tagInterracial LoveYoung White Virgin Blacked Ch. 02

Young White Virgin Blacked Ch. 02


It was several weeks after Candy had been taken by Toby, the black farm hand. Since then, they managed one other time to have sex but it was in the barn at her farm. Little did she know, her younger sister had sneaked to the window and watched them have sex.

Teresa, only 18, was shocked at what she saw but at the same time she felt an excitement in her loins. She sneaked a dildo that her sister had hidden and used on herself a number of times. The image of her sister, Candy being bedded by a big black buck really excited her. It was taboo and dangerous but it brought out the sexuality in Teresa.

The next week their father had to leave for a couple of days to meet with a new buyer of his crops. Candy was sick from the flu and had to have bed rest. Teresa was doing the chores and taking care of the house.

Toby came in and announced that he was taking the cart to the market and would be gone for most of the day. "Toby," can I go with you to the market?" Teresa asked. "Yes Miss Teresa but shouldn't you stay with your sister since she is sick?" Toby replied.

"She is doing better and will probably sleep most of the day. I would just like to get out for awhile." Teresa insisted.

"Well okay, miss Teresa. Get ready because we need to leave soon since the weather is getting cloudy." Toby replied.

Teresa rushed upstairs to her room. She was excited about the trip and getting away for the day. She was also a bit devious knowing what Toby had done to her sister. Her 18 year old body had bloomed and there was something exciting about being alone with a grown man......a very black man to boot. She put her blonde hair in two pony tails, put on some light lipstick and dressed in shorts and a T-shirt with no bra.

Teresa, being only 4'-10" tall indeed looked like a child. She was a stunning girl but so very young looking.

Toby was already in the cart when Teresa went outside. Toby pulled her up by her arm and she got in the seat. As they trotted off, Toby began to question to himself the seriousness of taking her to the market. As her sister, he had watched Teresa grow up and almost felt like her father. He was pushing any sexual thoughts from his mind. No way...he thought to himself....was he going to harm this small girl.

Teresa was just talking away as they drove down the dirt road. She was holding Toby's right arm and sometimes brushing his side with her shoulder.

After about three miles Toby steered the cart off the road and over to a pond. He wanted to water the two mules. He got off the cart and unhitched the mules. "Miss Teresa, would you like to wade in the pond and cool off?" She giggled and said yes. Toby reached up to grab her waist and let her off the seat. As he did, Teresa sprang to him grabbing his shoulders and wrapping her small legs around his waist. Toby was startled.

"I'm just playing Toby. Don't be mad," Teresa giggled. Toby was not mad but having this young plaything straddling his waist was not what he needed to keep his sexual desires hidden. His cock awakened in his pants and was now pressing against her. He stood there motionless for almost a minute while she was wiggling against him.

"Miss Teresa, you shouldn't do this. You are a young girl and although I know you are having fun...it is not right for us to be in this position."

Teresa could feel the hardness in his cock but continued to squirm with her legs around his waist. Toby held her back as he looked down at her light blue eyes. His control was beginning to fade and sexual thoughts were flowing into his mind. Toby thought to himself...please Lord ...give me the strength to not take this small girl...please.

Toby pulled her from his waist and she finally stood on the ground. She walked into the pond knee deep and watched the mules. "Miss Teresa, we need to get going because it is clouding up quickly." He hitched the mules and they headed back down the road. Within minutes it began raining.

Teresa could see the abandoned barn at the corner of the road. "Toby, could we find shelter at that old barn?" Toby knew all too well what had happened with her older sister in that barn but maybe he could control things this time.

They quickly drove into the barn and dismounted. The rain became a downpour and lightning lit up the sky. Teresa was soaked and her budding breasts were very apparent. Toby glanced at her then went back to tending to the mules.

With his back to her, Teresa took off her T-shirt and rang the water out of it. Then she hung it from a stall door. As a tease, she called for Toby's attention. "Toby, how do you think I look?" Toby turned and his eyes and mouth popped open. "Oh my gosh Miss Teresa....why are you doing that? Your daddy would shoot us both if he knew you were half naked with me."

"He won't know. I just think it is exciting to be this way. Do I look as good as my sister?" Teresa replied.

That shocked Toby. "What do you know about me and your sister?" Toby nervously replied. Two weeks ago I saw you on top of her in the barn at home. She was moaning and wiggling under you as you had your black thing in between her legs. I about fainted but as I watched more, I had feelings that I have never had before. I actually had my first real orgasm. It blew my mind."Teresa admitted.

"Toby, can I see your black thing, please....Teresa whispered. Toby was shocked but the animal in him wasn't and his swelling cock began to cloud his senses. "Miss Teresa, This is not right....you are too young. Please don't continue to tease me."

Teresa walked over to Toby and placed her small hands on his pants zipper. "Well, I guess I will just have to see for myself," she smirked. Toby was stunned. He could hardly move as she unzipped his pants.

A large black cock began appearing and in seconds sprang out of his pants. Teresa gasped. "Oh my...it's so big and black." She purred. She held the shaft with one hand while softly touching the head with her other hand. Shockingly, she dropped to her knees and then began kissing the head. She then looked up at Toby as she licked the head while her baby blue eyes starred at his torso and face.

Toby just stood there almost helpless. He had never dreamed of this happening, looking down at this beautiful blonde girl with her mouth sucking the head of his cock. Her mouth was now covering the black head as she was now sucking him vigorously. He reached down to hold her head while her hands moved to pull his pants down. She then held onto his buttocks as she starred at his dark eyes.

It was time. Time to find the glory between her legs. She released his black cock from her mouth. She turned and removed her shorts and lay on the pile of hay. Toby followed and then pressed his black body to hers. His fingers found her opening and pressed in. She was well lubricated.

"Take me Toby. I want that black cock inside of me. Please make a woman out of me and give me the pleasure that you gave to my sister."

Toby was rock hard by now and he guided his cock to her entrance. Slowly he began to impale her on his black meat. Teresa let out a few moans but was determined not to let Toby know that she was in any pain. She had prepared for her vagina to be invaded but not by a cock so big.

His massive size pressed her into the hay. Her head was tilted to the side while feeling his chest rub on her. Her arms partially around his torso and nails digging into his back. She was so small compared to this big black man. Her pale white skin was such a contrast to his charcoal black skin.

Teresa now had about half of Toby's black cock in her and it was all she could do to not yell in pain. Toby knew this and slowly stroked her. He rolled to his side so she could breathe more easily. She now looked up at him and kissed his chest. Her right leg wrapped around his waist as she began to orgasm. It sent shills through her body and she grunted. Toby was only seconds behind her as his black cock erupted and sent ounces of cum into her belly. Teresa wiggled in orgasmic joy as she felt his fluid manhood spew into her. To a 18 year old girl it was a mind blowing experience to have such a big black buck impale her and spew his seed into her innocent loins.

Her hair and body were sweaty from the heat of Toby's body. As Toby rolled over on his back, Teresa slid on top of him....never allowing his cock to pull out. She wanted it to remain in her. The two of them lay there captured by just what had happened. Toby, although a bit scared, could only think of having her again and not let this magic moment go away too soon. Teresa felt the same.

After a half hour and the rain subsiding, Toby pulled her up and had her straddle his waist. This excited Teresa and she reached up with her hands around Toby's neck. His black cock stiffened and found her vagina again. He held her bottom with one hand and her back with his other. His cock head pressed into her more easily this time.

"Oh my gosh, Toby, you're really deep into me. I feel so stretched. Fuck me, fuck me...black man. Impale this white girl and let me ride you," Teresa begged.

This girl was bouncing up and down with her head waving side to side. She was being hammered by a big black cock and loving it. Her eyes and mouth wide open while there was a sucking sound between her legs.

The two mules even looked over....watching this frail 18 year old white girl getting fucked silly. Her head now tilted back while her arms let go of Toby's neck and fell to her sides. Toby was sweating and his cock was about to erupt again. She could feel the gravity pushing her with more black cock sliding into her vagina. Still painful but feeling so good.

Teresa felt his cock erupt and her body again went into orgasmic joy. Toby let out a tribal moan as he sent thousands of African tadpoles spewing into her. His cum filled her and began dripping on to her legs. Teresa was in sexual paradise as orgasms flowed throughout her body. She was happily impaled on this big black buck and captive to his sexual lust. Never had she expected to be taken by a black African, especially at so young of age. But it happened. She loved it...and would want more.

They cleaned up, dressed and hitched up the wagon. As they drove to the market, both wandered the consequences of what had just occurred. Toby, for the fear of the father finding out what he did to his two daughters. Teresa, the fear of both her sister and father finding out. She could still feel Toby's fluids inside her. She felt that she had became a woman instead of a young girl. But for the most part....she had experienced the greatest satisfaction a woman could feel. Being absorbed in male flesh...black flesh at that.

She wondered what would happen when her and her sister together would make the market trip with Toby. A thought of excitement but also one of uncertainty and nervousness. Could be a very interesting trip.

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