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Your Baby Sister


Ron came in around four in the morning, which was late even for him. I was napping in my chair in the den with the lights off, so he didn't realize I was waiting for him, as he picked up the phone and dialed. As he said, "I'm home and everything is alright." I reached up and clicked on the lamp next to my chair. "Oh, shit." He said under his breath and quickly hung up.

He stood there staring at me for a long time. I broke the ice by asking, "Well, how is Maria or whatever her name is?" He swallowed hard but still didn't say anything. I smiled a tight smile and said, "I've known for six months about your little Mexican girlfriend that you brought back from the deer lease."

He swallowed hard again before turning and walking into the bedroom. I sat where I was and waited for him to find the surprise waiting for him in there. In less than a minute, he was back in the living room, wearing just his underwear, yelling, "Who the hell is in our bed?" I just grinned at him. He stared at me for a long time and then it dawned on him that I was naked. He glanced at the bedroom door for a second and then back at me, anger flashed across his face which made me laugh. His expression changed to one of disbelief.

After a moment I said, "It's not who or what, you are thinking. It's something worse than anything you could ever imagine."

About that time, a noise at the bedroom door caused him to turn suddenly and then freeze. His baby sister, Bonnie, stood there wrapped in a sheet. "What the hell is going on here?" He asked loudly as he looked from her to me and back again.

Bonnie yawned and walked around him to sit on the arm of my chair. "Good morning to you too, brother." Bonnie said sleepily.

By his expression, I could tell that Ron was totally confused. I grinned and said, "You'll be sleeping in the guest bedroom tonight, and tomorrow you can pack your stuff and move out."

He blinked several times and said, "What?"

"It's over Ron, you made your choice, and now you have to live with it or rather her, because you ain't staying here." I said calmly.

I could see the wheels turning behind Ron's eyes. He knew he was caught but he couldn't figure out what his sister was doing here. Was she a buffer, so we wouldn't have a bad scene? Maybe, I thought I needed someone here for protection? Was there something else going on between the two of us? I had hoped Ron would be sensible, but when his expression changed again, I knew it wasn't to be. "Why is my sister here and what's going on with you two?"

Bonnie giggled and shook her head before saying to me, "Drew, you hit the nail square on the head. He's headed right where you said he would. The best defense is a good offence."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Ron asked sharply.

"It means dear husband, that I know you much too well. It means that when you fuck up, you always try to turn the tables. It means that you have a mean and dirty mind. It means that, as always the husband is the last to know, especially when he has a little tart on the side, of his own." I shot back in the same tone.

Ron looked like he had been slapped for a second and then the light dawned in his eyes, "Last to know what?"

Bonnie giggled and said softly, "That your baby sister is sleeping with your wife, dummy."

"What?" Ron yelled.

Bonnie giggled again and asked me, "Does he have a hearing problem, that I don't know about?"

I grinned and replied, "No Dearest, he has a mental problem, a vacuum between his ears. He's been to busy diddling, little miss hot tamale, to wonder what was happening at home with his sweet innocent wife and sister."

He gave me a dirty look, before asking, "Just how long has this been going on?"

With a smile I answered, "Ever since you and your buddies got on that lease down near the border. If it wasn't dove hunting, it was deer hunting, or hog hunting, or duck hunting. Then, there were the fishing trips and the trips to work on the blinds and trips just to get away."

"What's the deer lease got to do with this? Sure we spent time down there, but there was nothing going on that wasn't supposed to be." He said hotly.

Bonnie grinned and looked around at me, "Do you want to tell him or can I?"

"Be my guest, you're the one that found out." I replied.

She turned back to her brother and said, "You can thank your buddy Bob for ratting you out. His wife found some pictures; you guys took on one of the trips. When she confronted him, he broke down and told her the whole story. Why do you think he was in such a hurry to get off that lease, last year? She showed me the pictures and I showed them to Drew, and then we went out and got, good and drunk."

Understanding grew with every second, as Ron stood there staring at us. He turned and went into the bedroom. A few minutes later he returned to the living room, dressed and carrying a small overnight bag. "I'll come back later for the rest of my things." He stood and looked at us both for a long time before he shook his head and said, "I just don't believe it. I just can't believe it."

Bonnie said softly, "Believe it brother, you of all people should know how sweet, and sexy Drew can be."

Ron stared at his sister with his mouth slightly open for a second before he turned and stormed out the door.

Neither of us moved until we heard his truck burn rubber out of the driveway. Then we both cracked up and laughed our asses off. Bonnie laughed so hard; she fell backwards off of the chair arm into my lap. It was several minutes before our laugher died down.

After a second or two of silence, Bonnie asked, "Do you think he bought it?"

I grinned down at her and replied, "Hook, line, and sinker."

Bonnie giggled and said almost to herself, "My brother the idiot." After a moment, she looked up into my eyes shyly and said, "I had better get off your lap, before there's some truth to what we told him."

I already had my arms around her and I gave her a little squeeze before I asked, "And what would be wrong with that? I've always found you to be very sexy and attractive. I've never been there with another women before, but you would be my first choice, if I ever did."

Bonnie grinned and said, "The same here." She didn't move off my lap, she leaned toward me and rested her head on my bare breast. With a deep sigh she said, "Well, now you will get the settlement you want in the divorce and he won't fight it. He wouldn't want stories about us to get around to his friends and family."

I raised my hand to stroke her hair gently. "Yes and I have you to thank for it. If it had been left up to me, I would have packed my bags and left a long time ago. I'm going to have to figure out someway to repay you after this is all over."

Bonnie turned her head against my breast, her long hair tickling my bare stomach, my nipples hardened. She grinned as they did and she raised her hand to trace the dark circle under the hard bud with a fingertip. "Who says we have to wait?" she whispered softly.

My breath quickened as she rolled the hard rubbery nub around with her finger before pinching it lightly. I felt an itch start between my legs that hadn't been there for a long, long time. I wasn't sure what to say, nor was I sure what I felt about the idea. Her hand gently caressed my breast and her palm moved very lightly in a circle over my nipple, making it tingle. Her hand moved up along my chest to my neck and then to the back of my head. She pulled my head forward as she raised up to lightly brush her full lips against mine. I froze, a feeling of panic rising inside me.

Just as suddenly as this had happened, Bonnie rolled off my lap and onto her feet in one smooth catlike motion. I made a little sobbing gasp as my brain unfroze. Bonnie smiled down at me and said, "I've wanted you ever since my brother first brought you home to meet our parents. It was just a matter of time before he fucked up enough for you to run him off. If nothing else, I am patient. I know you've never had a lesbian relationship and just for the record, I don't consider myself to be one. I'm Bi sexual, if we need to put a name on it." She chuckled softly and added, "Being Bi gives you twice as many people to have sex with as being straight."

My mouth was hanging open slightly, I realized. I also realized that the giggly, shy young girl that I thought was Bonnie was gone. In her place stood a full grown woman, who was very sure of herself, and her sexual power. I also realized that she had, had a plan of her own, and I was it.

Bonnie unwrapped the sheet from around her body and let it drop to the floor. Much to my surprise, she was as nude as I was. The last, I had seen of her as we set this evening up, she had been wearing a pair of shorts and a halter top. My eye caught the glint of gold on her nipples. There was a narrow gold ring tightly fitted at the base each nipple. My mind wondered how she got them on or off over the swollen buds. She caught the direction of my stare and raised her hands to roll each nipple around with a fingertip, a grin spreading across her face. Her left hand slowly wandered down to play with a small gold ring that was through the fold of skin at the top of her belly button. My eyes had followed the hand and I stared openly.

She chuckled and said softly, "If you think this is something, just wait, do I have a surprise for you." My eyes jumped to her face and she smiled widely. Slowly she sat down on the floor and then leaned back on one elbow before spreading her raised knees wide. Of their own accord, my eyes dropped from her face to her openly displayed sex. It was smoothly shaven and a hint of gold peeked out from the top of her slit. My mouth dropped open again as she used the fingers of her free hand to gently part the folds of her sex. There was another gold ring running through the hood above her clit. She lay back and brought her other hand over to pull lightly on the ring, her clit popped into view, all bright pink and growing visible. She circled it gently with a fingertip of her other hand and it grew even more.

My clit is big and very sensitive, watching Bonnie made it start to tingle and enlarge. I had never been so attuned to it before, I realized. I couldn't ever remember feeling it grow before. My left hand was on my right breast, teasing my own nipple. When had that started I wondered, as I watched a shudder run through Bonnie's hips. I wanted to touch myself like she was but didn't dare.

As though she were reading my mind, Bonnie grinned and said, "Why don't you slide your cute butt forward in that chair, spread your legs, and show me yours? You know it would feel so good to play with it right now." She moaned softly and rocked her hips up and back. "I know touching mine sure does, especially with you watching me."

With a whining moan my brain said, "Why not?" and I felt my body sliding down in the chair until my ass was on the edge of the cushion. My right hand slowly caressed my thigh and lower belly before it zeroed in on my hard swollen clit, as my knees spread wide to match Bonnie's. A riveting shudder went through my body, as my finger first touched the sensitive flesh of my clit. A low moan accompanied the small sharp orgasm that followed. My eyes closing as the sensation of my finger rubbing delicate nerve endings grew more intense.

A hot tongue on my inner thigh popped my eyes open and slammed my knees shut. Bonnie's head and my hand were trapped between my legs. Bonnie's tongue still moved over the very sensitive skin of my inner thigh which caused my finger to move on my clit. Suddenly I was over come by a very intense rolling climax, one like I hadn't had in years. As it went on and on, I became aware that my knees were again spread wide and a hot mouth and probing tongue were working wonders on my sex. With a loud groan I gave into the feeling and my orgasm went to an even higher plane.

After an unknown period of time, my senses started to return. Then the tongue was back at my sex, slowly building me toward another mind shattering climax. It was making long slow butterfly soft licks from my tailbone to my mound, with pauses to probe my ass and pussy. A super light flick against my clit caused me to gasp and lift my hips but the tongue moved on. I lost track of time again, lost in a world of pleasure as my hips chased the elusive tongue, until it finally caught me. My body and brain literally exploded as I came. Wave after brightly rippling wave of ecstasy rolled over me. After an eternity there was nothing but release and then darkness.

I awoke wrapped in a sheet, Bonnie cuddled up close to me, holding me in her arms. Her warm breath coming and going in my hair. Her breathing was very regular as she slept. I lay there and let my mind wander over what had just happened. One part of my brain was screaming, "Drew, you just had the most mind blowing orgasm of your life, with a woman's head between your legs," Another part asked the burning question, "So?" "What does that make us?" Asked, the first part. "Satisfied?" Answered the second. "Oh, yeah." Said the first.

That still didn't answer my question, but then again why did I need an answer? Other than being totally satisfied and very, very relaxed, I didn't feel any different than I had earlier. A little voice in the back of my head said softly, "You loved it, and you will try it again, so don't try rationalizing with me, I know better." I had to grin at that, because I knew it was true.

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