Young Lust Ch. 04


Ashley leaned back, and that's when I found out I was holding tight to a double handful of her very tasty bare ass. Like it was a punctuation mark, she swiped her tongue across her lips, growled a throaty, "Fuck're a good kisser too!" Then, she peeled my hands off her ass.

Dazed and yeah confused, I let her lead me over to one of the recliners. Still holding my hands she kissed me again. And that time all I could think about was how badly I wanted to rip my T-shirt off! Right, just so I could feel her hard pointy nipples burning against my bare chest. Instead, she steps back, and oh man, she really looked hot, I mean like flushed with excitement. Great, so I'm standing there with this monster boner poking out, and I'm beginning to feel like a total dork! That's when she jabs a finger, pointing it at the recliner. Oh I might have been thinking, huh what? But Hell, it's not like I was going to argue with her. So I sat down, leaned back, and looked up in to one Hell of a mischievous grin.

There was a warning giggle; and then before I knew what was coming, Ashley bent over and yanked my shorts down. Whooping a loud, "Oh fuck yes," she tugged my shorts off, and sent them flying. Then I swear, she rubbed her hands together, and growled, yeah growled, "Yum...all mine!"

In one fluid move, Ashley swung a leg over, and dropped, slamming her fucking wet, slick as silk, and fiery hot pussy right down on my jutting cock. Unbelievable; fuck yes, I didn't believe it either! So there I was, and Ashley's pumping herself wildly up and down my cock, while Dave's whistling, howling, and egging her on with a loud, "That's it...yeah, go for it sis!"

Fuck, I should have cum right then and there; would have too, only I figure those circuits were so fucking overloaded, that the signal never got through! I mean wow, she was so hot, so wet, so wickedly tight, and her hands were on my chest, and she was absolutely powering that amazing pussy up and down the full length of my pleasure saturated cock.

Forget what I said, when Ashley leaned over and kissed me again, she damn near found herself pumped full of cum! Yeah, except only she stopped so suddenly, that it startled me! And well, I just can't cum, not while I'm whimpering a pathetic sounding, "Huh?"

Before Ashley stopped furiously pounding up and down my cock; OK maybe, I'd been a bit preoccupied! But oh Hell yes, you better believe I'd noticed the sweet way her pretty titties had been bouncing! So fuck yes, I'd have gotten around to them! Seriously, no way would I have ignored those beauties! Only, before I could make my move, Ashley grabbed my hands and crushed them against her tits. Hands back on her hips, sitting upright and fully impaled on my rock hard cock, she ordered, and fuck yes I mean ordered, "Pinch my nipples...hard...yeah do it...pinch them hard!"

Well shit, those puppies were already poked out, and seriously erect, so yeah, they made an easy target! Yup, getting a good grip on them, I squeezed those puppies hard, and gave them a few wicked twisting tugs too! And oh man, I could barely believe the whimpered moans coming from Ashley. But hey I'm no dummy; she liked it, so sure, I did it some more!

Ashley leaned way back, back arched, and blew my mind by pleading, "More...harder...yes I love it hard!"

Fuck, I knew that! Sure, the way she sat there panting and squirming on the hard cock filling her vagina, sort of gave her away. Yeah sure, I knew she meant her nipples, and that she really did like it rough! So I tugged, tugged hard too, hard enough to jerk her forward, and don't think that I wasn't adding in some seriously vicious twists too! Of course, no way could I do that without pinching the holy Hell out of those poor nipples; which of course, I did! Man, she was whimpering, but you know in a way that said she loved it! And anyway, by then I could feel her vagina rippling, clenching, and squeezing around my cock, and I mean like no other chick's pussy ever had! If I'd managed to get those things in to my mouth, oh fuck, I'd have sucked them right off her tits! So, maybe that's why, she roughly slapped my hands away, braced her hands on my chest again, and took herself for one hell of a wild ride!

Over and over again, Ashley rocketed up, lifted clear off my cock, and without a pause blasted herself back down! Fuck, and feeling the head of my cock popping free, then pushing back in, reentering and thrusting deep in to Ashley's body again and again, was, well like something out of a dream! I did think about lying back, putting my hands behind my head, and letting that wild woman fuck herself, any which way she liked. Yeah sure, I thought about it! Only my hands just couldn't resist, and reached for the tasty curves of Ashley's awesome ass.

Once I had hold of her ass, nothing short of chains could have kept me from driving my hips up, and smashing my cock up in to her ferocious downward thrusts! Wow, and to think I thought only those porn girls could cum getting banged that way. Hell, and I figured they were probably faking it anyway. Right, and then with my hands clutching her ass, and my cock pounding in and out of her like a runaway jackhammer, Ashley went off like a string of firecrackers.

Ashley's real cute, probably more cute then pretty; but when she screamed, "Fuck me...yes...yes...don't stop," I looked up. Blasting out a chant of more's and yes's, while obviously totally caught up in some monster orgasm, well man, she looked beautiful, absolutely stone cold beautiful! In-between her gasped yes's, and those throatily screamed pleas for more, she worked in a damn insistent sounding "Don't cum, don't cum, oh God pleas, not yet Wayne!" There was just enough free brain space left for me to think "Girl, you're nuts!" The rest, that's the part not screaming for my balls to fire, was busy working to control her plummeting ass, while still doing its best to help her fuck herself senseless , oh and lets not forget trying to watch her do it! And keeping that in mind, I was maybe one more of those crashing, cock swallowing plunges of hers away from exploding cum in to her wildly spasming vagina. It beats me, so don't ask me; but , somehow that utterly incredible, and apparently cold hearted bitch knew it too! Anyway, that's when she slammed on the brakes!

Sitting there with my cock still throbbing and threatening to erupt inside her, what does Ashley do? She starts to laugh, that's what! Still laughing, she slapped my chest excitedly, threw her arms up in a victory salute, and loudly proclaimed, " yeah, that was fun!" Fine, only I figured the entire neighborhood probably heard her!

For some reason, and you bet I noticed, but when Ashley abruptly lifted up and off my poor unsatisfied cock, her eyes were locked on her brother. She stood, and swiveled gracefully to face Dave; which, left me staring at her very sexy round ass. I think she blew him a kiss; but I'm not sure, because I was fixated on her firm and prettily tan thighs. Ok, it's more like I couldn't tear my eyes off the sight of all the glittering wetness her pussy had drenched those thighs with! And then she did it again! Utterly blowing my mind, I watched her spread her legs further apart, and settle a hand on a cocked hip. She bent at the waist, and I watched the fingers of her other hand slide between her thighs. And oh fuck, like instantly, those fingers were practically dripping with her pussy's juices. And then, in a move I would learn was typical Ashley, giggling she sauntered over, and pushed those pussy drenched fingers in to Dave's mouth. And did I think, fuck the lucky bastard? Hell yes I did!

Ashley spun back to face me, and gee, maybe it showed in my expression! Whatever, she marched back over, swung one long leg over, and plopped her dripping wet pussy smack down on my face. Right, and she laughed, while she twisted and squirmed, making sure she'd painted my entire face with her tasty juices. Awesome right? Sure, only just about the time I'd jammed my tongue deep in to her, slurping up my first real taste of her, she lifted up. Worse, by scooting back, the imp stayed just out of my reach! And there she stayed, resisting my frantic efforts to yank her back down, her throaty growls promising, "Oh Wayne...I'm going to make you so glad you didn't cum!"

The next thing I knew, Ashley was on her knees beside my recliner. Yeah, but she was staring over at her brother again. And seeing her grinning over at Dave, all I could think was, if that hot mouth of hers so much as touches my cock I'm going to blow my load!

My cock screaming for attention, I looked down at eight inches of thick, awesomely hard looking cock, taunt skin glistening, and a head so darkly engorged it looked just about ready to burst! So OK, it's not as long as Dave's, but it's nearly as thick! Just then though, mine was the one glistening, still wet with Ashley's slippery juices! Un-huh, and if I was right about what she had in mind; well, I just knew she wasn't going to mind that one little bit.

Eyes still focused on her brother, Ashley slowly leaned in. The swollen head of my cock briefly pushed against soft barely parted lips. Then, Ashley let it pop through , and in to her mouth's wet heat. That's all she swallowed, which left an awful lot of anxious cock hoping for its turn. Oh Fuck, but when she started softly sucking, the head of my cock fell in love! Still, I was all set to buck up and feed her the rest of my cock, when those velvety soft lips finally started an excruciatingly slow slide down. She took it all too, every thick hard inch disappearing as it slid through her lips. Un-huh, and why didn't it surprise me that she did it effortlessly?

Ashley held me deep-throated, and it felt like the fat head of my cock was jammed about half way down her throat! And wow, the way she teased her lips back up my cock's shaft was pure torture; yeah, yeah, maddeningly sweet torture!

After grabbing a fistful of slippery cock, Ashley finally allowed the trapped head of my cock to pop out past puckered lips. Looking up at me, she said, "Yummy...I just love the taste of pussy on a guy's cock!" The way she said it, I believed her! And didn't that have me wondering about how she'd acquired a taste for pussy flavored cock?

It was more then the look in her eyes, there was something in the way she clutched my cock that told me Ashley loved holding a hard cock trapped in her fist. But she let go of mine, told me, "Watch this're gonna like it," and put her hands behind her back.

Her head bobbed, and her mouth rocketed down my cock's shaft, stopping with her lips locked around its base, and its head squeezed deep in to her throat. And then, she set to work, wickedly mouth fucking my cock, furiously blasting her mouth up and down its full rigid length. Now that qualified as a first alright! Trust me, neither of the other two chicks who'd treated me to a blowjob had even bothered to deep throat me, let alone deliver an utterly uninhibited mouth fucking. OK, at least one of them let me cum in her mouth! Hey, and she even swallowed! And oh yeah, I wanted to do it again; and with the way Ashley's mouth was pistoning, driving my cock deep in to her throat with every downward plunge, I figured I was going to get the chance. Yup, and I was figuring real soon too!

Fuck it was inevitable! To my utter horror, Ashley stopped! Well, the only good thing about that was that the head of my cock was throbbing away about eight inches down her throat. I got as far as a belligerent, "hey," before I noticed her mischief filled eyes were staring across at Dave again. Shit, she actually waved to him; and then patted my thigh, before giving the base of my cock a sharp nip. So call me greedy; whatever, I wanted more! So, even if my entire body was quivering, as rigid as the cock insisting I let it flood a fucking torrent of cum down Ashley's throat, I didn't! That's when she began steadily working her mouth back up. I swear, only more of her playful, but damn sharp nips kept me from unloading the explosive orgasm her lips seem determined to suck out of me!

Ashley wriggled her lips around the head of my cock, then finally let it pop free. And oh man, she looked positively hungry, kneeling there and staring down at the gleaming white bit of precum oozing out of it.

Reaching out a hand, Ashley captured my balls. Then, she swooped in, flicked her tongue out, and swept up that cum like a kid licking an ice-cream cone. She kept right on licking too! The pointy tip of her tongue teased, swirling and sweeping back and forth all the long way down to the balls she held resting on an open palm. And before they got sucked in to the fiery wet infernal that was her mouth, they enjoyed some pretty nasty licking and a few tender kisses too!

OK, I admit it; I was shocked! Come on, it was the first time my balls had been caught, and held in the hot wet mouth of my best friend's sister. I couldn't help it, and jerked upright. No big deal; Ashley calmly reached up, and pushed me right back down. And then, she corralled a fistful of slippery cock to go along with her big mouthful of balls. Her fist was a racing blur, furiously pumping up and down my spit slick cock. I squirmed, grunting and groaning, while my hands tried to twist that poor recliner in to a fucking pretzel. Showing me no mercy, that fist stopped, holding the skin of my shaft stretched tight.

Ashley released my balls, and shot me a truly nasty looking grin. Then, she attacked my cock! Fuck, and what her tongue did to me then, I'll never forget!

That awesome tongue whipped out, flicking hard, then soft, ravaging that unbelievably sensitive bit of tautly stretched skin hiding below the rim of my cock's head. So, when her lips sucked it back in to her mouth, I nearly lost it right then and there. It wasn't like I had a plan or anything. On autopilot, I just tangled my hands in her hair, bucked up, and slammed that sweet mouth full of hard cock. Shit, and then before it dawned on me that she was only laughing, I almost freaked! Well hey, it sure felt like she was choking! Anyway, and I'm just guessing mind you, but I figure its pretty damn hard to laugh with eight thick inches of cock jammed half way down your throat! And as much as I loved the feel of having my fingers tangled in her hair, and yeah, the feel of holding her head down too; reluctantly, I let go, and lay back!

Ashley's head popped up, her eyes were shining, and her face was flushed with excitement. Laying this dazzling smile on me, she husked out a throaty, "Oh wow...having fun Wayne?" now, that just did not deserve an answer!

Warming up for her next killer trick, Ashley reacquired my balls. With them secured in one fist, she drove me right to the edge, yes again! She did it effortlessly, simply by rapidly bobbing her head, and letting just my cock's head pop in and out of her mouth. Ashley was in total control, and I wasn't sure whether I was going to cum, or just start screaming! Right, then reminding me of just whose game we were playing, once again, she abruptly stopped. Leaning back and wagging a finger at me, she warned, "Oh no you don't...not quite yet anyway!"

I think that's about when I began to worry that my fucking balls might explode! It was either that, or if I was lucky, the teasing bitch would end up drowning on the gallons of cum backed up and ready to pour out, and spurt in gushing torrents down her throat. Hey, it could have happened too, because she was back to deliberately, and torturously slowly jacking me off. Who knows, but I figure it wasn't until she'd approved of the quality of my whimpered moans that she, without giggling, asked, "Hey you want to cum all over my you want to do it in my mouth?"

I couldn't believe it; I mean fuck, such wondrous possibilities! Only, when I didn't answer right away, unbelievably she threatened to make Dave choose for me. Well sure, cuming all over Ashley's perky tits sounded like great fun, especially when I thought about accidentally, accidentally on purpose that is, letting a shot go wild! Gee, if it just happened to splash, splat right on her grinning face, well I mean, hey it would have been an accident, right? Only, I'm not nuts! Besides, considering I'd been practically salivating, and just at the thought of firing a monster sized salvo of cum in to her mouth, and that I just happened to have one stored up, well guess who wasn't about to pass up the chance to watch her gulp it down? Fine, but that damn slow moving fist of hers had me so close; un-huh, it was me who was doing the gulping. Seriously, it took me two tries, just to get out a simple, " doubt about it...damn bet I want to cum in your mouth!"

Obviously pleased by my answer, she released her hold on my cock, freed my balls, and started clapping madly. Jabbing a finger at Dave, she whooped, "Yes...oh fuck yes," whooped again, and asked, "Hey there brother you're gonna like watching that...huh?"

Laughing, and rubbing his hands together, Dave fired back an enthusiastic, "You bet sis...wouldn't miss it!"

OK, and who cared if I was only a pawn in a performance aimed at her brother? Well I sure didn't, not as long as it was my cock Ashley was performing on! Sounding suspiciously like he already knew the answer, he asked me, "Yo dude...pretty damn good isn't she?"

I wondered, how's he know? But then, mistakenly, I figured, shit, he's got eyes doesn't he!

Hands on her hips, looking haughty, and hotter then Hell, Ashley ignored me, preferring to shoot daggers at Dave.

Muttering or not, I sensed danger in Ashley's, "Pretty good my sweet ass!" Sure enough, there was mischief in the frosty glare she leveled at me. So, I didn't need to be a rocket scientist to hear her unspoken, well?

Maybe I over did it with my, "Oh shit're fucking awesome!'re smoking hot...and you're blow-jobs are just totally killer! And oh man...I've never gotten to see a chick cum... and sure as Hell not while she was going to town on my cock!"

I thought Ashley sounded just the teensiest bit sarcastic; but then, she only got as far as, "Good answer," before Dave interrupted.

"Watch it Wayne...she's just getting warmed up," he warned! Hey, I liked the sound of that, and I liked even better hearing, "Oh yeah...and she's not sex crazed sisters got something on her very nasty mind alright!"

While I pondered the dazzling possibilities, Ashley blew her troublesome brother a loud raspberry. Cool, and then she went back to blowing me! Her soft lips raced up and down, turning my cock in to a glistening red hot iron hard rod. And when her tongue went to work slowly swirling teasing caresses over its pulsing length, well sure it felt just fucking fantastic! But, Ashley was being deliberate, so I figured she was getting me ready for her grand finale! I sure hoped so anyway! Sure enough, with my cock glistening, wet with her slippery saliva, she slapped a hand around it, licked her lips, and growled a warning, "now!"

Then though, instead of her usual iron grip, her fist held me loosely. And maybe because she'd already turned eight inches of flaming cock in to a quivering live wire of hyper sensitized flesh, her swiftly pistoning fist delivered positively electrified jolts of pleasure! Fuck yes, I was going to cum, and nothing was going to stop its happening either!

Stretched out, back arched, hips thrust up, I offered Ashley my cock, eagerly anticipating the feel of it jerking, as it erupted it's stored up gusher of cum. Fist pumping madly away, guess who had just leaned in, all set to lick up a creamy glob of precum, only to be distracted by her brother's loud wolf whistle?

Ashley looked up, giggled , and stuck her tongue out at him. That's when, unable to hold back even one second longer, ready or not, I blew! Just like a freaking volcano, my cock exploded, blasting out a solid stream of molten cum. Ashley must have felt my dick jump, because she spun back, and dove for my erupting cock. She wasn't fast enough; and a second white gusher of cum jetted out , splashing, Splat, across her face! Didn't that just look fucking awesome!

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