tagMatureYoung White Bull Ch. 02

Young White Bull Ch. 02


When we got home from the pub Disco Linda's legs were very wobbly so I helped her into the house and up the stairs to our bedroom. I left her propped up against a wardrobe as I went for a piss and a wash. When I returned Linda was standing in her sexy black and pink bra and matching thong with her dress around her ankles and her hands were rubbing the front of her panties.

I don't think I'd ever seen her look like this before -- sultry and angry at the same time.

"Fuck me......fuck me NOW." She growled through pursed lips.

I didn't need asking twice and stripped out of my sweat pants, t-shirts and boxers in 2 seconds flat.

Linda stood by the bed staring at me with some disdain as she stripped out of her sexy underwear while I got under the quilt. My cock was as hard as it had been for a long, long time and my mind was working overtime guessing what she had planned. Just like the previous week she whipped the quilt off the bed and knelt beside me. I was sweating with anticipation as she caressed my cock until she nipped my foreskin and pulled it tight, making me wince, which made her giggle and shake her head as she stretched it for her amusement.

Linda slid her leg across my belly and shuffled until she felt my cock press against her hot pussy, then fumbled between her legs until she guided my cock into her bloated cunt.

"I hope that you've had a wank tonight." She whispered; "have you?"

I nervously nodded the affirmative, which made her smile thinly.

"Because I need you to last a lot longer than last week!"

My wife then rested her hands on my belly and began slowly riding my cock with her eyes closed and a look of deep concentration on her face.

Because of my 'condition' and weight this is the only position that we can have sex these days which is fine for me because I love the look on her face as she fucks me and her tits spring up like beach balls on a windy day.

Linda was breathing very heavily as she bounced on my cock until she went so fast it fell out twice quickly.

"Fucking Hell!" She gasped and glared at me before uncoupling and moving off the bed. "I can't fucking feel it in me!" She snarled as she handed me her 7 inch vibrater, "Here; use this......and make sure you do it properly - hard and fucking fast!"

In the ten years I'd known her Linda had never spoke to me like this but........it was a turn on!

My gorgeous wife then lay on top of me and began licking her pussy juice off my cock with her legs spread either side of my face. She was so wet with excitement her hairy hole was all frothy and bright red. I easily slid her vibe up her twat then buried my face into her sweaty mound and lapped up as much nectar as possible making Linda purr; then mischievously remembering last Saturday I ran my tongue over her arsehole, making her purr again. I spent the next minute running my tongue between her puckered arsehole, gaping cunt and stiff clit as I gently slid the plastic toy in and out. I was in Heaven; especially as she was swallowing my whole cock and roughly squeezing my balls.

Although we were both absolutely loving this 69 I still had my job to do. So while still licking her arsehole I manoeuvred the plastic toy so I could twist the base to turn it on and gave the buzzing vibrater a firm push that made Linda cough then groan. Thank God I have good eyesight because I'll take the view of her cunt swallowing the vibrater and my tongue licking her arse with me to the grave.

Linda's juices were gushing out of her as I fucked her with the sex toy as fast as my wrist would allow while sucking up her pussy fluid and licking her clit. To nobody's surprise Linda moaned and groaned and yelped with delight as the vibrater fucked her better than I'd managed for years. As my wife was deliriously sucking and wanking my cock I took even more advantage, by sliding my thumb into her arse while the vibrater buzzed deep inside her womb. This made Linda toss her head back and gasp, "FUCK....FUCK......FUCK.....YES!" as she furiously tugged my dick.

"Okay; you dirty bugger." I thought, and replaced my thumb with a finger which slid in right up to the hilt.

"Yes, yes, yes.....fucking hell....FUCKING HELL...yes...YES!" Linda panted as I battered her cunt with the toy and twisted my finger around in her arse. It was proving very difficult to lick her and fuck her at the same time so pressed the vibe in with my thumb and continued fingering her arse as I frantically licked her clit.

"Make me cum.......make me fucking CUM you fat bastard!" My demure wife growled through gritted teeth as she began bucking about like a rodeo rider at the same time as she tried to orgasm.....and when she did, she nearly took my eye out when she screamed and the vibe shot out of her cunt! The toy was followed by another river of warm fluid which ran down my face and onto the bed as she began sucking my cock so fast I had my second orgasm of the night. Not a lot of spunk this time....but bloody hell -- two orgasms in one night at my age? Was she trying to kill me?

Shattered and emotional Linda unceremoniously got off me and staggered to the bathroom leaving me to wipe my face and chest with a t-shirt. As my hand touched my face I could see and smell Linda's shit on my stained finger and thumb. At that exact moment in my life it was the sweetest smell in the whole world.

Even after washing my hands the previous night I could still smell her arse on my fingers the next morning; which gave me a lovely stiffy to wake up with.

Sunday was the same as the previous week with Linda nursing a Queen Size hangover and sending and receiving lots of secret texts from her sister. After lunch she went to bed for a couple of hours while I tidied up the garden. After 20 minutes I went to the toilet under the pretext of seeing if she was asleep -- she was. I found her mobile phone and scrolled into the messages. I know; I know....but I couldn't stop myself.

The first text I opened from Kim had an attachment -- a picture of a huge stiff cock standing to attention! It was the lad's that she had taken home the previous evening. He hadn't been kidding when he said there was enough for two. My sister in law had sent over 20 messages; some with photos (one of her sucking that cock!) but most describing what the she had done with the bodybuilder, then I found three that were Kim telling Linda that Ben's friend 'Bully' wanted to see my wife and 'finish what she'd started'.

I felt slightly nauseous as I read and re-read these messages; especially the last one when Kim asked if she should give him Linda's number. Linda's phone doesn't store sent messages so I didn't know what her response had been.

I put the phone back and went into the bathroom and had a wank at the thought of my wife actually meeting that young hulk.

After her nap my wife was in a particularly good mood for the rest of the day; with Linda eventually telling me a little about what a 'fun' night she'd had dancing and drinking and again teased me again about the amount of young guys who'd flirted and danced with her; but she never actually mentioned 'Bully' but her eyes were twinkling as she recounted dancing with a succession of horny young guys.

At one stage she was obviously getting flushed as she talked about Kim and Ben canoodling in the car. Her voice went down several octaves as she teased me for watching them.

"But it turned you on too." I whispered like a naughty schoolboy, making her go bright red and leave the room.

I was working until 10pm all week so not getting home until after 11 so hardly saw my wife apart from getting in and out of bed, which had its compensations when I watched her getting dressed, which was still a turn on for me.

Being a nosey bugger it also gave me the opportunity to snoop around; which could be a positive and a negative. On the positive front I could have great fun going through the dirty washing and sniffing and wanking into her dirty underwear or checking up on her internet use; which was very high. From the history she'd spent a lot of time on Facebook and on MSN but I couldn't get any further so couldn't find out who she'd been chatting to (but I could guess).

On the negative side you can find things that you are not supposed to. After checking Linda's internet usage on Thursday morning I was in the mood for a wank so rummaged in the laundry basket and not only found her leopard skin print bra and pants which were very soiled and probably not just with her fluids! They were crusty around the gusset and smelled very pungent. But it wasn't just her bra and pants that I found but a black suspender belt with suspicious white stains and a pair of very sexy tan stockings!

I'm no Einstein but even I knew that she wouldn't wear undies like that to watch Eastenders!

I sat on the edge of the bed with the dirty lingerie in my hands for nearly five minutes. At first I was in shock but couldn't resist smelling the stains and then rubbing them over my face. Without a second of remorse I pulled my shorts down and added my own semen to the offending evidence.

It was my turn to be in a daze now. I was excited at the thought of my lovely wife getting shagged rotten by the muscle bound hulk that I'd seen her with on Friday; but was it him? Or was it someone else? Would I ever really find out? Could I cope with being second best?

The questions and answers flew through my head for the next hour or so. Without really knowing how I got there (I drove of course) I found myself sitting in the pub car park at 11.30. After nearly 15 minutes I nervously made my way inside. I don't know what I expected to find but sat in silence in the bar with a pint a packet of crisps.

I wasn't alone as there were three old men sitting playing dominoes, two other loners reading newspapers and two young lads dressed in track suits playing pool. I didn't recognise either but they had that same arrogant look that Ben and his friend Bully had.

The pub was nothing special; and had probably once been a Social Club that had gone bust which would explain the size. The people running it seemed very professional with photos of successful sports teams all around the bar with posters advertising future events in the function room.

Just as I was about to finish my beer my stomach turned over and my pulse raced as three huge shaven headed, muscle-bound hulks wearing singlet's that emphasised their Popeye arms that were covered in Celtic tattoos came into the bar and threw their sports bags down next to the pool table and greeted the two who were playing pool.

It was them -- the lads from Friday night. I started to panic when Ben walked towards me but went straight past without a second glance. Obviously in the cold light of day he wouldn't recognise me but I began shaking anyway.

He returned to his friends with three bottles of lager while I bought a a glass of coke because I had to be at work soon and sat at a table near them; close enough to hear most of what they were saying but not so close they would know I was listening.

"Well, Bruv?" The shorter of the original two boys asked Bully, who grinned and raised his eyebrows.

"What?" The huge bodybuilder grinned.

"What's happening with that married tart with the big tits, from Friday?" Spotty asked as he moved to play a shot, "The one who gave you a wank in the toilets."

"I got her to flash her tits and minge for us on Messenger on Monday night!" Bully told his younger brother.

"What do you mean?" Spotty stopped in the middle of a shot.

The hulk made himself comfortable on the table and continued; "Ben got her e-mail off her midget sister after he'd fucked her ragged on Friday and sent it to me, so I sent her an e-mail on Sunday night and tried to get her to meet me but she fucking wouldn't -- something about being 'married'! So I arranged to chat on Monday night when her porker of a husband was at work."

My heart sank and my cock twitched.

The other musclehead went back to the bar for more beers as Bully drained his bottle then took up his story again.

"It was hilarious talking to her on the computer.....she started off all shy like all the married ones do, but after 5 minutes was talking dirty as fuck .....it was fucking brilliant......she didn't know Ben and Marshy were sitting watching either......I thought she's twigged when I got her to take her bra off and play with her tits...... Marshy was laughing like a fucking train and I think she head him -- twat .....I'll show you them later; they're fucking huge!"

Pretending to kick his friend for nearly spoiling his fun, Bully swing a foot at the lad with his beer, and they all laughed.

"Then I got her to do a dance -- shaking her tits and stuff; you've seen nothing like her playing with her tits -- sucking the nips and everything, then I got her lift to lift her skirt and show me her twat.....it's fucking hairy, so I've told her it's got to go. She was well fucking up for anything then."

The lads crowded around now as he continued so I couldn't make out everything they were saying because of their laughter and coarse comments but I think Linda had fingered herself on cam and was going to go further but knew 'her husband was due home soon, which put a stop to his entertainment.

"Then she phoned me yesterday to invite me around last night when the porker was at work again!" Bully shouted this part then High Fived all four lads. "Another mans wife drops her drawers for the Young White Bull!"

When the laughter died down his brother asked, "So; did you do the business last night then?"

"What do you think?" Bully winked then took a swig of beer, "Course I fucking did! You know what I'm like with the married ones -- I'm gonna fuck them whether they want it or not; who are they going to complain too?" He then mimed pulling a head into his crotch.

The five lads all began laughing; but I didn't as I pretended to read a discarded newspaper and I just knew he was talking about my wife.

"This fucking ho wanted it though;" He laughed again, "fucking begging for it on the phone when I was driving over; she was."

"Tell him about how she answered the door." Ben urged his mate.

"Hahahaha." Bully shook his head and laughed at the memory. "She was only wearing her skimpies; real tarty stuff just like I'd told her to wear." He then clinked bottles with two of his friends in celebration, "Stockings, sussys the fucking lot -- she looked fucking hot, man; and it was broad fucking daylight too when she opened the fucking door! I fucking love fucking married women -- they don't give a shit as long as they get Bully's cock. "

The pool game finished and Ben replaced the loser, but Bully continued with his story.

"I'd hardly closed the front door when she pulled my joggers down. You should have seen her fucking face!" He laughed and rubbed his crotch, "Her eyes were like this when she saw my cock." He then made his fingers into large circles and pretended that they were Linda's eyes, "She said she'd never seen a cock as big as mine! Then I got her to suck me off in the hall -- splashed all over her fucking face; hair, tits every fucking where!"

"Show him the photos." Ben urged his friend.

"FUCK! He took photos!" I gulped as I took a gulp of warm cola.

There was silence and a sharp intake of air as the phone was handed around. Bully's brother and his spotty friend seemed impressed with the expression on Linda's face when it was covered in jizz.

Just as he took the mobile phone back it rang and he immediately left the room to answer the call.

The others remained and discussed my wife's antics in intimate detail, with Ben and Marshy repeating what Bully had told them; stressing how loud she'd screamed when he fucked her and how much cock she'd managed to swallow.

The muscle-bound Bully looked very serious when he returned and whispered something to Ben. The three hulks then picked up their bags and jogged out of the bar with Bully telling his spotty brother that they 'had work to do'.

As I finished my cola the brother was still laughing at Bully's antics with my wife; saying something about the amount of married women he fucked regularly and wondered if he'd fuck this one in front of her husband; like a couple he'd done before.

My heart raced as I drove home thinking about what I'd heard and what; if anything I was going to do next.

The decision was taken out of my hands over breakfast on the Friday morning when Linda matter of factly told me she was going back to the Disco that night and would probably stay until it closed at 2. I reminded her that I wouldn't be home from work until 11 and she said that didn't matter as she would drive to her sisters and take a taxi and probably spend the night there afterwards to save me a journey. I tried to convince her to let me pick her up; but she was adamant that she would stay at Kim's house; to save me driving that late at night; which she thought was very considerate.

As she moved around the house I couldn't take my eyes off her -- she looked radiant; positively glowing. She was wearing a nice grey pencil skirt and white blouse under a short grey cardigan which made her look a bit like a secretary and I swear I could see suspender bumps under the skirt and her arse had a delightful sway as she left to go to work.

As soon as her car left the street I checked the laundry basket and sure enough a matching black and white bra and panties were hidden at the bottom next to a suspender belt. The crotch of the thong was covered in thick white dry pussy juice; but there weren't any nylons.

I smirked at the thought of her getting fucked in my bed off the Bull again. I didn't have time to go to the pub before work so had to make do with my vivid imagination all day and night at work. I arrived home at 11 as usual to an empty house. I made some supper and had a cup of tea then searched her laptop to see what she'd been up to -- not a lot it seemed. But when I scraped the remains of my supper into the bin I found three empty stocking packets under some rubbish; Oroblu Geo's (which were next to the packet with a big ladder down one leg), Pretty Polly soft shies and a Cervin Havana seamed stocking packet and some packaging from Anne Summers so I presumed she'd bought some new underwear for her night out and the idea of my wife wearing black seamed stockings made my blood pressure rise 10 levels.

I couldn't sleep for thinking about Linda at the bar-disco with the stud and his friends so at 1am I got dressed and drove around for half an hour; unsure where to go and finally drove into Kim's terraced street where I saw Linda's car parked as arranged. The house lights were all off so I presumed that they were still at the bar. As I sat staring at the empty house I didn't even know why I was there. I obviously couldn't stand up to Bully and his friends -- but if I did would Linda think more of me and see me as some kind of hero? It was doubtful. Then again I couldn't stop thinking about spying through the curtains like some kind of pervert. That idea was the most likely outcome.

I waited for 10 minutes and just as I was about to start the engine a taxi pulled into the street and I saw Kim get out with Ben and a big black bodybuilder who I hadn't seen before. I actually felt relieved and disappointed that Linda wasn't there.

Kim couldn't get into the house quick enough as the black guy paid the taxi fare. The downstairs lights came on and I lost my nerve about peeping through the curtains as the house is on a public street.......but not the back! Just like in Coronation Street Kim's house has a backyard that is hidden away by an unlit lane full of debris and litter.

I hated myself but slunk out of the car and down the back lane until I found the right gate. As I'd hoped the kitchen curtains were still open and I could see into the living room where Kim was hanging off the black guys neck passionately kissing him as Ben stood behind her feeling up her tits. I felt dirty and perverted standing watching my sister in law in the shadows but my urges had taken over.

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