tagGroup SexYoung Mary Ch.5

Young Mary Ch.5

byRed Hugh©

The girls slept in Ted's bed that night and Bridgitte left early the next morning for a family weekend. Ted and Mary had the place to themselves and spent a relaxed Saturday pottering about. Reclining in a bath that evening they got talking about what had gone on the previous evening and where things were headed. Mary had always been on the pill because of her previous occupation but Bridgitte was going to need some contraception if Ted was to fuck her. Mary didn't want Ted to wear a condom to fuck Bridgitte for the first time. She wanted her to feel everything without any barrier.

They decided to have Mary raise the subject at school on Monday and get Bridgitte to a family planning clinic for a prescription. That settled they discussed what they might do that night. Mary looked up at Ted and asked him if he would ever be interested in having sex with someone closer to his age? She knew that Ted's ex was about ten years his junior and so would have only been in her early twenties when they married. Ted obviously liked them young but had had his share womoen of all ages.

It seemed like an idea but this evening? It was already 7 pm!

"What say we buy a friend for the evening." Suggested Mary.

They lived about four blocks from the city's premier brothel and mulling it over Ted thought it would be fun. He'd enjoy the sex and he was interested to see how Mary would react to the situation.

"OK how do you want to go about this? I assume you're going to take part or at least watch."

"I'll certainly watch I'm not sure about anything else. Bridie and I are a bit special. I sleep with her because I love her not so much because I'm seriously into girls, with me it's about 80/20. I mostly like men but it would be fun to see you fuck a stranger and I've never been up close to a woman your age."

Ted picked up the phone by the bath and dialed "The Pelican Club" where he was not unknown. He asked if a woman in her late thirties or early forties who didn't mind a younger woman present and was bi-sexual (just in case) would be available for the evening in say two hours. It would be a scamble but they would call someone and let him know in ten minutes.

Dead on time the phone rang and the news was good. Arrangements were made. A woman called Meg would be along at 9. The club was told she could dress casually as it was an evening in. The credit card was left open so things could go for as long or as short as was necessary and comfortable.

Bang on 9pm the doorbell rang Meg stood there dressed in a tailored cotton shirt and and jeans with flat healed shoes. She was slender about 5'10" and had very blonde hair pulled back in a bun. She had a very nice figure. Ted was sure he was in for a very pleasant evening. He shook her hand and ushered her in.

He went over the situation explaining that Mary was 20 (a lie) and would probably just watch. Meg said she was fine with that but also quite happy to take care of Mary if she wanted. They made some further small talk, had a drink and Ted introduced Mary who had been putting on a bit of makeup. They shook hands and looked each other over quietly. Meg would have done this young thing for free! What a hottie!

Surprisingly given all their experience there was an awkward silence. Meg took the initiative asking Mary if she had ever watched or been with a woman. The affirmative response made Meg happy. Mary made it clear that Ted was to be the centre of attention so Meg took Ted by the hand and asked him to show her the bedroom. The pair left with Mary following.

Mary ducked into her bedroom dropped her jeans and undies and put on a skirt and found 'Little Ted'. She was pretty sure that she wanted easier access to her pussy for this little show. When she arrived in Ted's room she found Meg out of her clothes squating in front of Ted who was standing with his cock sticking out of his pants. Without touching the tip Meg was licking all around his shaft and balls. There were a few condoms some lubricant and a vibrator on the floor beside her.

Mary went up and started undressing Ted. Stepping out of his pants he moved back to the bed and lay back. Meg straightened up and Mary got her first good look at her. She had C-cup breasts which hung slightly and a firm stomach attesting to her regular gym sessions. Her legs were slender and like Mary left a little gap at the top of her legs where her sex lips were obvious. Her pubic hair was a couple of shades darker than her blonde mane, trimmed very short and shaped. Her sex lips were waxed hairless.

Meg smiled at her. Mary sat back in an armchair to watch. Meg moved to the bed and went back to work on Ted's cock. The way she was positioned on her knees rolling a condom onto his cock with her mouth Mary was treated to a view of her pussy lips and rear. Mary cocked a leg over the arm of the chair and began to quietly stoke herself. As she slipped a finger into herself she began to wonder if Meg would be open to a 'daddy and mummy' scene with her and Ted.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained she closed her legs and went back to her room, changed into a pair of Bridgitte's panties just for an extra thrill, put on her little girl pyjamas, brushed out her hair, put it in pig tails and removed her make-up. She went back to Ted's room and just stood in the doorway watching as Meg lowered her open cunt onto Ted's cock.

Mary slowly put her hand down the front of her pants. She definitely wanted her 'mummy'. Biting the bullet she entered the room and walking up to the couple on the bed kissed Meg on the cheek and said

"Mummy, I've missed you I'm so glad you're home"

Ted knew immediately what was up but it took Meg a second to fall into character. This was going to be quite an evening by the sound of things.

"I'm glad to be back Sweetie. Just let Daddy and me finish and I'll give you a nice big cuddle."

"I'm sorry I interupted Mummy"

"It's alright Darling you've seen Daddy's big cock before and you've got a little hole just like mine so no harm done. Mummy's just got to take care of Daddy and herself now."

With that she leant back and frigged her prominet clit. She didn't normally try to cum with customers but this was a very hot scene. Ted emptying his spunk into the condom triggered her off and she fell forward onto Ted. She was still not ready to exchange a kiss on the lips but kissed his face and whispered in his ear to thank him for so much fun.

"Mary, can you help Mummy and pull Daddy's cock out and then we'll clean him up."

Mary reached out and slowly pulled Ted's cock out of Meg's wet hole. He'd filled the pouch with white fluid.. Meg took Mary to her breast and hugged her saying.

"There now, let's get rid of this and give Daddy a wash."

Meg removed the condom knotted it and put it in the bedside bin. Taking Mary's hand she took her to the bathroom and wet a facecloth. 'Mother and daughter' returned and washed Ted clean.

"Now come here and let me show you how I've missed you."

Offering Mary a breast to suckle on she began to unbutton her pyjama jacket and massage her little breasts. Moving down from there across her stomach she felt Mary give a little twitch and clamp on her nipple. She popped the button on her pyjama bottoms and reached down the front of the little pink panties she found. Mary was drenched. Her eyes closed she whimpered as Meg found and stroked her little clit. Meg was very turned on after her fuck and now the 'child' at her breast. Her breathing was ragged.

Ted motioned to her to spread her legs and went eagerly to work on her clit which was right out of its hood and sticking out like a tiny cock. Meg had two fingers in Mary now and her palm applying pressure to her sex button. Meg actually came first given the lewd nature of the scene and the overstimulation of her senses. Mary followed soon releasing Meg's breast and kissing her mother's cheek.

The scene drew to a close with Mary thanking Meg for playing along with the unscripted event. Meg told her it had been a real plesaure and asked if there was anything else she could do for them.

"We're in no hurry if you're not, how about a drink?"

Meg thought and made a decision. She got her cellphone and rang work.

"All done here I'm off home for the night" and hung up.

They talked on about the things they liked and Mary mentioned the vibrator that she'd had up her arse. Meg told her that she enjoyed the occaisional bit of anal but needed her clit seen too at the same time to come. Ted said he'd never fucked anyone in the arse but both he and Mary enjoyed the sensation of a finger or other object. Meg said that if Mary was prepared to help and Ted would wear a condom she would try and take him in her arse some time if they invited her back. Ted was keen and Mary said that given her sensitive anus she would like to try if Meg would help.

Mary offered Meg a shower and off they headed to wash up. As Meg left about 1-30 am they exchanged numbers for future reference.

Meg discovered later that Ted had slipped a few hundred dollar bills into her bag. She smiled thinking about how she would have gladly done the
evening for free.

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