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Younger Man


Amy turned over in bed. She listened to the quiet rumble of thunder in the distance and the patter of rain on the roof. Even the stormy weather couldn't dampen the excitement she was feeling. He would be there soon.

She had known her younger man for years, at least four. They were friends and sometimes lovers in cyberspace. There wasn't much that they hadn't discussed. They had talked about politics, religion, the economy, and sports through the years. Amy loved that he could always make her smile.

She had often thought of him as hers, but today the dream would be a reality. He was coming to spend his holiday with her. It was to be a rare visit to America, and it would be their first time to see each other in the flesh.

She had promised him to show him a good time in the states, and she would, but what she wanted most of all was to show him her bedroom. She wanted him naked and vulnerable. She wanted him buried hot, hard, and throbbing inside of her. The thought of it caused an ache between her thighs.

She allowed her hand to slide beneath the covers and cup the sensitive area over her pajama bottoms. Soon. She would have what she wanted, soon. His early flight and cab ride could put him at her front door any minute now, she thought happily. She smiled to herself as she rolled out of her bed.

After a quick breakfast and teeth brushing, she heard the doorbell sound. Her heart pounded so hard that she could hear it in her ears. It seemed like only seconds before she was at the door pulling it open.

There he was. His jet black hair, deep brown eyes, and bronze skin were as mesmerizing in person as they had been in photographs. She stood in the doorway momentarily staring at him appreciatively. Finally, he moved forward and embraced her in a hug.

"Hi, Amy." He said quietly.

"Hi." She replied clutching the back of his shirt, reveling in the smell of him.

After releasing him, she kissed his sweet pouty mouth taking his lips between hers. He responded to the kiss and pulled her body against his.

"Well, we finally meet." He said after releasing her enough to step inside and close the door.

"Indeed. I'm so happy to see you, younger man!" she said smiling.

"You have a lovely home. How about a quick tour?" he said.

"Thank you, and of course." She replied taking his hand.

She led him from room to room giving a brief overview of the home. The tour ended upstairs in the master bedroom. Both of them stood awkwardly in the doorway trying not to notice the big bed that seemed to be beckoning them over.

This was her moment. Her chance to seduce her younger man the way she'd dreamed of for years. He was right beside her. All she had to do was act, yet she seemed frozen to the spot.

"I'd enjoy a hot shower." He said breaking the tension.

A nervous delight arced through her veins at the suggestion. She could think of little she'd like to do more right now than be naked and wet with him.

"I'd love to shower with you." Amy said finding her nerve finally.

She pulled her pajama top over her head revealing her full bosom. His eyes followed her hands and she slid and shimmied out of her pajama bottoms and panties.

"My turn?" he asked.

"Your turn." Amy answered.

He bashfully pulled his shirt over his head revealing a sculpted chest and beautiful biceps. Amy walked over to him and ran her fingernails down his chiseled abdomen. Her hands then moved to his belt. She unbuckled it, unbuttoned his jeans, and eased the fly down.

After quickly discarding the remainder of his clothes, she then led him into the bathroom. She started the walk-in shower and led him behind the steamed glass enclosure. The warm water prickled her excited flesh and made her even more aroused. She poured shower gel into her hands and began to rub his body with it, tantalizing and teasing him.

While she enjoyed touching every inch of him, his hands moved expertly over her body. He began to squeeze her breasts and cup her ass. He pulled her closer to his hard cock. She rubbed her body against his hardness and heard him moan in response.

The closeness of their shower was glorious, but she wanted more. She turned off the shower and led him out. They wrapped themselves in towels before Amy lead him back into the bedroom. She sat down in the middle of the.

"Now what?" He asked looking drowsily lust-drunk.

"All you have to do is tell me what you want." Amy said sitting on the bed wearing only her towel.

"I want to make love to you." He whispered from the opposite end of the bed, shyly.

Amy smiled at those words as her clit responded with a little twitch. She unwrapped her towel and her ample breasts were freed for his view. She began to massage them and knead them. He watched carefully as she pinched and teased her nipples until they were hardened buds.

"Mmmm." Was all he said as he removed his towel from his waist.

His thick dick was already rock hard, jutting upward ominously. He began to lightly tease the head with his fingertips while he watched her touch her body.

"Baby, is that what you want?" she whispered as she took both of her hands and spread her dripping cunt for him to see.

She knew he loved seeing how slick and ready he made her. He loved to hear how wet her pussy got when she wanted his cock inside of her.

She watched his hungry eyes travel down her abdomen and stop right at the entrance to her juicy pussy. Amy watched as he tightened the grip on his manhood and he responded with a soft whimper.

Those whimpers had tantalized her for years, yet now here he was. He was so close to her. He was close enough for her to smell his cologne. She could feel his warmth from across the bed.

Empowered by her affect on him, she began to rub her clit in slow teasing circles. She kept her eyes on his while she worked her cunt. It felt incredible to share her arousal with him.

His hand began to slide up the length of his shaft, keeping in rhythm with her hand. Droplets of precum began to form on the head of his member and started to dribble down the length of him.

The electricity of seeing him so turned on drove Amy wild. Wanting more, she slid two fingers into her dripping hole and began to fuck herself for him. It was all just for him.

"Oh fuck, baby." She moaned as she violated herself for him.

He began to squeeze and jerk his cock faster, panting and moaning with each downward motion.

"That's it babe, like that." She whispered watching him stroke his cock.

Suddenly he moved to the middle of the bed and pushed her softly backward. He positioned himself between her thighs and spread them wide.

"Tell me you want it." He demanded while rubbing his hot cock head on her hard slick clit.

Amy moaned and arched her back at the sensations his clit torture was causing. She began to ease her hips off of the bed wanting more of him.

"I want all of you, baby." She moaned.

With that, he slid his cock deep into her with one thrust making her cry out in ecstasy. His thick cock stretched her pussy lips around him. She could feel every shudder of him deep inside. He began to pump into her fast and deep, moaning and struggling to breathe with each thrust.

Amy could see her juices making his cock shiny. She could feel it dripping down her ass as he continued to fuck her. She held on to him for dear life, but she knew there was no use. She was going to cum soon. He felt so good inside her. He felt too good.

"I'm so close baby." She whispered in his ear as he continued to plunge his dick into her soft wet folds.

Her pussy began to quiver and clench around his manhood in an earth-shattering orgasm. Amy cried out his name and squeezed her thighs together to savor the feeling of him within her.

"Mmmm, I want you to cum again." He said between sharp intakes of breath.

A smile crept across her lips. He must have read her mind, because she wanted nothing more than to cum again with the man she adored.

Amy rolled him onto his back and straddled him. She eased herself down onto his cock slowly, taking him inside of her inch by inch. He pushed his hips up in anticipation, wanting more of her.

She slid down until all of him was inside of her dripping pussy. She loved the way he filled her. She could feel that fire start to burn deep and slow inside of her again.

He put his hands on her hips and began to guide her up and down the length of him while he moaned.

"Oh, fuck! Mmmmmm" he repeated with each entry.

Amy began to rock slowly back and forth, taking him deeper and deeper with each downward motion. She could hear the squelching wetness of her cunt each time his dick slammed into her depths again and again.

"Oh my God. Fuck me, baby." Amy managed to whisper.

Her movements became wilder. She began to grind harder and faster seeking release for a second time.

"Oh, yes! Oh fuck yeah! Right there, baby." Amy panted.

"I'm close." He managed to say between labored moans and soft whimpers.

"Cum with me." Amy said arching her back.

"Oh yes, baby, I want to cum with you." He responded before thrusting his hips off of the bed and sending his dick into her fiercely.

He cried out her name as he emptied his seed into her. Amy screamed in ecstasy as she climaxed for the second time. She collapsed onto him, their bodies still intimately joined. They both shuddered in the aftermath. She kissed his neck, closed her eyes, and reveled in the dream that had become a reality.

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