tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYoung Taimie Makes a Movie Ch. 01

Young Taimie Makes a Movie Ch. 01


"Damned, you're a good little Aussie cocksucker!"

An hour ago I was listening to a lecture at the Uni on Renaissance Art History. Now I was bare naked, kneeling behind a desk and between the legs of a stranger, his cock in my mouth, while his secretary gave me pointers on my technique.

"Come on," she said, standing next to his chair. "You've only got four more inches to go. Get all of his cock down your throat, bitch."

She was a petite little Asian, with long black hair. Mai-Ling was her name. She was wearing a short leather skirt, and white blouse. That blouse was open, and her tits, perky 34Bs were exposed. With one hand she was pinching her nipples hard. The guy I was blowing was an American, named Rick who was in town making adult films. At any other time I'd not be that attracted to him. He was little older than the men I go for, maybe mid forties. Though he was still in good shape. Tall, muscular, with short curly brown hair. He had that rough cowboy look to him. One good thing, his cock was a big one. Easily ten inches and thick. Just like I like them.

Oh, let me introduce myself. My name is Taimie and in most ways I think I'm a fairly average Australian college girl. For instance, I'm always broke, I don't study as hard as I should, and I love to party. In other ways though, I'm probably not average. I think I have above average looks - I'm blonde, 5'8", slender, but with fairly large breasts (C cup), nice legs, and a tight ass that I'm quite proud of. (I probably sound really conceited saying this, but I'm not really.) The other way I'm not quite average is my sex life. I've often wondered what the exact definition of a nymphomaniac is, and whether I meet the criteria. What can I say, I just love to fuck. And that's what got me in trouble.

There was a chuckle from the couch behind me. That was Jeremy, who goes to the same college as I do. Oh yeah and he's an asshole. Big asshole!

See I'd thought I had won a trip in a contest at the gym I go to a few months back. Three days and nights on one of the islands off the north coast. Turns out several other girls won the same trip at different gyms. We meet at the airport and took a private jet to the island. Once we landed we found out the truth.

The island was owned by this Japanese businessman named Nakamuri. Some rich old fart big in computers and microchips. Every few months he hosted a weekend party for friends and business associates, and we were to be the entertainment. Or we could be if we wanted to. See his friends really liked to fuck young college girls. We could fly right back and get nothing for our trouble or we could stay and make some money. It was a lot of money too, especially for me - I'm not going to tell you exactly how much. Everyone has their price, I just don't want everyone knowing what mine is.

Short story, I figured no one would ever know. Dumb me. Turns out Jeremy's dad was a friend of Nakamuri, and as a birthday present had brought Jeremy with him. I didn't recognize him then, but he recognized me. And before the first night was done, he'd slam fucked me hard while three of his mates held me down. Rammed his cock up my ass until he came, and mouth fucked me nearly unconscious. Being used by an asshole as his fucktoy for a night I could have handled. Like I said, I love to fuck. But the prick took pictures. Now he was blackmailing me into doing every dirty little thing he wanted, with the threat of sending those photos to my parents. He'd been doing that for a couple of months now. That's how I'd ended up here, auditioning for a part in an American porno movie.

I bobbed my head a bit faster, taking Rick's cock right to the entrance of my throat. Saliva had drooled out of my mouth, and had wet his cock to its base. I had one hand stroking the exposed part of his cock, while the other was juggling his balls. Every once in a while I'd tease my index finger across the skin between those balls and Rick's asshole. When I did, his hips would give a little lurch and he'd try and force a bit more of his cock into my mouth.

"I said I wanted to see that cock all the way down your throat." Mai-Ling stepped up next to me, and grabbed me by my hair. She seemed to have this real dominant side to her, ordering me around like a slave. I knew what she was about to do, so I took a quick breath.

It was a good thing I'd slobbered all over Rick's cock. Mai-Ling shoved my head down roughly. Rick's cock hit the back of my throat, and with a little pop, kept going. I almost gagged. I felt my throat stretch like it hadn't before. Like I said, his cock was big. She kept the pressure up on the back of my head until she'd forced my mouth to the base of his cock.

"What a good little slut you are. I knew you could take it all."

With her fingers still clenching my hair, I felt her move around behind me, between Rick's chair and his desk. She straddled my back, with one long leg on either side of me. My eyes were starting to water, and I needed to breath. Still she kept his cock buried to the base. Just before I thought I was going to pass out, she pulled my head back off Rick's cock. It made a wet pop as it came out.

"Now, suck him," she ordered, releasing my hair. "I want to see him come all over your face."

I took several gasping breaths, and then put Rick's cock back in my mouth. Mindful of her behind me, I began bobbing my mouth up and down, this time taking his cock into my throat. It almost hurt, the way it stretch out my throat but I kept at it.

Jeremy gave another chuckle. He's shown up right at the end of my earlier lecture. I couldn't do anything but glare, as I followed him outside. He had a copy of the local weekly paper, the one that covers the nightlife and rock bands. Sitting at a table in the Quad, he opened it to the Want-Ads, and pointed to an ad circled with a red marker.

"CASTING CALL: American Film Company looking for hot, young Australian women to star in an adult feature. Good pay for an afternoon's work. Call to set up an audition."

"You've got to be kidding." I said.

Jeremy smiled and shook his head. "Your audition's in about an hour. Let's go." He stood up and patted his pocket. "Unless you want your parents to see what a slut their daughter is?"

Damned, Damned, Damned! He had me and he knew it. My parents would be devastated if they ever saw the photos he had of me fucking and sucking like some common street corner tramp.

"Stick your finger up his ass," Mai-Ling said from behind me. "He loves that." I heard her open and close a desk drawer. "And remember, when he comes, no swallowing. I want to see it dripping down your pretty little Aussie face.

I'd hear some men liked that. My finger was slick with my saliva, so as I pushed it against Rick's asshole. After a little hesitation, it slided in easily. This was a first for me. Usually I was the one getting something up the ass. Rick groaned and pushed his hips off the chair, pushing his cock into my mouth.

All this sex was making me very hot. My pussy was literally dripping juices down my leg. But with one hand holding Rick's cock and the other with a finger up his ass, I couldn't do anything to help myself. The frustration was making me hotter and hotter. I took Rick's cock deep into my throat and held it. Wiggling my finger in his ass, I tried swallowing. The motion of my throat muscles around his cock pushed Rick over the edge. I felt his hands come down and grab my hair.

He let out another groan and I felt his cock swell. It pulsed like a throbbing fist in my throat. I tried to pull back so I could taste his cum, but Rick's strong arms kept me pinned, my nose buried in his crotch. It just kept pulsing and pulsing. It felt like forever. He must be dumping a big load down my throat, I thought. Finally his orgasm stopped. He released my head and I could pull his cock from my mouth.

"Christ, that was good!" he moaned.

I sat there on my knees breathing hard, looking up at him, saliva and cum dripped down my face and onto my breasts.

"Bad girl!"

I'd forgotten about Mai-Ling in the excitement of Rick's orgasm. I turned and looked up at her.

"I said I wanted to see him cum on your face."

Mai-Ling had her short skirt pulled up. Sticking out from her crotch was a cock. A big cock, easily as long as Rick's ten incher. I noticed straps around her legs. She was wearing a strap-on dildo, which she must have gotten from the desk drawer.

"Now, I'm going to have to punish you."

She pulled me up off my knees by the hair, and pushed me face down on Rick's desk. Luck for me, she'd pushed off the few things that had been there earlier onto the floor. With one hand on my back, holding me down, I felt her kick my legs wide with her foot. She was surprisingly strong for such a small woman.

Then I felt something at the mouth of my cunt. Must be her dildo I thought. I moaned as she rubbed the tip up and down between the lips of my pussy. God, it felt good. My pussy lips stretched as she pushed the dildo slowly into me. I'd expected she would have slammed it deep inside me in one hard stroke, the way she was playing the dominate bitch, but she was taking her time. She got about two inches in, then started pulling out. I moaned again and tried to push my hips back, her hand on my back kept me pinned. The dildo came completely out of me.

Mai-Ling pushed the head of the dildo back into me, my pussy lips again stretching. She pushed forward, still slowly and again stopped when she had two inches in me, only to pull back and out. She did this several times. By now my blood was boiling. I could feel my pussy juices trickling down my legs, I was that hot. I was so horny from the blowjob I'd just given, I'd put up with just about anything for some relief. She must have sensed that, for I felt a sudden slap to my ass.

"Beg for it, slut," she said. "Tell me what you want."

"Oh, god, fuck me hard," I growled. "Slam that thing in me!"

"Please, slam that thing in me, Mistress." Mai-Ling said, and spanked my ass again.

I'd never had anyone spank me before. Even Jeremy hadn't done that. Yet. I knew that he would now though, first chance he got. I don't know, but the sting of my ass was getting me even more turned on.

"Anything, anything!" I babbled. "Please, I'm so horny."

"Please, I'm so horny, MISTRESS!"

She spanked me a third time, and held the head of the dildo right at the mouth of my cunt, waiting. I realized what she wanted then.

"Please, Mistress," I softly moaned. "Fuck me with your big cock!"

With those words pulled from me, Mai-Ling slammed the dido forward, burying it deep into my cunt. The distinction was now made clear. Mistress and Slave. And me firmly put in my place as someone else's fucktoy. I've always loved being fucked from behind and it only took Mai-Ling a dozen hard strokes before I came.

Hot orgasmic fires consumed me. Ripples of pleasure radiating out from my pussy, up my stomach, across my breasts and right into my brain. I rose up on my toes, my hands clenching the edge of the desk, and my back arching so that just my hard nipples scraped its surface. A groan of almost primal nature came out thru clenched teeth. My orgasm flowed thru me, overwhelming me with its strength.

I'd been surprised when Jeremy and I arrived. I'd expected some cheap hotel, but the address for the audition was in one of the best residential parts of town. The driveway was gated, and watched by a video camera. Jeremy had to push the button on the call box, and say who we were, before the gate was opened. The driveway was long, and ended in front of a big three story mansion. Porn must really pay, I thought. We parked beside several other cars, expensive European imports and got out.

A woman waited at the doorway of the mansion. As we got closer I could see she was a young Asian woman. She was wearing an expensive looking outfit of black leather mini skirt and white silk blouse. Her black hair was in a braid, and hung down nearly to her ass. Though she had on three inch heels, she still wasn't much taller than 5 feet.

"Hello," she said. "My name is Mai-Ling. Won't you come inside?"

I hesitated for a moment, but Jeremy put his hand on my back, and gave a subtle push. I looked at him, and recognized the little smirk he always had before he made me do something really disgusting.

"What do you think YOU are doing?"

My orgasm had left me weak and momentarily forgetful of where I was. My forehead was resting on the desk, its wooden top cool to my flushed face. My hair covered my eyes and I couldn't see clearly. I looked up, and with one hand brushed my hair out of my face. Not six inches in front of me was a hard cock, sticking out from a man's pants. It took me a moment to realize it was Jeremy's.

"I said, what do you think you are doing?" Mai-Ling asked, frostily.

"I thought I'd join in the fun," he said, a smile on face and one hand on his cock. "Since you're not using her mouth..."

"Put that little thing away and go sit back down," Mai-Ling interrupted him. I saw her hand above my head, pointing. "Or I'll bend you over this desk and use this thing on YOUR ass!"

For a moment Jeremy just stood there, clearly uncertain about what to do. It was almost comical. He was such an asshole. But then Mai-Ling shouted "NOW!", and he turned and went back to the couch, putting away his softening cock and zipping up his pant.

"Hmmmmm, where was I?" Mai-Ling said. "Ahh, yes. I said you must be punished for disobeying me earlier, didn't I?"

The big strap-on was still buried deep inside me. She began to stroke it in and out slowly. Clearly she was considering things. I felt her hands on the cheeks of my ass, stroking them softly. While my orgasm had tempered the fire of my excitement, it hadn't quenched it. And as that big dildo slide back and forth in my cum soaked cunt, I began to get horny again. I so love getting fucked doggy style.

"Since you're new to this," she said, "and Rick is after all just as responsible as you are for your disobedience." I heard Rick chuckle, still seated behind us and no doubt enjoying the show of me getting fucked. "I think I'll only give you twenty."

I felt a hard slap on one cheek of my ass, then quickly, one on the other.

"Now, I want you to count out loud as you receive your punishment." She ordered. "I warn you, if you lose count, I'll have to start over."


"One," I said.


"That's One, Mistress!" she said.


"Two, Mistress." I replied as ordered.


"Three, Mistress."


I noticed something as I kept counting. Mai-Ling's spanks made a loud sound as they landed, but weren't hurting as much as they could. True, they were warming my ass nicely, but they weren't causing real pain. She was cupping her hand to make the sound louder.

And she was still fucking me with the dildo. Taken all together, me bent over a total stranger's desk, being dildo fucked by an Asian dominatrix while she spanked my young ass, there was something so completely nasty and erotic, so beyond anything that Jeremy had made me do before, that I could feel the orgasm of my life coming on.


"Fifteen, Mistress."


"Sixteen, Mistress."

Suddenly I felt a tug on my hair, and Mai-Ling pulled my head up off the desk. She pulled straight back towards her, not hard, but insistently. That arched my back, and pushed my crotch down on the desk. The hard edge pushed against my cunt, and as Mai-Ling stroked in and out of me, it rubbed the edge against my clit. It had been hard before, but the friction of the desk made it harder.


"Seventeen, Mistress."

Mai-Ling paused and leaned forward. Her nipples poked hot points into my back. I could hear her breathing heavily in my ear, as she reached around with her free hand. She cupped the bottom of one of my breasts. Her palm was hot against my flesh, warmed just like my ass from the spanking. With her fingers, she pinched my nipple. Pulling it hard. Then the hand left my breast.


"Eighteen, Mistress."

This time the spank had stung. Mai-Ling, I realized was just as turned on by this as I was. Maybe more so, since she'd no doubt done this kind of thing before. Her strokes with the dildo picked up speed, pounding into my dripping cunt.


"Nineteen, Mistress."

My body was covered in sweat, and felt like it was on fire. Every bit of me was tingling. The sting on my ass, as Mai-Ling really spanked me hard, merged with the heat inside my belly. My pussy muscles began to clench and unclench around the hard dildo she was fucking me with. Time slowed as I waited for the last spank.


Releasing my hair, Mai-Ling reached forward with both hand and grabbed my breasts. Her hands kept me bent back, as she began to fuck me hard and fast. Her strokes seemed to literally merge in a whipsaw of motion. I hear someone scream, and couldn't tell if it were me, or her. Everything went white, and I came.

Boy, did I come!

Jeremy and I had followed Mai-Ling from the doorway of the mansion, towards the back. The living room was huge. One wall was floor to ceiling windows. Through them I could see a large pool. She led us past the windows and towards an open door. Inside I could see a man, seated behind a desk and talking on a cell phone.

"...only have the camera equipment until Sunday. It gets here tomorrow and we begin shooting." He was saying. "The Farm Brothers get in tonight, and I've got all the girls I need but one."

He waved us in, and pointed towards a big leather couch. We sat, while he handed a file folder to Mai-Ling, who took it out, closing the door behind her.

"I don't think that will be a problem." He replied to the other person. He smiled, looking me over. "Tell you what, let me call you back later. My two o'clock appointment is here."

Hanging up the phone, he introduced himself as Rick Purrett. We talked for a while. He was clearly sounding me out on the idea of being in an adult film. When asked, Jeremy claimed to be my boyfriend, and that I'd ask he accompany me to the audition. Something trite about not feeling comfortable without him there. Rick told us a bit about his background. He even put on one of his tapes. The title was "Farm Brothers go to London", and starred two tall American men who looked enough alike to really be brothers. Maybe twenty five, and handsome. They were dressed like Jethro from that old tele-show, "The Beverly Hillbillies", in overalls and straw hat. As I watched, a young brunette entered and after a moment or two of dialog, they dropped their overalls, and she began giving them head. They both had long cocks, ten or eleven inches and thick.

"We're doing another in the series, here in Australia," Rick said. "So, do you think you'd be interested?"

"Yeah, she would." Jeremy said. "Taimie's told me all the time, how much she wants to be in one of these things."

I gave Jeremy a dirty look, but deep down I knew I didn't have a choice. He was going to see that I did this. Rick must have caught the look, because he gave me a questioning glance of his own. After a moment I said, "Yes, I would be interested."

"Good, now take off your clothes." He must be used to the surprise from newcomers like me, when he says that because he chuckled. He pulled a Polaroid camera out of the desk. "You have a beautiful face, but I can't tell what your body looks like, dressed like that."

Since the last thing I'd expected to do when I got up this morning and got dressed was auditioning for an adult film, I'd thrown on some comfy clothes for school. I had on an old sweater, jeans, and tennis shoes. While he put film in the camera, I untied my shoes, then stood, and pulled the sweater over my head. I had a light blue short sleeve t-shirt on under it. He had me stop, while he took a picture.

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