Young Wolves Ch. 04


Just as Cameron took a menacing step toward Tyler, the sound of whistles blowing split the air. Campus security and several teachers pushed through the crowd of onlookers.

'Fuck! Don't break it up now. I've almost got him.' Cameron screamed in his head.

The teachers and campus security guards shoved into the empty circle around the two Alphas.

"What seems to be the problem here?" One of the guards asked as he stepped between them.

"No problem, sir," Cameron said loud enough for the crowd to hear. "Just a friendly discussion about whether Tyler here is a man or a woman in disguise."

The onlookers laughed uproariously, and Tyler's face turned an even deeper shade of purple.

"Cameron, I'm surprised at you," Principal Carter said when he arrived on the scene. "We've never had this kind of trouble out of you before."

"Sorry, sir," Cameron said. "But someone needed to show this bully that he doesn't own this school."

Several of the gathered students cheered, and Tyler scowled menacingly.

"Alright! Everyone get to class. The show's over!" Principal Carter yelled.

The crowd broke up as the students hurried off to class. Principal Carter turned and frowned when John, Allen, and the girls did not leave with the other students. He let it pass and addressed Cameron and Tyler. "If I see any more of this foolishness out of you two, you'll be expelled and will not graduate. I mean it, people. Now get to class."

Tyler turned on his heel and stalked off with John and Allen in tow.

"Well, we fall back to Plan B then," Cameron said to the girls as they too walked across the commons.

"Cameron, that was the single greatest verbal beat down I've ever witnessed," Beth said with admiration.

"Yeah, you were fantastic," Jenifer agreed.

"Allen looked miserable standing back there behind Tyler," Trish said with a quiver in her voice.

Jenifer put her arm around her friend as they approached the school entrance.

"I wonder if Tyler liked his surprise." Beth asked.

They all laughed.

"The look on his face was priceless," Jenifer said.

"Remember to stay away from them as much as possible today. I'll meet you all for lunch in the cafeteria, and we'll meet here at the entrance after school so I can take you all to the wrestling duel," Cameron instructed as they entered the building.

Cameron noticed that Sarah wasn't at her desk in second period. He learned from Rebecca Sneed that Sarah had gone home after falling ill during first period. He hoped she was feeling okay. He couldn't go see her after school. He had to protect his girls at the wrestling duel. He decided to call her later to see if she was feeling better, and to try to fix whatever was wrong between them.

* * * *

The tale of what happened on the commons that morning burned through the school like wildfire, and Cameron became the man of the hour. To all the kids that Tyler had bullied, he was instantly elevated to the status of hero. He walked the halls to a chorus of "Hey, Cameron," and "Way to go, Cameron." The fact that the three hottest girls in school were following him around gave him the same popularity status that Tyler had previously enjoyed. Several girls slipped him their phone numbers, even without his pheromones in action.

Tyler, on the other hand, was bombarded with laughter and derision as he moved from class to class. His anger and humiliation grew in leaps and bounds with every whisper behind his back, but he had control of his faculties again. To Tyler, one thing was certain: Cameron Reed was going to pay. And he would pay in ways he would never see coming.


Author's note: This was edited by the awesome JilleB. The guild was instrumental with their feedback and support as always.

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