tagMatureYoung Mary Ch. 1

Young Mary Ch. 1

byRed Hugh©

The drive from the small provincial town to the Big Smoke was not too bad. Ted had been down there checking on his flats and looking over potential new purchases. It was about 7:30 on a Tuesday evening and the sun had set as it was early winter. Ted thought he would stop in a small city half-way and get a massage and some commitment free sex at a brothel he visited from time to time. The girls were mostly young or looked it and he liked that. Sometimes paying extra to fuck a girl in a school uniform with the gusset of some white cotton panties pulled to one side as she bent over a school desk.

The last time he was there the dusky girl who had taken care of him looked about 15 although she would not have been employed if she were under18. Nevertheless in the pay-for-sex business appearance was everything. After a massage she had leant over him put her lips on his condom covered cock and sucked him into her mouth. She still had her small black bra and panties on but she looked so young he blew his load between her red lips in record time. He asked her to take her underwear off after he'd cum just to see what he'd missed. Her pussy was completely hairless and the tiny bra had even been padded. Her breasts were just nipple tipped rises on her chest. He had wished he had time to fuck her but had had to leave

Tonight he hoped for a longer but equally exciting encounter. He was a busy man and having experienced the trials of love in his 30's decided that paying for sex was altogether a better solution for the moment at least. His Jaguar pulled into the carpark. He left a credit card at the door with an instruction to let it run until he was done. He selected a girl. She looked young too, his cock stirred. She was a brunette about five foot four , slim with with nice legs. She looked slightly uncomfortable in her high heels and too short little black dress which had displayed her transparent panties as she sat on the sofa with the other girls.

Ted was a big man over six feet tall and heavily built thanks to years of marathon swimming. Her little hand was dwarfed by his. He was prepared for a very dirty time. It was always his policy to be quite direct with the girls and mostly they appreciated this. He asked her name as they entered the room. She told him to call her 'Holly'. He gave her his real name. It never bothered him to use it. He put a couple of hundred dollars on the bedside table and said to her just to let him know when it was used up.

She seemed slightly nervous. She ran the shower and started to help him undress. He slipped into the steaming cubicle and washed the grime of the day off himself. Stepping out of the shower Holly stood naked in front of him with a towel.

She had small scoops for breasts with tiny little nipples just slightly darker than her white skin. Her waist was narrow and she swelled out slightly to her hips. Her pubic hair had obviously been trimmed to a tuft above her naked girlish pussy lips. She dried him and walked him to the double bed in the centre of the room. She asked him what he would like and he replied to her surprise that a proper massage would be lovely.

He lay face down resting his head on a pillow and told her not to worry if all he did was groan for a while as she tended to him. This seemed to amuse her and she relaxed thinking that he was nice compared to some of the people who came through here treating like a whore even if that was what she was. He at least spoke nicely, didn't haggle and said 'please' and 'thankyou'.

Holly whose real name was Mary had a bit of a 'Daddy complex'. She liked older men and had had to leave school early after happily succumbing to her English masters charms. He'd lost his job for his trouble. She'd been thrown out of home and had to whore to survive. Ted reminded her of him.

She straddled his rear and as she settled he felt her soft little sex or at least its heat against the small of his back. The massage began. It had been a quiet shift and he was her first and only likely customer for the night. The massage was wonderful and as he groaned in satisfaction she giggled and began to talk to him. A conversation sprang up as she worked on him from his scalp to his toes and back up his inner thighs with his legs spread to his buttocks and down the cleft to his anus which she just brushed with a finger before gently using her nails on his exposed balls.

"Turn over and let me do your front Ted" she said softly in his ear.

Drowsy but aroused he rolled over his 8 inch uncircumcised tool sticking into the air. She set to work on his front smiling at him when their eyes made contact. He really did seem nice and she was happy to be giving him such obvious pleasure. They talked on. In response to her questions he told her what he did and that he was unnattached lived about 100 miles north and would head on back there tonight. She was planning something quietly.

As she finished his massage with a soft kiss on each of his balls she asked him if he would like to rub and fondle her body. He happily agreed even though his cock gave a way his intentions for her. He rubbed her back and legs for about 20 minutes before concentrating on her slender buttocks. They were just as he liked small firm, unblemished and very girlish. There was a small gap at the top of her legs so he could easily observe her sex. He could see her in a school uniform with little white cotton panties and socks. Returning to the job at hand he kneaded carressed and nibbled her rear. From time to time he parted her buttocks and glimpsed her pink pucker and shaved girl lips. She was sighing at his touch and she was not faking it he was nice gentle and knew just how to touch her. She hoped he wanted a fuck and not just a blowjob. She would have to masturbate after he left if he just went for having his cock sucked.

She was unprepared for what happened next. His hand slid down between her cheeks and stroked her nether petals. She raised herself to allow him acess to her moist hole. A finger slid into her. She gripped it with a whimper. "Roll over" he said gently. She spun on his finger and to her complete surprise he leant down, extended his tongue and began to give her pussy the benefit of many years oral practise. It took about ten minutes to tease her little clit to full erection suck it between his lips and feel her tighten and pulse on the finger he had managed to push deep into her. She lay on her back her knees bent and legs apart his finger still in her as she recovered her senses.

It was a beautiful picture. For the first and only time she was glad she'd got this job. This was even better than when her teacher popped her cherry two months ago.

Her thoughts returned to the job at hand.

"What can I do for you?" She asked.

"Suck on me and then let's fuck" he replied plainly.

Her mouth was on his cock in a flash her lips pushing his foreshin back - no condom his first sex without one in months. Mary moved her fingers to his anus and tickled it. He began to grunt and thrust. Mary backed off to allow him to fuck her.

"Don't you want me to wear a condom?" he asked.

She thought for a second and said "I go home to my flat after this I'd like some of your cum in my panties if you don't mind. It will be nice reminder and I'm on the pill so don't worry. Just put youself in me and cum. I just want to feel you cum in me and be all wet."

Ted was stroking his hard-on as he knelt between her legs. Pulling his foreskin back to expose the swollen bulb of his cockhead he entered her with a grunt. She looked up at him and repeated her request for him not to hold off if he couldn't. She'd had more fun than she could ever have counted on already.

He couldn't hold off and sent a rush of seed up her with a throaty cry. She savoured the wet warm sensation deep within her. She had dropped her hint about heading home after this and hoped he had taken it. Meantime as his cock deflated and slipped from her she held him to her and felt feelings she had never had before for a client.

She wondered how she could return to work next week after this. They got up eventually and showered together. As they stepped out Ted asked Mary if she would like to meet him up the street for dinner after she left work. She pretended to think for a minute and agreed confessing that her real name was Mary. She'd tell him more later.

An hour later a stunningly young looking Mary joined Ted for dinner. He'd told the waiter her was waiting for a friend. He wondered if he should have said 'niece' or 'daughter'. The kiss she gave him on the lips when she got to the table would have made that ploy impossible. It was smack on the lips and lingered. She was in jeans, sneakers and a sweat shirt, her work clothes obviously in the shoulder bag she carried. She wore no make up and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. They ate, drank and chatted. Ted decided to push his luck and ask if she would like to join him in the Big Smoke for a few days if she had nothing to keep her in this town. She smiled and agreed but said she had to get some more clothes so if they could scoot by her flat she'd pack a bag and hit the road with him. Then she made her confession about older men. Ted's cock began to expand down his trouser leg at the news of her age 18 years 2 months and 2 days. Even better she looked about 3 years younger!

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