tagMatureYoung White Bull Ch. 01

Young White Bull Ch. 01


WARNING: this story is about a man who becomes a cuckold as his wife takes a young lover with his tacit approval. If this theme even remotely offends you DO NOT read it.


My wife Linda is 43 and I'm 55 and the reason for the break up of my first marriage 9 years ago when we worked together and I was her boss. Just like the rest of the men in the Sales Team I couldn't keep my eyes off her; but with a little bit of encouragement I couldn't keep my hands off her big tits and sexy arse too. For a woman with two kids she had a perfect hour glass figure and wasn't afraid to show it off; which is still pretty much the case now.

She has very short cropped platinum blonde hair and is still remarkably slim (size 12) for a woman her age and her 34DD boobs hardly sag at all; plus she still dresses quite sexily; even for work in a Department Store.

I wish that I could say the same about myself. Sadly I've gained three stones in the time we've been married and a combination of bad jobs and arthritis to my hips and knees has meant that our sex life has deteriorated to virtually nil; especially if it's left to me to initiate it.

Linda turns a blind eye to my abundant use of internet porn and subsequent masturbation as she isn't averse to going into chat rooms when I'm at work and talking to guys around the world. I'm not supposed to know of course; but only a cursory glance at the history on her laptop gives the game away; plus I found a hidden webcam.

I've never been 100% sure that she hasn't strayed during our marriage; and I've had some serious doubts in the last couple of years because she occasionally wears sexy underwear and stockings for work and the occasional night out with her sister. The thought of her going with another man has become a bit of an infatuation of mine and is my favourite subject when watching or reading porn on the web.

This all brings us to the first Saturday night in early June; when a friend from the shop she works in got married and invited Linda to the evening party. I was sort of invited too but we had been going through a rough patch; so following an argument she went with her elder sister who works in the same shop and had recently been divorced for the third time.

The mood between us on the day of the party wasn't great with Linda bursting into tears a couple of times because of my lack of help around the house. I didn't know what to expect when she finally came down stairs in her party clothes. I was impressed and relieved at the same time as she was wearing a pair of tight black hipster trousers with a nice white sleeveless top. Obviously the top was low cut and emphasised her boobs; but that was nothing out of the ordinary for my attractive wife.

We drove in virtual silence to the pub where the party was being held, which was about 10 miles away and the mood wasn't helped when I took a wrong turning and was lost for about 15 minutes. When we finally approached the car park Linda rang Jen to come and meet her at the entrance. Just as I parked the car Jen appeared in the doorway. A lump appeared in my throat and pants at exactly the same time when I saw her. Although 2 years older than my wife Jen is much smaller (5ft 2, size 10 dress and 32 C boobs -- I've checked!) and still attracts men like flies around a cows arse; hence the three broken marriages.

My sister in law with her long curly blonde and brown streaked hair cascading over her shoulders was wearing a very short red clingy mini-dress with a low V that showed a glimpse of pink bra and a lot of spray-tanned boob. She gave a little wave and a big smile when she saw me; which made my heart flutter. Linda gave me a peck on the cheek and coldly told me she would give me call at about midnight when she needed a lift home.

I cranked the car hi-fi up three notches and listened to AC/DC on the fast drive home. The night dragged by and even watching wall to wall porn couldn't really get me going. I was desperate for relief and tried a couple of times to have a wank but couldn't get stiff enough.

I'd actually fallen asleep on the sofa when my wife rang at 11.45. I could hardly hear her for the music in the background so sent a text to say I'd be there at 12.15. I had been in the car park for over 5 minutes when Linda staggered out of the door, stopped and turned and beckoned her sister to join her. I could tell she was in a good mood as she briefly stepped back into the doorway and led her sister out by the arm into the cool night air. Kim was giggling and blowing flamboyant kisses to someone that I couldn't see. I flashed the headlights and they both stumbled to the car and struggled to open the doors. I leaned over and opened the front passenger door for Linda but had to get out and open the rear door for Kim who was now madly pressing keys on her mobile phone.

"Your carriage awaits, madam." I sarcastically told her as she virtually fell backwards onto the seat legs akimbo; giving me a perfect view of her tiny white panties that were stuck right inside her swollen crease which was perfectly bald around the sides. My sister in law was totally oblivious of me or what I was looking at as she slowly sat upright and continued sending a text.

Linda was more than a little bit drunk and her big brown eyes lit up as she smiled at me, and then turned to ask her sister what she was doing.

"Texting that Ben -- the biggest one with all of the tattoos!" She slurred then chuckled as her phone lit up with a reply. "He reckons he's got 7 inches waiting for me next week!" Kim cackled like a Witch and passed the phone to Linda who read the message then mischievously chuckled before remembering I was driving the car not a taxi driver. She gave a sheepish grin then handed the phone back.

The two sisters giggled all the way to Kim's house; as Kim sent and received numerous texts to the guy she'd just met at the party. As soon as I stopped the car I jumped out and opened the back door for my diminutive sister in law; getting another eyeful of her white panties which were now even further up her bald snatch. I promised myself a good wank in the shower the next morning.

As we drove home Linda excitedly told me about the party and what a good time she'd had dancing with Kim and some friends and inadvertently mentioned the lad that Kim had been texting and his mates had been flirting with them and she'd eventually given in and danced with a couple of different young men; including one who kept stroking her arse. I guessed that the last bit was for my consideration; letting me know that she was still attractive to young men.

After a couple of minutes she went quiet, then with a smirk on her face asked;

"Did you get a good look?" Linda giggled as she squeezed my thigh while I drove down the dark street.

"I don't know what you mean?" I lied as I pulled onto the motorway.

"You were looking up her dress." She giggled again; "I saw you -- both times."

I shook my head and blushed madly all the way home as Linda drunkenly nodded off. We were soon home and went straight upstairs. I went into the bathroom and Linda the bedroom. As I washed my tackle I remembered Kim in the back of my car then images of Linda dancing with a variety of young studs which made my dick nice and stiff which was bit of a rarity these days.

When I entered the bedroom Linda was still trying to kick her way out of her trousers; which made her large tits wobble in the balcony bra. She spotted me staring and deliberately jiggled them before stumbling out of the bedroom giggling like a naughty teenager.

When she eventually came back she was still wearing her bra and panties which was unusual; but used to be a signal that she wanted sex. Stupid me!

"I thought so!" She chuckled as she pulled the quilt off the bed like a magician and found me fumbling with my dick. "Let's not let that go to waste." My gorgeous wife giggled as she knelt beside me and replaced my fat hand with her soft and well manicured one. Linda easily wrapped her fist around the shaft and began slowly tugging up and down, running her thumb over my knob which was peeping out of the foreskin; which always drives me wild.

"Now now; you naughty boy," she pouted as she stretched my dick, "what's caused this? Looking up my sisters' dress at her knickers? Or have you been watching dirty films again?"

I guessed that there wasn't a right or wrong answer as she bent forward and rubbed my 5 inch cock between her luscious mounds.

"Both; I guess." I moaned as my cock started to swell. "I just wish it had been your dress that I'd been looking up." I lied.

"Good boy; that's the right answer!" Linda sniggered as she shifted position and swallowed my five inches in one gulp then began bobbing her head as she deep-throated me.

I was in Heaven as I stroked her cute arse through the stretched sheer nylon of her full panties and my wife sucked my dick and squeezed my bollocks just like in our younger days.

After only a minute or two of sucking my dick Linda shuffled again and swung her leg across my fat belly until she was straddling me but still sucking my cock as she slid backwards until her nylon covered slit was only an inch or so away from my face.

I got the message and began licking her pussy through her panties which made her sigh with pleasure. I used to have a big nylon fetish so burying my face into her sopping cunt through her panties made me forget how well she was sucking my cock for a moment or two. Linda was now rubbing her crotch against my face as I pulled the gusset to one side and got a taste of her sticky snatch. Her labia were so swollen they looked like John Wayne's saddle bags so I began nibbling on them which used to turn her on -- it still did! Her pussy was now dripping nectar straight into my mouth and up my nose as I tried to lap it up but couldn't keep pace with my wife who was now frantically wanking my dick into her mouth.

Linda was now in a world of her own so I cheekily did something she'd always shied away from; even in our most passionate days; I licked her arsehole which actually made her sigh this time and I swear she pressed back harder as my tongue pressed against the tight folds making the tip slide in about a quarter of an inch. The joy of licking my wife's arsehole was too much and I could feel my balls suddenly tightening as Linda stuffed my cock fully into her mouth and squashed my balls as I tried to get my tongue further inside her arsehole.

WHAM! My balls tightened and my cock erupted; shooting two weeks worth of spunk into Linda's mouth. Even as my cock twitched and a second bolt shot out I knew it wasn't really me she was sucking but some young stud she'd met at the party; but who was I to complain as she sucked me dry and began sliding her greasy slit all over my mouth and nose in her own quest to cum.

I didn't have time to catch my breath as she raised herself onto her hands and began grinding her hot hairy cunt against my face. Linda was always easily aroused and lubrication was never a problem but this felt like she was pissing into my mouth -- which wouldn't have been a problem if that's what she wanted to do!

Her clit was sticking out like a diamond when my tongue finally found it. I flicked it as fast as I could while she kept grinding down on my nose until I felt her twitch and her grinding got faster and harder and her breathing deeper and louder until; with a big grunt and a sigh she finally climaxed; causing another release of warm sticky liquid to flood my mouth. Linda stayed in this position for thirty seconds or so; possibly making sure that whatever was coming out was completely out, and then rolled off me and onto her back.

When I opened my eyes her knees were bent upwards and her legs wide apart with Linda rubbing her tits and recklessly frigging herself with four fingers jammed inside her puffed-up cunt; something she'd never let me see before. It took her a couple of very sexy minutes to cum again but when she did she screeched and shook in a way that I hadn't managed to do for her in a lot of years.

With her knickers around her thighs and her tits hanging out of her bra Linda didn't even look at me as she scrambled off the bed and staggered to the bathroom.. She took an age; during which I tried to have a wank; but my days of two orgasms a night were long gone.

My wife was half asleep when she finally returned and by the time I had washed her juices off my face she was already in a drunken coma.

We were both in a remarkably good mood all of the following day; even though she had a monstrous hangover. Me being me; I never plucked up the courage to talk about what happened (in bed or at the party) even when she kept receiving secretive text messages from Kim all day.

The next few days were the same; only without any sex (although I think Linda gave her vibrater an airing or two as it was in a different drawer when I checked -- I'm nosey like that).

On the Wednesday night as we ate our dinner Linda coyly mentioned that because Kim still 'needed cheering up' and they'd had such a good time at the Wedding party Kim wanted to go back to the same pub on Friday night as there was a disco that was supposed to be quite good, and would I mind if she went along too?

I shrugged my shoulders and said that I didn't mind; even offering to drive them both there and back; which would probably have been expected anyway. We both looked at each other and smiled; both of us knowing what was really on the agenda.

Friday was a hard slog at work but I eventually made it through without spontaneously ejaculating!

My eyes were on stalks when I arrived home at 7. Linda was wearing a new shortish red polka dot cotton dress with a wide black PVC belt that made the dress flare out from her hips and was very low cut; showing a helluva lot of cleavage which looked like an engineering company must be keeping her tits in. She was wearing bright red lipstick and nail varnish to match the dress.

Linda had arranged for us to collect Kim at 7.15 so I didn't have time for anything to eat before chauffeuring my wife to her sister's house then on to a meeting with some young stud.

It was a struggle to keep my eyes on the road as Linda's dress had slid up her thighs and was showing off a lot of her fake-tan covered legs. She spent the journey texting her sister (I presumed) and giggling at the replies. Kim was looking outrageously sexy for a woman her age when she walked down her path to the car; so much so three young boys stopped playing football to stare at her.

This week she was wearing a tight white mini-dress that was pretty see-thru at the top and left very little to the imagination as you could easily see all of her bra; and there wasn't an awful lot of that to see.

Kim kept thanking me for the lift home the previous week and again tonight and assured me once too many times that there was nothing to worry about as they were going to meet another couple of women from work and everything was so very very innocent. 'Innocent' was the last description you would have come up with as they linked arms to promenade across the car park towards the pub.

For the first time in an age, I stared in awe as Linda looked like the woman I'd fallen in love with 10 years ago as she disappeared inside the pub.

As usual when I'm in the car alone I cranked up the stereo and Bruce Springsteen blasted out the speakers. That Friday was a very long night; but I spent a couple of hours watching porn of the highest/hardest quality; mostly featuring housewives getting gangbanged left, right and centre until I couldn't keep it in any longer and had a delightful wank into a pair of Linda's already soiled panties!

The message arrived at 11.45 for me to collect my wife and her sister. I raced through the night like a character in a Springsteen song to get to the pub; making me arrive earlier than the agreed 12.30. I tried 4 times to ring Linda but she never answered, so with my stomach churning I walked into the pub to find her. As soon as I crossed the threshold the noise was deafening; no wonder she couldn't hear her phone. I cautiously made my way to the function room and stood at the top of a short stairway to survey the room.

It only took a minute to spot her in her red dress. She was on the dance floor with her arms wrapped around the neck of a tattooed, muscle-bound hulk that had one hand on the small of her back and the other on her arse. Lind was grinning from ear to ear as the hulk bent forward and whispered something, then looked at her with big smug smile on his face. Still smiling Linda shook her head and broke away, scurrying to a table that was obscured from my view. I moved slightly and watched the bodybuilder follow her and grab her hips as she fumbled in her handbag. Linda was slightly bending forward as she checked her mobile phone and got a shock as the lad pulled her backwards and simulated fucking her doggy style which made a couple of similar looking guys grin as they slurped their lager. Linda didn't even change her position as she showed him the phone and must have said something about my missed calls.

The lad didn't give a shit about me and continued trying to seduce my 43 year old wife. Linda eventually disentangled herself and waved the phone in his face; but he just lurched forward and planted a big kiss on her lips. I was staggered to see her respond in kind for a few seconds before pulling away and grabbing her bag and signalling to someone in the shadows. A second or two later Kim made an appearance adjusting her dress and shaking her hair with another tattooed bodybuilder in tow.

The two middle aged women and a grinning toy boy began walking towards the stairway, so I beat a hasty retreat to the car.

It was another ten minutes before the three of them approached the car. My wife poked her head in the passenger door and asked,

"Is it okay if we give Ben a lift to Kim's house?"

"I guess so." I nodded and shrugged my shoulders as they were already sitting in the back seat; but I guessed it was polite to ask. As Linda sat beside me I spotted that she looked flushed and a bit sweaty plus her bra strap was twisted and hanging down her arm. 'What had she been up to in the last 10 minutes?' I wondered.

The journey to Kim's house took about 10 minutes but I loved every minute as Kim and her young lover snogged and canoodled all of the way there. She cradled his shaven head as they kissed and his hands were all over her luscious tits and legs as I kept glancing in the rear view mirror getting the occasional glimpse of her knickers as he tried to get inside them. Linda looked as if she was in a daze just staring forwards in silence until I realised she could see their reflection in the windscreen and she was enjoying the show as much as I was.

When I stopped the car at Kim's house the couple disentangled themselves but thankfully for me Kim's dress was now so high up her legs I could see her tiny pale pink thong which were pulled slightly to one side so I could see a hint of her bald pussy. As Kim fumbled to get her key into the door the muscleman knocked on Linda's window. She wound it down and he put his big head through the gap and arrogantly whispered;

"You're invited too, Chesty. There's enough in here for both of you!" He cackled as he grabbed his crotch and winked at me.

"No thanks." She nervously laughed but I could see that her chest was heaving and flushed. "I'm a happily married woman I'll have you know."

The lad looked into her big brown eyes and then glared at me before smugly grinning again; "If you say so." Laughing he turned away and followed Kim into the house.

This was the one moment in the last few months when I could and should have said 'something' that may have stopped the next chain of events unfolding......but I didn't. I drove home in silence nursing an aching hard-on as my wife squirmed in the passenger seat staring into the middle distance.

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