tagGroup SexYoung Mary Ch. 4

Young Mary Ch. 4

byRed Hugh©

Bridgitte safely home Mary returned to sort out Ted who had manfully resisted the urge to soil Bridgitte's panties with his own emission. Mary took one look at the poor guy and dropping her jeans and panties climbing on him to deliver some relief. She hadn't washed her face and he could still make out Bridgitte's scent. As he licked around Mary's mouth he caught a little of her taste. He came in about thiry seconds. Mary had kind of expected it and didn't mind. She'd had plenty of satisfaction from Bridgitte.

The question was what to do about it. She wasn't going to give up Ted. She had come to love him. She loved her friend Bridgitte, had enjoyed the sex and wasn't prepared to tell her that it was just a one time thing but that she was welcome to stay and sleep in the same bed. That would not be fair.

With Ted relieved of his panty induced frenzy she discussed it with him. Should she and Bridgitte become proper lovers and if so should she spill the beans about her 'guardian'? Ted urged caution but agreed it would be unfair to penalise Bridgitte because of their affair.

On Monday at school Mary blew Bridgitte a kiss when nobody was looking during first period. At lunchtime they re-united at a bench. Nobody thought it odd to see the two friends together. A few girls were rumoured to be 'lezzies' but suspicion never fell on this pair. Ironically Bridgitte was well known to have a crush on one of the groundsmen.
The girls discussed the weekend and Mary told Bridgitte that she would like to continue some form of sexual liason. Bridgitte was overjoyed but resisted the urge to kiss her openly.

Mary asked Bridgitte what she was going to do about her virginity. Bridgitte said quite plainly that she wanted a cock to take it - nothing else. Bridgitte's crush was a well built guy in his mid thirties. Maybe thought Mary forty-four year old Ted might not be such a big step. Ted certainly would be up for it. She wondered if Bridgitte would. Mary told Bridgitte that Ted knew about them. Her friend's jaw dropped. "It's OK Honey he and I don't have any secrets. In fact I think he got hard when I told him." Mary watched for her friend's reaction. Bridgitte was quiet for a while and then just said

"Well at least that's someone we don't have to lie to."

Mary asked Bridgitte for a Friday sleep over. The day finally rolled around and Mary was still uncertain about a solution. She had decided that she wanted to share a bed with both her lovers but wasn't sure how to manage it or how much to confess about her past, her present and her particular little perversions. She wondered if Bridgitte would ever give her a spanking or submit to one from Ted.

First things first, she had to get her to fuck Ted.

Meanwhile Bridgitte spent the week wondering why Ted was so calm about Mary and her. She wondered if there was more to them than met the eye. They did seem very close and often touched when they thought she wasn't watching. By Thursday she was actively wondering if she was one corner of a romantic triangle. She resolved to try a little flirting and see what happened.

She liked Ted and he might be old enough to be her father but he wasn't and he was good looking. Mary had never explained how a single man got to be her guardian and why she had no family. By Friday she was convinced something was up. Ted was more attentive than usual that evening . He told her to feel at ease about having sex with Mary and kissed them both on the forehead before heading off to bed about 9. As usual the wine had flowed. The girls went off to bed about an hour later after polishing off another bottle between them. Frankly they were pretty drunk by the time they noisily stripped each other and stood unsteadily kissing at the end of Mary's bed.

Ted heard it all and quietly stroked his cock thinking about the scene in Mary's room.

"What do you think Ted's doing?" giggled Bridgitte.

Mary, her guard down replied, "Probably having a good wank over us"

"Seriously. Shall we look, what's his cock like?"

Mary looked her friend in the eye "Why do you think I might know?" She asked carefully.

"You are not a virgin and I should know. You two clearly love each other any fool can see it. I see how you look at him. I didn't realise until you and I got close but it's the same look and then there are the touches you think nobody sees."

"He didn't pop my cherry." Mary replied evasively.
"But I'm not wrong am I? You and he do things and please if you love me don't lie."

Mary had wanted to discuss this moment with Ted and give him some warning but she was trapped and knew the game was up.

"I'll tell you more later but for the moment. I swear he is a good man and I love him very much. I am a year older than you think, your age. I missed some school and I'm eighteen. Ted was nice to me when he didn't have to be. He helped me and looked after me. I go to his bed whenever I can and show him I love him every way possible. I promise you he's happy about you and me and won't get in the way if that's what worries you. Now what are we to do? Are you disgusted?"

"No Sweetie, I'm just a little stunned even though I suspected. I feel a bit guilty about depriving him of you."

"So do we stay here or not? I know he'll be in ther wanking. He'll be a bit shocked but I don't think he'll throw us out if we go to him."

"OK, let's but I'm not ready to join in anything much."

"You don't have to do anything with him and he'll ask before he touches you so don't worry."

With that Mary took Bridgite's hand and walked down the hall to Ted's room. She knocked quietly on the door and heard a muffled 'Come in.'.

Ted wasn't ready for two naked girls to wander in and sit on his bed.
Mary just said "Bridie knows", and not letting go of her girlfriend lent over and kissed him deeply. Bridgitte didn't have any sense of exposure despite her display of girlish flesh.

"So what do we do Darling?" Asked Ted, his hard-on still evident under the cover.

"We stop the cover up." she said glancing at the lump and smiling. "If you are happy I might just enjoy both of my lovers tonight. Move over and let me in. Come on Bridie don't just sit there you're part of this now."

Ted moved across the bed in one swift move and the girls got under the covers.

"Bridie would like to see your cock Honey"

Bridgitte blushed and hesitantly Ted obliged. He could certainly get to enjoy this. He began to understand Mary's enjoyment of being seen in a very sexual state. He pulled down the cover and sat up on his knees, his cock pointing at the girls.

Mary nestled up between his thighs and pulling back his forskin put her lips over the head of his cock.. Bridgitte leaning on her and watching intently saw her first erect cock and her best friend in all the world calmly suck on it. Bridgitte was still pretty relaxed thanks to the booze and held her girlfriend as she sucked on Ted's cock. It was clear from his breathing that he wouldn't last long. Instead of sucking his cum down her throat Mary turned away and kissed Bridgitte while stroking Ted.

"Watch this." She chuckled as Ted's spunk shot out his piss hole and onto her chest. This was to be a night of learning for Bridgitte.

Mary scooped up the thick gobs of come with her finger and licked them. She asked Bridgitte if she wanted to lick one bit that had landed on her nipple. Hesitantly her lover obliged and was pleasantly surprised. It didn't seem too bad and the thrill of such and illicit act in front of Ted excited her. Mary got up and trotted to the bathroom to wash off.

Mary gone, Ted asked Bridgitte what she'd like to do tonight. She said she'd like to share Mary with Ted but wasn't quite ready for a fuck and in the end she would be happy as long as she and Mary were together. It sounded fine to Ted.

Mary returned and went straight to her girlfriend. Opening her legs she began to lick ler lover's redfringed little cleft. Ted leant in to watch stroking his re-inflating cock. He thought that Bridgitte was a stunner and could see why she turned Mary's head. It was a slow loving series of kisses and licks to her lover's pussy that set her chest heaving but as before the application of a finger up her arse had Bridgitte screaming.

Ted very carefully placed a hand on her stomach rubbing it as she came and recovering from her lovers tongue Bridgitte smiled at him. He felt a relationship building and hoped one day soon to be where Mary was.

Ted was hard again and Mary told Bridgitte that she was going to fuck him and to have a really good look. Ted lay on his back and offered his cock to Mary. Disengageing from her girlfriend she kissed Ted deeply and slid onto him in one fluid movement.

Nobody noticed Bridgitte get up and leave the room. Ted's cock was right up Mary and her clit rubbing against its base as Bridgitte came back. Ted noticed her kneel down behind Mary but only knew something was up when Mary gave a jolt. Mary's whole rear end was open and very exposed. Placing a hand on each of her cheeks Bridgitte leant forward and licked all the way along her exposed crevice from her stretched pussy lips to her rear hole. There she stopped and carefully ran the tongue around and around as Mary went off her head.

She licked the end of "LittleTed" which she'd gone to fetch and placed its buzzing tip at centre of the pucker. As Mary humped it entered her an inch or so. Just enough to enjoy for such a young thing. The next move was the most daring. As Mary was probed in both holes Ted felt a little tongue flick his balls and a finger rub his anus. Neither could stand it any longer and the orgasms started. Bridgitte looked up satified with a job well done The two entwined lovers relaxed and waited for Bridgitte to join them in an embrace. As she did she asked if Ted would consider doing her the next time she slept over. Giving silent thanks to God, Ted agreed to help.

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