tagGroup SexYoung Mary Ch. 7

Young Mary Ch. 7

byRed Hugh©

Within a week of her debut Bridgitte was back in Ted's arms and this time it was for an enthuisastic fuck that left them both breathless. Unlike Mary who could go a long time without missing women Bridgitte really liked a woman's touch. Suffice it to say Ted's bed was under some strain from the three of them.

All went along swimingly and about a month or six weeks later Mary suggested to Ted that they let Bridgitte in on the Meg secret. While not liking to decieve Bridgitte, Ted didn't know how she'd take it. Mary said she'd handle it and she did. Bridgitte was fine.

Given the circumstances she felt no threat to her relationships especially that with Mary which was very important to her. Also now that she had taken care of her cherry the groundsman was in her sights.

By agreement Meg was rung privately and asked if she would like to stay the weekend and maybe make a new friend. Before she could say anything Ted asked her what her fee would be. For the moment although they all sensed something he wanted to keep the relationship businesslike and besides this was Meg's living. Meg arrived at a figure for a day and a night and Ted had the cash waiting when she arrived on Saturday morning.

Ted was up but the girls had slept in. He suggested Meg go and say hello. The girls were semi-awake when Meg went over to Mary and kissed her on the cheek. Mary rubbed her leg and smiled. Waking up a bit more she introduced her bedmate.

Meg headed back to talk to Ted. They chatted away about various things when Meg suddenly asked just how old the girls were. Ted told her the truth and she whistled smiling. She'd always known they were legal but just how close they were to the lower limit surprised her.

"Your secret is safe so long as I get my share. Don't worry."

The foursome hit the street later for lunch looking rather like 'mum, dad, and the kids'. At home after lunch Meg brought up the subject of what she was hired for and wondered if she could be of 'service' to anyone.

"I've brought a real bag of tricks this time" she announced with a smile.

"Strap-on, the works!"

Bridgitte piped up and asked if Meg would make love to her with a penis.
The group decided that it would be a public display and that the sofa would do. Meg started to undress but asked Bridgitte to keep her clothes on. Completely naked and at ease displaying her flesh she went to her bag and asked Bridgitte to choose between a couple of fake cocks. Bridgitte chose a monster and Meg got herself ready. She was quite a sight with her round breasts and a huge cock strapped between her legs. She got down on her knees and beckoned Bridgitte to come to her in the centre of the room while the others watched.

She reached up under her skirt pulling down her pink panties which she sniffed and licked. Then running her hands up the back of Bridgitte's legs to her soft cheeks she ducked her head under the skirt and addressed her pussy. It was very sexy not being able to see but knowing what was gowing on. Bridgitte did her best to retain her composure and opened herself as best she could. She opened her shirt and her front clasping bra.

With her tits free she pinched her little nipples and squeezed her breasts sighing with arousal.

"I need to sit down." she mumbled. "Come here and fuck me."

Meg followed her to the sofa lifted her skirt spread her legs and taking her cock began to rub it up and down her slit. Once she found the path of no resistance she pressed forward. Bridgitte's eyes bugged open as wide as her cunt was being stretched.

"Oh my fucking God, you have to feel this Mary. It's touching everything. Oh fuck.... God...Lord Jesus....AAAAARRRGH!"

"Here baby suck me.' Meg offered a tit and Bridgitte latched on like a whimpering baby.

Five minutes fucking and Bridgitte was screaming her orgasm, holding her legs high and wide her arsehole bared and soaked with her juices. Her tits jiggled with each trust of Meg's cock.. Meg herself was feeling pretty good and beginning to sweat from her workout. As Bridgitte came she just bored on into her some more and Bridgitte just kept going.

Nothing had prepared her for this. She was howling her pleasure. After another three or four minutes Meg slowed and her lover lowered her voice to sobs of pleasure.

Meg wasn't ready for what happened next. Bridgitte dropped her legs and leant forward planting a kiss right on Megs mouth. So surprised was she that her mouth opened and in went Bridgitte's tongue before she fell back exhausted her pussy obscenely gripping the rubber cock.. Meg sank away onto her haunches and her 'cock' spilled out of Bridgitte with a plop.

Mary and Ted had watched the whole thing stunned, unmoving. They hadn't thought that Bridgitte had it in her to lose her cookies so spectacularly. There were juice stains every where. She hadn't closed her legs and was just slumped back sobbing.

Mary came to her senses and went to hold and kiss her. Bridgitte was completely overcome. She had been intouch with things she didn't know existed. Her insides had churned she had been properly fucked by a woman as her two lovers had watched her done. One of the reasons for her total loss of inhibition was that she knew that she was the focus of Meg's professional effort. She was able to lie back and think only of her pleasure.

Meg meanwhile caught her breath dropped her harness and lay back on the floor to maturbate. It was always unusual at this house. Why did she lose her detachment here? It had to be the unique nature of the scene and the fact that she was treated as part of the group and not like a whore, just a friend who fucked. She liked this place and feeling a delicious exposure as Ted stared between her legs she came in a series of grunts.

Ted's cock was oozing precum into his pants. It was time for some anal action. Ted asked Meg if she was ready and able. She said that she was but that she would need a lot of work to take Ted's cock.. Mary and Bridgitte chorused an offer to help. He didn't mind in the least.

While Ted stripped and started wanking he was treated to the sight of the girls going to work on Meg. Mary had offered Meg her cunt and gently guided her around into a 69. Bridgitte meanwhile had lubricated a small vibrator planning to aplly it Megs pucker. Starting with strokes and then kisses and nibbles she began to zoom in on Meg's rear opening.

She licked a finger and ran it around the tight pucker. It appeared to her that it pursed a little at her touch. A minute or two of this and Meg's hole was starting to grip at The slender finger. Bridgitte slowly entered her to just the first knuckle and began rotating her finger. Reaching for the vibrator she removed her finger and switching it on held the tip to Meg's anus which now a little stretched accepted it.

Ted would be much larger. The lubrication was working and the intruder slipped into Meg's bowel.

Ted meanwhile was moving into position to service his first rear end. Meg was enjoying the work on her rear. She eagerly ate away at Mary.
She had never dreamed she'd get to have a real schoolgirl let alone two and a man all at once.

The vibrator fucked her rear slowly in and out in and out as she adjusted. Her ring and bowels were buzzing and suddenly the source was gone to be replaced by something large at her entrance. With her cunt wide open on Mary's face she strained to accommodate it. Ted was pushing steadily against her.

"Relax, relax, relax" she told herself.

Despite all the preparation she was tensing up.

Bridgitte came around her and lifting her face from Mary's spread cunt kissed her deeply held her face and said "Come on, we can do this." She pushed back hard and Ted was in.

He just waited where he was with his knob inside her hole. Mary kept up her assualt on Meg's clit. Ted began to move on into Meg's vice like bowel. Meg felt so full and exposed, her cuntal sensations were building now she wasn't worried about pain. She began to build to a huge orgasm. Ted could sense it but was nowhere near ready to cum. Her fucked her very slowly for about a minute before he felt her spasm and heard a scream.

Mary taking a gamble had actually used her teeth on Meg and she'd blown all over Mary's face, expelled Ted and flung herself forward onto the floor.

Ted was left with his cock twitching in mid air and while the girls tended Meg, wanked furiously. Meg calmed down enough to ask for Ted. He came to her still stroking. She opened her mouth and beckoned him in. sucking as he stroked. He was more than ready and poured cum into her mouth as she swallowed.

Everyone was aware that there would have to be some sort of discussion about their future if any with Meg. All the rules of the business relationship were being broken.

Mary had been in a unique positon to see Meg being fucked up the arse. She saw the touble an experienced woman had with Ted and decided that she simply couldn't hadle him in her. She told everyone this and Meg had a solution.

"How about Bridie or my using a nice little strap on on you?" she asked.

"Ted is the biggest man I've ever had in my arse and much as I like you Ted if you want to fuck someone's arse again I'll have to phone my friend Mandy. Take it as a compliment but you're just a bit big. Now guys do we continue or take a break?"

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