Young Master Ch. 05


"Fuuuuuuck...this is soooooo fucking tight! Shit...I'm not even sure you can take my full length, but it is going to be a blast finding out." Dirk was a true monster, and not just because of his ogre cock and gorilla hands...he had a satyr's soul. He wasn't even trying to get me to surrender at this point. If he was, he would have pulled out so that I could beg him not to stick his pet lamprey back in me, or at least stop to let me catch my breath. If he had...I don't know...but its hard to imagine willingly agreeing to let him continue if I had the capacity for choice at the moment. And he wasn't doing it to torture inhumanly intense as it was, he wasn't going out of his way to hurt me. Even spanking me was just a show of ownership, and possibly even affection. He was a monster because my living Hell wasn't even a consideration for never even crossed his mind. Once his dick was hard, he was going to find something to fuck. He was a simple beast...the world was just a wonderful collection of holes to him...and asking whether a hole wanted to be filled was far too philosophical a question for him to ponder.

"Damn...all the way in. I should get a t-shirt made for you sissies that manage to fit my full length. Something like 'I got stabbed by the Dirk and lived to tell about it'...then again, maybe we should wait and see on that part..." I took a deep breath to prove to myself I wasn't dead yet. He was inside me...and I wasn't dead yet. I allowed myself to hope that maybe the worst was over. As he pulled out slowly, he raised my hopes even further, the pain lingered like a ghost's cock behind him, but it was ethereal, insubstantial compared to the unreal reality of his flesh. When he was all the way out, I let out a sigh as long as his prick, proving I could exhale as well. I could breathe again, and that told me I had survived. And when he shoved a fourth of his cock back into me in one thrust, and then kept hammering away a few invasive inches at a time...I learned I could scream again as well...

"AaaaAAaAAaAAAAAAiiiIIIIIEeeeEEeeeEEEEEE!" his cruel cock forced out what little air I had left in a scream so large I was amazed it fit in me in the first place. The pain had been slow and constant before, but at least it had been predictable, getting progressively worse the more he warped my tenderest tissue. This was like being gored by a wild boar from the inside. Savage, unpredictable attacks that left me panicked and waiting for the next strike, forever guessing wrong and paying with my ass.

He began to pull out, and I dared to take another breath again, then just as reached the half way point, he changed course and slammed his weapon inside me all the way to the hilt. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" a birdlike wail flew out of me, free from the torture chamber housed inside my skin. I envied it...I was stuck inside my treacherous flesh, cursed with a body that seemed to feel everything a little too that surrendered to pleasure a little too easily, and felt the sting of the inevitable punishment even more keenly. I tried to think through the pain, but it was like there were shards of glass cutting into my brain, making my thoughts alien and disjointed. Things like...I wonder if Dirk will get grounded if he fucks me to death...if I had Dirk's body, would I be fucking a sissy in the ass right now...God, I hope they don't put 'fucked to death' on my this really worth my inheritance...or maybe I'd just be a really ugly much does a new asshole cost, went on and on like that as Dirk continued pounding me at an erratic pace.

But pain is a strange beast, it can tear out your guts from the inside one moment and began playfully nibbling the next. I don't know if its because my asshole finally stretched wide enough to take his strange beast, or if my blood was acting as some sort of primitive lube, or maybe my brain finally said 'fuck it, I'm not processing this shit anymore. If you want to get fucked by a rhino horn or whatever it is, that's your business.', but whatever the reason, the pain lessened to the point that it felt like pleasure compared to what came before. The adrenaline and endorphins flooding my body probably didn't hurt either, making me feel high, doped and wired at the same time, without a shred of shame or sanity to prevent me from rolling my hips back onto his cock just so I could feel him slam them back down. I giggled and grunted as I felt his freakish manhood swell to grow impossibly thicker in response.

"Damn...who...ungh...taught you...nngh that?" A sick thrill kissed its way up my spine sending icy-hot shivers that made me melt. Of course I hated him, there were enough scraps of me left to remember that even as I squeezed his cock with my aching asshole and winced through the reminder of how bad it could hurt.,,but hating him was what made it so kinky. I was a novice to surrender, but I was learning fast, and I loved to study...especially since I had just discovered the ironic sense of power in controlling how much pleasure he would receive. A slight roll of the hips, a subtle squeeze, a sudden thrust backwards, all drove him closer to the brink of oblivion, or slowed him maddeningly. Sure he, could have held me down and pounded away at me and there would have been nothing I could do to stop him. He could make me into a weak, whimpering hole, but if wanted more pleasure than he could drill out of me, he would have to let me work my magic.

"Fuck...that's earned it!" Dirk's savage roar shook the room, traveling down his mountain of a body like an avalanche, gaining momentum until I exploded out of his cock, practically punching me with a torrent of his man mead. Thankfully, his scream drowned out my own, as every muscle in my body seized up and sucked out every last drop of his cum. Maybe it was some sort of instinctive attempt to put out the fire still blazing in my abused ass. Maybe I was responding vicariously to his pleasure as I always seemed to do, my body recognizing a superior animal's right to pleasure and rejoicing that I brought it about. But most likely, it was just the chemical waste my brain was shitting throughout my body after suffering through the sustained brutality of Dirk's love making.

Whatever it was, if faded as soon as it came, leaving me to feel the cool air hitting my inflamed guts as my asshole gaped lewdly. I felt paradoxically empty and full the same boi pussy ruined, maybe forever stretched wide and hungry, while at the same time, the outline of his cock lingered in the form of every throbbing nerve in my ass crying out in pain. It was a dull, stabbing throb, a hurt that had faded, but refused to leave my a possessive lover wanting to hold me close as long as he could. Still it wasn't half as bad as the throbbing ache pushing insistently against my chastity cage, confused and betrayed that it hadn't gotten to cum after such a rough fuck. Maybe if he had pounded my prostate a little bit longer...but I pushed thoughts like that out of my head, not wanting to want the man that was trying to enslave me. Instead I gathered tiny shreds of my willpower of the floor and looking up at Dirk asked, "Do you surrender now?"

I cringed as his hand raised high in the air, ready to strike me down..."DIRK DANIEL HARROW! You will not lay a hand on her. You have cum, and thus your turn is ended. Now calm down and control yourself. Let's see if Darius fares any better." Relief turned to horror as Darius made his way over to me. If Dirk was a monster out of carelessness, Darius was one out of dedication. All I had to do was look at the scars on his sissy's skin between the ink and piercings to know what kind of man he was. Every step he took brought me one step closer to the gallows. I held my breath and closed my eyes, stupidly acting as if it would make a difference, as if I'd open my eyes and see anything but Darius' sadistic smile.

"Aww, look at you, you're shaking like a leaf. Don't worry, my beautiful Belle, I'm not going to hurt you. Hurt you? should be so lucky..." He took my head in his hands and lifted me into a kiss, softer than I expected, our lips merely grazing one another. I didn't know what to do with a kiss like that. Even when Isabella was playing at being romantic, her kisses were powerful, passionate. I kept expecting him to take advantage of my confusion my forcing his tongue down my throat, but to my surprise, he just kept gently pressing his lips to mine, never opening his mouth or more importantly, mine. His fingertips stroked my cheek and I started to squirm in his arms. He held me close, but allowed me to writhe in perplexed frustration, never gripping me to tightly or taking advantage of the obvious strength housed in his taut muscles. In a moment of weakness, I found myself sucking on his lips, trying to part them with my tongue, trying to coax out a real kiss from him, the kind that hurt. I just wanted things to make sense again...

"Now, now, Belle, this is supposed to be torture, remember? So I can't have you acting on those nasty little urges of yours. You will behave yourself and meekly accept whatever I do to you or there will be consequences." His tone was gentle, but in a practiced, artificial way that was even more terrifying than his usual serial-killer cold affect. He held my head firmly as he held me with his lips hovering over mine, but he didn't hurt me in the slightest. My imagination ran wild, I was on the verge of tears just from trying to picture what agonizing abomination he would perform if I didn't obey. I knew that was exactly what he wanted, to twist my fear inside me like a knife and let me torture myself, all while being gentle as a lamb...but knowing his game and being able to prevent it from working on me were two very different things...

"puh puh Please duh duh don't huh huh hurt me." I immediately regretted pleading for mercy, giving him that much more power over me. He paid no attention to it, mercy being a concept as alien to him as fire is to a fish. Instead, he pulled me into his lap and pulled my top down over my shoulder, and began covering my exposed flesh with tender, teasing skin sizzled and I felt myself melting into his lap despite myself. I couldn't control my body, this was everything it wanted, to be controlled and helpless and loved...all at once. And it was too stupid to know it was all a sick game. I rubbed my ass against his lap feeling his impressive hardness against my soft skin, I imagined how tender he would feel inside me...and my cage closed in around my swelling flesh, sending a spasm of pain from my groin to my gut, where it stewed and festered. Now I knew his kill me with kindness. "I know what you're trying to do, Darius, and it woOoOooOOOOOHH!"

"Sorry, you trailed off there at the end. Something about this not working?" I'm putty in his hands as he toys with erogenous zones I never knew I had. He was rubbing slow circles around my nipples, running his tongue along the outside of my ear and darting in and out like a thief, and lightly nibbling on my neck, my pulse pounding so hard he could probably taste it. By the time he peeled off my leather dress and left me naked save for my maid's cap, stockings, and cockette cage, I was a whimpering mess. I didn't know how long I could take it. Every sweet caress was followed by the increasingly brutal bite of cold steel. And if I understood the fucked up rules right, he got to play with me until he came. But he showed no sign that he was going to fuck me...which meant I was fucked. And then things got worse...

"NoOOoOOOOh pleeeeeeeasssssse doOOOooOOOn't!" His fingers found there way inside my gaping hole. I wish I could say I was moaning for him to stop because it was still sore, but the stabs of pain where a welcome respite compared to what followed them. Darius proved himself an artist with his fingers, manipulating my sissy spot with a skill and dexterity that would have impressed the world's finest watchmakers or bomb defusers. He was certainly winding me up, hitting sissy spots I didn't even know I had, making my entire body an exposed nerve, every inch of flesh soaking up the slightest physical contact. My own sweat trailing down my trembling flesh like teasing fingers, his hard swimmers physique rubbing against my soft, yielding flesh...well, more like my soft yielding flesh rubbing up against his hard body, but same difference. My genitals stubbornly refused to yield to its prison. I was starting to think it had more fight in it than I did. But then I felt a familiar twinge, like a chord being struck inside me...that bubbling bliss building to an ecstatic eruption. My body leapt on the shred of hope like a feral dog lunging for a scrap of raw meat. And that's what I was at that point...raw meat. Mindlessly racing towards a goal my mind was telling me I'd never reach. Because even if I could find a way to cum with this cage on, Darius would never have given me the satisfaction. True to form, the moment before I exploded, he pulled back, defusing me with expert finesse.

"You probably think I'm cruel, don't you? It's okay, you don't have to answer, I know how you sissies whisper behind my back, how you always scurried away to avoid me in the halls. As if I was your step-boogeyman. But if you could see through my eyes right now, you'd know I am the most compassionate man you've ever had the honor of meeting." As if to 'prove' his point, he begins playing me like an instrument again, one had on my nipples, the other inside me, and his lips raining down a barrage of soft kiss along the nape of my neck. He composed a symphony of whimpers and moans as he continued to string me along and hang me out to dry. The longer he played and the more crescendos he cut off, the more the pleasure turned to pain. It got so bad I was getting nostalgic for something as sweet as a raw ravishment. I was willing to do almost anything for a little relief...but not anything.

"NNH nev uh uh Never...suh uh unh surrender. Nnh nuh not to yuh yuh yoooOOoooOOH!" Darius' plan had backfired. Sure I was so exhausted I didn't know if I would have the strength for the next moan, sure I was dying to taste ever last inch of him, sure his loving treatment had left me in a state of Purgatory I'd gladly have cut off a pound of flesh to escape, but that was his mistake. HE was the cause of it all. And all I had to do was nothing and he couldn't win. It was a daunting task, but I had a lifetime of practice at doing nothing, and I intended to use it to my advantage.

"Sigh...and now you're blaming me for your own stubbornness. Making me the villain in your dime store dreadful so you don't have to face the truth. You want to be our slave just as much as the other sissies, you just want it forced upon you so you don't have to admit it. That's why I am the kindest man you'll ever meet. I'm willing to play the heavy for you, to make you do things you would never dare admit you wanted to do, things you beg me to stop until your throat grows so hoarse you can't even whimper. And then I'll make you do things you never even knew existed, and I will make you love them. And yes, you will hate me for it, but that is a price I am willing to pay." Throughout his self-deluded tirade, Darius, continued to torment me with suffering I apparently wanted but was too afraid to admit. Funny, I just thought I hated his living guts.

I knew I had to do something. Darius was hard, but showing no hints of an impending orgasm. And as much as I hated him, I doubted I could withstand his abuse as long as he could dish it out. I didn't think, if I did, I probably would have cowered from the idea like a scared little rabbit. Instead, I reached inside the boiling pit of bile that made up my innards and pulled out a scathing onslaught, "Fuck you, you wimp! At least, Dirk had the balls to fuck me. You're so afraid I'll make you cum before I surrender that you are just fingering me like a virgin on prom night."

Darius threw me to the ground, towering over me, his voice lost it's gentle polish and was left with the cold steely tone of a sharp knife. "I don't know which is worse, that you would insult me like that, or that you think I'm stupid enough to fall for it. I tried doing this the easy way. I thought you would appreciate the creativity of my approach. But if you want it more traditional, then so be it. I'll bring out my toys and have you begging to be our slave inside five hours." I was scared stupid for a moment. All I wanted to do was hide under a rock and never come out. But there was nowhere to hide, and Darius was reaching down for me, his hand looming larger and larger over my face until it blotted out everything else. Mindlessly, I blurted out, "I can make you cum in under five minutes! I'd bet my freedom on it!" He paused, perplexed, and for a moment, I heaved a sigh of relief...and then it hit me...I had no idea how I was going to make him cum!

" way is much more certain, but what's life without a little risk? Very well, the timer starts from the moment I stick my cock in your gaping cunt and you have five minutes to make me cum or you sign your fortune and freedom away?" I just sort of nodded dumbly, hoping whatever part of my brain shit out that challenge would come up with an idea on how to win it. But all I could think of is what it would feel like hanging in one of those cages in the basement. I could taste the gruel already, feel the dark close in around, not the dark, Darius' arms, pulling me to my knees, spreading me wide as his cock slid inside me without the slightest resistance.

Minute one...I was surprised at the length and girth of Darius' cock, it was only a little bigger than the 'runt' of the families. Sure, it was a nice size, but nothing compared to Dirk's or his father's, and it didn't have that comely curve that Dale's did, so he couldn't hit my sweet spot nearly as hard. I was beginning to understand why he got so good with his fingers...I stifled a laugh, knowing mocking his prowess wouldn't be the best way to make him cum...

By minute two I was ready to take back everything I didn't dare say about his endowments. He wielded his rod as masterfully as he had used his fingers, churning up my abused ass and sending those familiar sparks of mind melting bliss much sooner than I was prepared for. If he kept up like this, I might actually cross that threshold I'd been denied for so long, but all thoughts of making him cum had melted into a thick drool that ran down my chin.

Minute three stretched out into infinity. Every eternal second an inch closer to paradise as I crawled up from miles down in Hell...but still, Heaven was in sight. My body knew what to do even if I did not, rolling my hips as I thrust back onto his cock...milking his manhood with my soft, tight muscles...using every technique I learned from getting Dirk off in a desperate attempt to make him cum. I felt a little throb, but I knew there was no way I'd make him cum at this rate. I could feel a leash bite into my neck. I imagined him leering down at my bloodied body...and then it hit me...

Minute four was a decisive moment, I didn't plan it, I would have never been that stupid, or that brave. But something inside me knew what Darius wanted even if the rest of me was too terrified to contemplate it. I slammed my head into the hard oak floor, sending blood gushing from my nose onto my plump, shiny lips. Darius paused, paralyzed with shock as I looked back up at him, gave him a cum hither look and smiled even as the blood dripped from my chin...and squeezed...

"NNH! Wait...NO!" Darius erupted inside me like a water balloon popping every last drop of cum bursting out of him in a shotgun blast of sticky seed. I cooed in frustrated satisfaction, knowing I would be denied release that much longer, but momentarily content with my meaningless victory. To Darius' credit, it did not take him long to regain his composure, he covered his shame in his robes, stepping back into the shadows without a word of reproach.

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