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Young Mr Chrichton



A week out of college, graduating with a Master's of Science in Information Technology with specialization in web development, Kevin Crichton decided he didn't wish to work in computer technology because his interest in the plodding ways and precision of its application had declined.

He knew he ought to have studied fast cars and how to design them more efficiently and to make them safer including to other road users, or alternatively studying the role of women in society today, specializing in fast women. Yes they were his interests but opportunities to study either of those fields were not offered by any university within at least 500 miles of his home. But Kevin's parents had finally turned the screws and ordered him to study at a university without 100 miles of home and to embark on a worthwhile pursuit that would make their costly investment in his education worthwhile.

Worthwhile to whom they didn't say. Kevin's father was an accountant and his mother an attorney. At the time of final commitment Kevin hastily chose to study computer technology because he had some interest in computer games and Internet porn. His parents liked that choice because those both had IT departments in the firms in which they were partners and believed they knew what it was about because they knew IT meant information technology and their careers were based on information processing and application. Kevin knew a lot of people thought like that.

Their son, the new graduate, horrified Michael and Crystal when he announced the job market was tough and so he'd take a year off traveling and gaining knowledge to increase his worldliness to become more appealing to prospective employers.

Once again Crystal and Michael fell to their son's persuasive tongue and each gave him $5000 and jointly established a $10,000 fund to be used only in dire emergency. Alas on the eve of his departure Kevin transferred that emergency fund to another bank. When Kevin was taken to the bus station next morning at 7:00 and he promised to keep in contact with his parents.

Three minutes after the bus began its journey Kevin went forward and told the bus driver he feared he had dysentery and wished to get off. The driver was only too happy to stop, unload Kevin's bag and fully refund his fare before driving off, rapidly.

Kevin had chosen to alight at a small shopping strip. Three vehicle dealers were in that area and two hours later Kevin had chosen a vehicle and returned from the bank with the required $13,200.

Slippery Kevin Crichton then drove off in the first car he'd ever owned, a black 2008 standard V6 Mustang Convertible, 5-speed manual.

He felt young, worry-free and randy and knew this was a time in his life to savor.

A police car approached from behind, siren screaming.


Tensing and watching the approach cop car in the rear-view mirror, Kevin Crichton had a fleeting thought about ramming down his foot and trying to out-run the cops but then sighed and began pulling over.

What the fuck he'd done to offend the cops?

Well they were about to tell him, before head-butting him, cuffing him and throwing him in jail.

However, a grin slowly trickled over his lower face as Kevin realized the cops were showing no sign of stopping, quite the contrary in fact. Under heavy acceleration they roared on by in pursuit mode. Just seconds ago for a few anxious moments Kevin had the feeling he really was teetering on the brink of dysentery.

As he neared the freeway Kevin decided to backtrack a couple of miles and head south another couple of miles to visit his sister Alice, a school teacher who was married to a bit of an asshole called Frank who operated a pre-owned car lot. Frank was the kind of guy relatives would never buy a car from and that was a pretty damning statement.

Kevin knocked on the back door and angry-faced Alice opened the door and smiled very broadly.

"I thought you were Frank and he'd lost his keys. He didn't come home last night."

"The asshole."

Alice grinned and said, "That's my asshole husband you're foul-mouthing."

"Coffee?" she said, leading him to the kitchen, dressed only in a thin gown.

"I've come to say goodbye for a while," he said.

"Oh god, you are going. Mom told me on Sunday you were displaying migrating tendencies."

"Showing what?"

"You appeared about to ask for money before leaving the city."

"Well it's about time. At twenty-two I'm a bit old to stay at home."

"I dispute that," Alice said hotly, "And I have no desire to see you go. You are one of the few decent younger persons around me."

"Then if you're sure of that then drop Frank and get away from him and that rough crowd he cohabits with."

"I'm seriously thinking about that."

"Good," said Kevin and they looked down at a breast that had slipped out of her gown.

"You always have had a great body Alice. Divorce Frank and take that body to a good guy who'll appreciate it."

Remembering Alice was the first babe to jerk him off, years ago that is, Kevin leant forward to kiss her brow. She pulled him down and kissed his lips, pulled him closer and her mouth opened.

Kevin enjoyed tonguing although he'd never tongued Alice. Their tongues touched and then playfully slapped together and twisted.

They generated excessive dribble.

Alice reached in to wipe dribble from her chin and murmured, "Hmmmm."

At one stage her opened his eyes and saw from extremely close range one of her big brown eyes fixed on him and, confused, he closed his eyes and rammed his tongue into her mouth deeply.

Alice reached for his hand and pulled it between her legs that opened and Kevin's hand came to rest on pussy lips that felt fat and shaven.

And damp.

Kevin pulled away and said firmly, and he thought convincingly, "No Alice, you're my sister."

"Don't worry, I'm protected," she said and leaned back on to the kitchen table, still holding his wrist firmly and she said, almost shyly, "Please have sex with me."

Almost half of Kevin's closest friends had claimed over beers they'd fucked their sisters and two of the guys brazenly had claimed they'd been at their mothers and knowing those two mothers Kevin had no reasons to think they were false claims.

"Come to me Kevin," Alice whispered and Kevin decided to cum for her.

They'd fucked again in the shower, Kevin trying not to think of Frank arriving home a bit late and bursting in on them and yelling belligerently, 'What are you doing fucking my wife you asshole'.

He then watched Alice dress for her teaching role at middle school and overturned his misgivings by making the ultimate declaration to himself: he had no regrets, that it had been very worthwhile and his sister now had a glow and a happy smile to her face.

"Leave him Alice, and you'll rediscover a new beginning, like the glow of an after-fuck."

She smiled and nodded.

Turning on to the freeway west, Kevin smiled in satisfaction and said aloud, "We were naughty boys pal. But good eh? Christ that Alice can fuck."

As miles ticked off Kevin worked on a plan. He'd been taught that every significant objective had to be planned to achieve set goals.

Buying a car that sucked up gas immodestly would account for almost half of available funds. Therefore the key was to find a good-paying job. He had the academic qualifications to enter high-paying computer work but his appeal to an employer would dissolve abruptly when discussion centered on his length of commercial experience.


He thought about becoming warden of a college female dorm but the relatively low pay would outweigh job benefits. Further, the likelihood of being told to apply for male dorm jobs would be more than very likely.

He yawned and thought even when he had something figured he'd then have to decide where to relocate and where to live.

Suddenly returning home became very appealing but that bubble burst when he thought of Alice returning to her old bedroom and demanding Kevin to fuck her twice a day and he pictured the distraught face of their mother listening to Alice passionate screams.

Kevin almost ran his vehicle off the road.

He turned off the freeway and a mile along the highway connecting to the town of Allendale saw a notice for 'Help Wanted' outside a rural cottage surrounded by a variety of fruit trees. He stopped and went in.

"Yes?" asked the woman in her late sixties who came to the open door to answer Kevin's knock.

"Your roadside notice?"

"Oh Christ, you've run it down."

"No I'm responding to it. What help do you require?" Kevin said, fingers crossed that she didn't say some not too robust sex.

"To get me out of here. Milly my Realtor says she can't get me a top price unless repairs are done, the woodwork and roof is repainted, the fencing is repaired, the acreage rank grass is cut and deadwood on the trees and rotting on the ground is removed from the orchard."

"Okay I'll do that. Free full accommodation goes without saying and my charge will be fifty-bucks an hour."

"Fifty bucks is big money and you look young and inexperienced."

Kevin sighed and said thank you ma'am and turned to leave.

"No wait, come in for coffee."

Kevin was served great coffee and a piece of wonderful orange cake that reminded him of his grandmother's cooking.

"Kevin," said Mrs Landers, "You present me with a big problem. You are asking too much and yet that sign has been out for three weeks and no other person has called about it."

"Perhaps you were out when they called?" he said helpfully.

Mrs Landers switched on the lights as nightfall was approaching. "That comment tells me you are considerate, fair-minded and perhaps something of a gentleman."

That made Kevin think a gentleman wouldn't fuck his married sister. He colored.

"Oh you are embarrassing by my compliments. Well that's a good sign. What do you think I should do?"

"Take me on Mrs Landers. I need to be fed and housed and I'll work well because in the summer before I went to college I worked fulltime laboring for a home handyman and learned something of the skills required and before summer's end he'd raised my pay to twenty bucks."

"On now you want fifty bucks plus all-found?"

"Inflation plus maturity Mrs Landers."

"Well you can call me Milly for a start. While I have my bath and think about this you cook dinner. Use anything you find. If you can't cook you'll find cold sausages in the fridge but if that happens I'll know your skills as a home-handyman are limited."

"May I stay the night?"

"Yes and that will be fifty bucks for all-found."

"Isn't that over-charging?"

Milly clicked her dentures and said, "I wonder where I got that idea from?"

She went off and Kevin went into the kitchen on a journey of discovery. He'd cooked when living in a shared apartment while at college so knew about cooking. There was a TV across the dividing bench into the dining area and turned it on to catch the news later. The reception was terrible and working the dials and checking the aerial connections produced no improvements.

Kevin went to the nearby barn and found a ladder. Up on the roof he discovered the aerial was leaning down drunkenly. The holding bracket had rusted through. Back in the barn he found duct tape and made temporary repairs to return the aerial to its correct position.

Back in the kitchen he found pastry sheets in the freezer and quickly made a peach pie using a half-size jar of bottled peaches from the pantry. For mains, he added peas to the potatoes and carrots that he'd chopped and micro-waved to the sausages and then used the microwave again to cook the dried gravy mix with herbs and a can of tomatoes and stirred that over the contents in the pie dish and covered that with pastry, venting the pastry and using the pastry trimmings for decoration.

In the cupboard he found a bottle of port and poured a class. He knocked on the half-open bathroom door.

"What'? Please don't come in."

"I'm coming in. Cover the essentials and don't worry. I often see my gran in the bath."

"You may come in now," Milly said nervously.

Kevin entered smiling, placing the glass on the chair beside the bath, said, "Enjoy" and left.

"Sweet Jesus," Milly said, sounding impressed.

Kevin found custard powder and made custard and then wrapped the stale stick of bread from the pantry in dampened brown paper and placed that at the ready and then poured a glass of wine and watched TV.

Milly came out and looking at the TV image said, "Sweet Jesus, how did you manage to do that?"

"I went up on the roof and found the aerial partly collapsed. I made temporary repairs. We'll buy a new bracket when you take me to town on Saturday for lunch."

"I don't eat out and in fact I rarely go to town these days."

"What since your husband died?"

Milly looked at him before lowering her eyes and saying yes.

"Well that will change while I'm here if I am to be staying here a while. Also you need to buy new clothes. Grandmothers wear fashion-looking clothes these days. Granny prints are now confined to great-grandmothers."

"You have no idea about social boundaries do you? What I wear is my business, not yours."

"Unless I live with you."

They stared and Milly looked away first and Kevin was left wondering had she really murmured 'fucking asshole' or had he simply half-expected her to say that?

Milly went to the table and said in half-shock, "You've set my best tableware."


"I only use that for special events."

Kevin smiled and asked wasn't the almost certainty of him coming to live with her temporarily and to effect improvements to her property a special event?

"That's open to dispute but I guess staying here one night could rate as a minor event."

"Only one night?"

Milly looked at him defiantly. "I thought I had reached my decision but now am not so sure."

Kevin thought oh crap but winked at her and she looked away. With surprise he detected a slight smile.

He poured a glass of wine and took it to Milly.

She said politely that she only had a glass of wine with meals at weekends.

"Tonight is Sunday night."

"Rubbish it's Tuesday today."

"That's only according to you. I say it's Sunday."

"And what's tomorrow then smart ass?"

"Wednesday of course."

She said and said to leave the glass with her.

Kevin switched off the oven and opened the door and placed the wrapped bread stick in the oven and then leaned on the breakfast bar. He held up his half-glass of wine and called across to Milly, "Cheers."

"Cheers. By the smells wafting to me I detect you have made a supreme effort to impress me."

"Nah I just slapped some things together. I'm a lazy-butt cook."

She chuckled and placing her glass down said, "I must say you are very, very interesting... and a little bossy."

"Don't over-estimate on defective judgment. You are losing your benchmarks isolating yourself like this. Where will you locate when you sell?"

"Chicago to live with my divorced daughter."

"Divorced eh? And living isolated just like her mom except she'll find it more difficult being an urban recluse."

"Thank god you're not always right. My very personable and articulate Renée is host of the very successful afternoon 'Celebrity Cook Show' that has a huge following and she has many friends, a number being notable, and since the divorce has had a few affairs."

"Goodie for Renée. She's your youngest isn't she?"

"Yes and I have no idea how you arrived at that conclusion. She's only just turned twenty-seven, the so-called after thought. My five children grew up here but in those days we had over 50,000 acres and now I'm left with just four acres. We sold off acreage to put each of our children through college and then after two long summer-autumn droughts and then depressed meat prices my husband and I sold most of the property to retire here where his grandparents used to live after we took over the ranch over from them. Our former homestead lies three ridges beyond here."

Milly looked surprised when she saw Kevin arriving with the pie, the top done to perfection. He placed it in front of her and said. "Please serve mother."

She chuckled and scooping out a chunk on a serving spoon looked at it, sniffed it and said, "Omigod."

Kevin produced the bread still wrapped in brown paper and her mouth dropped. "You know, my late mother-in-law used to do that with bread when she didn't feel like baking or nobody was going in to town."

"My grandmother used to do it too. She taught me to cook when I stayed with her. Today many people won't eat bread they decide isn't fresh."

They chatted and laughed and Kevin couldn't help thinking Milly was inching out of her shell.

During the meal she asked him only one question relating to employment: "Can you ride a four-wheel quad bike?"

"Yeah dad and I went on a three day camping trip though a forest on personal ATVs (all terrain vehicles)."

When they were clearing away Milly said, "What about $45 an hour times eight hours a day for six full working days and then a review?"

"How many days do you think the work will take?"

"Twenty-one days."

Kevin said no trial period. You trust me and I'll trust you as a good employer. It's 21 8-hour days or nothing."

"Very well," she said sounding a little anxious.

He thought about her estimate of twenty-one days and thought he could get the property looking pretty good within that period.

"Right I'll accept on the basis of working 168 hours at forty-five bucks an hour on the condition we go to town this Saturday afternoon and you spend up big on a new wardrobe to my approval and you burn your old dresses and shoes... all of them."

"What are you insane? You know there's no way I'll agree to that. Come to your senses Kevin."

"Yes or no Milly," he said looking at her confidently. "You will be crazy if you fail to weigh the pros and cons."

Her eyes flickered and she stopped looking at him and he knew he'd won.

Half an hour later Milly received a call and when she said "Hi darling" Kevin knew it would be one of her kids. He left Milly talking in front of the TV and went to bed.

Half an hour later she arrived at the open door and knocked.

"Come in," Kevin said, putting down the draft of his work schedule,

"Don't you wear pajamas?"

"Not since I turned seventeen. I like to be ready for women who chance to walk into my bedroom."

"I knocked," Milly said stiffly.

"Of course you did and my comment excluded nocturnal visits by women much older than me and, of course, I do tease."

"How did you know that Renée would be my youngest child?"

"You would be going to live with your most accommodating and loving daughter and that would be Renée because her name suggests a pet."

"That is a reasonable assumption and reasonable accurate but I have two other daughters and two daughters-in-law."

"Ah yes but all quite older than Renée and probably with children and probably more set in their ways and they would give a little sigh and say you must come and live with them, quivering in case you said yes, whereas your youngest despite her busy schedule and having men lining up at her bedroom door will have said, smiling beautifully but saying very firmly, "When you sell you ARE coming to live with me mother. You gave me my life and no way can I ever replay you fully for that."

"God you are unbelievable. That's rather what happened and she may well have thought that last bit about giving life. How do you do it?"

"Those thoughts just come to me. You may also have observed that your beloved Renée is not the only articulate person you know."

"I can't say she's my beloved daughter."

"But you can think it."

"Yes and why aren't I surprised you said that. Well if you must know be ready for a backhander. Renée has just berated me for engaging you for forty-five bucks an hour plus all found and described you as a conman and I'm to boot you out of the house."

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