tagFetishYour Anniversary Present, From Him

Your Anniversary Present, From Him


I think it was the look on your face as you walked into the room that excited me the most. I had heard you and your husband returning to your hotel suite from dinner, stopping in the hallway for him to give you your first present. The sounds of the wrapping being opened, the rustle of tissue paper as you look inside the box, and the gasp and laugh as you discover the new blue strap-on toy within. I can hear you saying something to your husband, and I can make out the sound of his reply as he ushers you towards the main bedroom, where I await, sat in the dark. The door is pushed open, the lights turned on and we finally catch sight of each other. Again you gasp, recognising my face from the photos we trade over the internet. Your husband moves in close, nuzzling your neck and whispering in your ear to let you know that I'm your final present for the week - after the flight, the hotel, the sightseeing, the dress, the opera, the meals, now this, the one he knew you would always want but never ask for. You close your eyes, enjoying the feel of his words, a large smile slowly coming to your face. Suddenly, you open your eyes and lock onto mine, and you make your way over to me on the sofa, strap-on in hand.


After finding your messages showing your fantasies for taking another man with your toy whilst your husband took you, he got in touch with me to see if I was interested in making fantasy become reality. After a series of online discussions he telephoned me to lay out some ground rules and arrange a date. Firstly, I was to be allowed to touch you, kiss you, and tease you with my mouth and lips wherever you pleased, but at no point was I going to get the chance to make love to you. Secondly, whilst our conversations had covered my curiosity in playing with men, he wasn't interested in any male-on-male play. Finally, if I were to be involved I would have to follow his instructions to prepare for the evening right down to the last letter. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity - the pictures and blogs you had posted had more than piqued my interest, and if I was going to have the chance to lose my strap-on virginity then all the better. He let me know the days you were going to fly into London and we agreed a day and time during your last day, a Monday.

I met him in the lobby at ten in the morning whilst you were in the shower. He shook my hand and thanked me for being part of this, handed me an envelope and made his excuses as he returned to the room. Inside, I found a keycard to your room and a list of instructions. I was to return after eleven in the morning and let myself into their room. There I would find a bag inside a cupboard containing some fresh razors and an enema kit. He knew you would want me clean and smooth when it came to playing with me, making sure I was ready and waiting by two in the afternoon when they would return. Despite London being freezing cold in December, I hurriedly left the hotel and took a walk around the area for an hour, trying to settle my nerves and hoping for the time to fly by. Eventually, the appointed hour came and I slipped inside your room. With plenty of time before you returned I had ample opportunity to run a hot bath in the sumptuous tub, allowing me the time to relax and enjoy my preparations. Before too long, it was time to dry myself off, get dressed and wait in the bedroom on the sofa for your return.


You walk across the room towards me, feet clad in black high heels, causing your hips to sway slightly in the beautiful, red cocktail dress he had picked out for you earlier in the trip. You slowly sit down next to me and take my hands in yours, before leaning forward to kiss me lightly on the mouth. You pull back and smile, thanking me for agreeing to come, and promising that you would be as gentle and as tender as possible with me. First, however, you have somebody else to thank. You rise from the sofa, pointing for your husband to stand by the edge of the bed. The two of you embrace, your mouth seeking out his and entwining your tongues together with passion. You start to pop the buttons on his shirt, revealing a smooth, muscular chest, before unbuckling his trousers and letting them drop to the floor.

His rapidly hardening cock is almost clear to see through his tight boxer shorts, soon becoming even more visible as you free it from confinement, only to trap it again in your hand. Slowly you run your hand up and down his large, erect shaft, eliciting a shiver of excitement. You push him down onto the bed and kneel between his legs, lowering your head to his member and running your tongue sensuously from his shaven balls to the tip, causing him to moan with pleasure. His groans become louder as you take him into your mouth, more and more of his masculinity disappearing into your throat until you have most of it in. He closes his eyes with delight as you return to the top and remove your mouth with an audible pop. You gaze into your eyes and resume your pleasure giving with vigour.

I can't take my eyes off what you are doing. I had long wanted to take another man into my mouth, and I am sorely tempted to join you. Watching your lips close around the head of his cock, your tongue darting around his balls, makes me only wish I could try him too. But mindful of your husband's instructions, I must be content with more fantasies. What I can do, however, is try and please you in some way. Your husband notices that I have been entranced by your backside, still clad in its silky cocktail dress, and beckons me towards you. I make my way to behind you and raise your dress to around your waist, exposing a beautiful ass, full yet firm, cleft by the small ribbon of black silk that is by now soaking. I pull the sodden material aside with my finger, showing me your glistening pussy, and run my tongue gently around your opening, tasting the sweet and tangy flavour that makes me feel light headed with desire. I push my tongue into you gently, causing you to moan around his cock, thrusting in and out as if I were making love to you. Removing my tongue I swirl it around your beautiful asshole, teasing you with the heat and wetness before heading lower to your clit. Small darts and circles around the little nub make you shiver and groan again, as I add more pressure. You reach a hand back, distracted from your task, running it through my hair to encourage me. Soon you begin to shake and sob as you reach climax, covering my tongue in yet more of your essence as you pulse with pleasure.

Your husband is close to finishing too, as in your excitement you are stroking faster and faster. Noticing this, you withdraw your hand to his groans of disappointment at stopping so close, and pull yourself upright. You unzip the dress and allow it to slip to the floor, revealing a slender, supple body with ample, pert breasts unfettered by a bra. You beckon for the present that you opened earlier, removing the harness and toy, and you step into them, leaving the toy protruding from your racy thong. You back towards your husband and lower yourself onto him again, pushing aside the material of your panties to allow him to enter you again. He tries to thrust into you to finish himself off, but you motion for him to stop. Sat impaled on his thick member, you crook your finger towards me and tell me to approach. I kneel before you, sat on your husband, and grasp your thick blue dong in my fist, stroking gently in slight awe that I am actually doing this.

I lower my head to your toy, flicking my tongue around the bulbous head. It is thicker and longer than anything that I've played with before, so as I wrap my lips around it I find it slightly uncomfortable but satisfyingly filling. I slowly bob up and down on your cock, coating it with my saliva, taking more and more in each stroke. Soon I can feel it hitting the back of my throat, and despite the discomfort I will myself to take all of your length into me. After what seems an eternity, I have the entirety of the toy in my mouth, my nose nestling into the material of the harness. I pull backwards and let it exit my mouth with a loud plopping sound, mimicking what I saw you do only minutes before. You reach forwards and take my head in your hands, indicating that I am to suck you in earnest now, bobbing my head up and down on your cock. My hand begins to match my head in its movements, creating a rhythm that soon has you rocking on top of your husband with joy.

The force of my blowjob drives the toy into your crotch, putting pressure on your clit that combines with the feel of his member inside you to make you feel dizzy with excitement. Before long your hands are gripping tightly onto my head, your eyes closed, as I am suddenly no longer sucking your toy but you are thrusting into my willing mouth, grinding in your husband, until you whimper with pleasure and begin to shake in orgasm yet again. As the trembling subsides, your motions slow until you come to a rest. Still, he hasn't come inside you, despite the constant excitation that your bucking pussy has provided. I lift my head from your crotch, and you stand again, leaving your husband's throbbing member exposed and in the air.

You pull me to my feet and direct me towards the sofa, ordering me to shed my clothes and then to sit down. I hastily remove my trousers, boxer shorts and shirt, exposing my toned, slender, athletic body to you for the first time in the flesh. You smile and nod in appreciation, then approach me, the toy bouncing obscenely in its harness as you walk. You reach down and trail your hand across the dripping head of my cock, tracing the smear of pre-cum that has collected whilst I took you into my mouth. You bring your finger to your mouth and lick it with your tongue, smiling with pleasure at my excitement. Your finger returns to me, running from my head, down the shaft, onto my hairless testicles, down towards my asshole. I have long waited for this moment, ever since we chatted online, and shut my eyes as I shiver with the feeling of your finger rubbing lightly over my tight rosebud. The feeling is suddenly replaced by a warmer, wetter one, and I open my eyes to see your head lowered to my ass, tongue probing around my virginal entrance. Soon it is replaced by your index finger, coated from some unseen bottle of lubricant, pressing gently in until I accept you. After making sure I was relaxed and could take one finger, you gently increase the number of fingers in me until you have four inside me.

When I can accommodate all four without grimacing, you remove them suddenly, leaving me feeling open and empty. Your hand brings the bottle of lube to the blue silicone cock, hanging from your waist. You apply a generous amount of lube, adding more to my asshole, eyes transfixed to mine as your stroke the gel up and down. Suddenly I am not so sure that I can manage the girth and length of this toy. You must catch the look in my face as you whisper soothing words to me, promising to be gentle so that I can enjoy being taken by you. Your husband, who has many times experienced the joys of being pegged by you, remains on the bed, hand slowly pumping his cock, watching you preparing me for a feeling that he knows will blow me away. Your cock thoroughly covered in lube, you direct it towards my anus, pressing the cold mushroom of its head against me. You tell me to breathe and relax, that soon you will be inside me and the discomfort will ease. My entrance slowly expands to allow you inside me, bit by bit, until the widest part has made it past my defences. I squirm slightly with the pain, enough to make me appreciate all the better the pleasure that was passing through that most sensitive part of me. Suddenly, the head is completely inside me, allowing you to ease the rest of your length gently into me. I gasp with the sensation, a feeling of being full, complete. Whilst I have played with my ass many times, I had certainly never used any toys this big. And I had certainly never played with one that was attached to a beautiful buxom lady, whose husband was sitting behind her stroking his cock to the action.

At last you are completely inside me. You savour the resistance that you can feel as you gently rock backwards and forwards, the tightness of my ring gripping hard on your tool. The shaft of the toy is rubbing against a spot inside me that brings stars to my eyes, increased even more so as you remove almost to the head and then press back inside me again. One hand pushes one of my legs further up, the other reaches around my rock hard cock and squeezes oh so gently, making me whimper with delight. You look back towards your husband, desire painted across your face as you fuck a younger man in front of him. All that is left now is for him to complete your fantasy. He rises and crosses towards you, kneeling behind you and placing his manhood between your legs. You reach a hand behind you, pulling aside your panties and ushering him into you. Conscious of me still being tender, you guide him slowly further until he too is buried deep inside. He places his hands onto your hips and rocks in time with you, his cock positioned just so that it hits the special spot he knows you love so much. The two of you begin to move simultaneously, the effect being that the two of you are fucking me with your strap-on. You push my legs even higher towards me, allowing you to achieve an even deeper angle of attack at my toned backside. The toy is still pressed against my prostate, causing fluids to flow from me like I had never managed before. The two of you are kissing passionately whilst making love, your toy still thrusting in and out of me, slowly rising in speed and power.

Finally he can sense that he is soon going to have his chance to come, making his motions stronger and more urgent. I too can feel an orgasm building from deep within me, a feeling that is only heightened as you stroke my cock faster and faster, twisting at the top to cause maximum pleasure. Your eyes shut, hair flowing around your head, thrusting into me with your husband thrusting into you, you reach a climax with a shuddering, keening cry, clamping around your lover's rod as he too can no longer contain himself. He jerks intensely into you, a groan emanating from his mouth as he unleashes wave after wave of his seed inside you.

When my orgasm hits it is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I feel as if every last drop of moisture inside me erupts forth as jet after jet of cum spurts from me, coating my chest and stomach in streams of pearly white semen. The feeling of my asshole gripping onto your cock is overwhelming, as if I never want you to leave from inside me. My vision dims and I can hear blood pumping through my ears. I am almost in a trance, hardly aware of my surroundings or the fact that your husband has fallen back, exhausted, from inside you. You remain, buried inside me, slumped over me, face to my chest. I slowly regain my senses to find you kissing my chest, scooping up my cum and taking it inside your mouth. You move higher up my body, bringing your mouth to mine and kissing me with my salty juices coating your tongue. I kiss you back willingly, lost in the feelings that I have experienced. You scoop up more of my seed with your fingers, bringing it to me again to suck from your hand hungrily, noisily slurping.

Suddenly, you sit back on your heels, removing the toy from me with a tug, leaving me open yet again. You undo the straps of your toy, allowing the harness to fall back to the floor, and clamber back onto the sofa again. You straddle my head, moving your thong to one side and exposing the creamy mess that is the combined juices of your husband and your pussy. You look into my eyes and ask me for one last thing, to clean you up and make you come one last time, knowing it was one more thing that we had both always wanted to do. I nod, and place my hands on your backside, bringing the hot gash towards my face. I tentatively flick out my tongue, tracing a line from your clit down towards the still dripping entrance, savouring the musky taste of the two of you. A slow, thick, steady stream of sticky white jizm oozes forth of you and onto my waiting tongue, which I swallow gratefully. I realise as I do that this is the closest I will manage to get to playing with your husband's cock myself, and greedily press my face further inside you, sucking with a vengeance to extract every last drop that he had left inside you. Soon you are bucking into me, pressing my tongue deeper and deeper, my nose mashing into your clit, the combined feelings and knowledge of my deed pushing you over the edge into one final, sensuous climax.

Exhausted, you slump down, sitting on my chest. You kiss me on the top of my head and lift my chin so my eyes are looking into yours. You kiss me passionately on the lips, tongue swirling around my mouth, before pulling away and smiling widely, thanking me for being the best present you had ever enjoyed. I smile back, looking to you and your husband before congratulating you on your wedding anniversary, and thanking him for inviting me to be a part of your fun.

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