her other hand held it spread wide. But, when that finger picked up speed, and focused on what I knew just had to be her clit, I said "Wow, now that's hot!"

And then, giggling in to my hand, I asked "Hey Dave, do you think she's telling him what she's up too?"

Sounding almost serious Dave answered "Well if she is, then I'm betting he's sporting major wood." Reminded of my mission, I checked on Dave; and, my stomach clenched. I don't know about Steve, but Dave was most definitely hard, and that big fat cock of his was seriously bulging out the front of his shorts. I brushed the back of my hand over that delicious bulge, and never took my eyes off Anita. But, for the moment at least, Dave seemed to be ignoring his very horny sister.

I could hardly blame the poor guy though; I mean gosh, we were both watching when Anita pushed two fingers in to her vagina. And when her phone popped loose, I slapped a hand over my mouth to stifle my laugh. It really was funny; she was fumbling to catch it, and doing it with just the one hand, because the other one was busy twisting slow strokes in and out of her vagina. Watching Anita's fingers pumping away was hot enough; but then, she started bucking her hips up to meet those thrusts. And that little trick not only made me gasp, but it sent rippling spasms racing through my vagina. That did it for me, it was either reach for my pussy, or grab Dave's cock. And just then, he was so totally locked in on Anita's nasty play that he was oblivious to me moving around behind him. Un-huh, but you bet he noticed when I slid a hand down his shorts and grabbed a handful of hot hard cock.

After Clea's grand door slamming exit, I'd kicked back, and watched the rest of the video she'd interrupted. But, that doesn't mean I wasn't listening; yeah, no way was I going to miss Anita's arrival. With perfect timing, I made it down to the den just in time to see Clea step out of her bikini's thong bottom. And that meant I'd caught the rest of her XXX-rated performance too. No doubt about it, it was a performance aimed straight at my cock! And oh man, for a few wild moments there, I thought that maybe I get to see some lesbian action, and wouldn't that have been a trip! But then, Anita's cell phone rang, putting an end to that too good too be true fantasy anyway.

In the confusion of Anita scrambling to answer her phone, I didn't catch whatever Clea said to her. But who cared! Clea was headed my way. So, I listened to Anita, but my eyes were riveted to the sight of what her hands were doing between her spread thighs. And oh fuck, I couldn't believe she was playing with herself, and carrying on this totally normal conversation with her boyfriend. I mean wow! She'd barely waited for Clea to turn her back, before she'd started to finger herself.

Hell, if I hadn't heard the back door bang, I might have missed out on Clea's grand entrance. And oh my god, yeah she'd looked just fucking sensational out on the patio, naked with that sunshine shimmering off her body's sweet curves. Of course, there was what she'd been doing out there with Anita too. But wow, up-close, and with her body glistening under a film of sunscreen, she was the hottest thing I'd ever imagined, that's for damn sure. Smoking hot or not, right then Clea wasn't the one playing with herself. So, my eyes pretty much stayed with Anita, and that fast moving finger of hers. Clea leaned her naked sun warmed body against me, and toyed with my cock through my shorts. Well, she might have been groping my cock alright; but, her eyes were locked in on Anita's play too. Sure, but that sure didn't stop her from stepping around behind me, pushing her hand in to my shorts, and helping herself to a handful of my cock.

With her arms wrapped around me from behind, Clea played the tease. Maddeningly, and excruciatingly slowly, she pumped her fist up and down my cock. Teasing more then just my cock, she whispered right in to my ear. "So, do you want to fuck her? Come on Dave, admit it, you want to fuck her! Oh yeah, I bet you'd love to run right out there, pull her fingers out, and slam this big hard thing in to that pretty pussy, now wouldn't you bro?"

Shit, my answer came out in a hoarse croak. But, my "Fuck yes" wasn't quite what I meant. And, my "But oh God, do I wish she was you", even confused me. Oh yeah, so Joe Cool, stammered out "Well shit, you know what I meant, right? You know, like I just wish she was you." But, I'm not a complete idiot..., I shut the fuck up!

Anyway, Clea didn't give me any time to wallow in my misery. Sliding her other hand in to my shorts, she said "Ah, that's sweet. Gosh, maybe you deserve a little reward." Sure, and why did I figure Clea would enjoy handing out that reward every bit as much as I'd enjoy getting it?

One hard tug yanked my shorts down, letting my cock spring free and slap against my belly. When Clea bent over to push my shorts the rest of the way down, her blonde hair tickled my ass. That made me shiver, and it made my cock jump too. And, when she ran her hands back up my bare legs, my cock jumped and jerked some more. And then, she wrapped her arms around my waist, and pressed the full length of that incredible and absolutely bare ass naked body against mine.

Her tiny blonde triangle of pubes tickled against my ass, while hard pointy nipples jabbed, burning like hot pokers in to my back. She raced her tongue around my ear, teasing it with feathery jabs, before her breathy whisper asked "I'm not going to be watching Anita any more. I've got much, oh much better things to look at. Gosh Dave, you go right ahead and stare; actually brother dearest, it's really turning me on! Only, maybe you could tell me every delicious little thing she's doing, OK? Will you do that for me Dave?"

Hell yes I could! And, wouldn't that just be a sweet little something extra, I hadn't even signed up for? Right on cue, Anita rolled over on to her stomach. So, feeling real weird doing it, I tried doing a play-by-play. "OK then", I started. "Oops "She just rolled on to her, and she's really got her ass pushed way up...oh yeah, now that's a real shot of pussy. Fuck me; she's still got that phone in one hand...wonder if her boyfriend knows what she's doing with the other one? Oh boy, she just pushed two fingers in...and...oh yeah; she's fucking herself good now. Shit, she's really twisting those puppies too!"

Well, between the distraction of what Clea's hands were doing to me, and the sight of what Anita's hands were doing between her thighs, I guess I must have gone silent.

But, Clea's impatient sounding "hey there", and the sharp slap she cracked off my ass got my attention back on that play-by-play thing. Yeah, well after I finished rubbing my poor butt, and listened to her silly giggling telling me "Hey, move your dumb hand; come on, I want to look at the pretty hand print."

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