tagIncest/TabooYoung Lust Ch. 04

Young Lust Ch. 04



Gosh, considering how the rest of that most interesting day had gone, why was I surprised? I mean really, what just because I was naked, down on my knees, and bobbing my mouth up and down a delicious length of wickedly thick cock? Nope; because, it sure wasn't the first time I'd been in that delightful position, and certainly not that day! OK, but in a day of wickedly erotic firsts, this one, well it sort of stood out!

Gosh, I mean what can I say! It was the first time I'd yanked down the zipper of Dad's pants, and then wrestled a big, hard cock out of them. Which just coincidentally meant, yup it was also the first time I'd ever licked and kissed my way up and down the long thick length of his cock. So sure, it was also the first time I been down on my knees, sucking on a big mouthful of that beautiful cock, just happened to glance over, and Oh my God, spot a second pair of jean clad legs.

I froze, lips wrapped around that mouthful of hard cock, letting my eyes slowly slide up those long legs. Up they slid; and oh yeah, you bet I knew just what they were going to discover too! I told you it had been that sort of day; so sure enough, smiling down at me was my Mother. Hey, I couldn't quite manage a smile, but I did return her cheery wave.

The folks are swingers, and besides Jeff is really my stepfather, so it's not like I was going to like freak out or something! Well certainly not after Mom stepped closer, ruffled my hair, and then gently pushed my head down, driving an awful lot of Dad's fat cock in to my throat! Yeah, well she was still holding my head pushed down, when she said, "Hi darlings!" Sweet huh! But then, she released my head, and wrapped her arms around Dad's neck. What fun, while she kissed him, I went right on blowing him! Awesome; I mean really, sucking some guy's cock while some other chick is kissing him, is like a total kick!

Awesome is right, only I had a fistful of Dad's cock, and a big mouthful of his balls, when Mom said, "Well Jeff honey...looks like I was right! Oh my...and she took it all too...didn't she? So yeah...guess I was right about that too!"

I was thinking, well duh, when she asked, " But then, really it was only a matter of time...wasn't it Ashley?" Gee, its not like I could answer, but I did shrug my shoulders. And that's when Mom grabbed a handful of my hair. yeah, and she was chuckling, as she bobbed my head, bouncing my mouth up and down the yummy length of her husband's deliciously thick cock! Only gads, she stopped with that cock's massive head deep in my throat, and coolly asked, "Hey, you two don't mind if I sit down and watch the performance do you?" Why not, I thought; hey, it's not like it's my first audience of the day!

Chapter One: Ashley's challenge

As far as I'm concerned, Dave was being a horrid beast! Gosh, I was naked; so, shouldn't he have been jumping at the chance to spread sunscreen all over my sun-drenched body? No doubt, he'd claim that he was just being his usual teasing self. Still, a girl just cannot apply her own sunscreen; not while she's working to turn her nails into a glittering starburst of color anyway! Honestly, every time I rolled over, there I was having to bribe him with more juicy tidbits from my last wild little encounter with Anita! Gosh, and I hadn't even gotten to the part about Anita's mother yet!

Honestly, the silly boy looked like he was about to sulk! Beats me why; gosh, all I'd done was go on, and on about fucking Anita, with her shiny red, ten inches of wickedly thick dildo. Gee, I don't know what he was worried about; I mean really, that's not all that much bigger then he is! Ah well, he'd cheered up by the time I got around to telling him about us sixty-nining. And the grinning fool was looking positively spellbound by the time I'd told him about the time Anita's mother Leslie caught her going down on me. Let's see now, yes, and that's when I paused, and rolled on to my back. Instead of being a good boy, and lavishing my body with another slippery application of sunscreen, horrors, I was forced to listen to Dave's haggling. Honesty the horndog was trying hard to wheedle a blowjob out of me.

Don't sweat it; really, I'd been fooling around with my stepbrother Dave all summer! I figure I should mention that because, by then I was looking forward, eagerly in fact, to the feel of my brother's lovely big cock sliding in to my throat! Only, like I said, he'd been a beast; so I figured he could just wait!

Instead of wrapping my lips around the nine inches of obviously hard cock tenting Dave's shorts, I offered the poor guy lurid details from my encounter with my best friend's mother. To start with, I told him about how Leslie, Anita's mother, had come home early. Hey, the brat didn't even look surprised to hear that I'd been screaming my fucking lungs out; or that, even from downstairs she'd heard me. Mildly miffed, I went ahead and told him how she'd stood quietly in the doorway of Anita's bedroom, watching her daughter launch me in to one stupendously awesome orgasm after another. Yup, I'd trained Anita well, real well! Anyway, I was desperate to get Dave's hands busy applying another layer of sunscreen, sort of hoping he'd get sidetracked by my tits. So I told him, "Gosh bro did I mention that Leslie was real quick to shoo Anita off to pick up her Dad? No! Well...she did! And if you want to know what happened next...well then...get busy buster!"

It worked, and while Dave teased and tantalized my nipples, I told him Anita's mother had stood staring down at me, while she reached around, unzipped her dress, and let it slide to the floor. Oh my God, and there hadn't been anything under that dress, but bare-naked woman! I was right in the middle of describing her sensationally sexy body, hell, I'd just told him about how she was shaved completely bare, when his fucking phone went off!

Drats, and there I was all set to lift my legs high above my head, and spread them wide. Well, I was! Because, that's just what I'd done, and oh my, and didn't that just about make Leslie's eye's pop right out of her head! It had been glorious! It had left me shivering, when her hot eyes burned, staring fixedly at the sight of my totally exposed, glistening wet, and I'm sure well fucked looking bit of pretty pink pussy. Yup, and if Dave hadn't been paying more attention to that damn phone then moi, damn straight, I'd have performed that nasty little move for him too. Yup, that would have sent my temperature soaring alright!

Well, between describing that afternoon's wickedly erotic exploits, and the delights of Dave's talented fingers, well this horny young bitch was fired-up! Big surprise, huh? Still, it was a real dilemma, my nails needed another coat of polish, and my clit was screaming for attention. Honestly, I made a note to forget about ever doing my nails again, at least when I'm naked and horny! What was a girl supposed to do? What else, I worked on my nails, and eavesdropped on Dave!

I heard Dave telling somebody, "Fuck yes...oh fuck yes!" I didn't figure out he was talking to his buddy Wayne, until I heard, "Yeah shit man...roll some up, and jet on over!" now I figured, if we're talking combustible intoxicants, then we're talking Wayne! Yup, so I knew who he was talking too, even before I heard Dave say, "Wayne...you're a fucking dork dude! Sure...right...I'm out by the pool. Yeah sure...she's here too! Yeah right...want me to ask?

Oh no, and I didn't like his furtive glance, or the implication behind his, "Oh Hell yes...she loves to get high! Yeah maybe! Sure we'll party! Hey...but you better think about bringing some brew too...at least, if you're hoping for anything like that! Oh yeah...sure...OK...let me see what I can arrange! Hey dude so...move it already!"

"Arrange," I asked? "Arrange exactly what? Come on bro...and oh my God...you better make it good!"

"Hey...no big deal," Dave started to explain, took one look at my expression, and thought better of whatever bullshit he'd been about to try laying on me. What I did hear was, "Fuck, it's no big thing sis! Wayne's on his way...and he's bringing some killer bud...and maybe, a few cold brews too! We'll party...and who cares what he's hoping for!" Well I did, but I bit my tongue and listened to, "Shit...he'll be totally fucking ecstatic...even just to catch sight of you lying out bare assed!"

No doubt, I thought! Seriously, I'd seen Wayne's scoping me out, and that's when I'd been dressed no less! Not that I'd minded! Hey, it's me, and I was sort of looking forward to his wandering eyes feasting on me! Really, Wayne's pretty cute! My girlfriend Anita had gone out with him a couple of times. Only, for some silly reason, she claimed all she'd ever done was given him a couple of hand-jobs! Weird, but then, that was before this summer had exploded in to one erotic spectacular after another. That meant, brother Dave was regularly banging her brains out! Well he was, when he wasn't otherwise occupied taking care of his perpetually horny stepsister's insatiable needs! Right and that would be moi! Yeah well, and more then once over that sex saturated summer, while a clueless Dave happily banged his perpetually rigid cock in and out of me, I'd been conjuring up wicked fantasies about doing it with one of his buddies, and sometimes that meant Wayne! But then, Dave didn't need to know that, now did he?

Giving the rat a look intended too at least make him nervous, I asked, "Dave...you didn't actually promise him anything...did you?"

Nodding so enthusiastically that he was in danger of his head falling off, he blurted out, "Oh Hell no...well nothing except...you'd be lying out naked! That's cool...right? It's not like I'm expecting you to fuck him or something! Man, but it would be a kick to watch him bang you...yeah right...while I sipped a nice cold brew...or two!"

Trust me, Dave's every bit as sex crazed as me, right? So I figured, hey if something does get started, no way is he going to just sit there watching! Nope, whether it was my mouth or my vagina, whichever one didn't end up full of his buddy's cock, would almost certainly end up full of his. Oh my, now didn't that happy vision ignite thoughts of some deliciously wicked possibilities? Only poor Dave was wearing that same befuddled look he gets, whenever I make him choose between fucking me, and getting a blowjob. Oh I'm absolutely positive that we were both imagining the same tantalizing possibilities! Still, no way was I ready to commit myself! But sure, just in case something came up, say like Wayne's cock, I figured maybe a little challenge was in order. That's why I asked, "Really Dave? Gosh...remember that I like having an audience! Come on...do you really think you could just sit there playing voyeur?"

The silly boy tried to look affronted. It didn't work; he just ended up grinning at me. "Right...thought so," I chided!

Then, before Dave could get all pissy, I blurted out, "Well then...so how about this? No promises...not about anything more happening anyway! But OK...at least I'm willing to be naked when he shows. And...I'll make sure he gets an eyeful too! Damn straight...He can ogle his eyes out! Hell...I'll probably like that!"

Staring at me open mouthed, Dave considered, then asked, "OK give...you've got something nasty on that evil mind of yours! So let's hear it!"

I stuck my tongue out at him, and then went right on explaining what I had in mind. "Like I said...if something gets started, and I'm not saying it will...but, if it does...then you're restricted to that recliner! Blow-it...and you'll be giving Anita...and me all the oral we want for an entire week!"

Not liking the look of his grin, I watched him nod. Figuring I better make sure he'd understood, I reiterated, "I mean it! That's one entire week! And...we get it whenever...and however we want it! And for that week...neither one of us is going to so much as even look at that nasty thing poking its fat head out of your shorts!"

Dave was awful quick to nod; which left me wondering just what the fuck I'd just done? Was I nuts; seriously, an entire week without the taste of my brother's hard cock; or oh my god a mouthful of thick hot cum? Feeling just a wee bit blonde, I told myself, dummy, know wonder he been so quick to agree, no way can he lose!

Chapter Two: Wayne, dazed and confused

Bummer, but even if I hadn't scored any beer, I showed up with some real sweet bud! So, I walked out on to their patio, hoping to find that sexy sister of Dave's lying-out bare ass naked, or at least topless! Hot damn, no way was I disappointed, not hardly! Ashley was there alright! I'll say, she was laying –out, naked on a raft floating in the middle of the pool. Sun light glittered off her oiled skin, adding to what was already one stunningly erotic vision. She waved, and I felt her dazzling smile all the way down to my fast rising cock! Oh fuck, and it looked as if she was just as happy to see me, as I was to see her!

I called out, "Yo Dave," but only managed a dry mouthed wave at Ashley.

Of course Dave noticed I was empty handed, so all he had to say was, "Bummer...no brew, huh?"

"Sorry dude, couldn't score any, " was my mumbled excuse.

Somehow, I managed not to trip all over myself and made it over to a chair. Shit, my eyes never left Ashley; but that didn't stop me from fumbling the baggie of joints out of my pocket. Scooting my chair over closer to Dave, I asked, "Want me to spark one up?"

Sounding pissed, Dave snatched the baggie out of my hand, complaining, "Fuck no...let me smell it first!"

I'd turned to ask Ashley if she wanted to join us. She was already climbing out of the pool, and calling out, "Hey...me too!"

Before he could ask, I held my lighter out to Dave, but never took my eyes off his sister. Ashley was standing there, pool water glistening on her naked sun drenched curves, and giving me this absolutely provocative lip-licking grin! Fuck, and my fucking heart nearly stopped! If my old man were ever lucky enough to lay eyes on Ashley, he'd probably say she was a sweet young thing with a hard body! OK, but I'm sticking with smoking hot! Sure she's young; shit, she just graduated from high School didn't she! But then hey, she was nineteen, and legal! Anyway, she's maybe five foot six or so, with shoulder length blonde hair, and cool blue eyes. Wow, and her nicely rounded tits stood out firm and sweetly upturned. Fuck yes, you bet I noticed that her nipples were poking out; yeah, looking all hard and pointy!

When Ashley caught me checking out her bush, well her barely there, tiny blonde triangle, she giggled sweetly, before telling me, "Yup...natural blonde!"

Then she spun around, bent over, and scooped up a towel. Now I'd always figured Ashley had a terrific ass; but oh fuck, seeing it bare, well lets upgrade that to world class!, but even that amazing sight didn't keep my eyes from locking on to her bare, as in shaved absolutely bare pussy. Right, and that tiny blonde triangle only pointed to it, covering nothing, and yeah, that totally flipped me out! I sat there staring, feeling like a total dork, while she folded the towel, and then knelt on it.

Ashley looked up at me, then over at Dave, sighed dramatically, and asked, "You were planning to light that thing weren't you?"

That's when it finally hit me, Dave had been lying out with his absolutely bare-naked sister, fuck stepsister or not, all afternoon; yeah, and he was still ogling her! Gee, and somehow that made me feel loads better; because frankly, I was just fucking devouring her with my eyes. So, I looked over, checked Dave's reaction, and he smiled at me. Hell, he actually winked! "No sweat bro...she loves it," he told me! "Look all you want...Hell, it turns her on!"

Ashley shrugged, and stuck her tongue out at him. And then, like she was making a point, she eased her knees wider apart, and leaned a bit further back. Well shit, she was tan everywhere, well practically everywhere. Right, except for the partially exposed soft pink folds of her pussy peeking out, and daring me to stare.

Joint, what joint; the only one on my mind was the hard one throbbing in my fucking shorts. Hell, I didn't even know she'd been tokeing, until I became aware of the back of her hand brushing against my bare thigh. Apparently I didn't move fast enough to suit her. And I'm damn glad of that; because, she leaned forward, braced a hand on the edge of the chair, which put it right between my legs, and held the joint up to my lips. After I took my hit, she handed the joint to Dave.

Awesome, because when he handed it back to her, she leaned in again, and held it to my lips. Only after that hit, she leaned across and held it for Dave too. And while I was wondering just why she'd decided to do that, all of a sudden the hand that had been braced between my legs , was softly stroking my thigh. Yeah, and before that joint made it back between her lips, her fingers were edging there way up in to my shorts. Fuck I didn't know what to do, Ashley's hand just kept creeping higher!

I thought about looking to Dave for a clue, figured fuck that, and took a hit. Damn, and there I was trying to hold down this monster hit, and like wham, she wraps a fist around my hard-on. Hell yes, I choked, and then had a lovely fucking coughing fit. Terrific, at least they had a good laugh. Only, guess what? Oh happy days, when I stopped hacking, Ashley's hand was still holding tight to my cock!

Ashley flashed me this wickedly mischievous grin, sucked in another hit, and then passed the joint back to Dave. And that's when I realized, not that he could have missed it, but Dave knew exactly what his sister was up too! Oh man, and he was smiling, and when he said, "Chill dude...it's cool," I was one relieved guy!

Ashley watched him flick what was left of that joint in to the pool. Then she turn her attention back to me. And, well up till then she'd only been holding tight to my cock. Yeah right, only? But then, she looked up, stared straight in to my eyes, and started slowly pumping her fist. Fuck, I couldn't believe it; she was giving me a hand job, and right in front of her brother! Shit, and she was giggling and looking right at him, when she told him, "Wayne's got a nice big one! Maybe...it's even as big as yours...only not so thick!"

Well, so there I was wondering, just how the fuck does she know that? That's when I notice, and oh wow, her other hand was up under his shorts. Fuck that, it was pretty damn obvious I wasn't the only one getting a hand job! Not that I gave a shit, not as long as she kept pumping her fist up and down my cock I sure didn't! Then, I remembered she was only his stepsister! So fuck, I figure it's cool! Anyway, it sure as fuck turned me on!

OK, so call me greedy, whatever! Can I help it if all I could think about was how good it would feel to slip the head of my cock between her lips? And maybe I wouldn't have; maybe, if she hadn't been kneeling there looking so fucking hot, and with the pink tip of her tongue poking out between those sweet lips! So I'm trying to figure a cool way to ask her if she'd like to play the old skin flute, when she says, "Oh wow...just fucking wow...I've never done two at once! Oh God...what a fucking total turn-on!"

Awesome, right? I mean, like wow, consider the possibilities! Only, that's when she let go of my cock! I glanced over at Dave; and oh yeah, he wasn't looking any too happy either! And shit, Ashley was kneeling there, giggling nastily, and playing with her nipples. She stopped giggling, dropped her hands to her thighs, cocked her head to one side, and gave me a quizzical grin. Turning to Dave, she licked her lips nervously, shrugged a shoulder, and stood up.

Ashley held her hands out to me; and Hell, I didn't know what to do! Mystified, I took her hands, and let her pull me to my feet. OK and maybe my heart hadn't stopped; but, when she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me full on the mouth, I'm sure I stopped breathing! It wasn't any sweet little kiss either, but one that had her tongue pushing past my lips and practically in to my throat. Her tongue swirled and darted, dancing around in my mouth, stopping to twist wickedly around my own probing tongue. Yeah well, what can I say? As hot and nasty as that kiss was; all I could think about was, yup just how fucking awesome it would feel to have her mouth doing that to my cock!

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