Young Mother, Son & His Friends


Carol and Mom seemed surprised by all the company.

"You didn't tell me we were having so much company today Josh," Mom said. I don't think we have enough snacks and drinks for everyone."

"Yes we do Mom, I went to the store earlier to stock up." I answered thinking I had outsmarted her.

"Great, thank you Son. Have you other boys met Carol?" Mom asked.

Each of them shook there heads indicating they hadn't. Carol was about the same age as Mom, I always had a thing for her. She liked to flirt with me but I always knew it was just innocent flirting.

Carol was tall, probably 5 feet 9 inches tall, a gorgeous redhead. I think her tits were fake but never had the good fortune of actually seeing them, even though she and Mom sunbathed frequently together. They were always careful around me knowing I was at that dangerous age. You know, always walking around with an erection.

They were both wearing stunning bikinis, my buddies weren't able to take their eyes off either of them. I'm sure they knew there was absolutely no chance of anything sexual happening today. I had already stocked the fridge and we had company. I could tell they were disappointed.

I was starting to get suspicious of something when I noticed Mom and Carol whispering and giggling as they stared at Jim's crotch. Was Mom talking about Jim's horse cock? She surely wouldn't have told her about her sexual escapades with the boys.

Both ladies went in the pool to get cooled off. They only stayed in long enough to get wet. As their wet bikinis clung to their tits, all eyes were on them. Carol had great tits too, her hard nipples protruding through the material leaving very little to the imagination. All four of the guys gathered closely around straining to get closer looks at the ladies. At least of few of them had noticeable bulges straining against the material of their trunks. It didn't go unnoticed by the ladies either.

Carol and Mom were both checking out each one of the guys, paying extra attention to Jim's massive lump in his suit. The bastard wore a very transparent suit, showing a very defined image of his cock beneath.

"Josh, get us some drinks please," Mom said.

"I'll help," Carol said as she got up to join me as we walked to the kitchen.

I opened the refrigerator door, pulling Cokes and dip out, handing everything to Carol as she placed everything on the counter. I had to get bowls from the cabinets over the sink and quickly glanced out the window.

I couldn't believe my eyes, these fuckers were at it again. My Mom already had her bikini top off, Jim was sucking one nipple as Mark was on the other. My cock was already growing but Carol was standing next to me, not knowing what was happening out on the pool deck. I felt I had to somehow hide this from her or she'd think my Mom was a tramp.

Carol was standing behind me watching out the window as her hand reached under my waistband, wrapping around my cock.

"Do you like to watch?" asked Carol.

"Ah, what are you doing?" I asked not daring to move.

"Nothing, you want me to stop?"

"No," I said.

Her fingers grasped my trunks, pulling them to the floor as her hands reached back around me, firmly grabbing my cock. Her fingers tenderly worked their way up and down my shaft as I quickly hardened, my cock now twitching with excitement. I could feel her hot breath on my neck as she kissed it. He bare breasts were now pushing against my back.

"Don't turn around, just watch. Your Mom says you like to watch," Carol said leaving me speechless.

All four guys were now naked outside, my Mom seated in the middle as four cocks stood at attention around her. Chuck's cock was as big as Jim's, he was huge. Chuck and Jim were each sucking her tits now as she stroked Mark and Henry as they stood along side her.

Carol continued gently caressing my cock as she kissed my neck, I was afraid to move. My cock had swelled to a raging erection in her hands. I was mesmerized by the site by the pool and a lady stroking my cock while watching with me.

Carol stopped kissing me as she released my cock. Her hot breath was now on the head of my cock as she examined me, stroking and twisting as she stared. She licked the moisture from the tip of my cock, running her tongue into the slit, then inserted me in her mouth, only consuming the head.

"Do you like this?" she asked as she looked into my eyes.

"Oh yes," I panted.

"Step out of your trunks and follow me then," she said as she stood naked in front of me.

Her tits were huge, definitely fake firm round basketballs. Perfect dark, ripe nipples accentuating each tit, protruding erectly. She walked away from me, motioning for me to join her as I hurried to keep up with her.

We joined the others on the pool deck. Mom wasn't a bit surprised to see me, she must have set this up. Mom was now sitting up with Mark's cock in her mouth while she stroked Chuck's huge cock. He was actually bigger than Jim! His cock must have been 12 inches long and Mom's hand was working it over, almost worshiping it.

Henry was now between Mom's legs, his tongue searching for her nectar as she sucked Mark and stroked Chuck. I just stood there within a few feet, staring as Carol dropped to her knees, taking me in her mouth. She devoured my cock, all of it instantly as Jim moved in to stand next to me.

Carol reached for Jim's cock as she pounding up and down on my cock, twisting and stroking with one hand as her other hand did the same to Jim's massive tool.

Her mouth left my cock as she pulled Jim's cock to her, stuffing him into her mouth. She was slurping and sucking his monster as I stood next to him in admiration as she stroked me. She could barely fit his cock in her mouth, stretching her lips around it, forcing it in.

Mom was now seated with Henry and Chuck standing in front of her, each squeezing her tits as she alternated sucking one cock, then the other. She actually had to struggle to fit Chuck into her mouth, he looked as big around as a beer can. She could only fit a few inches of his massive meat in her mouth but her saliva was running down his shaft.

Carol stood up, bending over as she grabbed my cock, stuffing it into her mouth. Her nose was already pressing firmly against my pubic hair as her tongue worked the underside of it. Jim was behind her, his hands holding her hips firmly as he sank his monster into her. She paused momentarily, opening her mouth in shock as he drove his cock into her. She screamed in excitement as she tensed already, shaking in a shuddering orgasm while holding my cock, almost squeezing the cum from it. Jim started rocking his cock into her, pounding her pussy as he held her in place.

Chuck was now positioning himself behind Mom, holding his cock at her entrance. I watched as his massive cock's head pushed into her moist pussy, making her scream. He wasn't gentle, pushing himself in further forcefully, stretching her to her limits as she continued whining and whimpering, her pussy stretching to it's limit as it strangled his huge shaft.

I was in awe watching this guy fuck my mother as Carol continued her oral assault on my cock, Jim pounding her from behind as she shuddered in orgasm again. Carol held my cock deep into her throat as she came on Jim's cock, gagging me as far down as she could while her tongue darted over my balls. I could hardly hold back as she screamed, her sounds muffled by my cock stuffed in her mouth.

Her screams were matching Mom's as they each came together being fucked simultaneously by two monster cocks.

Mark was cumming in Mom's mouth, his hips bucking back and forth as he held her in place. I was so close I could hear her swallowing and choking on his cum as he emptied into her throat, erupting forceful loads overflowing the corners of her mouth. He finished cumming and stepped back as she devoured Henry again, sucking and slurping, trying to milk him dry as I watched in awe. His cock was coated with the cum deposited in my mother's mouth by Mark, giving her ample lubrication to consume his entire length. Mom was a masterful cock sucker.

I had to pull my cock from Carol's mouth, afraid to cum too early as I watched Mom devour Henry as Chuck pounded her from behind. Mom was cumming again as she opened her mouth, tensing and pushing against his cock as he fucked her. She couldn't keep Henry's cock in her mouth as she came. Henry couldn't hold back as he groaned, his cum shot from his cock, splattering on Mom's face. She eagerly devoured him again, finishing him off by sucking his hot semen, not wanting any more to go to waste.

Henry continued bucking into her mouth, exploding and gagging her as she gargled his cum down. He was cumming so fast, so much that she couldn't keep up swallowing it as it ran from the corners of her mouth, flowing around his cock. She was a cum animal, devouring my friends.

Chuck tensed from behind Mom as he gripped her hips, forcing his cock deep and hard into her pussy. As he erupted in my dear mother, his growls mixed with her screams as I witnessed his sticky semen ooze from her pussy. It looked so hot, her tiny little pussy wrapped tightly around his massive throbbing, erupting cock. Juice now pouring from her, their fluids certainly meshed together.

Jim was cumming in Carol's pussy as well, growling like a bear as he started erupting into her pussy. Both monster cocks now shooting into these two women side by side. Carol was screaming as Jim tensed, shooting his thick sperm deep inside her. His eyes were closed tightly, veins showing on his neck as he strained to unload into her, erupting like a sleeping volcano. Cum was pouring from her pussy as he continued growling, hanging on as he came.

I stood still, stroking my cock as I enjoyed witnessing this as a hand grabbed my cock, pulling me toward them. My Mom was yanking my cock toward her, reaching for it with her mouth hungrily. I don't know if she realized who's cock it was, she couldn't have but I submitted to her.

Her lips wrapped around my cock as her hands started milking me. My cock was buried in her mouth, her tongue masterfully working the underside as her hand twisted and stroked me. Mom was moaning as she devoured my cock, gagging each time she slammed me into her throat. She was still cumming as Chuck's orgasm was finally subsiding.

Mom lost control, sucking and slurping my cock, milking me as if begging for my semen. I never thought a mouth could feel or work like this. She was orally assaulting, attacking, tormenting my cock. Her mouth was demanding my cum to escape, filling her mouth as I felt myself build to orgasm. Her saliva was thick, mixed with the cum of my friends as she slobbered on my cock. slurping and sucking, trying to draw my semen from my body. She wanted to digest my cum, give me no choice but to explode in her mouth.

I tangled her hair between my fingers, pulling her face into me. Her nose was pushing against me as her tongue milked the underside of my cock, forcing me to explode. The back of her throat spasmed on the head of my cock, contracting, almost milking me as she held me deep inside her mouth. I couldn't hold back as I felt the eruption escape me, shooting into her throat as I held her, not letting her taste me.

My cum shot directly down her throat, never giving her a chance to swallow as I filled her throat with a steady heavy stream of my seed. I could hear her choke, gag, as my cum continued streaming into her throat. Her throat contracted as I came, caressing the cum from my cock. This feeling was unimaginable, having my cock milked deep within a throat, my mother's throat. Mom never attempted to pull back, instead forcing me deeper as I was on my toes pushing into her. I was now yelling in ecstasy as she moaned in acceptance of me.

Her moans were muffled by my cock. The sounds coming from her were almost whimpers, as she gagged and gargled my fluid, letting nothing escape her.

As my eruption ceased, my cock remained in her mouth not being released by her as she looked into my eyes from below. She was still sucking me, trying to milk more from me as my cock twitched and continued oozing every last drop of semen I had within me. Her tongue was collecting every drop from the slit at the tip of my cock, then sucking hard to draw the final remaining moisture from me as I collapsed onto her, my arms around her head.

Everyone was staring in awe as she milked me dry, not believing what they had just witnessed. Something so wrong, so sinful, but it happened. My mother still hadn't released my cock from her mouth, as if comforting me, letting me know it was OK. I was already feeling regrets, now having crossed that forbidden line as she released my cock, still looking in my eyes.

I couldn't say anything as we all dressed. Mom was the first to speak.

"I must have lost myself in the moment, I had no idea it was you. I have no regrets though. I love you Son," Mom said.

"I love you too Mom, you are incredible."

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