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Younger Brother Watches


I want to tell you about something I saw when I was 18 and lived at home. My brother Nick was 21 and was going out with Grace (who he has since married). Grace was 19 at the time and it was easy to see why Nick fancied her. She had long curly brown hair, only about 5' 2" tall as she was a good 6 inches shorter than me and Nick, but with a lovely body and nice big tits. Not to mention a sweet personality.

Nick and Grace would often go to Nick's bedroom to watch his tv or listen to music, while my parents were downstairs and I'd either be downstairs as well or in my room.

You couldn't rely on total privacy in our house as none of the upstairs bedroom doors would completely close because of the way they had been hung I think. Anyhow. One day Nick and Grace had arrived at our house for tea. Grace always looked nice but never tarty although today it was a bit close. Dad and I couldn't keep our eyes off Grace this day. She had her normal black leather jacket on but with a short black leather skirt and black stiletto shoes (although smallish heels). When she took her jacket off she revealed a sheer see-through white sleeveless and strapless top and a strapless bra that you could see through her top and it didn't leave much to the imagination. It was lacy but you could definitely make out where her nipples were.

After tea Grace helped mum to wash up, with me and Dad unusually in the kitchen helping too. We all sat down to watch TV. Mum, Grace and Nick on the Sofa, me and Dad in the 2 armchairs. I couldn't keep my eyes off Grace's legs especially as the skirt had ridden up to show quite a bit more than I think she intended. After a while Nick suggested he and Grace went upstairs to watch something else and off they went.

About half an hour had passed and I was getting bored with the programme so I too wandered off slowly to my room.

I decided to ask Nick and Grace if they wanted a cup of tea as I thought this would be a way I could get close to Grace again and have another sneaky look at her legs and tits.

We all had a habit of running up the stairs but this time for some reason I slowly meandered up the stairs and they didn't creak.

Nick and Grace obviously expected us all to watch the programme to its end and hadn't reckoned on my not charging up the stairs if I didn't.

As I approached the top of the stairs I could hear muffled giggling (Grace giggling) and proceeded with care.

Because the doors wont shut you can just see through the hinged side and I carefully approached Nick's bedroom door and peered into his room with one eye.

My mouth dropped open as I saw Nick and Grace lying width-ways across the bed, facing each other (with Nick nearest me so I couldn't see his face) but with Grace's blouse and bra well below where they were only half an hour earlier.

I squinted through the gap to take a good look at Grace's uncovered tits. They were big and round with lovely pale pink nipples pointing towards Nick's face who then obscured my view by starting to suck on her right nipple.

Grace giggled quietly again, and my mouth dropped even wider when I saw where Nick's left hand was. I could see Grace's legs and white knickers, but there was something moving, Nick's hand was inside Grace's knickers!

By now my cock had gone hard and I could feel my face going red.

Grace's right hand was stroking Nicks head as she smiled at him and kept letting out a quiet "Oh" when she breathed out as Nick's fingers continued to explore her pussy while he sucked her tit.

Nick moved his head to Grace's and they began kissing, and I could now see where Nick had been sucking Grace's tit. Her nipple was glistening and stiff and the area around her nipple was also wet.

I was just resigning myself to staring at Grace's tits and legs while Nick snogged her when Nick pulled his hand out from inside Grace's knickers and put it up the back of her skirt. I could see Grace's hand on the back of Nick's head and it didn't move from there as Nick started to tug Grace's kickers down.

My throat was now bone dry I as continued to squint through the gap.

I thought any second now Grace is going to put a stop to this, but to my delight she allowed Nick to carry on pulling at her knickers.

They were obviously tonguing each other as Nick started to move those delightful little panties down Grace's legs.

Grace lifted her right leg so that Nick could slip them over her foot and as she did so I got a fantastic view of her lovely cunt.

Nick slid the panties off her left leg but my eyes were fixed on the lovely little triangle of dark hair and the most wonderful cunt lips anyone could ever wish to see. She lay there kissing as Nick started to adjust his trousers, which was OK by me as I continued to stare at my future sister-in-law's sexy little cunt.

I saw Nick's dick sticking out in front of him as he slid off the bed to allow his trousers and pants to drop to his ankles. He moved Grace onto her back, and with his back to me I could see Grace's cunt once more as she slowly opened her legs.

I thought they would get onto the bed properly but they were going to do it on the edge of the bed with Nick's feet on the floor and Grace's ass near the edge of the bed.

This was fantastic for me because it meant I was actually going to see Nick's dick enter Grace's gorgeous cunt.

Grace lifted her knees up as Nick readied himself to enter her. I could see everything and I nearly came in my pants. Nick's cock entered Grace and I could hear her moan. Nick gradually increased his rhythm and I could see every thrust going into Grace, oh how I wished it was me doing that.

Her legs were shaking as Nick increased the pace and Grace wrapped her legs round Nick's back. I saw Nick's buttocks tighten and he almost came to a halt. They both moaned slightly loader as they had reached their climax, or at least it was obvious that Nick had.

Grace rested her legs down and Nick withdrew his cock. I could see it glistening as he moved to the other side of the room to get a tissue. This left me with an open view of Grace's wet pussy which was oozing white sperm as she lay there with her legs still apart.

Nick handed her a tissue and she sat up. Giving me a brilliant view of her fantastic naked breasts. She wiped herself before scrunching up the tissue and throwing into the waste bin and then started to replace her tops.

Nick asked if she fancied a cuppa and she said yes so I ran part way downstairs and then back up again just as Nick came out of the bedroom still adjusting his trousers.

I said "Hiya, you two fancy a cuppa?"

Nick said "yeah thanks Dan, that would be great."

I ran back down and made everyone a cuppa and waited in the kitchen until my erection had gone down.

After Nick had taken Grace home I went into Nick's bedroom and sniffed the tissues.

Ok, it was Nick's come but it was the nearest I was going to get to Grace's cunt.

Grace's still a good looking lady, ten years later, and now part of the family and I'm Uncle to her two kids, but I often look at her and think "wow, I've seen your cunt getting well and truly fucked."

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