Young Lust Ch. 01


"OK, OK I'm on it", I blurted out. Too fired-up to be coherent, I babbled "@Well she's not fucking herself anymore...oh yeah, OK she's got a finger going to town on her clit ...what, it's like she's playing patty cake with it or something. OK, she's back to just that one finger again...oops, now she's back to slapping it around. Fucking awesome! Sis, you should see how fucking wet she is...unreal!" I'd seen porn girls with clits that got so hard they stuck out like tiny dicks. And, I'd seen Clea's swell up hard, and get awfully dark. I figured Anita's was probably in about the same condition; only, I was too far away to be able to tell.

Oh man, I seriously wanted to be out there getting a nice close-up look; OK, not that I would ever have considered deserting Clea. Honest and that would have been the case even if she hadn't grabbed hold of my balls again. Anyway, there wasn't all that much more happening worth describing. Anita just kept alternating between that patty cake thing, and some serious finger rubbing. Gosh, and by the time I'd told Clea how Anita's whole hand was glistening , and looked wet enough to drip, she was sounding all breathy again. And, from the way Clea so furiously pumped away on my cock, throatily moaning shit like "God Dave it's so fucking hard, oh yeah, I love how big and fat it is", I sort of figured she'd lost interest in whatever Anita was doing.

Anita's ass began rotating around her fingers, and I wondered if she was going to cum. I knew I was getting real close myself, and if Clea didn't slow it down, I figured closer then she'd like. Thankfully she did ease up, released her hold on my balls, and started to rub her oil slick tits all over my back. Giggling, she went right on grinding herself against me, finally teasing "Come on lover, tell me more. I know it turns you on." And, that's when I felt a hand that was wet and slippery wrap itself around my cock. Still giggling my nasty minded sister whispered in to my ear "That wet you feel, it's from my pussy. How about I see if I can make your big fat dick real slippery?" I didn't even try answering, not when I could stare as her wet fingers spreading glistening wet loads of her Pussy's hot slippery juices all over my cock. Satisfied that she'd turned my cock in to the gleaming slick pole of throbbing hot cock she'd desired, Clea's fist began slowly gliding up and down its hard length. Practically cackling, she told me "That's much better, now talk. Oh, and buddy boy, you just better not cum right away either!"

Clea's fist opened, and her other hand joined it, pinning my cock's shaft between a pair of slippery palms. Squeezing, she rubbed her palms back and forth, slid them up and down, and she did both at the same time too. It was awesome, and I just had to ask "Oh shit sis, where did you learn that trick?"

I probably should have guessed the answer, snickering, she told me "gosh Dave, that poor girl out there about to launch herself in to an orgasm taught it to me. I don't really believe her, but she claims she can make Steve scream when he cums." I wasn't fool enough to tell her that no way was she going to make me scream; anyway, I didn't think she could. But oh damn, that awesome two hand trick sure beat anything I'd ever experienced, yeah and then some. But the only way it was going to make me scream was if she stopped. Anyway, my eyes were so busy tracking Clea's handy work that I missed whatever had her squealing "Oh my God, I think she just came!"

When I looked up, Anita didn't have her ass jutting skyward any longer. Stretched out flat, her limp hand poked out between her spread legs. The other thing poking out from between those legs was one seriously wet looking pussy, and one that was sure a lot darker shade of pink then when I'd first spotted it. "Uh-oh", I warned, "She just flipped her phone shut, and she's looking around!"

It's not like I panicked or anything ; but, I was worried Anita might decide to come looking for Clea. OK, but I was so happy to hear Clea's "Gosh bro, maybe I just better wrap things up, huh", that I forgave her nasty snickering.

You bet I'd got a kick and a half out of hearing that touch of panic in poor Dave's voice. The cute little fucker was so excited, he'd started thrusting , like he was trying to fuck the hands I had rotating around and sliding up and down his hard cock. Gosh, from the way he squirmed and panted you'd have thought the poor guy was about to follow Anita's example. Well, I sure hoped so; only difference, he'd be blasting loose a torrent of cum. hurrying wasn't a problem either; Hey, I was more then ready to finish him off. So, I swung around and dropped to my knees in front of him. Kneeling to face with that big, absolutely delicious looking cock, I almost went down on it right then and there. I didn't, not then; but I would, and not so many days from then either. Oh well, for the time being anyway, we'd both just have to get along with the sweet treats my hands could deliver. Big surprise, Dave wasn't complaining. But, he sure did moan and groan a lot when I leaned in and squeezed my tits around that beautiful cock of his. And, I didn't even have to tell him what to do next. Oh no, I got my pretty tits nicely fucked. And that was nice, real nice actually, and a first; but, I wanted that hard cock back in my fist, and I wanted to make it cum.

Poor me was conflicted; sure I wanted to make him cum, but I wanted to tease brother Dave some more too. I asked him what Anita was up to; hoping she'd decided to go for another ride on the orgasm express. Not surprisingly Dave didn't stop fucking my oil slick tits, while he told me "Well, she's sort of looking pissed, and she keeps looking over at the house." Figuring I'd better get it in gear, I latched on to a lovely fistful of delightfully thick hard cock. Oh my, and hadn't my slippery tits just gone and turned that hot bit of cock all nice and slippery too! And, I would have kept right on slamming my fist up and down too, if Dave hadn't started chanting "Oh God, oh god, oh god." So, I slowed it way down, giggling while he groaned. But, I was conflicted again. As much as I loved holding on to his balls, I really liked pumping away and watching them dance too. Whatever, I was saved from having to choose; because, suddenly there was this glistening bit of precum spreading in the crease of his cock's darkly engorged head.

Go girl! Hey, I couldn't resist; but, at least I'd considered it. With a hand wrapped around the base of his cock, I looked up; and sure enough, he was grinning down at me. So, I flicked my tongue out, neatly sweeping that pretty cock's big head free of that utterly irresistible taste of cum. Wow, and just like that, voila, for the very first time, I'd tasted a man's cock. Gosh, I guess I sort of lost it then. Caught up in an erotic frenzy, my fist became a wildly pistoning blur, blasting up and down Dave's cock. My pussy was on fire, and clenching like I was about to cum myself. Maybe I did, I really don't know for sure. I saw his balls jump; and then he practically screamed "Fuck, fuck, oh fuck sis, I'm going to cum."

Oh my God, I wanted to bury that thing in my mouth so bad! I didn't! Instead, I settled for leaning in close enough to almost wrap my wide open mouth around that ready to erupt cock's darkly swollen head. You better believe I was going to make him shoot a big old load of hot cum in to my mouth. And, I hoped great gobs of the stuff splashed all over my face too. Of course I never saw it coming; it was just there, suddenly filling my mouth.

With a grunted "Yeah, I'm gonna cum", so loud that Anita probably heard it too, Dave unloaded a colossal blast that landed way back in my throat. Massive Spurt after delicious spurt of the creamy stuff erupted, and most of it ended up in my mouth. Tell you what, my hand never slowed down either, not until after Dave and his wonderful cock had stopped cuming. I looked up at him, waited for his eyes to focus; and then, I licked my lips clear of his tasty white lip-gloss. So yippee! I'd just collected my first real mouthful of a man's cum; and you damn well better believe I knew it wouldn't be my last. Call it dessert; whatever, I couldn't resist the temptation to lean back in and swirl my tongue around that cock's throbbing cum smeared head. Breathless, and without as much as a thank-you sis, my thoroughly stunned looking brother sank to his knees. So, while he shook his head and grinned, I patted myself on the back for my dazzling virtuoso performance. well yeah, lets just say, this girl felt like the world's wickedest young bitch. Luckily, the sound of the kitchen door banging shut snapped me out of my reverie. Frantic to intercept Anita, I bolted for the kitchen. Oops, and so what if my tongue had missed a bit of the evidence, at least Anita had a good laugh.

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by Saxamusprime10/18/17

Well done.

Great first chapter. Looking forward to the rest of them.

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